Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 172

Xu Chuyan smiled dryly, "Why, Secretary Lu just joked. It's my honor that you can invite me."

  Going to the Three Treasures Hall for nothing, Lu Yi suddenly invited her, she felt that there must be something wrong. However, she really couldn't think of why Lu Yi wanted her.

  Lu Yi is Shang Boyan's secretary. All the contacts between her and Lu Yi have been added up, but only twice, and they haven't spoken yet. She could feel that Lu Yi was prejudiced against people in the entertainment industry. If it wasn't for work reasons, maybe I wouldn't even take a second look.

  Xu Chuyan hates this kind of self-important and extremely conceited woman the most.

   "What kind of tea does Miss Xu like to drink?"

  Lu Yi asked while skillfully fiddling with the tea set full of cups, large and small.

  Xu Chuyan couldn't help feeling ashamed, but she also understood that in front of a woman like Lu Yi, it's better to tell the truth, "I haven't studied tea, I can do anything."

  Lu Yi raised his eyelids to look at Xu Chuyan, then lowered his eyes and continued making tea.

  Pour boiling water into the teapot, and after closing the lid, Lu Yi spoke again, "You must be curious why I suddenly asked you out?"

  Xu Chuyan looked at the teapot, then at Lu Yi, and smiled, "I'm really curious. I remember that Ms. Lu and I didn't even count as acquaintances."

  Lu Yi also laughed, "It really doesn't count. If it wasn't for Mrs. Shang, I would never ask Miss Xu in my life."

  The snake-like woman, habitually coiled up, looks very weak, but it always feels uncomfortable to people, and, at an uncertain time, she suddenly opened her mouth to bite.

  She doesn't like snakes, so she doesn't like anything similar to snakes, such as earthworms, eels... and Xu Chuyan. She doesn't like anything that reminds her of snakes.

   "Mrs. Shang?" Xu Chuyan looked at Lu Yi suspiciously.

  Lu Yi pursed her lips and smiled, "Oh, the Mrs. Shang I mean is Mrs. Shang Shao, Ruan Xi."

Seeing Xu Chuyan's face turned gloomy, Lu Yi raised the corners of her lips, "I'm actually commissioned by her this time. I heard that you begged her to forgive her? She is a very soft-hearted person. You I begged her to forgive me, and she forgave me. But she asked Mr. Shang to intercede with you, but Mr. Shang refused because he felt that you had hurt Mrs. Shang Shao too much, so she came to me again and asked me to take care of you more. .”

  Xu Chuyan's face became even uglier, Ruan Xi, are you showing off? Tolerance, must endure, as long as the current difficulties are overcome, everything can be put aside.

   "So, how does Miss Lu plan to help me?"

   "Hehe, Miss Xu, as I said, it's not me who wants to help you, but Mrs. Shang Shao."

   "Well, how can she ask you to help me?" Although Xu Chuyan put on a tough and calm look, she was actually very anxious.

"She wanted me to tell Ms. Xu that as long as Ms. Xu and Mr. Pei don't have children, she can ask Mr. Shang to restore your reputation and give you a few big notices. Of course, these words, I just Generation pass, Ms. Xu, you just listen to it. Whether you do it or not is your business. Don’t talk nonsense. As for me, although I don’t like Ms. Xu very much, I know very well that Ms. Xu’s strength is also Ms. Xu’s. One of the fans, so I still look forward to Miss Xu becoming a superstar on the screen." The last few words were purely intended for Xu Chuyan.

And Xu Chuyan is also an enterprising person. When others affirm her acting skills, she is of course very happy in her heart. Therefore, Lu Yi's sugar-coated cannonballs received a miraculous effect, which changed her impression of Lu Yi, at least not as much as before. Rejected, after all, there is no one who can order people to be stern to him.

   And Lu Yi grasped this point.

   "She really said that I'm not allowed to give birth to Nan Ming?" Xu Chuyan was most annoyed by this sentence.

Lu Yi didn't answer anymore, and leaned over to pick up the exquisite and small teapot and poured two cups of tea, but she didn't pass it to Xu Chuyan, but picked up the bamboo clip in the bamboo tube, shook the teacup, and poured all the tea After pouring two glasses again, he said, "Drink it, how about trying it?"

   "You haven't answered my question yet." Xu Chuyan frowned and looked at the teacup, but didn't bring it to drink.

