Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 165

On the fourth day, another newspaper published news that the identities of the bodies had been determined to be two gangsters from S City and the former Miss Qin. The case had been investigated and they were murdered for love.

  The newspaper also said that Qin Zhiran had had relationships with many men in the past five years, and that his flirtatious behavior caused her boyfriend to fight with her rival in love, which led to normal tragedies... When the news came out, the e-market was in an uproar. After all, she was Pei Nanming's former fiancée, who almost became the youngest woman of the Pei family.

   After seeing these news, nothing is more gratifying than Xu Chuyan. She, who had been quiet for a few days, immediately cheered up after hearing the news of Qin Zhiran's death. Because, the names of the two male corpses published in the newspaper are the two who raped her in the car. Even if they are dead, no one will know that she went to S City to find Qin Zhiran and is still leaving the karaoke bar After that, I was fucked by two men in turn.

  She laughed out loud, God, she still takes good care of her!

   She was originally afraid of showing her flaws, but she has been avoiding Pei Nanming recently, but now, she has no scruples, and immediately calls Pei Nanming and asks him to watch a movie together at night.

  The tone was full of coquetry.

  Pei Nanming was silent for a moment and agreed.

  Hung up the phone, she tidied up the house, and went shopping in the street in a good mood. She wanted to replace everything with new ones, so as to get rid of the panic of the past two days.

  At the entrance of the big shopping mall, Xu Chuyan carried large and small bags to the car. Tired and sweaty. But she was in a good mood, nothing to say, even this scorching weather couldn't affect her good mood.

"Oh, dear, let's go in and have a look! I've never shopped in such a high-end mall! Promise me, okay!" On the opposite side, a woman in a miniskirt hugged a dark man, Looking at Pei's shopping mall, he looked yearning.

   "There is nothing to see. Hurry up and go back to sleep, I have to go to the construction site in the afternoon!"

  The man glanced at the big shopping mall impatiently. Why didn't he want to go in, but he was short of money.

  Xu Chuyan closed the trunk and was about to get in the car with the key chain. At this moment, the woman who was clamoring to go to the big shopping mall also saw her.

   "Oh...that, that..." The woman pointed at Xu Chuyan, and the next moment, she ran over and grabbed Xu Chuyan's arm, "You, aren't you Xu Chuyan!"

  Xu Chuyan was suddenly grabbed by someone rudely, she frowned impatiently, "What are you doing...?" When she turned her head and saw the woman's face, she pushed her hand away in surprise and disgust.

   "How did you get here!"

The woman didn't seem to notice Xu Chuyan's disgust at all, and went up to hold her back, "Oh, my boyfriend and I came to play, I always wanted to go to a big city to open my eyes, I didn't expect to meet you the first time I went out shopping !That's great!"

   This woman is from Xu Chuyan's hometown, and she is from the same village, but she doesn't have much contact with her usually.

  Now Xu Chuyan looks down on this fellow from the bottom of her heart, thinking that she is now a well-known celebrity, and also the wife of a diamond man like Pei Nanming, how can she have such an embarrassing acquaintance? !

  The black man next to the woman also noticed Xu Chuyan, but Xu Chuyan kept his back to him, he couldn't see his face, but he always felt that this figure looked familiar.

  Besides, why did Yuechun suddenly go grab a rich-looking woman? !

  He walked over with a frown, and when he saw Xu Chuyan's face little by little, his eyes flashed, and he finally remembered where he had seen it before. But he remained calm.

   "Yuechun, what's wrong? This is your acquaintance?"

Yuechun nodded excitedly, unexpectedly completely unaware of Xu Chuyan's impatience and disgust, but the man could see that Xu Chuyan kept frowning, her face was very bad, and her fingers kept pulling out, it was just like Yuechun was out of power, He kept holding on to her hand.

   "Since you're here, take a good look around." Xu Chuyan forced a smile, and continued with a dark face, "I have something urgent, so I have to go back quickly! My husband is still waiting for me."

   After speaking, Xu Chuyan got into the car and left.

  Leaving Yuechun with a surprised face.

   "Hey, is she actually married? When her father was chatting in the shade yesterday, didn't he say that she doesn't have a man yet?"

She didn't know that Xu Chuyan got married without notifying anyone in the family at all, because the Pei family is too rich, Pei Nanming is too prestigious, and the relatives and guests of the Pei family are all prominent figures, but her family is just pure farmers, she is afraid of losing face , The family simply did not notify them at all.

