Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 170

Shang Boyan looked up at her and smiled, "Partly."

   "A part?"

  Ruan Xi was puzzled, who else would deal with Xu Chuyan like this? Qin Zhiran was already dead, so he couldn't be a rival in love, right? Aren't the other people around Pei Nanming suppressed to death by Xu Chuyan? Then, who else is there besides her? Could it be that he offended a star in the entertainment industry and took the opportunity to retaliate? That's impossible, because no one dared to offend the man behind Xu Chuyan...

   "Well, guess who put the other part?"

  Ruan Xi shook her head, "I can't guess."

  Shang Boyan put down the magazine and squeezed beside her, "You can guess."

  Say it out, you actually know who it is in your heart, so be honest with me, Ruan Xi. Five years, many times, I know you better than yourself, your eyes never lie.

  Ruan Xi bit her lip, and finally smiled, "It can't be Pei Nanming, how can he deal with his wife?"

  Shang Boyan looked at her seriously, "What if I tell you, it's him?"

  Ruan Xi froze for a moment, "If it was him, he must have something wrong with his mind, and doing so would not do him any good."

  Shang Boyan nodded, "I think there must be something wrong with his mind."

  Pei Nanming, what exactly do you want to do? Married to Xu Chuyan but immediately want to get rid of her, do you want to take Ruan Xi away? But how can I make you wish? I will never let you get close to Ruan Xi and hurt Ruan Xi again.

  The two of them fell silent for a moment, thanks to Shang Yang who suddenly rushed out of the room, "Daddy, take me to the playground, I haven't been there for a long time."

  Shang Yang coquettishly shook Shang Boyan's hand, for fear that he would refuse.

   Actually, Chamboyen seldom refused his request.

   "Okay, tell me, where you want to go, our whole family will go together."

   "I'm going to Disneyland!"


  e City has a well-known sensuality market, which is the hardest casino outside of urban aristocrats, called Gengyun. Weird name, but it's one of the best casinos.

  No one knows who the owner of this casino is. There is only an entrusted person in charge, and this person in charge is also elusive.

  The basement floor of Gengyun is the most luxurious place in the whole Gengyun. No one who has ever been in Gengyun doesn’t understand why Gengyun has the most amazing private room in the basement, but everyone who has been in Gengyun understands.

   That almost underground palace-like momentum is not for everyone to cultivate and consume, nor is it possible for everyone to cultivate and make a lady.

In ordinary places, if you have money, you can be a customer, if you have good looks, you can be a lady if you dare to sell, but here is completely different. If you want to spend here, you must not only have money, but also have power. , You have to be knowledgeable.

   It can be said that 70% of the * in e City come from here.

  Tonight is Cenggen's annual make-up party, new and old customers who come here will get *free carnival. Many waiters in formal tuxedos walked back and forth on the basement floor, setting up the scene.

  While working on the top floor, Tang Wenyi and Jiang Ren lay lazily on the sofa, quietly watching the man who kept smoking.

   "I said Nan Ming, it's been so many years, why bother."

  Tang Wenyi adjusted his gold-rimmed glasses, and finally couldn't help but sit up.

   "It's been so many years that he wants to figure it out." Jiang Ren seemed to understand Pei Nanming's mood very well.

   But they didn't know that what Pei Nanming was upset about was not the sudden interruption of the clues to trace the events of the previous generation, but that Ruan Xi was actually married to Shang Boyan. He always thought that Ruan Xi was just angry with him, so he kept lying to him. But the news from France yesterday was that they have indeed registered and received the certificate!

When the last hope is also broken, people will always become frustrated and irritable. Now, Pei Nanming is very irritable. He is reluctant to hurt Ruan Xi again, but he is not tolerant enough to watch her disappear without a sound. own world, and turn to live a lifetime with other men.

  At this moment, he is very contradictory, and he doesn't know what to do with her. He seldom hesitates like this when doing things.

"Stop talking, I'm not bothered by what you said." After finishing speaking, he pinched his cigarette and looked at the time, "He should be here soon, you should prepare the materials for the new factory building for them, I think it should be a vague concept Have you already dealt with it?" He glanced at Tang Wenyi.

