Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 176


  Ruan Xi was almost slapped by baguang, there was a red and swollen slap mark on her cheek, and the corner of her mouth was also broken because of the slap, with some blood stains on it.

  Ruan Xi shivered, but her body was a little abnormally red, that kind of light made her skin moist and radiant.

  Pei Nanming's throat rolled up and down unconsciously.

   Such a temptation, no matter what, he couldn't resist, he felt that there were countless fires in his lower abdomen, and he needed to vent, and the second child who was bullied by the red wine also cheered up at this time.

  Ruan Xi seemed a little unconscious. Seeing Pei Nanming trembling, he kept yelling no, like a wounded little animal, whimpering softly.

  , indescribably transparent and attractive.

  After putting Ruan Xi down, he realized that his arm was in pain. Although the wound was not deep, most of his arm was bleeding. I went to the bathroom to clean it up, but when I came out, I found that Ruan Xi's pussy had become more intense, as if her whole body had been thrown into a frying pan, she turned over restlessly, rubbing against her nipples impatiently. The eyes are misty and moist, like a cat's eyes soaked in clear water

   "Hot! It hurts, I feel so uncomfortable!" Countless bugs crawled in the flesh and blood, she reached out to grab them, but couldn't catch them!

  Pei Nanming's mouth was dry, and when his rough voice sounded, he was taken aback for a moment, feeling that it didn't sound like his own at all.

   "Xie'er, Xi'er, wake up!" He grabbed her smooth arm and shook it, but as soon as he touched her, the heat from her body had already flowed into his body along his fingertips.

   Instinctively want to possess, want to embrace this fiery mass!

  He stared at her slightly parted lips, and realized that she had been tricked, but why did she appear here by such a coincidence, and was drugged by such a coincidence?

Who is the one? He thought about turning around, but he couldn't think of a reason for a while, especially Ruan Xi's obsessive look now!

"It's so hot, I'm hot..." In the last words, Ruan Xi's lips turned into faint shenyin, and her body became more and more red, and a thin layer had already ooze of sweat.

  Pei Nanming's throat tightened, and his hands were firmly on her side!

  He had to force himself to remain calm before he figured out why things were so strange.

  Years of experience told him that things cannot be so simple! Why was it that she was drugged by such a coincidence, and why did she happen to pass by the door by such a coincidence, and why was the door not closed tightly? !
   It's almost there, his exhalation is getting hotter and hotter, but his mind is still spinning! Why did I pass there by such a coincidence, and why didn't the door close tightly? When I went in, someone rushed out from behind the door, that is to say, someone already knew that someone would rush in, deny it, and would not hide behind the door early! This made him even more sure that this was a conspiracy!

   But who is it? !


  Ruan Xi finally couldn't recognize her, shenyin became more and more frequent, her moist lips opened like a fish, longing for someone to give her and let her get rid of the hardship.

And Pei Nanming was also sweating. In front of Ruan Xi, he had never been so forbearing. He always wanted to go straight up, and even if Ruan Xi resisted, to him, it was just as weak as a butterfly flapping its wings. , a completely negligible resistance.

  She has never been so charming and slutty, this medicine is really powerful, and it seems that the dosage is not small.

   How strong Ruan Xi's will is, he knows how much she can be tossed like this, how much did those damned gangs let her go? !

   Finding himself distracted, Pei Nanming was annoyed! But his thoughts were always stuck at the last minute, his body was suffering like a fire, and he felt that he was really going to explode.

   This feeling made him feel that it was not Ruan Xi who was drugged, but himself!

Ruan Xi firmly grasped the *sheet with both hands, her body was shivering, the sweat on her forehead wet all her hair, and a few strands stuck to her cheeks, which gave her a completely different visual impact at this moment, why? Looks like a goblin!

"Uncomfortable, I'm so uncomfortable!" She tried her best to open her eyes wide, a little bit of clarity appeared in her blurred eyes, and then she saw Pei Nanming's face, but his face was far away and then close, clear and blurred, no matter what Can't see it clearly!
   "Do you want to be sick?!" Taking a cold shower with such a temperature is unbearable for a big man, let alone a slender woman like her.

  He reached out to pull her! As soon as it touched her skin, she trembled and almost fell.

  Pei Nanming was worried and funny at the same time. It seems that the current self is electrified to her.

   Pulling her into his arms, he couldn't help sighing, "Fool, even if you take a cold shower, it's useless."

  He hugged her tightly, raised her lips, and kissed her down.

  Ruan Xi trembled again, her originally resisting posture was defeated by his kiss! She felt like a long time traveler in the desert who finally saw an oasis. Then, regardless of anything, he ran over without hesitation!


  Then, he casually tore off her hair and other hairpins, and smiled coldly.

  He knew that she had never brought such childish things, so he didn't know whether the person who planned this extramarital feast was smart or an idiot!

   Are you satisfied? He said coldly to the miniature lens on the hairpin, and casually threw the hairpin on the hair cabinet!

  Ruan Xi, don’t blame me for just playing tricks like this. I’ve decided long ago that I want to take you back, and I’ll do whatever it takes. Since someone offers me an opportunity, I’ll just let it go. I’ve never been a gentleman, you know that...

The demolisher sent new clothes, he took care of himself, and sat on the side of the bed refreshed, looking at Ruan Xi's body full of his own brand marks, he smiled with satisfaction, like a satisfied cat. Beast, but it has put on a gentle and elegant coat.

  Looking at the time, two and a half hours, it's just the end of the show when I go back!

  He took a nightgown and put it on for her, but she didn't wake up, it seemed that she was really tired. Gently tracing her outline, her demeanor was so gentle that it could drown someone. After a while, he stood up suddenly, made a call, and left the room with a few simple explanations.

   Soon there will be someone who cleans up the results, he knows!

  However, the wound really hurts. This scene is probably the craziest and most painful time he has done in his life. He bled while doing it, but he has never had such a good time.

  Backing back to the private room, he subconsciously glanced at Xu Chuyan. Xu Chuyan still greeted him so considerately without seeing any flaws, and then quickly glanced at Ruan Dongyu.

   "Yo, have you been there for so long?" Ruan Dongyu finally raised his head and glanced at Pei Nanming.

  Pei Nanming showed a satisfied expression, "I just ate when I was hungry, and I have never eaten such delicious food in my life."

  The card in Xu Chuyan's hand was unsteady for a moment, and fell onto the table with a snap.

  Tang Wenyi and Jiang Renruo looked at each other nonchalantly, and then said, "Oh, sister-in-law, look at you, as soon as Brother Sheng came back, you are in a state of confusion, you are married, and you are still so obsessed with him, what's the matter?"

   It took Xu Chuyan a long time to calm herself down, then she smiled, stood up and put her arms around Pei Nanming, "Of course, I'm not a fan of my husband, is it mini?!"

  Tang Wenyi waved his hands exaggeratedly, "Don't, I don't want to be hacked to death by Brother Nan!"


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