  And the Pei family didn't care whether there would be someone from her side, so although the wedding was grand, it was just as it was without in-laws.

   "What's so strange about this, aren't flash marriages popular these days?" The black man said as he hugged the woman, "Come on, let's go in and do some shopping. I'll buy whatever you want today."

  The woman looked at him inexplicably, she was impatient just now, why did she suddenly change her temper now?

   "What's wrong with you? Didn't you not want to go at all just now?"

  The man laughed, "I suddenly want to go."


  Because we have money and made money, soon, we will become rich!

"Did you have a fever? Why did you suddenly say such strange things?" Yuechun reached out to touch his forehead, and he patted it away, "I'm fine, so don't ask me. In a week, I will definitely make a lot of money. "

   "Really? But what did you use to transfer so much money?" Yuechun was obviously worried, "You're not going to rob, are you?"

  The man glanced at her, "What nonsense! Don't worry about it, just wait to become a little rich woman."

  Yuechun was still worried, "You won't really do anything illegal, right? Don't scare me. We can make money slowly if we don't have money, but we can't do illegal things."

Hearing what she said, the man's heart suddenly felt warm, and he hugged Yuechun, "Don't worry, I won't do bad things, I will definitely let you live a good life. Give me a week. I thought of a good way to make money .”

  Getting the man's assurance, Yuechun's eyes lit up, "Okay, then, let's go shopping."


  Xu Chuyan thought that meeting Yuechun was a kind of bad luck, but in fact, her bad luck did come.

  That night, she received a call that frightened her.

  The call was made by a man, and it was a public phone, so she couldn't find the owner's number at all!

  The man said very simply, "Prepare me a million, otherwise, what Miss Xu experienced outside the karaoke bar will soon be published in the newspapers. I will contact you in two days." After speaking, he hung up the phone.

  At this time, Pei Nanming happened to enter the door, and Xu Chuyan was so frightened that she even dropped her phone.

  His head was covered in cold sweat, and his face was pale and inhuman.

   "You, you're back..." Xu Chuyan forced a smile.

  Pei Nanming squinted at her, and smiled for a moment, "Why, didn't you ask me to come back?" As he spoke, he pulled his tie and sat on the sofa, "I'm a little thirsty, help me get a cold drink."

  Xu Chuyan picked up her phone and smiled, "Okay, I'll go right away." After all, she was an actor, so she quickly returned to normal.

  Pei Nanming looked at her back thoughtfully.

   "Is orange juice good?" Xu Chuyan asked in the kitchen.

  Pei Nanming said, "Whatever."

   After finishing speaking, he took the nightgown and went to the bathroom without waiting for her to take out the drink.

  By the time Xu Chuyan brought out her drinks, the living room was already empty.

   Exhale quietly, put down the orange juice, and the call history in the phone will be quickly deleted.

  The sound of water in the bathroom could be faintly heard, Xu Chuyan frowned, and simply took her pajamas over.

  Pei Nanming took a bath at his own home and never had the habit of locking the door. When Xu Chuyan pushed the door, Pei Nanming turned around with a bad expression, "Why did you come in?" Then seeing the nightdress in her arms, he suddenly understood her intentions.

  He sneered from the bottom of his heart, but there was no reaction on his face, he just said indifferently, "Today, I'm not in the mood." After speaking, she turned around and continued to wash.

  I am your wife, am I not? Since it's your wife, then...then I have the right to ask for it, right?

  Thinking of this, Xu Chuyan shook her heart, stripped herself naked, and walked towards Pei Nanming naked, hugging his wet body from behind, "Nanming, but, I really want it."

  Pei Nanming stopped, turned around and looked at her, with cold eyes, "I said, I'm not in the mood today, don't make me repeat it for the third time. My patience is not good."

  Xu Chuyan was taken aback. She was so overwhelmed by his aura that she couldn't use all her seduction skills. Standing where she was was embarrassing and humiliating.

   "What's wrong with you, you're in a bad mood?" She quickly and skillfully resolved her dilemma, "How about I give you a massage, it will help relieve stress."

   After speaking, he stretched out his hand and walked away on Pei Nanming's body.

Finally, Pei Nanming couldn't help it, pushed her away, and frowned, "Do you think that being my wife, Pei Nanming, can be proud and do whatever you want? Don't mess with me! I don't have the habit of beating women, but if you mess with me, I don't mind beating women either."

  Xu Chuyan was completely petrified, why was he so angry and came from such an inexplicable place? ! Could it be that he knew about his affairs? But looking at his appearance, he doesn't look like him at all!


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