Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 171

He thought that his mother must have stayed in the Pei family for the benefit of the Ruan family. The Pei family has a strong background in both military and political circles.

   As long as the Ruan family is destroyed and the Ruan family is not so rich and famous...

   He is kind after all.

   When the negotiation was finally finalized, Pei Nanming smiled and stood up, "Happy cooperation!"

  bernie also laughed, "Happy cooperation!"

  Jiang Rendao, "Today we are working hard and having a masquerade party. Since we are here, let's go and have a look."

  bernie naturally agreed. Although Ruan Dongyu was not very happy, he didn't dampen Bernie's interest.

   "What do you think?" Tang Wenyi looked at their backs and asked Jiang Ren.

   "I have no opinion, I just feel very hungry and want to eat."

  Jiang Ren said.

  Tang Wenyi broke out in sweat, unable to maintain his image, "Why are you always so hungry?"

  Jiang Ren replied solemnly, "I didn't have enough to eat in my previous life." Speaking of this, he changed the subject and asked Pei Nanming, "What are you going to do?"

  Pei Nanming lit a cigarette, "Wait and see."

  Tang Wenyi nodded, and then said to Jiang Ren, "I said, Aren, you are not mean enough. It took me a lot of effort to come here once. You don't invite me to the dance?"

   "I was afraid that Zhang Tong would not want to chop you off if he found out, so he just picked up an ax and hacked on me, blaming me for leading her man."

  Jiang Ren said seriously.

  Tang Wenyi was speechless. Thinking of Zhang Tong, he gave up the idea of playing.

  I thought to myself, I'd better go back and play with that little wild cat-like woman...

  After leaving the cultivation, Pei Nanming drove away alone. After getting on the viaduct, the silver-gray car behind him still followed leisurely, following?

Pei Nanming sneered, and accelerated suddenly. The superior performance of the car immediately drove the speed up, and the silver-gray car was obviously not bad. When he moved here, the one behind him also moved. The speed is very fast, which is a test of driving skills. Pei Nanming keeps changing gears and controls the speed very accurately. The person in the car behind him is obviously struggling with such road conditions, and he is thrown away by Pei Nanming after a while The distance, but, the owner of that car bit him like a collision, and refused to let him go even if he risked a car accident.

  Pei Nanming's expression became even colder. Since he was so impatient with life, why did he tolerate it? He doesn't want to direct a gorgeous car accident!

  Immediately stepped on the accelerator and accelerated towards the outskirts of the city. On the expressway, the speed reached 120 pulses, and the one behind also followed diligently!

  Sweeping his eyes in the rearview mirror, he found that someone was taking pictures of his car with a video camera. At this moment, he couldn't laugh or cry! When did these paparazzi become so well paid and so dedicated? !

   It was only the next moment that he realized that something was wrong. The person under the camera was not holding a microphone!

  Glancing left and right, he turned the steering wheel abruptly to the right. The bullet landed on the car in front with a bang. After penetrating the car's shell, it apparently hit the fuel tank!

boom! Squeak——!

After Pei Nanming overtook the previous car that was pierced by bullets, the silver-gray car wanted to cross, but no one expected that the car hit by the bullet would suddenly skid, burst into flames, and exploded with a bang .

  The silver-gray car was too late to turn, collided with the explosive car, and rushed out of the fence together!

  Pei Nanming didn't stop at all, and flew away in the twilight!

  After Tang Wenyi and Jiang Ren learned about this, they couldn't help but sweat.

   They all wondered who was so bold, but in fact, the three of them had more or less confidence in their hearts.

  After leaving the city that day, Pei Nanming didn't go back, but went directly to Tostana.

   Entering the villa where Ruan Xi lived before, thinking of those things, he suddenly realized that he was actually really cold. What kind of thoughts made him push Ruan Xi to that extent? Painfully begging for mercy, fleeing and committing suicide!

He said to Ruan Xi before, let Ruan Xi stay by his side, after such a passionate night, such a warm morning, he clearly felt her affection, her dependence, her love, but she shook her head, She is not happy!

   Is it because the hurt in the past was too deep, so even love now is not enough to make her stay for him?

  Five years ago, after she ran away, he only came here once, and that time he drank a lot of wine here, and was so drunk that he passed out. It was Xu Chuyan who came here to find him.

