Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 178

Once there is a relationship with Mrs. Shang, what can Ruan Xi do? Could it really make Shang Boyan and the merchant fall out? She was sure that Ruan Xi would not speak.

Once the rift is formed, it will never be able to reconcile as before, it will only grow bigger and bigger in the torrent of time... In the end, the two people will become separated from each other. devoured!

"Bo Yan, that's enough, it's enough." She murmured, "You just think I want to go back to find Pei Nanming. A woman who betrayed your care for many years is not worthy of your anger, your pain, or your pain." You hesitate."

   "No, I won't let go, I definitely won't let go!"

   Lu Yi said, how well do you know him?

  The answer is, after five years together, I don’t know anything about it...

  This is also the reason why they have never been able to love each other. Ruan Xi was too hurt in the past to get out of it, and Shang Boyan was too cautious...

  Shang Boyan really cared for her, to the point where he hid his real self, but Ruan Xi really wanted to love him, thinking so much that he lost himself...

   Too much deliberate effort, but pushes the other party further and further away.

   "We will be covered in wounds." Ruan Xi succinctly stated the consequences of being too persistent. And Shang Boyan still held on to her.

   "Even if we will be covered in bruises, I can't let you go, Ruan Xi, I can't do it!"

  Does Shang Boyan love her? The answer is self-evident.

   "If you can't do it, let me do it." Ruan Xi said slowly.

  Shang Boyan suddenly raised his head, pinched her shoulder, and said, "Ruan Xi, I find you are so fucking ruthless!"

   This was probably the first time Shang Boyan swears in his life.

  Ruan Xi actually nodded, "Yes, the most poisonous woman's heart" smiled coldly, she hugged herself tightly, if only she could be more ruthless, it would not be so uncomfortable.

   Shang Boyan wanted to say something else, when the door was suddenly pushed open, and Mrs. Shang walked in.

   Both Ruan Xi and Shang Boyan were taken aback.

Before the two of them could react, Mrs. Shang had already rushed over and slapped Ruan Xi on the face, "Jianhuo! You are such a good person, you dare to enter the door of the merchant! It's a disgrace to the merchant!" After speaking, he glanced at the messy *, and his eyes were full of contempt, contempt and disgust!

  Even if Shang Boyan is not her son, he is at least the future heir of the merchant, and if the heir marries such a wife, it will embarrass the merchant, how can she tolerate it? !

   This slap caused half of Ruan Xi's face to swell immediately, her ears buzzed for a long time, and her eyes turned black.

  Shang Boyan immediately hugged Ruan Xi in shock, "What are you doing?!"

"What are you doing?!" Mrs. Shang stretched out her hand to grab Ruan Xi, "Look, look, this kind of bitch who is always going around and stealing men even after getting married, you want it too?! Even if you are not afraid of losing face, Businessmen can't afford to lose face!"

   Mrs. Shang's livid face was so ferocious that no trace of nobility could be seen anymore, as if it was her bounden duty to teach Ruan Xi a lesson, even if she treated him viciously, it was a matter of course!

  Ruan Xi knew that under such circumstances, it would be superfluous to say anything, and she did have sex with another man after she promised to live with Shang Boyan. There is nothing to argue anymore, no matter what the reason for going to the * is, the fact cannot be changed!

   "Auntie, please get out! The matter between our husband and wife, we will solve it ourselves! I will never let anyone talk too much!"

  Shang Boyan stood up suddenly, with a gloomy and indifferent expression.

  Mrs. Shang took a step back in fright. She had never seen Shang Boyan like this. Even though he was always indifferent at ordinary times, he was still distant and polite, with a smile on his face all the time. And this kind of him is like a wild beast that will explode at any time.

"!" Mrs. Shang was stern, and finally said angrily, "Okay, you can solve it yourself, but please remember, the merchant will never tolerate a dog with a wild seed entering the door! Humph, it's really like a mother!" Has a daughter!"

   After finishing speaking, Mrs. Shang was full of anger, and left with her sleeves shaken.

  Ruan Xi's face was red and swollen on one side, and pale on the other side! He just curled up on his eyes and stared blankly. Mrs. Shang's phrase "Like a mother, like a daughter" echoed in her ears like a curse, and it couldn't go away!

  Pei Nanming once said that her mother was a third party who destroyed his family, but her daughter born to the third party was taken back to Pei's family!

  She tried her best to forget her mother's embarrassment, and she always believed that everyone was wishing for her mother! But why, why did this old Mrs. Shang, who had never met her mother, say that? !

