Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 166

She froze to one side, but Pei Nanming had already wrapped himself in a towel and walked out of the bathroom.

  Pei Nanming turned back and forth on the bed a few times, still feeling uneasy, and finally sat up irritably, and took out the financial magazine to read, but the top was on the same page as the magazine for half an hour, but he didn't even turn the page.

  He is very annoyed now, because he heard that Ruan Xi went to Shang Boyan's company to find Shang Boyan, and after staying for a long time, he ran out crying.

  If a man can make a woman sad, it means that this woman actually cares about this man, maybe not just caring, even love.

  Did Ruan Xi fall in love with Shang Boyan? No, this is impossible, he must not accept it!

  The child is his, and Ruan Xi is also his, no one can take it away!

  At this time, Xu Chuyan came in wrapped in a bath towel, and saw him sitting on the bedside, although his eyes were on the book, his brows were tightly frowned, as if he had a big grudge against someone, and his mind was obviously not on the magazine.

   "Nan Ming, do you have something on your mind?" Xu Chuyan brought him a supper in a very considerate manner.

  Pei Nanming didn't even look at it, "I'm fine. I still have things to deal with, so you don't have to wait for me. By the way, there seems to be a letter from you here."

   After speaking, he took out an envelope from the drawer and threw it to her, "The housekeeper brought it over yesterday and said it was mailed to the lakeside villa."

  The envelope was very well, and Pei Nanming obviously hadn't opened it. At this moment, someone sent her a letter, and her heart was in her throat.

   Fortunately, fortunately, Pei Nanming didn't open it.

After giving him the envelope, Pei Nanming went directly to the study. At this moment, she was glad that Pei Nanming didn't stay. Seeing Pei Nanming's back disappearing at the top of the stairs, she closed the bedroom door with confidence, locked it behind her, and immediately opened it for a look. It turned out that the photos that Qin Zhiran had given her before were brought up again!

   Isn’t everyone dead, why do people still have those photos! And sent it to the villa? !

  She tore up all the photos viciously, picked them up again the next moment, and stuffed them all into the envelope, only to find that there was a small note in the envelope.

   "Two days later, Watanabe Bar, I'll wait for you, see you soon."

There is no signature on the back, and I look very scribbled, no matter how I look at it, it looks like the handwriting of a primary school student who has not graduated. This is definitely not Qin Zhiran's handwriting. Moreover, looking at the date of sending, after Qin Zhiran and their bodies were found, the sending address was not written. But it is the stamp of this city!

   In other words, the person who sent the letter is likely to be the same person who called to blackmail her!

  She trembled with hatred, "Don't let me know who you are, otherwise, I will definitely let someone chop you up!"

  The next morning, Xu Chuyan got up early and prepared breakfast as usual. Pei Nanming stayed in the study*, and Ruan Xi's attitude made him both angry and pitiful.

  In the past, if he was cruel, he would force her to shangboyan immediately, but now, he can't do it. On the one hand, he loves her, and on the other hand, he has done too many things to her.

  He wanted her to come to him willingly, but, just knowing that she cared so much about Shang Boyan, he felt upset, he couldn't sit still, he couldn't hold his breath!

   Coming out of the study, he went back to the bedroom to change his clothes, when the phone on the bed rang. He ignored it at first, because it was Xu Chuyan's cell phone, and he had never been in the habit of answering calls for others.

Helplessly, the phone rang again and again, so he had to answer it for him. As soon as he got through, a man's voice came from over there, "Miss Xu, are you really not afraid that your husband will know what you have done? Here you go!" One day, prepare the money, we will pay the money and deliver the goods, and I will return the negatives to you!"

  Although Pei Nanming didn't know what it was, he knew that the so-called goods could definitely blackmail Xu Chuyan, "What did she do, afraid that I would know? What is your so-called goods?"

Hearing a man answering the phone over there, he froze for a moment, and then said, "It's Ms. Xu's husband, since you already know it, then it's the same as you said. Ms. Xu once came to a karaoke bar to find a man." The lady sitting on the stage surnamed Qin..."

  After listening to the other party's words, Pei Nanming's face turned dark. He didn't give the man any answer. He hung up the phone and went downstairs with a cold face.

  Xu Chuyan happened to come out of the kitchen with a small pot of soup. When she saw Pei Nanming, she smiled and said, "Nanming, come to eat."

  His smiling face is full of gentleness, as if she is really a kind and good wife!

  He has always known why Xu Chuyan has been clinging to him, and he doesn't care about that at all, he has enough money, and he can afford to give it.

  In his opinion, as long as the wife is not Ruan Xi, it is actually the same who will do it.

Xu Chuyan is at least seven or eight points similar to Ruan Xi, so compared to other women, he has a bit of pity, but he never expected that this woman who looks weak and weak, who only occasionally plays tricks , actually so vicious!