  At that time, he mistook Xu Chuyan for Ruan Xi, and spent a whole day of frantic tossing with her here, and only after he sobered up did he realize that he had identified the wrong person.

However, after all, Xu Chuyan gave him the illusion that Ruan Xi was by his side, so he left other women behind and loved Xu Chuyan so much. Xu Chuyan wanted to enter the entertainment industry, so he let her in, and let her in. She became a little famous star.

  Later, she was going to Paris to participate in the Shang family's trials, and he followed suit. He gave Xu Chuyan all the love he couldn't give to Ruan Xi wholeheartedly.

At the same time, there was a resentment hidden in his heart. This resentment came from Ruan Xi who pretended to be a fool and fled suddenly. He should have noticed her abnormality as early as when they were on vacation, but he was really too happy. Happy to think that they will live like that.

   It wasn't until she ran away that he discovered that Ruan Xi had actually planned it long ago.

  For example, in the love affair that was deliberately seduced before leaving, under normal circumstances, she would hide far away and look at him tremblingly like a big bad wolf, but that day she was not afraid, but became curious instead.

  He didn't notice this obvious change!

  So, sometimes, even if Xu Chuyan is fucked to the sky, he will occasionally treat him with some revenge, which often makes Xu Chuyan beg for mercy in pain.

   "Ruan Xi..." He sat on the balcony, and many forgotten things slowly came to mind. When she was young, she liked to eat slightly sweet things, and she was especially interested in yam honey cake. But she never said, he didn't know why, he obviously didn't like it, but he still told Ruan Ting that he wanted to eat it.

   Mrs. Ruan Ruan Ting is very fond of him. He said that whatever he wants to eat, he will definitely prepare something for the next meal.

  At that time, he habitually frowned at the peony that was served, and then said that the color was not good, and it was unpalatable to look at. I didn’t want to eat it, and then pushed it in front of Ruan Xi forcefully, saying that you were responsible for eliminating it.

  The next meal, he would still order this dish, and then find other excuses to push it away. He didn't stop this awkward overture until she got tired of eating it too.

   Later, Ruan Ting's death had a great impact on him, and when he learned that the schizophrenia that caused Ruan Ting's death was related to Ruan Xi's mother, his despair and hatred made him forget all his care, and he didn't know how to treat her anymore.

  When you get close, you will feel guilty, but if you stay away, you can't see her with others.

   Then, he became more and more awkward, so awkward that only hurt left!

  The scenery seen on the balcony is the same as before, but the person has already slipped away.

  He took a small glass of red wine and took a sip. He was poisoned by alcohol before and hurt his stomach. Now, he can't drink too much too strong wine, and he can't eat too spicy food.

  Just as he was drinking by himself, his cell phone rang without warning. It's a text message.

  The content is very simple: Nan Ming, I was wrong, please forgive me, please come back soon, I miss you.

  The sender, Xu Chuyan.

  He raised the corner of his mouth slightly, and threw the phone aside casually. If he guessed right, Xu Chuyan must be desperate now.

Shang Boyan released the news that he would terminate the contract with her and block her in all the subsidiaries of the Shang Corporation, and he wanted to divorce her here. This ambitious woman from the countryside, whose dream was suddenly shattered, must have no idea. Overwhelmed.

About half an hour later, the phone rang again. He thought it was Xu Chuyan, but it was Gu Yinlin. In fact, he and Gu Yinlin didn't have a close friendship, especially after he found out that Xiao Li who contacted Ruan Xi had a relationship with Jiang Yi. , used this to force Gu Yinlin to attend the family association, and later, forced Gu Yinlin to be the heir of the Chu family.

  All of these made Gu Yinlin deeply prejudice against him. If they hadn't met the same stubborn woman later, and the same hard way of love made them become sympathetic people, they probably wouldn't have any personal relationship at all.

  Starry Night Cafe.

   Gu Yinlin was sitting by the window, and Pei Nanming saw him at a glance.

   Even at night, there are not many people in the coffee shop, maybe because this is a tourist area nearby, people who come here are reluctant to waste such a good night.

   "Why are you here?"

  Pei Nanming was a little surprised.

   "Aren't you here? What's so strange?" Gu Yinlin ordered a latte for him.

   "How do you know I like this?"

