Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 167

Pei Nanming was so angry at her words that he really didn't know whether to get angry or laugh out loud, "Xu Chuyan, Xu Chuyan, your acting career these past few years is really not in vain!" He squatted down, stretched out his hand and grabbed her chin tightly , "You look like this, I almost believe it. I have never discovered that you are such a woman who thinks about me! If this is the case, then, you don't have to sit in the position of the young mistress of the Pei family, just give it up. Wouldn't it be better for Ruan Xi to sit?"

  Xu Chuyan was immediately dumbfounded!

   What does Pei Nanming mean by this, what does this mean? ! ! !

   Him, does he want a divorce, does he want to dump her? !

  How could, how could this be? !

"I don't agree, I never agree! Nan Ming, I am your wife, I am your wife, I have been by your side silently for so many years*, and I stayed with you day and night when Ruan Xi left, How can you say divorce is divorced?! I don't agree, never agree, and even die!"

  Xu Chuyan shook her head like a lunatic.

  Pei Nanming said, "You don't agree? Didn't you just say it was for me? Since you know that I love Ruan Xi so much, and you think so much about me, why don't you divorce me?"


   "You? You don't want to part with this young lady position, you don't want to part with me as a cash cow, do you?! Leave me, Pei Nanming's shelter, what are you, Xu Chuyan?!"

   This can be said to be vicious, but to Pei Nanming who is so angry, it is nothing at all!

  He now has the heart to stab her to death!

After Ruan Xi came back, he wished he could support her with his heart, but because he had no chance, and Ruan Xi had her husband and children by her side, at that time he was jealous and angry, so he stabbed Ruan Xi by all means, because only Only by stabbing her would he feel that he still has weight in her heart.

  He was actually afraid that she would ignore him again, afraid that she would completely withdraw from his world like this! In fact, he really wanted to capture Ruan Xi back, trapped in his own world and confessed like a queen.

  He like this has long been humbled by love, but he himself refuses to admit it, let alone show it in front of Ruan Xi easily.

And when Ruan Xi was kidnapped and pushed up to the window sill on the sixteenth floor by Shi Shang, Ruan Xi would disappear completely from this world with a slight push, he suddenly felt that nothing was important, he only wanted Ruan Xi Live well!

  He always thought that the murderer who caused all this was Qin Zhiran, but he never thought that the real culprit was Xu Chuyan! He just married the woman who came in!

  Xu Chuyan was really scared, she begged suddenly, "Nan Ming, please, I don't want to leave you, absolutely not!"

  Pei Nanming didn't even have the interest to look at her. Such a woman really turned him off!

When Pei Nanming got up, Xu Chuyan suddenly grabbed his trousers, "Nanming, I was wrong, I was wrong, don't want a divorce, I don't want a divorce!" In her whole life, she had finally found such a backer and such a handsome man. You didn't take it home to show off, you didn't get a lot of money, how could you just let it go!

   "I will not divorce, I will never agree!"

  She was a little crazy, and thought viciously, "I won't make you and Ruan Xi that trampler!"

  But when Pei Nanming really ignored the injured her and disappeared at the door, she suddenly felt a chill in her heart, feeling that everything was over! Because of punishing Ruan Xi and offending Shang Boyan, now even Pei Nanming wants to divorce her, what should I do in the future, what should I do? !

  She didn't even feel the pain of burns and puncture wounds, she just anxiously and panicked about the future problems, thinking of Shang Boyan, she suddenly remembered the photo she sent him!

By the way, Shang Boyan will definitely be extremely angry because of Ruan Xi and Pei Nanming*. No man can tolerate his wife having an affair with other men. Shang Boyan is the future head of the Shang family, and his kind of man is even less Might be tolerated!

  Maybe, maybe my future is not broken, I can still develop well and become a star!

  Thinking of this, she was immediately full of hope. At this moment, she suddenly felt that her buttocks and feet were excruciatingly painful!

  Seeing herself so embarrassed and seriously injured, she suddenly felt so pitiful! And Pei Nanming, as her husband, left her injured and left without looking back. This is unforgivable!

  Pei Nanming, you only have Ruan Xi in your heart. From the first day you were your woman, you used me as a stand-in! Five years have passed, she ran away and committed suicide, and even got married, but you still miss her, you are a bitch! I will never let you fail me, and I will never let Ruan Xina* have an easy time!

