Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 169

Shang Boyan's expression was not very good, and he subconsciously squeezed Ruan Xi's hand, "Don't be afraid, it's okay."

  Ruan Xi bit her lip and nodded, humming lightly.

  As soon as the two entered the living room, they saw Master Shang sitting in the living room wearing a retro robe. Such attire was quite incompatible with the modern design of the villa.

  But old man Shang's majesty can suppress this sense of disharmony, making people feel uneasy in front of him. And the woman next to old man Shang, who was dressed in a cheongsam full of jewels, was old man Shang's second wife. It was precisely because of marrying her that Shang could rapidly develop into an entertainment group sweeping across Asia and Europe.

  It's a pity that this wife can't bear children, otherwise, old man Shang might not be able to bring Shang Boyan back to the merchant so smoothly.

   "Dad, Auntie." Shang Boyan greeted politely and thoughtfully, "Housekeeper, call for tea."

Although Mrs. Shang is over fifty, she looks like a woman in her thirties and forties because of her well-maintained appearance. She was naturally upset when Shang Boyan called her an aunt, but her seniority was still there, and she couldn't do anything about it, so her expression turned pale. She nodded unhappily, looked at Shang Boyan, and then at Ruan Xi who was beside her.

  The pickiness in his eyes is as sharp as the tip of a needle.

  Even if Ruan Xi was mentally prepared, she couldn't help but feel a little uneasy when she saw it like this.

  Old man Shang also shifted his gaze to Ruan Xi, and then looked at the hands they held together. He couldn't help but frowned, but he didn't say anything, "Why did you leave the child at home alone?!"

The old man Shang had never met Shang Yang before. Ever since he heard that Shang Boyan was going to marry a woman with a wild seed, he wished to find someone to kill Ruan Xi. With such a son as Shang Boyan, he had already ordered Ruan Xi to be dealt with.

However, when I waited at the door today, I saw Shang Yang sitting on the swing outside with a book and reading seriously. , but my heart is not as disgusted as before.

Shang Yang was serious at first, but a butterfly landed on him, and he couldn't shake it no matter how he shook it. He was a little annoyed, and reached out to pat it, only to see Old Man Shang and Mrs. Shang standing outside the Iron Art Gate, and immediately ran to At the door, "Grandpa..." looked at Mrs. Shang, but began to hesitate whether to call grandma or auntie, and finally opened her mouth and called auntie, "Who are you looking for?"

  When he talks, he always smiles at Mimi, and his beautiful big eyes will narrow together at this time, looking a little cute and a little cunning.

  Mrs. Shang heard him call her aunt, and she couldn't laugh or cry for a while, "Little friend, don't bark, you have to call grandma."

"But grandma, you are so young. I don't miss grandma at all. I'm afraid calling you grandma will make you old, so I think I'll call you auntie." Shang Yang explained, showing a mouthful of neat little white teeth. Unfortunately, He had a replacement tooth and was missing one on the left.

   "Oh? So that's the case. Grandma is really happy when you say that." Mrs. Shang smiled, squatted down and asked, "Son, what's your name?"

   "Shang Yang, Shang Boyan's Shang, Sun's Yang." He basically said that every time he introduced himself.

   Mrs. Shang's face changed slightly when she heard this, thinking that this is the wild child born by the woman who brought the child to marry Shang Boyan? !

The heart is disgusted. If it was the past, she would immediately get up without looking at it. This is her style of behavior, but this time, she couldn't keep her face, she just smiled a little stiffly. , "Good boy, is your father there?"

   "They went out, Mommy was sick, and Daddy accompanied her to the hospital to see a doctor."

   "Well, then, can we go in and wait for them?"

   "This..." Shang Yang hesitated, strangers are not allowed to enter the door casually, this is what Mommy taught...

   Fortunately, the housekeeper happened to come out to see Shang Yang, and immediately let them in.

   "I'm sorry, Dad, it's my fault." Ruan Xi hurriedly admitted her mistake, for fear of hurting their father and son's feelings because of her relationship.

The relationship between Shang Boyan and his father has always been relatively unfamiliar, she knows this, after all Shang Boyan has been living with his grandma, his father is busy with business, basically he will not see him twice a year, this kind of father-son relationship How can you not be alienated? What she didn't know was that Shang Boyan had a falling out with the old man because he wanted to marry her back then.