Tang Wenyi smiled, "Of course, don't worry, if you send me to the frontier for a year, if I can't even solve this little problem, then am I too useless? Even if they have nothing to do in the future, they will be investigated When it arrives, no one will find out that it is our supply site. Now I have canceled the factory, and the transfer method is completely in accordance with the method after bankruptcy and liquidation. In the future, what kind of moths they make will never be found. We. Besides, we just acted as an intermediary from the beginning to the end and received an intermediary fee. We did not participate in their business, and we did not participate in their production... Everything has nothing to do with us. "

Pei Nanming smiled, "It's very good, but this time we want one-third of his goods, and give them to those brothers who have been with him for many years, let them be careful. Otherwise, it will be troublesome, and Ruan Dongyu's side recently Is there any movement?"

  Tang Wenyi shrugged, "Not yet. This kid seems to have gone abroad for a walk, and he hasn't shown his face in China recently. The Pei family has been supported by that old fox Ruan Hetian, and I don't think it will last for a few days."

  Pei Nanming snorted coldly, "Even if the Pei family falls, the Ruan family owes my mother, and she deserves to be buried with me. They used my mother's life to maintain the family's interests, and I let this family collapse."

  At this time, there was a rhythmic knock on the door from outside, "Mr. Jiang, a guest is here."

  Pei Nanming, Jiang Ren and Tang Wenyi looked at each other, Jiang Ren said, "Take them to the high-end VIP room on the first floor, treat them well, and say I'll be there right away."


  After the little secretary with a sweet voice left, Pei Nanming got up, "Let's go, don't make them wait too long. They've come to our site, they're just guests."

  The three of them left the office and went straight to the private room.

  But what they never expected was that their guest, besides Bernie who came from abroad, unexpectedly had an old acquaintance——Ruan Dongyu!

  Bernie is a white-skinned, blue-eyed Dutchman with the depth of a typical Westerner. He looks like a strong and capable man. Standing together with Bernie, Ruan Dongyu is half a head shorter, but he looks a bit like a bird.

   "It's a pleasure to meet you!" To the surprise of the three, this Bernie also spoke fluent Chinese.

   "Long time no see." Ruan Dongyu smiled and sat aside without speaking. But he was not idle, but looked at Pei Nanming and others carefully.

   "I heard a long time ago that Cousin Mo has two invisible right-hand assistants by your side, and they are quite elusive. I was really surprised when I saw you today."

  bernie heard what Ruan Dongyu said, and asked very curiously, "Can you explain it more clearly, I don't understand."

  Both Tang Wenyi and Jiang Ren felt that Bernie's eyes on Ruan Dongyu were a bit strange, which made people feel uncomfortable, but Pei Nanming was completely calm, as if he hadn't noticed it at all.

   "Oh, I mean, these two" pointed to Tang Wenyi and Jiang Ren, "Mr. Pei wanted to be a capable assistant, and made great contributions to Mr. Pei."

   "Oh, so that's the case. I didn't expect you to be old acquaintances. When I just picked up Xiao Yu, I thought he was an abandoned child. He looked pitiful and distressing."

  Bernie's words made Tang Wenyi and Jiang Ren get goosebumps, but Pei Nanming raised the corners of his lips with a half-smile, and looked at Ruan Dongyu meaningfully.

Ruan Dongyu didn't seem to notice Pei Nanming's gaze at all, he just frowned slightly, and then said, "We are not only old acquaintances, but also very familiar. By the way, don't you guys want to talk about business? Let's talk first, talk After it’s over, it’s never too late to talk about the old days.”

Bernie agrees with this very much. He has never forgotten what he is doing in China this time. He needs a piece of land to engage in secret production. He can produce locally and sell goods locally, which can save a lot of costs and risks. And the piece of land that Pei Nanming transferred to him is the best choice.

During the entire negotiation process, Pei Nanming didn't say much. Tang Wenyi, who was next to Bernie, kept dealing with him. He just leaned on the sofa and looked at Ruan Dongyu thoughtfully, guessing whether he and Bernie got together by chance or with ulterior motives. .

  However, no matter which one it is, we have to guard against it. Now that he has walked to Bernie's side, Ruan Dongyu has obviously heard some things that he shouldn't know.

   How to deal with everything depends on how Ruan Dongyu behaves... Although he wants to bring the Ruan family down, he hasn't thought of hurting the Ruan family. After all, the Ruan family was her mother's family, and if he didn't recognize it, her mother wouldn't. Otherwise, with his mother's temperament, he would never have stayed in Pei's house so patiently, right?


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