  Pei Nanming raised his eyes and asked.

   "The wild cat said it."

  The wild cat in Gu Yinlin's mouth naturally refers to Jiang Yi.

   "It's not too strange that your wild cat will know my taste. Besides, you still remember it, isn't it even more strange?"

  Gu Yinlin naturally knew that his words were meant to be joking, "What's so strange about this, I can remember that it's normal in this age of sexual love."

  He answered with the same wicked taste.

  However, the two of them understood as soon as they met that they had done this for their own reasons. Pei Nanming didn't need to ask to know that Jiang Yi's wild cat ran away again, and he was completely dumped by Ruan Xi.

In fact, Jiang Yi knew that Pei Nanming liked lattes when Ruan Xi escaped. He heard from Ruan Xi that when she and Gu Yinlin were together, sometimes she had to find something to prevent the silence, so she talked about Pei Nanming. body.

  The two spent two hours in the coffee shop, and finally Gu Yinlin turned to the topic, "Have you ever heard Ruan Xi talk about Jiang Yi?"

  In fact, he wanted to know Jiang Yi's plan, and thought about going directly to Ruan Xi, but he guessed that Ruan Xi would definitely not tell him.

  So I can only turn to Pei Nanming to find out.

   "No." Pei Nanming's answer was direct and simple. This is a fact. Ruan Xi never told him anything about Jiang Yi.

  Gu Yinlin was a little disappointed, but he didn't show it.

   "Even if Ruan Xi really said it..." He paused, although he didn't want to admit it, but he had to admit, "She would only tell Shang Boyan, maybe you can ask Shang Boyan to try."

   Gu Yinlin smiled, "I have no friendship with him." This is like saying in disguise, he has friendship with Pei Nanming.

  Pei Nanming smiled, and patted him on the shoulder, "Then think about where else she might run to. Besides, isn't the frequency of her running away too frequent? Have you looked at her?"

Gu Yinlin laughed bitterly, "She is the kind of wild cat who can't live without freedom, and I can't bear to let her get hurt again." A cat with its sharp nails cut off is already in a state of embarrassment. If all the power is taken away, Jiang Yi...

   Maybe if you really dare to jump off a high-rise building, it will be over once and for all.

   "If you can't bear it, just cherish it" Don't be like me, he laughed at himself, now he regrets and doesn't know if it's too late.

After Ruan Xi dealt with the affairs of the studio, she came out of the studio. Unexpectedly, Xu Chuyan was standing outside the door of the studio. She covered herself tightly, with a toad mirror on her nose, which covered her small eyes. face. Really didn't expect her to come to her again, Ruan Xi looked at Xu Chuyan warily, this kind of shameless rascal woman is really hard to deal with.

  Ruan Xi really didn't want to cause any more trouble because of her, but she also knew in her heart that the person who came was not kind. Since Xu Chuyan came here, it must not be a good thing. If she doesn't cause trouble, she must not be afraid of trouble.

"Miss Xu, I didn't expect you to patronize our studio, but we really don't have the ability to take your orders." Ruan Xi thought, for this kind of woman, there is no need to show any affection, there is really no need at all. necessary.

  At the beginning, she endured again and again, but in the end, it only caused Su Nai to leave, and the reputation of the studio plummeted.

  Xu Chuyan bit her lip and took off her sunglasses, "Ruan Xi, I'm sorry, I'm here to apologize to you."

   But I haven't seen her for a few days, Xu Chuyan has lost a lot of weight, and the dark circles under her eyes are very heavy, as if she deliberately painted thick smoky makeup.

   When Xu Chuyan opened her mouth, Ruan Xi was really taken aback. What did she say? She actually said that she came to apologize to her! Xu Chuyan apologized to her? Is the sun dizzy and rising from the west?

Ruan Xi looked at her with a smirk, "Miss Xu, I don't think there is such a need at all. Why are you apologizing to me? You see, the technology in our studio is not good, and the quality of the design works is not good. , almost delayed your wedding with Mr. Pei. How can you apologize to us?" Thinking of Su Nai who had to resign and leave because of Xu Chuyan's interference, she felt blocked and couldn't help thinking Speak in the meanest tone possible.

   But she is not a mean person after all, this level is already the limit.