Lu Yi took a sip of tea, savored it carefully for a while before saying, "Since Miss Xu doesn't believe what I say, there is no need for us to say any more. I will help you according to Mrs. Shang's wishes, but she can't get yours." If I give back, how long I can help you so kindly, I don't know."

   Putting down the teacup, Lu Yi got up and left.

  Xu Chuyan hesitated for a while, if Ruan Xi really said it, then Ruan Xi could tell her directly, why bother Lu Yi, an irrelevant woman? If it is said that Lu Yi lied to her and deliberately provoked conflicts between her and Ruan Xi, then what is Lu Yi's position?

  No matter how much she thought, Xu Chuyan couldn't find a clue!

  But when she thought of Lu Yi saying that Ruan Xi didn't allow her and Pei Nanming to have children, she felt furious from the bottom of her heart. Why should Ruan Xi care about her and Pei Nanming's affairs? !

   Regardless of whether this statement is true or not, Xu Chuyan subconsciously took it as the truth!

Lu Yi couldn't help laughing after the honorable tea ceremony, she believed that there would be a good show soon, and unconsciously glanced at the teahouse plaque, she couldn't help curling her lips, tea is a very elegant thing, but this But the teahouse chose such a vulgar name as "Zun Rong"... That's right, what is not vulgar in this world?

She opened her bag and took out an agreement. The above agreement was that Xu Chuyan was not allowed to have a child for Pei Nanming. Just now she thought about it, but still didn't bring it out. Things have to be taken slowly. If you take it out at the first meeting, you're too hasty. would arouse suspicion.

   Put the agreement back in the bag, today is a sunny day, you should go for a swim and relax. Thinking of this, she narrowed her eyes, then smiled, it might as well have a chance encounter...

  Yuansheng swimming pool.

  Shang Yang stood timidly by the edge of the pool with his swimming ring in his arms, not daring to go into the water.

   Shang Boyan stood behind him, "Why, dear son, you are scared, aren't you?"

   "I'm not afraid!" That's what he said, but he still stood by the pool and didn't dare to move.

   "Come down if you're not afraid, Daddy will teach you how to swim."

  Shang Yang shook his head.

   "You better teach Mommy first! Hey, why hasn't Mommy come out yet?"

  At this time, Ruan Xi also walked out with a swimming ring in her arms, blushing.

  She had never been exposed like this before, so she was somewhat embarrassed.

  Shang Boyan stared at her blankly, momentarily absent-minded.

  Ruan Xi's appearance made him have an urge to rush to her immediately. As soon as this idea came up, he felt his lower abdomen was on fire, and the more he controlled, the more vigorous he became.

   Fortunately, it was soaked in water, he was a little lucky.

  The child Shang Yang gave way, "Mummy, you are so sexy! Daddy, what are you waiting for, wow!"

Ruan Xi glared at Shang Yang angrily, Shang Yang flinched, fell into the pool with a splash, struggled twice, and found that swimming was not as scary as he thought before, so he had a great time playing under the protection of the swimming circle .

  Shang Boyan leaned against the edge of the pool, jokingly said, "Girl, why are you so shy, come here, give me a pat on the back!"

  Ruan Xi shot him angrily, and ran to the other side to try to get into the water, but after several attempts, she still didn't dare, so she simply sat by the pool and watched them play.

  They didn't reserve the venue, so many people came in in twos and threes. Shang Boyan was very speechless about this. In fact, he didn't like outsiders to join in the fun at all!

  Ruan Xi raised his head to look at the opposite side but could not see Shang Boyan's shadow. Looking around, there were couples talking or practicing swimming.

   people? When I blinked, I couldn't find it.

  At this moment, Ruan Xi suddenly felt her ankle tighten, and Shang Boyan suddenly got out from under her feet, without any explanation, grabbed her arm and dragged her into the water!


   Ruan Xi screamed, gurgled, and drooled.

  Shang Boyan was startled, and realized that he was playing Dafa, so he quickly hugged her and leaned against the pool wall, "Are you okay?"

  Cough cough cough...

   Choked so much that Ruan Xi burst into tears, " are too much!" Ruan Xi was so angry that he hit him, but he grabbed his fist and said, "I want to take a bath with you..."

  Mandarin duck bath! Go to her *** mandarin duck bath!

   "There are so many people, there are too many mandarin ducks, maybe there is still a romantic relationship..."

