Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 181

She is a very grateful person, Ruan Hetian gave her life, she is grateful, but at the same time, she is not generous enough to forgive a man who can repeatedly wake her mother out of sleep.

   There are many things she has forgotten when she was a child, but there are two words and a name that she will never forget, as well as Ruan Hetian, the name that her mother would yell out sadly every time she dreams back at midnight!

  She deliberately forgot, deliberately buried, let herself forget the resentment and live a good life.

  Hard work pays off, she did it after all, otherwise, how could she face Ruan Hetian's scrutiny so calmly at that distant birthday party that made her feel like her previous life?

  She is Ruan Hetian's illegitimate daughter. The secret known to everyone this week is kept secret by everyone.

  She never expected that she could return to the Ruan family, nor did she expect Ruan Hetian or Ruan Dongyu to recognize her.

   "Of course not, but why should I go to see them?" Ruan Xi rarely became sharp.

Ruan Dongyu was aroused by her indifferent gesture, suddenly grabbed her by the collar, and pointed it in front of her eyes, "If you are not a woman, I will definitely beat you to death without hesitation! You don't want to see Ruan Hetian, I don't care. No, but, Gu Chi has paid so much for you, how can you still say such a thing?!"

  Ruan Xi was held by the neckline by him, and the back of her neck was hurt by the collar, but she just bit her lower lip and endured it.

  Looking at Ruan Xi's stubborn look, Ruan Dongyu couldn't help but think of Gu Chi. Gu Chi also had this attitude of forbearance. No matter how angry or howl he roared, he would always look like he had nothing to do with himself.

  It seems that in this world, there is nothing worth pursuing, and there is nothing worth keeping in his heart.

  However, Gu Chi's indifference, and Ruan Dongyu's bitterness forced each other, comparing each step of asking, made Ruan Dongyu humble.

   The more angry, the more yelling, the more unresponsive you get, no matter how anxious you are, it can't change the fact that you are always singing a one-man show alone!

  Now, Ruan Dongyu feels this way when facing Ruan Xi. Ruan Xi's unwillingness to resist, even allowing him to let him go, makes his heart ache. However, he knows very well that he will never be soft because of these two similarities.

"How much has he paid for me?" Ruan Xi raised her eyes lightly, "But, I didn't see anything. I didn't get anything from what she gave. But you, when he needed help the most, threw out so much Good bait, lure him into the bait, and in the end he swallowed the iron hook without the bait, Ruan Dongyu, if you are guilty of letting her down, then you should go to the 18th floor of hell."

  Ruan Dongyu's hands trembled slightly. Although his face was calm, the pain in his eyes had revealed his excitement. He felt ashamed of Gu Chi.

   Realizing this, Ruan Xi couldn't help sighing in her heart. She thought that men like Ruan Dongyu and Pei Nanming would never regret it.

  However, in Ruan Dongyu's eyes, she saw the unstoppable remorse. If he knew that he would force Gu Chi to that point, would he still make that decision?

  She shook her head suddenly again, Ruan Dongyu, like Pei Nanming, is a man who would rather regret than let go!

  This kind of man cannot be provoked, once provoked, he will never stop for the rest of his life.

  She got into trouble with Pei Nanming, and Gu Chi got into trouble with Ruan Dongyu. If they hadn't met these two men, would it be a different situation? Maybe at this moment she is married to Gu Chi, living an ordinary life, without entanglement and heartache, only ordinary happiness.

   That is what she has pursued for more than twenty years.

   Still not able to get it.

"What do you know!" Ruan Dongyu suddenly stretched out his hands and grabbed her neck fiercely, "If it wasn't for you, if it wasn't for you, he and I would have a good life! Do you know that since he was thirteen years old, I have I have been paying attention to him, even in those years when I was traveling across the ocean, I always wanted to come back to him as soon as possible! But, you took advantage of it, besides being a woman, how can you be better than me? He didn't even want his life for you, yet you can still say such sarcastic remarks! I, Ruan Dongyu, think that I have no conscience in this life, but I never thought that you are more ruthless than me!"

  His hands tightened more and more, Ruan Xi's face turned purple when he squeezed, and he breathed quickly but couldn't take in any air at all.

  Her slender fingers firmly grasped Ruan Dongyu's wrist, trying to push it away, but Ruan Dongyu's emotions were out of control at this time, with a hideous face, as if he wanted to strangle her to death like this, and it would be over once and for all.

  At this time, the door of the ward was pushed open again. As soon as Pei Nanming entered the door, seeing this situation, he immediately reacted in astonishment, and punched Ruan Dongyu with his fist, "Ruan Dongyu, show me where you are so fucking wild!"