Xu Chuyan is also quite flexible, being ridiculed by Ruan Xi like this, she didn't mean to be annoyed at all, instead she had tears in her eyes, with a look of remorse on her face, "Ruan Xi, I'm sorry, it's my fault, it's my fault, I shouldn't talk nonsense Said that it caused the studio to have a bad reputation."

She suddenly took two steps forward and took Ruan Xi's hand, "But, in this life, who can not make mistakes, sister Xi, please forgive me this time, okay, I will never do this kind of thing again gone."

  Ruan Xi pulled her hand out vigorously, but she refused to let go, "Sister Xi, please forgive me, please, I really know I was wrong, and I will never do this again, please give me a chance."

  She suddenly knelt down in the street, Ruan Xi was startled, so many people watched, she was shameless and risked everything, but Ruan Xi couldn't.

   Moreover, what Ruan Xi thinks is that one should not go too far in being a human being, and should be forgiving and forgiving.

   "Okay, you get up first, we have something to talk about."

  Xu Chuyan just stood up while wiping away her tears.

   "Ruan Xi!" At this time, someone suddenly greeted Ruan Xi, and Ruan Xi turned around and saw that it was Zhang Tong. Today they made an appointment to go shopping together.

   Zhang Tong went abroad to Australia to deal with business a few days ago. He just came back two days ago, and he rushed to Ruan Xi's side as soon as he came back. They haven't gotten along well for a long time.

   This time I stayed in the country for a long time, so I want to get together with Ruan Xi and go through all the snacks I have eaten before and the stores I have visited.

  When she called Ruan Xi, Ruan Xi was also very happy.

  Ruan Xi has already figured it out, as long as Tongtong feels happy, no matter who she is with, she should bless her instead of blocking her friend's happiness because of her own prejudices.

   Zhang Tong saw that Xu Chuyan was there, and unconsciously frowned. She knew what Xu Chuyan was doing!

   Zhang Tong is not as easy-talking as Ruan Xi, "Why are you looking for Ruan Xi again! Do you think you didn't hurt her enough? You are a femme fatale!"

  Xu Chuyan lowered her head, looking like an angry little daughter-in-law, "I'm sorry, I really know I made a mistake, and I will never do it again. Please forgive me this time, okay? "

   "A woman like you, have you changed? If you want to change, dogs won't eat shit anymore!"

  Zhang Tong still protects his weaknesses as before, he doesn't want others to bully Ruan Xi.

  Ruan Xi felt warm in her heart, and gently tugged on Zhang Tong's sleeve, "Forget about Tongtong, let's forget about the past. Let's go."

   After finishing speaking, Ruan Xi pulled Zhang Tong to leave.

  As soon as they turned around, Xu Chuyan's penitent face immediately turned livid, faster than a chameleon. Sooner or later, I will get back all the grievances I suffered today, Ruan Xi, just wait for me!

   Along the way, Zhang Tong was in a bad mood because of Xu Chuyan's appearance. To be honest, Ruan Xi was also in a bad mood, but she didn't think it was necessary to affect their good mood for that kind of woman.

So he said to Zhang Tong, "Tongtong, don't complain about me, anyway, the matter is over, and now that she is ruined, it can be regarded as retribution, the reputation of the studio has also been restored, and the business is getting better and better. The better. We don't have to suffer because of her presence, it's not worth it."

   Zhang Tong thought, yes.

Smiling Mimi hugged Ruan Xi's arm, "That's true, hehe, Xiao Nizi is becoming more and more open-minded and open-minded now, which is very good. It's much better than before when she kept everything in her heart and always couldn't think about it." .My sister is going to treat you to a barbecue in the back street, how about it?"

  Ruan Xi pinched her lightly, "I'm so easy to get rid of, barbecue is like fooling me, that's not okay."

  Zhang Tong squeezed his wallet pretending to be embarrassed, "Sister is a poor person, how can she be like you, and there is such a Jinshan husband behind her. Damn, the future head of the Shang Group! I am so envious."

"It's just looking glamorous. It's not as good as you think. I'd rather he was just an ordinary white-collar worker." That way, he wouldn't have to be so embarrassed, and he wouldn't have to worry about him every day because of her relationship. And I got into a stalemate with my in-laws.

