Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 175

"He is indeed a great man, especially his physical strength and skills, which make me scream! He is my first man and will be my last." These words are provocative and serious wounds of malicious intent.

  Ruan Xi felt that her heart was being crushed by a boulder, and she instinctively refused to believe it, but her mind was already in a mess.

"When you gave birth to other men's children, he stood by your side so conscientiously. To be honest, I was very desperate at that time. For you, he would even accept other men's children. However, I found out later that , it turns out that he is in pain, he will smoke alone and drink alone. Do you know where the bar he often goes to? Do you know what brand of cigarette he likes to smoke most? Also, do you know why he likes it? Lighting cigarettes with matches instead of lighters?"

  Ruan Xi's tears have flowed down, these things, Lu Yi asked these things, she didn't know...

   "His favorite bar is called Qingyun, and his favorite cigarette is Darvidorf. He doesn't use a lighter because the smell of lighter cigarettes is not as good as that of matches..."

  When Lu Yi said this, she gently swirled the red wine in the glass, her charming gesture made people feel disgusted beyond words.

"So what if you know him better? He is still my husband, and you are just a mistress, what right do you have to be arrogant in front of me?!" Ruan Xi calmed down slowly, "You are so confident that you know him well , Then, does he love you? Will he leave me for you? If you are really so confident, why do you have to play those tricks at the dinner table, and why do you need to say these things in front of me? Lu Yi, I always thought you were a An open-minded woman, even if she really has an idea, she will fight for it openly. Now I find that you... are not worthy of me to open my eyes. If he is just taken away by you, it only means that he is not worthy of my belief or my dependence. .Such a man, even if you take it away, I won't take another look!"

   After speaking, Ruan Xi looked at the wine glass, suddenly picked it up, drank it down, and then put the wine glass on the table hard, making a loud sound.

   "I accept your toast!" After speaking, Ruan Xi got up and left!

  Lu Yi was also poked in the sore spot by Ruan Xi's words, she gritted her teeth, the anger and jealousy in her heart burned her heart that she had endured for many years like a raging fire!

  When Ruan Xi left, she suddenly laughed again, the corners of her brows and eyes were full of malice!

"Ruan Xi, I can't get his heart, but I want to get his people. Fair and honest? I have worked so hard for six years but I haven't got anything. Now I don't want to wait any longer! I want to take it with my own hands. The person I want! What's wrong with the means, there is nothing in this world that can be obtained without means!"

  She also drank all the rest of the wine, but the corners of her eyes couldn't help but shed tears.

  Actually, I don't want to do this either, but I can't sit still anymore. My happiness, I fight for it myself!

  Ruan Xi left the private room and walked in the long aisle.

  The design of Grand Hyatt is also quite unique. Many people like the half-light and half-dark state, so many lonely women or lonely men come here every night. Different from bars, here are all kinds of strange but unique queues.

   Draw lots and hit the number. If you are not satisfied, you can have three chances to repent. Once you have passed three times, you will get it no matter what. This is the rule of Grand Hyatt!

  At this point, there are only two options, either not to play, or to play to the end. Those who come here are all those who can afford it.

  Ruan Xi knew something about this place, so when she walked outside the private room, she always felt that the air was extravagant and decadent, with a rotten atmosphere.

  When she reached the end of the aisle and was about to turn a corner, the door on the right opened suddenly, and a figure rushed out quickly, clutching her mouth and nose and dragging her into the room, while another person slammed the door shut. There was silence in the corridor again, as if nothing had happened.

   On another floor of Grand Hyatt, in the staggeringly luxurious private room, Pei Nanming puffed out smoke rings, glanced at the cards in his hand, feeling inexplicably agitated.

  bernie and Ruan Dongyu were having a great time, having a great time.

  Xu Chuyan saw that he was always frowning, got up considerately, went out for a while, and when she came back, she brought back a tray with several glasses of red wine and drinks on it.

   "Everyone, let's have something to drink. There are red wine and drinks. Choose what you like."

  Bernie raised his eyes, "Sister-in-law is really caring, Mr. Pei is so lucky." He took a glass and drank it first.

  Ruan Dongyu also got up to take a cup, and at the same time winked at Xu Chuyan.

