Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 173

Shang Boyan held her face in his hands and kissed her forehead lightly, "Don't worry, I will never let you be wronged like this again. My father's side, I will solve it."

   "Bo Yan, you have always been a measured person, don't be impulsive." Ruan Xi grabbed his wrist nervously and said.

  Shang Boyan smiled in the dark, "Silly wife, I know what I'm doing. Don't worry."

  Pei Nanming played with a business card, looked thoughtfully out of the French windows, at the tall buildings standing in the sun, the corners of his lips curled up slightly.

  Behind a huge business empire, there are some shady black-box operations.

  The Pei family, which has been in the limelight in recent years, is no exception, and the Shang group, which is a huge business empire, is no exception. On the desk, the laptop beeped a new email notification. Pei Nanming came back to his senses, flicked the business card and threw it into the wastebasket.

   That is a business card with a strange design, with only a black rose and contact information on it.

  Five years ago, Ruan Xi had received such a business card...

  The sender of the email has a very strange name called "First Knife". In fact, this first knife is Jiang Ren!

  Tang Wenyi once joked that Jiang Ren’s name was impressive enough, and he really wanted to assassinate the code name of the organization. Jiang Ren once replied solemnly, I am a good student with excellent character and academic skills, and I am also a doctor with good hands, kindness, and medical skills. I will not kill. It made Tang Wenyi groan coldly, saying that countless people have fallen under your benevolent hands without knowing it.

  At that time, Pei Nanming pretended to speak up again, saying, "We are businessmen with our own duties."

  So both of them fell silent.

   Click on the email, and after reading the content, Pei Nanming couldn't help sneering, muttering, I can't tell, it turns out that Shang Boyan knows about Mr. Shang's skills, right?

Everyone in e-city knows what the merchants’ ancestors did. The reason why the merchants left e-market is very simple, that is, the society has changed, and they need to be bleached. Unfortunately, the bleaching is not thorough, and the policy changes will be implicated, so the merchants fly away with their families. up...

  Shang Boyan’s information shows that he lived with his grandmother since he was a child. During his growing years, he went abroad six times.

   It is naturally difficult to investigate the information after going abroad, but after a little thought, it is clear that Mr. Shang must have picked him up. The strange thing is that the places Shang Boyan went to were different every time, and none of them was to meet Mr. Shang.

   "No wonder you can hide Ruan Xi so well. I can't find it after so much effort. It's interesting." He clicked the mouse, closed the mailbox, leaned on the chair and tapped his fingers on the table.

  The business card was given by Bernie. There is no Bernie's name on it, but it is a symbol of an organization. What Bernie did was just a fake warning. What he needs to figure out now is the purpose of Ruan Dongyu hanging Bernie, and whether Ruan Dongyu is a role in this organization.

   It's just that this organization has always been concealed and does not play cards according to reason. It belongs to the Shang family, but it operates completely separately from the Shang family. It is basically difficult to detect the connection between the two.

   Otherwise, he, Pei Nanming, would not have been fooled so easily for five years.

  Back then he held Ruan Xi so tightly, but Ruan Xi got under his nose, and he always felt that he couldn't figure it out, but now he suddenly opened up.

  Burning Heart, a little-known nightclub.

  Ruan Dongyu came out crookedly, a little drunk. When he passed the flower shop, he subconsciously stopped and walked in.

  The flower shop was about to close, and the owner couldn't help being a little surprised to see that there were customers coming so late.

   "Sir, what flowers do you want to buy?"

  Ruan Dongyu stood blankly in the flower shop, looked at the flowers in his eyes and was silent for a moment, but reached out and pointed to the dark black flowers in the corner.

  Black Mandala...

  The owner of the store looked at him in surprise. In fact, the store introduced this kind of flower and never thought of selling it.

  However, this handsome drunk man actually wants to buy this kind of flower...

The shopkeeper pulled out the flowers from the corner, packaged them, and when he handed them to Ruan Dongyu, he raised his eyes slightly, and was shocked by Ruan Dongyu's shattered eyes, until Ruan Dongyu walked a long way with the flowers, she couldn't recover Come.

  Why can a person's eyes be so barren, barren to death?

  Black mandala... The owner suddenly remembered its flower language - eternal death and wandering love...

  Ruan Dongyu didn't know why he came to Gu Chi's cemetery. Under the night, there was no light in the sky.