  Zhang Tong heard something in her words, and couldn't help asking, "What's the matter, is there something on your mind. Could it be that Shang Boyan treated you badly?"

Ruan Xi shook her head, "That's not true, he has always been very kind to me, so good that it makes me sad and makes me feel guilty. It's because of being so good that I worry that he will be embarrassed because of me. You know, the old man People always care about blood relationship."

   Zhang Tong was silent for a moment, "Is Shang Yang really Pei Nanming's child?"

Ruan Xi bit her lip and nodded lightly, "Actually, when I was in France, I really didn't know what to do. If there was no Yangyang, I would not be able to survive, but after having Yangyang, life changed It’s even more difficult. You know, I didn’t graduate from college, and I only had the money from selling gestures. It was really difficult for a single mother to take care of children and work part-time. I was naive at that time, and I didn’t want to bother Bo Yan, I don’t want to accept his help anymore. Until later, Yang Yang was chased and scolded as a wild child, and then he had an accident and needed a blood transfusion…” During those days, she almost collapsed and was completely helpless. She even thought about finding Pei Nanming, but when she browsed the news, she found out that Pei Nanming had already married a new lover, and that new lover was made into heaven by him, it was Xu Chuyan...

  Later, she gave up, and after Shang Boyan learned that Shang Yang had an accident, he booked a ticket and flew back overnight.

Maybe it was moved, maybe it was because she couldn't hold on anymore and wanted to find someone to lean on, but she actually agreed to Shang Boyan's request, agreed to marry him, and raised Shang Yang with him until Shang Yang turned eighteen... …

   She thought she was really the most shameful woman.

After Zhang Tong heard Ruan Xi's words, she didn't mean to blame her, but suddenly hugged her, her eyes were red, "Ruan Xi, you are so stupid. Why do you make yourself so hard... There is a man who treats you so well, Just let go of your heart and love, don't be fettered by the past anymore. Shang Boyan is better than Pei Nanming, I don't know how many times."

  Although Pei Nanming once made Zhang Tong feel that he really loved Ruan Xi, the love Pei Nanming gave was too painful and cruel. Women need to be cared for, not hurt. Therefore, she really would rather Ruan Xi and Shang Boyan live a good life together.

  At least, Shang Boyan is reluctant to hurt Ruan Xi...

   "Okay, okay, it's all over." Ruan Xi also wiped the corners of her eyes lightly, "We hugged each other in the street, what did it look like, so many people were looking at us, it's embarrassing."

  Ruan Xi stood up straight, "Let's go, let's go to the mall to see what new clothes are available. I haven't gone shopping for a long time. When we have enough shopping, we will have a big meal!"

  Zhang Tong sniffed, "Okay, today is a good day to burn money, haha..."

When the two got together, they were even crazier than when they were in college. In the past, Ruan Xi earned very little money. On the one hand, she had to pay her own living expenses, and on the other hand, she had to send some of it to the Xinzhou Orphanage. Therefore, She's always had a hard time.

  But it’s different now. Once the works she designed are on the market, it’s enough for her to throw her hands away for a long time.

   "Hey, what do you think of this dress?" Zhang Tong tried it on with a tutu skirt on her body, and Ruan Xi couldn't help but blush. Sure enough, after so many years, her taste still hasn't changed.

  She thought that Zhang Tong would definitely wear tutu skirts or T-shirts to work if major companies hadn’t set regulations on uniforms. The professional suit she was wearing was so stylish against the tutu skirt.

   But having said that, casual clothes are indeed much more comfortable to wear than professional clothes.

   "Not bad, very good, but Tongtong, are you sure you dare to pass it on?"

  Zhang Tong was speechless, she really didn't dare to wear it, not to mention what would happen to her boss, but with Tang Wenyi's butler eyes, she couldn't stand it!

   "Forget it." Zhang Tong hung up the clothes unhappily.

   "Hey, let's try that dress!" The two turned around again, and Ruan Xi suddenly stopped, pointing to the evening dress in the counter.
   Let her spend hundreds of thousands to buy a piece of clothing, why not use that money to treat her to barbecue for a lifetime!

  Ruan Xi was speechless, Zhang Tong kept yelling that she was poor, so her annual salary was hundreds of thousands, so she used it as firewood!