   This is the first time Pei Nanming swears, but he doesn't notice it at all. His gloomy face is as terrifying as the sky when the rainstorm is about to hit, and his fists are also agile and full of strength.

Ruan Dongyu focused on strangling Ruan Xi's neck, wanting to choke her to death, he didn't pay attention to the person behind him, he put his fist on the side of his face, he almost fell on the bed, then let go of Ruan Xi, quickly regained consciousness, without saying a word , the backhand is a fist, and he punches Pei Nanming.

  Because he was thinking about Ruan Xi, Pei Nanming reacted a little slower and dodged the first punch, but he didn't want Ruan Dongyu's second punch to be faster and was hit solidly!

  The two men were both on fire, and they both liked sports. They had practiced boxing and kicking since they were young. The ward between the two of them changed beyond recognition.

  The doctors and nurses passing outside were dumbfounded when they heard the movement and pushed the door in. It was an old doctor in his fifties who had seen the world before, and immediately lowered his face, "If you want to fight, please get out, this is a hospital!"

  Pei Nanming and Ruan Dongyu turned their heads at the same time, their gazes were menacing and fierce, even the old doctor couldn't help but flinch.

  I thought that this sentence would cause trouble to the upper body, but unexpectedly, the two of them actually stopped.

  Ruan Dongyu wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, "Ruan Xi, I will not let you go."

   After speaking, he looked at Pei Nanming, "Even if it's you, you can't protect her. Besides, it's time to settle the accounts between me and you!" After speaking, Ruan Dongyu slammed the door and left.

  Ruan Xi kept pinching his throat sideways and coughing, and didn't have any special reaction to what he said at this time.

   "How are you?" Pei Nanming wiped the corner of his mouth casually. Although there were bloodshot eyes, fortunately it was not serious.

  Ruan Xi glanced at Pei Nanming, lay back, and ignored him.

  Pei Nanming didn't care about her indifference. He reached out to support her back, hugged her in his arms, and looked at her neck forcefully.

   That kid Ruan Dongyu undoubtedly really wanted to crush her to death. Now that there was a large lump of blood on her throat, it made him feel distressed, so he couldn't help but kiss the skin on her neck.

   One hand kept patting her shoulder as if comforting.

Originally, Ruan Xi didn't respond to Ruan Dongyu's actions and threats. At this time, being comforted by Pei Nanming so lovingly, she felt an inexplicable sourness and grievance in her heart. However, she always knew clearly that Pei Nanming was not something she could confide in. The object of grievance, so she remained silent, letting him hug and kiss him to comfort her, but she didn't say anything. She was in his arms like a puppet that he could manipulate, so obedient that she didn't have any autonomy.

   "I'm talking to you." Pei Nanming finally raised his head, his handsome and resolute face was bruised from the fight just now.

  Ruan Xi raised her eyes and looked at him, "I'm fine, but my throat hurts a bit." Her voice was a little hoarse, it can be seen that Ruan Dongyu squeezed hard, and she coughed hard just now.

After receiving her response, Pei Nanming's face finally looked better, and he tightened her grip, resting his chin lightly on the hollow of her shoulder. The man's heavy breathing and masculine smell filled her surroundings, making her feel a little nervous in her heart. An indescribable peace of mind.

   This weird feeling of attachment made her fear and resist, and the next moment she struggled hard, as if she could eliminate the feeling in her heart just by throwing off this embrace.

  Pei Nanming hugged her waist tightly, grabbed her wrist with one hand, and said with a sigh and a threat, "Don't move, or it will catch fire, and you will be responsible for putting it out."

  His voice became obviously rough, and even every inch of his chest became hot because of her struggle.

  Ruan Xi stiffened immediately.

   "Hey, I'm very tired, sleep with me for a while." Then she couldn't help but put her arms around her and nestled on the small sick bed together.

  Although it is a VIP ward, it is a ward after all, *wider than a single person*, but narrower than a double person*, and, more importantly, Pei Nanming is very tall, nestled on this *, unable to even stretch his legs.

  She didn't understand why this man made trouble for nothing. And obviously he kept shouting that he was tired, but she didn't see where he was tired. If he was so tired, why did he still have the energy, everyone, and the energy to get angry?

  Being pressed down by him, she felt somewhat uncomfortable, and, with him by her side, she really couldn't fall asleep.

  Ten minutes later, Ruan Xi finally believed that this man was really tired, and fell asleep so quickly. Moreover, it was only nine o'clock in the evening, and he should be working overtime at this time.


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