  He never attended Gu Chi's funeral, he smiled.

  When he knew that Gu Chi was dead, he thought that he would never collapse, but...he overestimated his own self-control, and underestimated Gu Chi's influence on his life.

  His collapse was silent, and he didn't feel anything when the Chu family took Gu Chi away.

   At that time, the initial anger in his heart had turned into sadness, because even after death, Gu Chi and he were still not from the same world...

  Then, during countless sleepless nights, he became more and more cold, and when he saw the picture of Gu Chi in the lower drawer, this coldness turned into deep-seated pain and hatred.

  Ruan Xi's photo, at that time, she should be in high school, smiling so shyly! Just looking at the pixel quality, you can tell that it was photographed secretly with a mobile phone and then printed.

  He was so angry that he wanted to tear up the photo, but in the end he took a lighter and lit it...

   "Gu Chi"

  He leaned on the stone tablet, reached out to touch the photo on it, and his tentacles were cold...

   "I imprisoned you before you were alive, and never gave you anything you wanted. So, now, now, is it too late for me to compensate you?"

  He suddenly smiled, because I know the pain of affection, so this time, I will be a fool and help you realize your wish, okay? As long as you want, I will do everything to help you get it, and I will let her accompany you...

He put the mandala in front of the tombstone, and murmured to himself, I never told you that I love you, because you disdain, but I dare not, now tell you - I love you, regardless of the world No matter how you look at it, no matter how much you despise and cast aside, I love you so much that I lose myself, so much that I would rather subvert everything...

  Ruan Dongyu leaned on the tombstone drunk, and slept peacefully for the first time. No one knew what he dreamed, but he was laughing until he shed tears...

  The next morning, when Ruan Dongyu woke up, there was already a thin layer of dew on his body. After all, it was late summer and the nights were always cold. He couldn't help coughing twice, and his face turned pale for a while. The next moment, he straightened his clothes, turned his head to look at the tombstone, and then looked at the black mandala in front of the tombstone. resolutely go away...

  The black mandala is covered with dewdrops. Under the morning light, the mandala shimmers with an almost monstrous brilliance...

  On the way, he made a call, and then went straight to Jin Jiang Hotel.

  When Xu Chuyan saw Ruan Dongyu, she couldn't help being a little trembling. She thought of a hundred and eight thousand reasons, but she couldn't figure out why Ruan Dongyu came to her.

   "I heard you've had bad luck recently?" Ruan Dongyu opened a bottle of Martell, "Will you have a drink?" Although he was asking, Xu Chuyan had already filled it up.

  Of course Xu Chuyan is a good player at the bar, this is a small kiss to her, but she can't help but feel a little uneasy. It's not that she doesn't know Ruan Dongyu's identity. Even if he suddenly left the Ruan family and no longer took charge of the Pei family, the power on his body would not diminish at all. It was completely different from the day when Gengyun was sitting next to Bernie...

   "What exactly is Ruan Shao looking for me for?" She held the glass tightly, but didn't drink.

  Ruan Dongyu looked at her silently, then fell silent suddenly.

  He is a handsome man, a bit feminine, but when he is really strong, he is definitely an iron fist. How he forced Gu Chi back then is a good proof of this. It is completely understandable for Xu Chuyan to have lingering fears about him.

   "I just heard that you have had bad luck recently, so I asked you to come out and solve it. What's wrong? Did it cause you trouble?"

  Ruan Dongyu leaned lazily in the chair, but his eyes were terrifyingly sharp.

  Xu Chuyan trembled in her heart, but she still couldn't help thinking, are we very friendly, and you come to explain me?

   "I really don't know when I became so friendly with Ruan Shao." Xu Chuyan smiled, and Ruan Dongyu came to her, except because of Pei Nanming, she really couldn't think of any other reason. After all, he and Pei Nanming have been fighting in the mall for many years, and they are old rivals. However, the Pei family was not defeated yet, but he left suddenly, creating a situation where neither lose nor win, and now he suddenly reappeared, she had no idea what Ruan Dongyu was thinking.

  Of course she couldn't guess the real purpose of Ruan Dongyu's coming to her, and of course Ruan Dongyu would not let her know.

   "Friendship, of course, only after dealing with each other. Aren't we building friendship now?"

  Xu Chuyan smiled, "Young Master Ruan said so."


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