You must know that Shang Boyan, as the son of Mr. Shang, needs talents, knowledge and knowledge. I don’t know how many well-matched daughters are waiting for him to pick. In the end, he put away all kinds of daughters and married a second-hand guy. , and brought a bottle of oil, Mr. Shang was so angry that he almost severed his father-son relationship with Shang Boyan.

  Shang Boyan didn't care about these at all, one sentence - you have been absent for so many years, what does it matter if you are absent in the future? —— Let Mr. Shang's anger turn into self-blame.

  He has never fulfilled the responsibility of being a father to Shangboyan. He doesn't even know what Shangboyan likes to eat, what his greatest ideal is, or even how much Shangboyan got in the exam and which university he went to. It seemed that he gave Shang Boyan nothing but money.

  He is a workaholic who is close to money.

  If he hadn't been old and needed an heir for his big business, Shang Boyan didn't even know if he would still think of having his son!

"Since you call me Dad, it means you are my daughter-in-law." The old man stood up and walked in front of Ruan Xi, "As my daughter-in-law, I have the obligation to continue the incense of my business. If you can't, Then... don't blame me for not giving you a chance."

  The old man said this bluntly, Ruan Xi was startled and trembled slightly.

  They came here just to say this? Back then, when Shang Boyan married her, he clearly said that Shang Yang was his son. Then, who revealed the truth to the old man and the old lady?

   "Shang Yang is my son, Dad, whether you admit it or not, he is my son, and please don't interfere in my personal life in the future!"

  Ruan Xi quickly grabbed him, "Don't talk to Dad like this."

  Master Shang's expression was very bad, and he snorted coldly, "You admit it, but I don't! I don't have a grandson who has no blood relationship with the merchant!"

   After speaking, the old man swaggered away.

  When Mrs. Shang passed by Ruan Xi, she said in a low voice, "I can't see that you look honest, but your mind is so poisonous. You will destroy their father-son relationship."

  Ruan Xi bit her lip, feeling annoyed, but she couldn't bear it. At this time, her defense for herself only put Shang Boyan in a more awkward position, and even worsened his relationship with his father.

As soon as Mrs. Shang left, she couldn't help trembling slightly. Shang Boyan looked at him distressedly. However, no matter what, Mr. Shang was his father and Mrs. Shang was his father's wife. He couldn't use violence Come and vent your anger on Ruan Xi.

   "Don't take my father's words to heart, Shang Yang is my son, and no one can change this fact." He hugged her tightly, his heart clenched into a ball. He wanted to protect her and become her safe haven, but she had been seriously hurt twice because of his relationship!

   "I'm sorry, it's my fault, it's my fault." If, if she could accept him and give birth to him, then he wouldn't be so embarrassed...

   "Let's have sex, I will work hard to have a baby for you." Ruan Xi suddenly raised her head and said.

  Now that you have decided to live a good life with Shang Boyan, you must cut off everything in the past and devote yourself wholeheartedly to the future. Just let me be brave again and start over...

  Shang Boyan was overjoyed, but the next moment he sank again, shaking his head, "No, I don't want to force you. Ruan Xi, I will wait, slowly, until you are really willing to accept me."

   "I am sincere now." Ruan Xi said eagerly.

  Shang Boyan smiled, "Okay, I know you are sincere, but this kind of thing can't be rushed, it has to be done slowly, right?"

  Ruan Xi bit her lip, blushing with embarrassment.

  In the afternoon of that day, a shocking news spread in e City, and the headlines of major newspapers rushed to publish it.

  The pure beauty Xu Chuyan was blackmailed, and her amazing pornographic photos were exposed!

  Star Xu Chuyan framed for framing a certain design studio by all means!

  Xu Chuyan's debut has been revealed...

  A series of scandals related to Xu Chuyan suddenly spread all over the streets, and even Xu Chuyan went to Paris to participate in the ranking of the Shang Group Trust Trial, some people suspected that she used extraordinary means!

  In a short time, Xu Chuyan's reputation was ruined and she became a street rat, as pitiful as she could be.

When Ruan Xi saw these reports, she couldn't express what she felt in her heart. For an artist, such a large-scale negative news, the future is considered to be over. It is not impossible to turn around, unless she can find someone who is absolutely capable People from all walks of life came to praise him, but that absolutely capable person, the person who could make a fortune in the entertainment industry, was by her side...

   "Did you let people spread these news?" Ruan Xi glanced at Shang Boyan who was casually flipping through magazines.

  Shang Boyan looked up at her and smiled, "Part of it is."

   "A part?"


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