  Shang Boyan black line, "Then I don't care, I don't care what they want, I just want to be passionate with you."

  Ruan Xi blushed again, "Aren't you ashamed, there are so many people!"

   "The most important thing is that there is me! Mommy, Daddy, I'm not ashamed to say, I'm a child, so don't let me see this inappropriate situation. I won't come next time."

  Ruan Xi's face was dripping with blood, how could he hold on to his son's words.

  Shang Boyan is still thick-skinned, "I'm giving you experience, in the future you have to have the means to pick up girls, don't be picked up by girls in turn."

  Shang Yang curled his lips, "Daddy, are you very clever? But you can't handle Mommy, I think you have been sleeping in separate rooms! I heard from other children that Daddy and Mommy sleep together..."

  Ruan Xi gritted her teeth, "Which kid said it, tell Mommy, Mommy must chop him up!"

  Shang Yang glanced at Shang Boyan, secretly made a face, turned around and ran away...

  Shang Boyan said with a dark face, "Do you want to chop me up?"

   "Eh?..." Ruan Xi was speechless, why didn't she realize that Shang Boyan looked like this before?

   "Oh, what a coincidence, Mr. Shang, Mrs. Shang, so you are here too." Lu Yi was dressed in a swimsuit, showing her breasts and plump and graceful figure to the fullest, attracting many people's attention.

  Seeing Lu Yi, Shang Boyan's eyes sank, "What a coincidence."

  Ruan Xi's heart was slightly cold, and she smiled, "Hello."

"Look at me, I'm really sorry, I seem to have come here at a bit of a bad time." Lu Yi said as she coiled up her hair, put on a swimming cap and eyes, and entered the water with a super perfect posture, like a mermaid, in the pool Called back and forth, attracted applause.

"Boss Shang, your swimming skills are also very good, let's compare, how about?" Lu Yi suddenly emerged from the pool and leaned against the wall of the pool, "Mrs. "

  Ruan Xi shook her head and smiled, "Of course I don't mind. I've never seen Boyan swim, and I really want to see him."

  Shang Boyan turned his head to look at Ruan Xi, who lowered his eyes, "Go ahead and leave me alone, I'm not a child."

  Others have already started booing, "Compare, compare!"

  After Shang Boyan walked away, Shang Yang swam over at some point, "Mommy, are you jealous?"

   "How come?" Ruan Xi smiled, but her heart was desolate, because she suddenly realized that she didn't know anything about Shang Boyan.

  In the past five years, living under the same roof, he failed to know what sports Shangboyan likes and what hobbies he has.

  When at home, he always reads magazines quietly, or watches TV with her, or goes shopping with her, and sometimes even cooks himself.

   However, what does he like? She never paid attention to it, and he never said it!

   Is it because I don't care enough about him? So all these years, how lonely must he be?

   "Look, they swim well!"

   "Yes, the handsome man and the beautiful woman are really a match made in heaven!"

Beside   , two little girls who looked to be only ten years old were talking excitedly.

  Ruan Xi bit her lip.

  Indeed, Lu Yi could help Shang Boyan, but she couldn't...

   "Mommy, don't take it to heart, I know that you are the only one in Daddy's heart."

  Ruan Xi patted Shang Yang's head, "Silly boy, why would Mommy care about those words?"

  After swimming, Lu Yi smiled, feeling rather embarrassed, "When I came here, my car broke down and was being sent for maintenance. Can I give a ride?"

  She didn't say this to Shang Boyan, but to Ruan Xi.

  The corners of Ruan Xi's eyes twitched slightly. She did it on purpose. As a woman, how could she not understand this kind of provocation?

   But she didn't want to be jealous about this kind of thing, it was completely unnecessary.

   nodded, "Of course, as long as Miss Lu is not afraid of being crowded."

   "No, no. Just drop me at the nearest subway station."

Shang Boyan remained silent, Ruan Xi sat in the back, hugged Shang Yang, and looked out of the window silently, while Lu Yi didn't feel that the atmosphere was bad at all, "Uncle and aunt are here, I'm really busy recently, I haven't Time to say hello to them."

   "You just need to do a good job, and they don't care about you." Don't worry about things that are not within the scope of your work.

Lu Yi understood Shang Boyan's meaning, but she pretended not to understand, and continued, "How can I do that, before my aunt came here, she said she wanted me to accompany her to visit the scenic spots in e city. It happens to be tomorrow Sunday , you can spend good time with her old man."