  She cursed viciously, thought, and then shed tears!

  Ruan Xi's mind went blank, she didn't know what she was thinking at all, and she didn't know why she reacted so strongly when she saw Shang Boyan and Lu Yi together.

   is too dependent, so I can't see that Boyan has other women, can't I see that he is good to other women? Or is it that he is used to being nice to himself and takes all his contributions for granted, and once one day he suddenly stops being nice to himself, he can't stand it anymore?

  However, what right do I have to ask him to occupy his heart? Even though she was married to him, she was still entangled with the former man. Not to mention having a child for the former man, after all these years of marriage, she rejected his overt and secret hints of intimacy time and time again.

   What kind of woman am I? ! What are you thinking, what do you want? After killing Gu Chi all his life, do you still want to hurt Shang Boyan?

  Thinking of this, she suddenly covered her mouth tightly, tears streaming down her face...

  She has been wandering around in a daze for a whole afternoon, and she doesn't even know where she has turned. The whole world is full of confusion.

  In the sultry weather, a strong wind suddenly blew up, and the bean-sized raindrops slapped the chaotic and irritable world like crazy.

  But she walked forward in the heavy rain without realizing it.

   beep beep——

  The ear-piercing horn rang, but she didn't seem to hear it. When she was crossing the road, the driver braked suddenly, and the car almost turned sideways, "You're looking for death!"

   Almost got into a car accident, the driver rolled down the window and yelled angrily.

  She raised her head slowly, but the driver had already taken a taxi and flew away.

"What on earth do I want? What on earth do I want?" She stood on the side of the road in a daze, watching a car fly by, and pedestrians on the roadside hurrying home, but she didn't know Where are you going.

  Where are you going? Where is my home?

  The problem that made her suffer so much years ago was presented to her again, and she couldn't find her own home!

  Yangyang, Yangyang, yes, Yangyang, Yangyang is everything to me, I want to find Yangyang...

  At this time, she was suddenly hugged tightly from behind, "Ruan Xi, enough, enough. Don't treat yourself like this, it's my fault, it's my fault. Let's go home, shall we?"

  Chamboyen's voice.

  Actually, Shang Boyan never thought of following her to find her, but, as if possessed by a demon, he could not help running down and followed her step by step, but he didn't have the courage to walk over.

  He was also at a loss, not knowing what to do with her. She is like a lost child, afraid of hurting this, afraid of hurting that, fumbling around, not even daring to ask for what she wants, as time goes by, she doesn't even know what she wants.

  When he saw her on the other side of the road being drenched and almost hit by a car, he was so frightened that his heart almost jumped out. Only then did he realize that he couldn't let her go...

"Go home, go home? But, but you don't want me anymore, you don't want me..." Ruan Xi suddenly pushed him away, "I don't want you anymore, I don't want you anymore! Boyan, I don't want you I'm sorry..." I'm sorry, and I'm not qualified to ask for it. I'm the kind of bad woman who wants to step on two boats. It's obviously me who betrayed me, but I still don't allow you to find your own happiness...

"Ruan Xi, stop talking. I didn't want you, it was my fault, I was wrong, okay?" He hugged her tightly again, lowered his head and kissed her hard, not allowing her to flinch, dodge, or have the slightest bit resist!

  She seemed to be stuck there, not knowing how to react or what to do.

  She was dumbfounded and let him kiss her.

   "Let's go home." Shang Boyan breathed heavily, and stopped the kiss, which was getting deeper and deeper. He was afraid that she would get sick due to the heavy rain.

  Ruan Xi let him lead her back. At this moment, she suddenly realized that if someone led her, she would no longer be confused or worry about getting lost. This feeling is really good and warm...

  In the distance, Lu Yi held an umbrella and watched quietly. She followed Shang Boyan when she saw him leave suddenly. He really came to look for Ruan Xi, and he foolishly followed him all afternoon.

   And she was the stupidest one, she just followed them around all afternoon like this.

She was originally the kind of person whose eyes were above the top, but because of Shang Boyan, she worked as a secretary by his side in obscurity for five years. She is almost thirty and has countless suitors behind her, including many outstanding business elites and family backgrounds. He is a strong and wealthy son, but she only recognizes him, even because he let go of the dignity she has always been proud of, and acted as a substitute for other women on his sad and drunk nights to comfort him and understand him...

  However, he finally flew back to Ruan Xi!


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