Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 180

In the past few months, she has called Pei Nanming every time she is free, although every time the secretary answers or the answer is cold and mechanical: Sorry, the user you dialed has turned off!

  She is her wife!

  She knew about the divorce between Ruan Xi and Shang Boyan, because Lu Yi asked her out again later.

  However, they got divorced, and Lu Yi seemed to be more depressed. Of course, she would not show it on the surface. She heard it from Lu Yi's vicious tone of gnashing her teeth that could not be concealed when she mentioned Ruan Xi.

  She also heard all kinds of gossip that Shang Boyan didn't want to marry Lu Yi, but Lu Yi kept going back and forth, and even went to the old man and the old lady of the merchant to say that he was pregnant.

   Entering the Shang family, in addition to having a bright future, has some advantages, that is, you can hear some gossip about Shang Boyan.

  However, she doesn't have much interest in Shang Boyan now, what she cares more about is where Ruan Xi and her son have gone.

  After the divorce, no one knew their whereabouts.

   This annoyed Xu Chuyan very much.

  Actually, she didn't have any guesses in her heart, but she didn't have the guts to investigate Pei Nanming now, especially in the sensitive period of divorce.

  She wanted to settle down first, and wait for a while before talking.

  Three days later, when Xu Chuyan was wearing a toad mirror and accidentally saw a street newspaper, she finally couldn't bear it anymore!

  Street tabloids are all gossip about some stars.

  The headline on the newspaper was also written in a particularly novel way——The Secret of Celebrity’s Married Life: Wife and *, who is a substitute for whom?

   But she knew that that was not her at all! That photo was obviously taken secretly in the hospital. Pei Nanming ran away anxiously holding a woman in his arms! The other photo is her wedding photo with Pei Nanming!

  She couldn't hold back at that time, and tore up the newspaper! Then he brushed the hair in front of his forehead, and walked away very coolly. It drew a surprised look.

  That night, she was sitting on the bed and calling Pei Nanming. While she was on the phone, Pei Nanming's car actually arrived downstairs. At that moment, the joy in her heart slightly diluted the resentment and anger.

   hurried downstairs to pick him up.

  After Pei Nanming got out of the car, the driver drove away. Xu Chuyan immediately went over and gently took Pei Nanming's arm, "Nanming, I know I was wrong. Forgive me, please?" Marriage cannot be divorced, of course she has to be flexible.

  Pei Nanming didn't shake her off, but instead asked, "What's wrong with you?"

  Xu Chuyan bowed her head, "I shouldn't make things difficult for her over and over again, and make her feel uncomfortable. In the future, I will never do this kind of thing again. No matter what attitude you have towards her, I will accept it."

  Pei Nanming pinched his chin, and looked at her with deep meaning. He used to cry and shouted not to divorce, and tried every means to kill Ruan Xi, but now, he suddenly changed his attitude, which really surprised him.

   "Do you accept any attitude?" She raised her eyebrows, and her lips curled into a cool curve.

  Xu Chuyan nodded meekly as a small bird.

  This time, Pei Nanming really smiled.

  He didn't want to find out what his mentality was, so he nodded, "Since your attitude of admitting your mistakes is so good, then I will give you a chance."

  The country is easy to change, and the nature is hard to change. How could Pei Nanming not understand this truth, but he just wanted to see what Xu Chuyan would do next, which would open his eyes.

  Ruan Xi stayed in the hospital for three days. On the evening of the third day, the nurse told her that someone was coming to visit her. She thought it would be Zhang Tong or Tang Wenyi, and she even guessed Qin Zhiran, but it was all wrong.

   It was Ruan Dongyu who opened the door and entered.

  Ruan Dongyu is not low-key at all, he is still glamorous as before, with a neat suit and a slender figure, vaguely similar to himself.

  His gaze was very cold, and when he looked at her, it was confusing.

  But this man who had a close relationship with Gu Chi still made her recall the scene of Gu Chi's death involuntarily.

  Close the door, the ward is silent, the senior VIP ward is full of sunlight, and inside the huge floor-to-ceiling windows is a rest area with enough space. The coffee table and sofa are spotless, and all newspapers and magazines are the latest editions.

  Its level of comfort is comparable to that of a high-end hotel.

