Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 177

Soon there will be people who clean up the results of the battle, he knows!

  However, the wound really hurts. This scene is probably the craziest and most painful time he has done in his life. He bled while doing it, but he has never had such a good time.

  Backing back to the private room, he subconsciously glanced at Xu Chuyan. Xu Chuyan still greeted him so considerately without seeing any flaws, and then quickly glanced at Ruan Dongyu.

   "Yo, have you been there for so long?" Ruan Dongyu finally raised his head and glanced at Pei Nanming.

  Pei Nanming showed a satisfied expression, "I just ate when I was hungry, and I have never eaten such delicious food in my life."

  The card in Xu Chuyan's hand was unsteady for a moment, and fell onto the table with a snap.

  Tang Wenyi and Jiang Renruo looked at each other nonchalantly, and then said, "Oh, sister-in-law, look at you, as soon as Brother Sheng came back, you are in a state of confusion, you are married, and you are still so obsessed with him, what's the matter?"

   It took Xu Chuyan a long time to calm herself down, then she smiled, stood up and put her arms around Pei Nanming, "Of course, I'm not a fan of my husband, is it mini?!"

  Tang Wenyi waved his hands exaggeratedly, "Don't, I don't want to be hacked to death by Brother Sheng!"

  Xu Chuyan smiled, "I'm afraid that your little yaksha will hack you to death!"

  Everyone burst into laughter, Bernie joked with a cigarette in his mouth, "It turns out that Mr. Tang is afraid of his wife."

  Tang Wenyi smiled impeccably gentle and elegant, "Fear of his wife is the primary quality of a good man in the new era!"

  Everyone laughed again.

Xu Chuyan smiled more and more reluctantly. The trap she designed was to deliberately sprinkle wine on Pei Nanming, and deliberately arranged for someone to rape Ruan Xi on the way he had to go to the dressing room. At this moment, she smelled the fragrance of shower gel on Pei Nanming's body At that time, she felt uncomfortable and wanted to rush out and kill Ruan Xi immediately!

  Actually, apart from her, Pei Nanming has not been exposed to many women around her in the past few years. She knows that those women more or less look like Ruan Xi, or they have similar temperaments. In short, they must have one aspect! However, she doesn't pay attention to them, because she knows that they are just substitutes, and there is nothing worth caring about! But Ruan Xi is different!

  She was suddenly not sure if she did it right!

   subconsciously glanced at Ruan Dongyu, but Ruan Dongyu never looked up at her! Without any hint, she suddenly became very clueless.

  And her actions and reactions were all seen by Pei Nanming...

  When Ruan Xi woke up, she had a splitting headache, but seeing her condition, she was completely dumbfounded, there was a lot of blood on her breasts, but the blood was not her own, when she rushed to the bathroom to look in the mirror, she almost fell down!

   Traces all over the body!

  She took two steps backwards and hit the wall. She was dumbfounded, stunned, and couldn't help shivering!

  Who the hell? Who is it! The more she thought about it, the more anxious she was, the more she couldn't remember anything!

Clutching her long hair tightly, she shed tears of pain, it was very useless, but she didn't know what happened to her, why she couldn't remember anything, she just remembered that she came to Lu Yi, and then Lu Yi Said a lot of sarcastic words, then she left first, and then was dragged into the house... and then she herself...

  She was suddenly stunned, why in her vague memory, she was always pestering others, making people do things with herself, why did she keep calling Pei Nanming's name...

  What have you done? !

  The first thing she thought of was not what would happen to her, but what would happen if Shang Boyan knew! I have promised him that I want to be with him and have a child for him!

  But, what have you done? !

  She huddled in her bed, not knowing what to do, time passed by, she saw that it was dawn, and then it was dark, and she just sat in the room foolishly for a whole day. And all day long, her mind was empty, there was nothing!

   "Ruan Xi!" Finally someone pushed the door and entered, but she flinched as if frightened, and looked at the man who came in tremblingly, "You, don't come here!"

Shang Boyan stopped suddenly, looked coldly at the messy body, and looked at the traces of love that were faintly visible under her nightgown, the anger that was finally subdued finally escaped from the shackles and surged out from the bottom of his heart, even though he had always been good-tempered, She has always been gentle and considerate, but at this moment, she looks like a devil who has restored her original appearance, her eyes are red and frightening!

   After a whole day, the joyous atmosphere in the room was still there, and he was trembling all over!

   "Tell me, who is it! Tell me, who is he!!" Shang Boyan suddenly rushed over, pulled Ruan Xi up, pinched her neck and questioned her!