   "Anyway, it doesn't cost money to try it." Ruan Xi said, Zhang Tong didn't feel so hurt now. However, the smile on the face of the counter lady at the beginning has now turned into Chi Guoguo's contempt...

  Finally, the two of them left the shopping mall clutching their bellies, almost falling to the ground laughing.

  Zhang Tong supported the glass doorway, "Hahaha... I laughed so hard, I've never seen anyone twisted like that!"

Ruan Xi clutched her sore cheeks, and was out of breath from laughing, "I... this is the first time in my life that I did such a bad thing. To be honest, Tongtong, I never knew that people don't Strenuous exercise can also pant thicker than a cow!"

  The two of them held their stomachs and laughed again, and the passers-by around looked at them with eyes like they were mentally ill.

In fact, they didn't do anything, but after seeing the disdainful eyes of the counter waiters, the two of them had to try clothes somewhere when they wandered around wickedly. There is only one item in the boutique, so there is no choice.

However, it has a lot of styles. Two people try on each of them one by one. After trying all the clothes, the lady at the counter couldn’t hold back her smile. Enough for half a month's wages for the lady at the counter.

  Looking at the eyes of the young lady, the two of them waved their hands very chicly, and said in unison, "I'm sorry, these clothes are not suitable for us."

  Miss's face immediately twitched, she was so green that she was afraid of people.

Zhang Tong is even more unstoppable, before leaving, he tossed his bag and added, "Oh, I forgot to mention, my sister is poor, and that black evening dress actually fits me well and looks pretty. "

  The lady at the counter just lost her breath and cried.

  Ruan Xi smiled and couldn't help but started to cry.

When she was in high school, she followed Gu Chi to climb the wall. They also went shopping. The difference was that they bought fruit. The fruit vendor was very tricky. He was allowed to buy but not allowed to pick. Apples were mixed together, big and small. Gu Chi Looking up, the good boy smiled obediently at the peddler, "Uncle, can I have a taste. If it tastes good, I'll buy ten catties."

  At that time, fruit was very expensive, and ten catties cost nearly a hundred yuan. Ruan Xi was dumbfounded when he heard it.

  The hawker was also very happy, "Yes, please take your time."

  Gu Chi picked the biggest one, peeled it with a fruit knife, and took a bite. Ruan Xi looked at him, and the vendor also looked at him. He said, "Oh!" Then he covered his face, "It's so sour!"

The peddler turned pale, and the people who were waiting to buy the fruit left. Gu Chi said, "Apple is not tasty, so I won't buy it. I bitten this apple, so I can't eat it for free. I'll give you fifty cents." .”

   Then drop the money and grab her and run.

  The peddler was swearing behind her, and she probably didn't dare to chase after her own stall. She vaguely remembered the peddler calling them little bastards, next time they meet you, I'll knock out your teeth!

   That day, Gu Chi laughed until his stomach ached, and handed her the apple he had bitten into, "Look, fruits are very cheap..."


   Zhang Tong looked at Ruan Xi strangely and was taken aback, "Ruan Xi, why are you crying?"

  Ruan Xi wiped away tears indiscriminately, "Where is it, my eyes are sore from laughing, haha, I am so happy, I haven't been this happy for a long time!"

   Zhang Tong is speechless, he can't even tell a lie!

   "Cry if you want to cry." You can tell at a glance that she is reminded of the past, maybe it's hurt by the scene?

  Afterwards, they turned to the barbecue restaurant and ate all the grilled squid kebabs.

  The last two people leaned on the leisure chair by the roadside and patted their bellies.

"I'm so full." Zhang Tong lightly squeezed the flesh on his belly, and said with a bitter face, "I'm going to gain fat again, ahhh, I'm so depressed, if only I could share half of my flesh with you." Now, aren't we good sisters, Ruan Xi can give me some of your backbone..."

"..." If she could share it, she would be very happy. To be honest, she doesn't like her current appearance. She has no flesh at all. In Pei Nanming's joking words, if she doesn't grow flesh, she will almost feel nothing when holding her... ...yet...

  Pei Nanming, why do you think of Pei Nanming? She shook her head annoyedly, threw him away, and said, "Your body proportions are the most perfect, okay, you're a little thinner than when you were in college, but you're very healthy, don't be dissatisfied all the time, okay?" , I'm so jealous!"

