Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 182

She didn't understand why this man made trouble for nothing. And obviously he kept shouting that he was tired, but she didn't see where he was tired. If he was so tired, why did he still have the energy, everyone, and the energy to get angry?

  Being pressed down by him, she felt somewhat uncomfortable, and, with him by her side, she really couldn't fall asleep.

  Ten minutes later, Ruan Xi finally believed that this man was really tired, and fell asleep so quickly. Moreover, it was only nine o'clock in the evening, and he should be working overtime at this time.

She fluttered her eyes and observed him closely in the dark. In her own impression, she seemed to have never looked at him so seriously and closely. This man's eyelashes are really thick and long, and his eyes are really shaped very good.

   As if fascinated by watching, he reached out to touch the corner of his eyes, but the next moment, Pei Nanming, who had already fallen asleep, suddenly opened his eyes and looked at her burningly in the dark.

   She was so frightened that her hands trembled, and she immediately retracted, but Pei Nanming grabbed her and pressed it to her face. Then he laughed, with a beautiful curve on the corners of her lips, and even the bruise became sexy.

  Being caught, no matter how she pretended to be, she couldn't calm down. She looked away a little embarrassedly. This reaction was like a little rabbit who had done something wrong, and she was trying to hide it.

  Pei Nanming suddenly hugged her tightly to his side, and the two of them stuck together, even through the material of the clothes, they could still feel each other's heartbeat.

   Then he smiled, a rare sight in a hundred years, a bit bad and childish, "What about Xier?"

  Ruan Xi trembled in fright at her tone, this was a side he had never seen before, no matter what the situation, he had never spoken with such a tone and gesture before, which left her at a loss as to how to deal with it.

   "What should I do?" I originally wanted to pretend to be stupid, but as soon as I said it, I felt so stupid and out of power. This is simply stepping obediently into the trap set by the wolf.

  How obvious is his attitude, he just wants to eat meat, her meat!

   "It's already on fire." Sure enough!

  He grabbed one of her wrists, stuck it to his lower abdomen, and then led her palm down all the way.

  Usually he is the overlord who bows hard, but this time, he made Ruan Xi blush until the roots of his ears were red. Fortunately, it was dark, and although the lights were dim outside, he should not be able to see through the curtains.

  Unexpectedly, when he put her hand on the soaring object, he suddenly said, "Your face is so red!"

   Are you a cat? !

  Ruan Xi was so embarrassed that she could see so clearly in such a dim light!

  Ruan Xi didn't want to talk to him anymore, she pulled her hand back, but before she left his hot thing, he grabbed it again and pushed it back, "Xie'er, let's do it."

   "This is a hospital."

Ruan Xi hurriedly shrank her body back, but she shrank half of her body to the outside, seeing that she was about to fall, but fortunately, Pei Nanming had quick eyesight and quick hands, hugged her back, and then pressed her on her body, "I want Don't worry, everyone here has been sent away by me, you can be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, and no one will come to make rounds tonight. Xi'er, be good?"

Ruan Xi turned her face to the side, "But, Nan Ming, I..." Before she could finish speaking, Pei Nanming had already slapped her tightly, and his second child also stood up to her in a high-spirited manner, and she suddenly stopped breathing. The temperature in the blanket seemed to suddenly soar, and even the atmosphere in the entire ward became agitated.

   "Hey, Xi'er, I will be careful this time, and you have to be obedient, huh?"

  Ruan Xi pursed her lips and remained silent. She knew that she couldn't resist, and she couldn't resist. The consequence of her resistance might be staying here longer, or not seeing Shang Yang for a longer period of time.

After she was hospitalized, she didn't see her son once. Although Pei Nanming never said that he would threaten her with Shang Yang, she knew that he had transferred Shang Yang's school and went directly to his children's school. Mr. Pei and Pei Yan were in charge. pickup.

   Now that both grandpa and uncle are retired, they naturally have a lot of time to take care of their only sweetheart.

   Seeing that Ruan Xi suddenly no longer resisted, Pei Nanming let go of her clothes and pants. Today he was very gentle and gave her enough foreplay.