  Ran Xi was frightened by him, she regained her senses, and looked up at his distorted cheeks, "Bo Yan, we, let's get a divorce!"

  Bo Yan was startled, and then pushed her down hard on the *, "What did you say?! I didn't hear you clearly, please say it again!!!"

  Ruan Xi took a deep breath, looked up at him, "I said, let's get a divorce! Divorce! Divorce!!!"

  Enough is enough, enough is enough! So what if Shang Boyan treats her well? ! His family would not accept her, especially after this one! And if she stays by his side, today is such an arrangement, what about tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow? ! She is not a fool! She won't fail to see Lu Yi's love for him!

   And he really doesn't know? He knew, maybe it was because of knowing that Lu Yi was kept and made her work hard!

  Ruan Xi knows that she has no right to complain about the relationship between Shang Boyan and Lu Yi, but she is a woman after all, and she sincerely wants to spend her life with Shang Boyan! And Shang Boyan didn't give her a chance to say it at the beginning, so what if she had the chance to say it later? ! She will never forget the last words Lu Yi said when she walked out of Lu Yi's private room - I am pregnant, Shang Boyan's child! three months!

  She felt as if struck by lightning, it turned out that everything was false! It's no wonder that Lu Yi has been with him for so many years, spending more time with him than herself! How ironic, just when she is determined to let go of the past, there is no rebirth, just destruction!

  That test sheet was like a knife, stabbing her marriage with him beyond recognition! She has worked hard, and the result of such hard work is that both he and herself are *! No matter what the condition or the reason of your * * is *! So does Chamboys!

  She no longer has any energy to maintain this marriage in the face of pressure from elders and illegitimate children. She is exhausted.

   She doesn't know whether to blame him, but she knows very well that she has no right to blame him, that's all.

"Don't think about it, did you hear me, don't think about it, I won't get a divorce, absolutely not! Ruan Xi, don't think I'm a fool, don't think that I don't know anything!" Shang Boyan was so angry that he started talking nonsense Word.

Ruan Xi didn't respond to these, but just smiled sadly, "Why bother? Boyan, we've been together for five or six years now, I know I'm not qualified to ask you, but I'm your wife anyway, even if it's a name Yes. Tell me, do you feel tired, do you feel tired? Do you love me, do you love me and tolerate everything about me, or do you pity me because you pity me? You keep saying that our fate has not yet arrived , let us wait slowly, but you understand better than anyone else that our fate will never come. Someone must have shown you something and told you that I am here, right?" Ruan Xi did not shed tears, her expression Blank. "Stop struggling for a single obsession."

Shang Boyan listened in shock, and suddenly clasped her chin tightly, "Don't use your thoughts to analyze me! You just want to divorce me and go to Pei Nanming, don't you? It's because you heard that he is going to divorce, so you can't sit still Stop it, don't you?!"

  Ruan Xi's expressionless face was hit hard by his words. At first, she thought that she would not cry anymore, but at this moment, she found that the corners of her eyes were wet again. It was really useless!

   "So, Boyan, I'm a bitch in your heart." Her indifferent tone and gesture of rejection.

  Shang Boyan felt a pain in his heart, "I'm sorry, Ruan Xi, I'm sorry, I didn't mean that, I was just too anxious so..." He couldn't choose what to say.

  However, he is a man after all, when he saw the video, he immediately smashed his notebook to pieces!

  At that moment, I wanted to kill Ruan Xi and Pei Nanming!

   This is a gorgeous green hat that can break your neck! As long as he is a man, he can't tolerate it, but after all, he is not an impulsive beast that loses his mind, and his mind will still turn. He gritted his teeth, and in order to calm his anger, he shut himself up for a whole day. Ruan Xi strangled to death.

  In the end, he finally calmed down, which surprised even himself.

   "Under this situation, you can still be so calm, it only shows that you don't love her enough." At that time, Lu Yi brought him a cup of coffee, and said so.

  He still doesn't know that one of the instigators of all this is Lu Yi who showed him the video.

   And when Shang Boyan knocked over her coffee and ran out to find Ruan Xi, she stood behind Shang Boyan and laughed determinedly. Then, he drove straight to the residence of the old couple...

Lu Yi was very thoughtful. After Ruan Xi left, she ate the meal in a good mood and changed her clothes carefully before leaving. Moreover, she never participated in the follow-up matters. From the beginning to the end, she just Played the role of Yue Ruanxi, and also used the identity of Mrs. Shang.


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