  Xu Chuyan understood, pursing her lips a little.

  Tang Wenyi and Jiang Ren each took a cup but did not drink it but put it aside, and started to play cards.

  Xu Chuyan brought a glass of red wine to Pei Nanming, "Nanming, have a drink."

  Pei Nanming raised his eyes and looked at him. This woman really took pains to find this place, but she never mentioned their unhappiness that day, as if nothing had happened. He really wanted to see what kind of medicine she sold in her gourd.

   When he reached out to catch the glass, Xu Chuyan slipped his hand, and the red wine spilled on Pei Nanming's pants, and the position was quite awkward. Pei Nanming's already irritable mood became even more irritable. He gave Xu Chuyan a sulky look, and he couldn't pretend to be a gentleman anymore. Moreover, now that he saw Xu Chuyan, he felt disgusted, so he really didn't have the mood to pretend in front of him.

  In five years, he has actually changed a lot. In the past, he was suitable to stand on the radiant stage and act as a handsome gentleman, but now he is more like a night owl, hunting prey in the dark.

   Actually, he has been playing these two roles separately, and he has played them very well!

   "I'm sorry Nan Ming, I didn't mean it, I'll just wipe it for you..."

  When Tang Wenyi heard it, he cried out in his heart, I'll wipe that place... But he still adjusted his glasses in a gentle manner, and a secret teasing smile flashed in his eyes.

  Pei Nanming flew over squintingly, and naturally saw it, and felt even worse, gloating, right? Tang Wenyi is getting more and more wanton...

  Jiang Ren didn't squint, and continued to count the cards, thinking about which cards hadn't come out yet.

  bernie looked up with a smirk, "Why don't you find a place to wipe it slowly?"

  Ruan Dongyu also smiled, "I also have the same opinion. It's not good for my cousin to get angry here."

  Pei Nanming narrowed his eyes slightly, "I'm also worried about being coveted by someone with a heart." These words insinuate that Ruan Dongyu's sexual orientation is abnormal.

  Ruan Dongyu's complexion was really bad, and Bernie was not normal, but he didn't care about it because of the opening of foreign countries. He only took Pei Nanming as a joke, and didn't take it seriously at all.

  Pei Nanming got up, Xu Chuyan wanted to follow, Pei Nanming frowned, "I can handle it myself. You don't have to follow." Xu Chuyan paused, aggrieved and pitifully apologized, "I'm sorry."

  Pei Nanming turned around and went out as if he didn't hear it.

   The aisle is still quiet, and the partitions with good sound insulation effect make it impossible to hear the movement inside the private room. He was still extremely irritable, touched the cigarette but found that he didn't hold it.

   Being splashed with red wine, he was really sticky, so he quickened his pace and walked towards the bathroom.

   When passing the last private room, there was a sound of ping-pong inside. He unconsciously turned his head and took a look. It turned out that the door was not closed tightly.

  He was not interested in this kind of thing, and was about to walk away when he heard a weak call from inside, "Don't!"

  He was startled, suspecting that he had heard wrong.

  However, the next moment, there was another desperate yet panting voice of resistance, "No, please...don't, don't touch me!"

  Pei Nanming finally couldn't bear it, and pushed the door open! Concerned about it, he didn't expect that there would be someone behind the door! When he reacted, he moved a beat slower and was stabbed in the arm by a knife. Fortunately, the wound was not deep. He frowned and kicked the man away!

  The head hit the wall hard and passed out.

   Immediately afterwards, he rushed at the man who was tossing on the bed, and punched the man from the back of the neck, directly breaking the man's neck bone!


  Ruan Xi was almost covered in clothes by baguang, and there was a red and swollen slap mark on her cheek, and the corner of her mouth was also torn because of the slap, and some blood was printed on it.

  Ruan Xi shivered, but her body was a little abnormally red, that kind of light made her skin moist and radiant.

  Pei Nanming's throat rolled up and down unconsciously.

   Such a temptation, no matter what, he couldn't resist, he felt that there were countless fires in his lower abdomen, and he needed to vent, and the second child who was bullied by the red wine also cheered up at this time.

  Ruan Xi seemed a little unconscious. Seeing Pei Nanming trembling, he kept yelling no, like a wounded little animal, whimpering softly.



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