  Ruan Xi pursed his lips slightly when he heard this, Shang Boyan glanced at Ruan Xi through the rearview mirror, then at Lu Yi, Lu Yi still looked the same, showing neither pride nor malice.

   "It's good that Ruan Xi and I go with them."

Lu Yi's face froze, she didn't expect Shang Boyan to be so direct, she said after a moment of coldness, "That's fine, but I'm afraid my aunt will blame me for breaking my promise, so how about it, I'll invite you to have a meal together some other day, just treat it as a gift." Uncles and aunts will clean up the dust."

   Before Shang Boyan had time to speak, the phone rang suddenly, and it was Mrs. Shang who called.






  After Shang Boyan answered the phone, his expression was not very good. He didn't say until Lu Yi got out of the car, "Let's have dinner together tomorrow. Auntie wants to see you too."

  Lu Yi smiled, "Okay." Then he waved to them, "Be careful when driving..."

   I don't know if it was an illusion, but Ruan Xi saw the provocation in Lu Yi's eyes.

  After returning home, Ruan Xi never mentioned what happened to Lu Yi, and asked with a smile, "What do you want to eat tonight?"

   Chamboyan thought for a while, "I want to drink pork rib soup."

   "Okay, let's eat rib soup."

   "Mum, but I want to eat fried eggplant, what should I do?" He still ate fried eggplant when he lived in Pei's old house.

   "Then do both."

  Ruan Xi smiled, "You guys watch TV for a while, and I will call you after the meal is ready."

   "Okay!" Shang Yang ran away briskly.

  Shang Boyan didn't feel that much in his heart, he thought she would say something, but she didn't say anything, was it because she didn't care or for some other reason?

  He frowned, but could only sigh.

  As soon as Ruan Xi entered the kitchen, all the pretense could no longer be sustained, she just wanted a quiet and harmonious living environment, but God was always so hateful and refused to give her any pity.

She didn't want Shang Boyan to be in trouble, so she endured his parents' pickiness and coercion, because she was unfaithful, so she forgave Shang Boyan and Lu Yi, she knew that Shang Boyan was sincere to her, so, She tried her best to forget the past and treat Shang Boyan wholeheartedly..

   But, why, why are you still so tired after working so hard? !

  Take a deep breath, wipe away the tears, and start to prepare dinner. While chopping vegetables, I accidentally cut off my finger, and the kitchen knife fell to the ground with a bang, almost hitting the instep.

   Mrs. Li has asked for leave. Ruan Xi has been preparing meals for the past two days. Her cooking skills are good, and she has never been so distracted.

  As soon as Shang Boyan heard the sound, he ran over in a panic. Seeing that the kitchen knife fell to the ground, she was sucking her finger. He immediately grabbed her hand and looked at it. He frowned and reproached with distress, "Why are you so careless!"

   After finishing speaking, she ran out to get the medicine tonic and bandaged her, and pressed her in the living room, "You rest for a while, I'll come."

  Ruan Xi forced a smile, "Okay..."

  Ruan Xi just sat in the living room in a daze, until Shang Boyan called her to eat, and she came back to her senses.

  In the evening, Ruan Xi tossed and turned on the bed, unable to fall asleep, the rejection of the old Shang couple, and Lu Yi's provocative, unstoppable eyes all made her anxious.

  She didn't know how it could be so difficult. Life is her own, and it belongs to her, Shang Boyan and Yang Yang. When she decided to start over, why did so many resistances pop up all at once? No, these resistances have existed from the very beginning, but now they are more obvious, and they are all on the table.

Yang Yang didn't like Lu Yi before, and she didn't like it herself either. No matter how friendly Lu Yi was in front of others, how much she respected her, and the subtle intuition between women made her realize that Lu Yi was hiding something very deep. hostility.

  She had felt that kind of hostility from Qin Zhiran when she was very young.

  Later, I also felt it in Xu Chuyan.

  These women regard her as the number one enemy, and deal with her deliberately.

  She didn't understand, did she have a natural face of a rival in love?

Sit up and look in the mirror. Under the soft light, the self in the mirror really looks like Xu Chuyan's face. In the past, when Xu Chuyan had a good reputation, she was still in the spotlight, and many people would be mistaken by her. She became a star, and now, they basically rolled their eyes at her.