That's right, that's right, she has forgotten that she is Shang Boyan's wife, why won't she check it out, and Mr. Shang himself came from E city, so he will have something to do with what happened back then Have you heard it? !

   Hehe, bitch! bitch! She remembered that when she was a child, other people called her mother that way! She tried her best to forget, but now, she remembered it all!

   On the back of the bloody Yi character is the dark Mo character!

  She has always been unwilling to think about, and has always been unwilling to think about the meaning of that piece of paper, but now, in this embarrassing situation, she strangely recalls things from her childhood!

  She always thought she had forgotten it, but it turned out that it had been hidden deep in her memory, in the darkest corner!

   "Ruan Xi!" Shang Boyan looked at her sluggish look sadly and worriedly, no matter how hated and angry he was, he couldn't vent to her like this.

  He knew that, in fact, he had already been trapped. No matter how he indulged himself secretly and let himself forget her, he still couldn't do it.

  During his depressed days, he used to drink heavily all day long, and he kept changing the women around him, just to find someone who could replace her and make him happy.

   But no, not all the time!

  He is not an angel, and he does not have such a big heart to bear the loneliness, the depression and despair she gave him, so he also needs to vent and wants to let go. In the past six years, I have been guarding a woman who never had me in my heart, and I will be tired, bored, and hate.

   In the face of love, he is just an ordinary man, so he will also have one or the other emotions. But because of love, he still smiled brightly in front of her, warm and tolerant...

   But now, he really can't take it anymore, tired and tired...

  Lu Yi said that he didn't love deeply enough, but in fact, he loved too deeply, so he was too tired... When he was so tired, when he saw Ruan Xi and Pei Nanming*, apart from extreme anger, nothing remained but powerlessness.

  Calm down? What he has to admit is that the reason why he can lock himself up and not come to Ruan Xi for a whole day is because he is afraid that after seeing Ruan Xi, he can't help but say let go...

  He is not Pei Nanming, he doesn't want his love and obsession to become a harm to Ruan Xi... Back then he protected her because he pitied her, but now he wants to let go because he loves her...

   This is not his greatness, but a kind of selfishness, because he also wants to let himself go. He knew that he couldn't wait for fate, starting from the moment Ruan Xi said the divorce.

   "Ruan Xi, if divorce is your wish, then I will grant it to you." His fingers clasped her shoulders tightly, as if he wanted to crush her.

  She saw the dark red blood in his eyes, filling his eyeballs little by little.

  She wanted to laugh, but she couldn't.

  Is divorce her wish? She will never be able to tell him again, before last night, she never thought of divorce, never thought of leaving him, even though sometimes she would blame herself, would feel that she was despicable to cling to him and possess him, His warmth, his pity...

   Ever loved Chamboys? She didn't know it herself, but she only knew that when Shang Boyan was around, he felt very comfortable, warm and safe. I'm afraid Pei Nanming will never be able to give her these.

  Tears dripped down the corners of her eyes, she wept silently...

  Why did things turn out like this? Three months later, she sat in the rocking chair, thinking blankly.

  Xu Chuyan became popular again, and those negative scandals seemed to have never appeared. When she went out, people often mistook her for Xu Chuyan and asked for her autograph.

   She was extremely helpless about this.

  She hasn't seen him since the divorce agreement was signed, and she heard that he went to Holland. In the future, he will no longer manage the business of e City. Thinking of this, she couldn't help but smile wryly. It turns out that as long as Shang Boyan is willing, he can stay so far away from her...

   "Mummy!" Shang Yang pouted and looked at Ruan Xi, Ruan Xi suddenly hugged him tightly, murmuring in his heart, fortunately, fortunately Shang Yang is by his side...

  Shang Yang bit his lip, "Mommy, let's elope and go to a place where no one can find us! I won't make you sad anymore, I will protect you in the future!"

  Ruan Xi smiled, "Silly boy, no matter where we go, we will be found." Without Shang Boyan's protection, she couldn't escape Pei Nanming's palm!

   "Why did Uncle Pei do this?!"

  Shang Yang has a lot of ideas, but he is still a child after all. He couldn't figure out why Pei Nanming didn't let Mommy leave here.

   "Because, he likes Yangyang so much!"

  When she decided to take Shang Yang to leave, Pei Nanming appeared at the airport, and he succinctly whispered in her ear, "You can leave if you want, but leave my son behind."


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