   She broke the news about Ruan Xi's studio, he turned a blind eye because he wanted to make Ruan Xi feel uncomfortable, but that was without threatening Ruan Xi's safety, so he condoned it.

   But Xu Chuyan didn't know what to do and made things worse, and urged Qin Zhiran to kidnap Ruan Xi, almost killing her!

  Never forgive!

   "Nan Ming, what's the matter with you?" Seeing Pei Nanming's complexion, Xu Chuyan's heart also raised, afraid that he knew something.

  However, she comforted herself that he would not know, he would never know, if he knew, he would never stand here so quietly.

   "I'm fine." Pei Nanming suddenly laughed, walked over, and put his arms around her waist from behind her seemingly tenderly, "What are you doing, I can smell the fragrance from a long distance."

  The deep words echoed in Xu Chuyan's ears, she suddenly blushed, and twisted her body awkwardly, "The soup is spilled!" She was shy and sweet, and her gentle and coquettish voice sounded numb to the bone.

However, Pei Nanming stood behind her with a cold and gloomy face, but his voice was still gentle enough to give people the illusion of being pitied, "Why? Aren't you calm? Tell me, outside the karaoke bar , is it fun to be inserted, huh?"

Xu Chuyan's eyes widened suddenly in fear, and the soup bowl in her hand fell down with a bang, and the hot soup splashed onto her feet, but she seemed to be completely unconscious, trembling her lips, her voice was weak and trembling, "Ruan... Nan Ming, what are you talking about? I... I can't understand! " Guilty, scared, she didn't even dare to look back at Pei Nanming's face.

"Oh? You don't understand! Then what can I do, how can I make you understand?" He suddenly took out the photos that she had torn up and shook them in front of her eyes, "Look, do you understand this time? Understand? What an artistic photo. Also, I never knew that you and Qin Zhiran have such a good relationship. I should have let you have fun with her if I knew it. It's a pity that you two good sisters have never seen each other. Go to the last side! But it's okay, soon, I will let you live the life that Qin Zhiran experienced, and then let you meet."

Xu Chuyan's eyes widened in fear, and she struggled suddenly, "No! I don't want to! Nan Ming, I didn't do anything, I didn't do anything! These photos were photoshopped, and they are framing me! I want to use these photos Come and blackmail me! I will not be threatened by them, and they will come to you on purpose!"

Pei Nanming let go suddenly, and Xu Chuyan struggled too hard, and her feet were scalded by the hot soup. As a result, as soon as he let go, Xu Chuyan fell to the ground, and the broken porcelain basin pierced her palm, her buttocks , the pain made her scream: "Ah! It hurts! It hurts!" She tremblingly picked up her hand, but she didn't dare to move. The wound on her buttocks was much deeper than that on her hands.

"Does it hurt? You feel pain just like that?" Pei Nanming looked down at her coldly, "This is just a small punishment. Could it be that when you went to find Qin Zhiran to deal with Ruan Xi, didn't you Have you ever thought about today?! I was curious at first. Qin Zhiran has been silent for five years, and it has been half a year since Ruan Xi came back. She has never made any moves, but recently she suddenly became courageous. Daring to love is a good show directed by you behind This is very good. I really underestimated you before, thinking that you would only run ahead and make trouble. It turns out that the studio and Ruan Xi are fighting against each other. Some tricks, right?!"

  Xu Chuyan still categorically denied it, "Nan Ming, I didn't, I didn't harm Ruan Xi, I really didn't!"

"You still don't admit it?!" Pei Nanming's eyes became colder, and he suddenly took out her mobile phone, and put in front of her the photo of him and Ruan Xi hugging that she had secretly taken in the old house, "Then, what is the purpose of you secretly taking this photo?" What?! Shang Boyan's sudden falling out with Ruan Xi probably has something to do with this photo?!"

"I..." This time Xu Chuyan could no longer find any excuses, and said ridiculously, "I did this... I did this for you! Only when they fall apart, can Ruan Xi turn back and make another comeback Accept you, don't you?! I know, these five years, you have been looking for her everywhere, you have never forgotten her, even in the first two years, drinking day and night for her disappearance, several times of alcoholism, I... I just can't stand it anymore, I hope you... hope you can get back together!"

Pei Nanming was so angry at her words that he really didn't know whether to get angry or laugh out loud, "Xu Chuyan, Xu Chuyan, your acting career these past few years is really not in vain!" He squatted down, stretched out his hand and grabbed her chin tightly , "You look like this, I almost believe it. I have never discovered that you are such a woman who thinks about me! If this is the case, then, you don't have to sit in the position of the young mistress of the Pei family, just give it up. Wouldn't it be better for Ruan Xi to sit?"


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