  She smiled wryly, the world is really ridiculous.

  The family dinner on the second night, Shang Boyan had to bring Ruan Xi to attend, but Ruan Xi refused desperately, "I don't want to go."

  Shang Boyan grabbed her and said, "You must go. Since troubles come to you, you can only solve them. You are escaping, and you will only be chased by troubles. Ruan Xi, listen to your husband, huh?"

  Finally, under Shang Boyan's strong request, Ruan Xi still followed.

  Mr. Shang and Mrs. Shang had already sat in the main seats and waited for it. Lu Yi sat next to Mrs. Shang, not knowing what she was talking about, and the old lady couldn't help laughing. As soon as Shang Boyan led Ruan Xi into the door, Ruan Xi felt all eyes shot at him.

  At this point, she must also harden up.

   "Dad, Auntie." Whether they admit it or not, she married Shang Boyan, not them. It was his and Chamboy's business to get by, not to depend on them.

  Mr. Shang gave a nonchalant hum, but Mrs. Shang ignored her at all, until she didn't hear her, and continued talking and laughing with Lu Yi.

Being ignored like this makes anyone feel uncomfortable, and Shang Boyan is also in a dilemma. He is the elder on the one hand and the woman he loves on the other. hand, comfort her, and tell her not to take it to heart.

  Ruan Xi smiled and sat beside him.

"Hey, Lu Yi, if you sit here, it will get in the way when people serve food. Go, sit next to Boyan." After the old lady Shang finished speaking, she looked at Ruan Xi, with a smile on her face, "Come on, daughter-in-law, since If you are married to Boyan, then take more care and sit here."

   Shang Boyan's face darkened, as if he was about to explode, Ruan Xi quickly patted him, and he endured it.

   "Okay." After speaking, he changed places with Lu Yi.

When Lu Yi stood up, she gently stretched her foot towards Ruan Xi's feet, and hooked it. Ruan Xi never expected that a proud woman like Lu Yi would play such a small trick of not playing. On the table, the drinking cup on the table shook, and poured a cup, which was exactly the one in front of the old lady Shang.

  The drink quickly dripped down the tablecloth on Mrs. Shang's body, but she was wearing a white suit today, so everything was stained.

Originally, her impression of Ruan Xi was extremely bad, but now it is even worse, her face is blue, "You are such a rough woman, how can you be worthy of entering the door of a merchant!" After speaking, she stood up, " There is no need to eat today's meal, lest I choke to death!"

  Lu Yi got up immediately, helped Ruan Xi, and at the same time said with concern, "Be careful." Then she turned to Mrs. Shang, "Auntie, calm down, Miss Ruan didn't do it on purpose."

   Mrs. Shang was furious, and said casually, "I don't think she did it on purpose, but on purpose!"

  Shang Boyan's complexion was already very bad, "That's enough, this meal, you don't need to eat it!"

   After finishing speaking, Ruan Xi was pulled away.

  Old Man Shang poked the ground with his cane, "Stop! Do you still see me as an old man!"

   This time Mrs. Shang said, "I'll go to the bathroom to clean up first!"

  Lu Yi hurriedly said, "I'll accompany you."

  In an instant, Ruan Xi saw the smile in Lu Yi's eyes.

She felt cold in her heart, Lu Yi was much more difficult to deal with than Qin Zhiran and Xu Chuyan, but this time, the seemingly simple method, had already made Mrs. Shang's impression of her fall to the bottom, and there was no way for her to turn around. .

  Ruan Xi pulled Lashang Boyen and signaled him not to do this.

  She didn't want Shang Boyan to have an unworthy reputation because of her. Moreover, if being a daughter-in-law to the point of breaking up with her husband and in-laws, it would be a failure, right? She doesn't want to do this.

  Shang Boyan frowned, and calmed down a bit at the moment, thinking that if he left, it would be even more difficult for Ruan Xi to gain a foothold in the business, so he took a deep breath, turned around and pulled Ruan Xi back to sit.

  At the dinner table, Mrs. Shang's face was always in a bad mood, but Mr. Shang's face was not bad. Although he had a straight face, he could only be described as serious.

Lu Yi took the opportunity to play the role of activating the atmosphere on his own initiative, serving food for the old lady for a while, and Shang Boyan for a while, as if she was Shang Boyan's wife for a while, caring about this for Shang Boyan , care about that.