  Zhang Tong still had a bitter face, "You know how hard it is for me to lose weight! I hate gym class the most, but in order to lose weight, I run 800 a day..."

   "Didn't you admire Concubine Yang very much before? You said that the fatter you are, the happier you are. Why..."

   "Didn't people worship the devil's figure now, it's skinny."

   "Could it be... Tang Wenyi?"

  Under the streetlight, Zhang Tong blushed, "Who wants to lose weight for him!"

"Still talking hard" Ruan Xi bowed her slightly, "You don't need to reduce any more now, go back and tell him that you are perfect now, there is no need for that at all, if he wants to pick again, it's just picking bones in the egg, it's not enough to kick gone."

   Zhang Tong still smiled, "Well, well, I'll tell you. It's getting late now, I'll take you back."

   "No, you really think of yourself as a gentleman. I'll just take a taxi and go home. Today is my happiest and most enjoyable day."

   "Me too, then, let's go separately, be careful on the road."

   "You too, give me a call when you get home, huh?"

   "Okay, look at you, when you become a mother, you treat everyone as a child. I will let Tang Wenyi pick me up, or you can also find your husband..."

   "He is very busy, so let's not bother him."

  As soon as Ruan Xi left, Zhang Tong sighed, she was so polite even though she was married. She took out her mobile phone and looked, but she didn't dial Tang Wenyi's number.

  Tang Wenyi, she saw the shadow of another woman in his eyes... Even if he never said it, she could still feel it, but who is that woman who can make him hide so deeply and so secretly?

  However, no matter who it is, as long as he doesn't say leave, as long as he is willing to give her a chance, she believes that she can replace him and become his only one.

   When Xu Chuyan received the notice to suspend all her announcements, she was so angry that she almost smashed everything in the house.

"I've swallowed so much and begged you so lowly, but you still refuse to let me go, you're so cruel!" She called her agent, who told her that her negative influence was too great, and it's best not to Showing her face, and stopping all her announcements was not a unilateral decision by the company.

   In other words, someone put pressure on it!

  She was about to make a phone call to complain to Pei Nanming, when she suddenly froze again. Then she remembered that Pei Nanming was going to divorce her, and he hadn't been back for a week, and hadn't had physical pleasure for several months.

   Realizing this, in a rage, he raised his hand high, as if about to drop the phone. At this moment, the phone rang.

  She frowned, and looked at the caller ID, it turned out to be a completely unfamiliar number!

  Who will it be? Could it be that he blackmailed her again? Those photos of her have been released a long time ago, so that everyone knows that she has no secrets to speak of, and there is no shameful information that can blackmail her!

  At this point, she was not afraid of anything, and answered decisively, "Hi, who are you looking for?"

   "Of course I'm looking for you." The caller was actually a woman.

   "I don't know you." Xu Chuyan said concisely, with a very impatient tone.

   "It is enough for me to know you. I think you will be happy to meet me. At eight o'clock in the evening, honor the tea ceremony, and I will wait for you."

   "Hey, who the hell are you!"

   beep beep——

  The other side has hung up.

  Xu Chuyan was furious. She especially hated the woman's tone of voice. She was superior and extremely confident. When she spoke, there was a strong sense of self-superiority in her tone.

  She thought that she had nothing to do anyway, so why not meet this woman and see how divine she is!

  The sound of the guzheng hits the ears, making all the impetuous outside become quiet and quiet, and the decoration in the whole restaurant is full of antique flavor.

  However, the quietness here did not calm Xu Chuyan's restless and noisy heart. When anyone is at a dead end, no matter how beautiful the surrounding scenery is, they don't have the heart to appreciate it.

   "Miss, do you have a reservation?"

   "I'm looking for the guest at table eight."

   "This way please." The waiter smiled politely, but Xu Chuyan wanted to slap her across the face. In this world, what can make people laugh? !

   Enduring it, when she reached table No. 8, she couldn't help being stunned, " did you find me?"

  The woman on the opposite side has her hair coiled up high, light makeup, thin eyebrows and thin lips, white and tender skin, black and bright eyebrows with a smile, and she can feel her leanness just by looking at her.

  Lu Yi smiled, "Sit down, I'll ask Miss Xu out for tea.
What can't it? Or does Miss Xu think I'm not qualified to invite you? "


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