No matter how tough she was, she couldn't resist the honest reaction from her body. Every touch made her skin more sensitive, and she trembled slightly. When he was sure that she could fully accommodate him, he suddenly pulled off his belt, forcefully Pushing forward, pumping ferociously, every impact seemed to shatter her.

  She swayed her soft body involuntarily following his rhythm. When he broke in, she seemed to fly to the top of the clouds, and when she left, she seemed to fall straight, unable to land, completely surrounded by emptiness.

At this moment, she has become a weed on the sea, and urgently needs to find a support that can stabilize herself and make herself feel safe. It seems that she is unconscious, and it seems that she is subconscious. She tightly wraps around his waist, wrapping her hands around him like a snake. hold him by the shoulder.

So many times in so many years, it was the first time he heard her call out his name with great emotion, although the voice was very low, unlike other women who wanted to call him heartbreakingly to beg for more, but he Like, he likes Ruan Xi like this.

  Reserved, shy, even a little shy, but not at all artificial. He knew that she wanted more at this moment, and he also wanted to give her the best at this moment, and wanted to reach the ultimate physical happiness with him.

  He has had so many women in his life, and this is the only one who makes him angry and resentful, but also makes him happy and in love.

  Meeting each other when they were teenagers and getting along for more than ten years, he actually knew that she had penetrated into every corner of his life. How could such an influence be wiped out by a mere five-year separation?

  He loves her, he has long stopped denying it, but he doesn't know what she thinks of him in the bottom of her heart.

  However, no matter what, they had a son, and they had a relationship that they would never want to sever in this lifetime, so even if they did anything, he was sure that he would keep her by his side.

   Those so-called love her and let her fly are all farting. His credo of Pei Nanming is that love must be possessed, held in hands, and kept by your side!

  So, never expect him to let go like Shang Boyan, and don't expect him to be tactful like Gu Chi. All he has is a strong possession, eaten into his stomach, and digested into a part of himself.

Now, he is taking the last step, he is confident to make her his own, after the first test, he finally found her weakness, as long as he can get her and keep her, he doesn't mind using some despicable little things means.

   Anyway, who can see the things between two people when they are alone?

  He suddenly pulled out of her body, but didn't enter anymore. Ruan Xi instinctively stuck it up. After recovering for a while, she suddenly felt so shameful and ashamed.

Back to sickness, she no longer entangled him, but she just let go, but Pei Nanming suddenly leaned over, hugged her chest upright, tossed and sucked lightly, Ruan Xi trembled all over, the tide of emotion that was about to cool down, Suddenly it surged up like a tsunami, she couldn't help moaning, and then gasped.

He let go, and then held her lips firmly. In fact, he himself endured the hard work. He wanted to let him control himself at the happiest moment. For a man, without amazing willpower, it is simply farting. He himself felt that Seeing that his second child was clamoring wildly, he was very dissatisfied.

  He thought evilly, if the boss doesn't get the woman done, how can you always be so satisfied in the future, thinking of this, he actually let out a low laugh.

  The voice was magnetic*, Ruan Xi came to his senses and thought he was making fun of himself, and immediately punched him with fists, but he caught him and kissed him, "Good boy, don't mess around!"

Ruan Xi couldn't help laughing bitterly at his coaxing tone, but the next moment, he bumped into her again without warning, and then moved even more crazily, making her feel that she had been swallowed by the sea over and over again. will suffocate!

  Finally, the two were entangled in one place like a snake, and went to the climax of fierceness together.

  After the incident, Pei Nanming lay still on her body, the sweat of the two of them was flowing down the body, and his forehead was pressed against hers, and the two of them were sweating profusely, like fish just taken out of the sea.

   "Xie'er, I love you." He said suddenly.

  Ruan Xi was stunned for a long time before realizing what he said. Although she had a premonition, she couldn't help crying at this moment.

   I'm tired, you know? Nan Ming, I once loved you too...

  She didn't speak, but Pei Nanming raised his head and stared at her expectantly.

  In the dark, his eyes were like two clusters of flames.

  She saw that every second of time, the flames were dimmed.

  Finally, she wrapped her arms around his waist a second before the flames went out.

  He pressed his face against her shoulder again, this time, something moist and warm fell on her shoulder.

  She felt that she was being burned, but finally closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep.


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