   "Bo Yan, this is your favorite, New Zealand steak, try it, the craftsmanship of this restaurant is very authentic!"

   In front of the old man and the old lady, he didn't want to refute Lu Yi's face, but he was worried that Ruan Xi would be embarrassed, so he said, "Thank you, I will do it myself."

"Hmm." Lu Yi said to the old man as if he didn't notice Shang Boyan's face at all, "Is uncle okay? Last time I heard Boyan said that you are not in good health, I can't go to see it in e-city You are really worried."

  The old man hummed, and said, "It's done, don't worry."

Lu Yi smiled, "Then I'm relieved. By the way, auntie, this is made of yam. It's for beauty and beauty. Although you are very young, you don't need to take care of it anymore, but ah, this taste is really good. Try it. "

   Mrs. Shang was so coaxed into a smile, she tasted it joyfully, then nodded, "It really tastes good!"

  Actually, the old lady doesn’t like sweets, but when she’s in a good mood, everything suits her appetite.

  Ruan Xi was sitting on the side, just picking up some dishes. Although the atmosphere at the table looked very lively and friendly, she just felt depressed and felt like she didn't want to stay any longer.

  Lu Yi glanced at Ruan Xi, and suddenly smiled and said, "Ms. Ruan should try this too. This dish is a specialty of this restaurant. What is it called? Oh, Farewell My Concubine. It's very interesting."

  Ruan Xi's face is dull, Farewell My Concubine, this dish really has a deep meaning!

  Seeing that Ruan Xichu was there without even saying a word of thanks, the old lady couldn't help but frowned, "Why are you so rude!"

  Ruan Xi finally couldn't hang on anymore, put down her chopsticks and raised her eyes, "Dad, Auntie, Boyan, I'm sorry, I'm not feeling well, my stomach hurts, so I'm sorry, please take your time!"

   After she finished speaking, she got up and took her bag and left.

   Shang Boyan got up to chase after him, but Mr. Shang suddenly said, "If you dare to go out of this way, I will make all her affairs published in the newspaper! You have to know what this means to a designer!"

   Shang Boyan sat back with a livid face, "Dad, what exactly do you want?"

   "Divorce her, or give me a grandson!"

  Master Shang is concise and to the point.

  Shang Boyan's face became even uglier. Although he and Ruan Xi had developed further, he didn't want this to be forced! This is unfair to Ruan Xi and himself, and even more unfair to the child!

   "Want a grandson? Yes, but don't force me. Dad, if you push me, I can also have a vasectomy!" After finishing speaking, Shang Boyan left without looking back.

  Master Shang was trembling with anger, he almost had a heart attack!

  Lu Yi hurriedly persuaded them to calm down, but he already had another calculation in his heart!

  It was as lively as ever outside, it happened to be rush hour, and there were many people waiting for the bus, Ruan Xi wandered aimlessly on the street, her heart was still numb and cold.

Lu Yi's all-round delicacy makes her unable to resist. She is the kind of tough, sincere and pure person. It's not that she doesn't have tricks, but she doesn't want to play tricks. Sooner or later, life will change beyond recognition, and she doesn't want this life!

  She promised Gu Chi to be happy.

  When she passed the park by the roadside, her mobile phone rang loudly. It was Shang Boyan.

  Click to answer, and Boyan asked eagerly, "Ruan Xi, where are you, I'll pick you up."

  The corners of Ruan Xi's lips raised slightly, but she still couldn't express her sadness in her heart, "I'm fine, I just want to be alone for a while, you go back first. I'll call back by myself in a while, don't worry about me."

   "Ruan Xi..." Shang Boyan wanted to say something, but she hung up the phone directly. She was afraid that she would feel too wronged and cry out!

  Actually, she knew that she should not be wronged. Boyan is such a good person, but this is how people are. Once they get angry, they will feel uncomfortable and want to vent...

  Just hung up the phone, another call came in, it was from an unfamiliar number, and it was a call from a public phone booth at the beginning, she frowned and answered immediately.

  After answering the call, it was indeed Jiang Yi who called.

  Jiang Yi still wore the trendy attire in the street park, but this time she hugged herself into a ball, a bit like a very insecure child.

What Ruan Xi promised to do for her has already been done, but she was kidnapped first, and then Shang Boyan’s parents came to visit. She never took time to ask Jiang Yi, and Jiang Yi didn’t have a mobile phone. She simply couldn't take the initiative to contact Jiang Yi.