Ruan Dongyu leaned on the door with his arms folded, with a casual posture, but his tone of speech was not without irony, "It seems that the treatment of becoming Pei Nanming's wife is really extraordinary. Even hospitalization is the most honorable ward. No wonder there were so many women back then I squeezed my head and wanted to sneak into him. However, it was Xu Chuyan, the most inconspicuous country girl at the time, who succeeded in the end. And you, you seem to be doing well. You are obviously hated by him to death, but you can still be left behind by him. around."

  Ruan Xi leaned on the pillow with a clear and cold attitude, "Mr. Pei, are you here to summarize these for me?"

"Of course not." Ruan Dongyu stood up straight and walked towards her, "I came here just to see if what the newspaper said was true. This made me believe that the newspaper didn't always exaggerate the truth of."

Stopping next to the patient, Ruan Dongyu suddenly stretched out his hand to pinch her slender neck, "Ruan Xi, hum, you're not even curious, why do I hate you so much? And it doesn't matter why you hate me, as long as I know you Just hating me all the time is enough."

"Hehe, I didn't expect you to be so open-minded." Ruan Dongyu let go of her, looking interested, "But, you don't even want to know why your mother gave birth to you with Ruan Hetian? Don't you want to know? , What’s going on between your mother and Pei Yan? Why did my aunt feel like a ghost when she saw you, why she suddenly went insane and died in a car accident, which eventually caused your life’s misfortune, you don’t want to know all of this? "

  Ruan Xi grasped the sickness sheet tightly with both hands, and the back of her head, which was already fine, began to ache again.

She has long vowed to let herself go, never to be entangled in the grievances of the previous generation, everything is only for Shang Yang, she regards Shang Yang as everything, and strives to maintain the home with Shang Boyan and maintain such a peaceful and warm life .

   But in the end, that family was still shattered, and the old grievances that had been sworn to be thrown away were brought up by Ruan Dongyu who suddenly appeared! Why are there always people who deliberately hold on to the past and refuse to let it go? ! She is no longer willing to pursue it anymore, why do they just refuse to let it go? !

"Tell me, what exactly do you want?" Ruan Xi stared straight at him, "From the first time we met, you hated me and kept reminding me that I was a product of *, because my mother's appearance affected you Parents' feelings, right?" She suddenly sneered, some things, she would rather keep them buried in her heart until they rot.

  However, there is always someone who wants to dig it out and expose it to the sun, so that he will be reconciled!

  She thought a little crazy, since you are so obsessed with it, then everyone will have a hard time!

  However, after thinking about it, she is not crazy after all, she wants to leave some dignity to her mother, and she doesn't want to be entangled in the things of the previous generation. Some things, let it rot forever in a place where the sun doesn't shine.

  It's okay not to mention those things, but when it is mentioned, Ruan Dongyu's face becomes particularly bad.

  Although his parents have lived in peace for many years, the cold atmosphere at home has not changed in any way, and the scenes imprinted in her mind as a young girl will never be erased.

  You can never imagine the scene where two people who don’t love each other sleep together, entangled like a trapped beast~

  And he has been influenced by such scenes since he was a child. Although he accidentally broke through, but the number of times, he became numb from the initial shock, and then turned from numbness to disgust and hatred.

  Later, he finally knew that it was a woman named Qin Xin'er who caused all that!

   "What do I want?" Ruan Dongyu smiled. In fact, his purpose for coming this time is different from before, because he is not for himself.

  Although he has thorns in his heart regarding the events of the previous generation, since Gu Chi's death, his purpose has completely changed.

He knew that he had an inescapable responsibility for Gu Chi's death. If Gu Chi hadn't forcefully forced him into another world and made Gu Chi lose his confidence in life, with Gu Chi's temperament, he would not let him go. His condition worsened until he died,

  In this world where the weak prey on the strong, what he has learned is how to get what he wants by any means, not how to take care of the people and things he likes.

   In a sense, he, like Pei Nanming, is a person who takes away.

   "I just want you to go back and see the man who gave you life, and then go and see the man who died for you. Why, these two requirements are very harsh?"

  Ruan Xi smiled, the man he said gave her life was naturally Ruan Hetian.

  She is a very grateful person, Ruan Hetian gave her life, she is grateful, but at the same time, she is not generous enough to forgive a man who can repeatedly wake her mother out of sleep.


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