  Jiang Yi's current situation is similar to her in the past, but it is quite different, because Jiang Yi is more rebellious than her, and the separation and reunion with Gu Yinlin is more vigorous than she and Pei Nanming at the beginning...

   "I'm sorry Jiang Yi, I should have given you your passport a long time ago, but something has been going on lately..." She didn't say anything about her being kidnapped, but Jiang Yi had already heard about it.

"Ruan Xi, this time I'm not looking for you for this..." Jiang Yi bit her lip, becoming hesitant and fragile, like a confused child who didn't know where to go, and finally, she said, "Ruan Xi, what should I do? I……"

  Ruan Xi was startled, "What's wrong?"

Under the dim streetlights, Jiang Yi hugged herself tightly, "I, I'm pregnant again... If it was me, I can say anything, but once I have a child, I don't know what to do... I actually I don't have the courage I had five years ago, and I don't have the courage to go to the operating table anymore. I..."

Jiang Yi suddenly turned her face and grabbed Ruan Xi's arm, "I want to give birth to him, I don't want to wander alone anymore, if Ah Bei is still here, if Song Li hasn't left, maybe, maybe not would be so cowardly..."

Ruan Xixin's head was pulled hard. Jiang Yi is an orphan like her, but Jiang Yi is not as lucky as her. Someone adopted her. Jiang Yi, who has been in the civilian area for so many years, must be such a strong and individual girl , but now, she has become an out-and-out woman, even the kind of woman who can't see the light!

  The family background of the Gu family would never allow someone like Jiang Yi to enter the door. What kind of loneliness and suffering would make Jiang Yi so vulnerable?

  She must be like herself back then, struggling and hesitating. Perhaps, she loves Gu Yinlin very much in her heart, but family background, different living environment and other differences in personality all make them friction constantly.

  Now, Jiang Yi's worry and fear, no one knows better than her!

  Ruan Xi suddenly hugged her and patted her on the back lightly, "No matter what decision you make, I will do my best to support you and help you. Jiang Yi, we are friends, aren't we?"

  After many years of parting, from the first reunion to the present, Jiang Yi leaned in Ruan Xi's arms for the first time, sobbing...

  Love...what the hell is it?

  Ruan Xi couldn't help feeling confused, she couldn't help but think of her own life, Pei Nanming, and Shang Boyan...

   Gently patted Jiang Yi on the back, as if comforting a lost child. Now, she is not the strong Jiang Yi in her childhood impression, nor the *Jiang Yi when she reunited for the first time many years later...

  Jiang Yi cried in her arms for a long time before she calmed down. Finally, she seemed to have made up her mind, "Ruan Xi, give me my passport. I have decided to go abroad..."

  Ruan Xi nodded, and then became a little worried, "But, how will you live abroad?"

Jiang Yi smiled, "I have been to school, but I can read and read books. I have been trapped by Gu Yinlin's side in the past few years, and I have also learned some bird songs..." Speaking of this, she smiled almost ironically , "As his wife, how can he be an illiterate who doesn't understand anything?"

  Belittled herself, she could hear the inferiority complex from Jiang Yi's tone, but she couldn't say any words of comfort. It wasn't that she became a philistine, but that the reality is so cruel, isn't her current situation like this? Because she has a past with Pei Nanming and has children, the elders of the merchants cannot accept her, so Lu Yi has more opportunities to take advantage of!

   "Okay, at nine o'clock tomorrow morning, we will still meet here."

  It was already twelve o'clock in the evening when I got home, Shang Boyan was not asleep, and sat silently in the living room waiting for her, without even turning on the lights.

  Ruan Xi bit her lip, took a deep breath, and pretended to be relaxed, "Why aren't you sleeping? You have to go to work tomorrow."

   Shang Boyan got up, walked in front of her, and suddenly hugged her tightly, "I'm sorry for making you suffer so much."

   After a little hesitation, Ruan Xi still hugged his waist gently, and buried her head in his arms, "It's okay, don't worry about me, I think it will get better gradually."

  Shang Boyan held her face in his hands and kissed her forehead lightly, "Don't worry, I will never let you be wronged like this again. My father, I will solve it."

   "Bo Yan, you have always been a measured person, don't impulse. Ruan Xi grabbed his wrist nervously and said.


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