Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 164

That day, she obviously wanted to express her heart, but he didn't give her a chance. Later, she was hijacked, but he kept turning off the phone. Now she came to him and wanted to talk to him about the things between them, but he avoided it. and not seen.

  Bo Yan, are you really so unfeeling and hate me so much? I know, I don't deserve to be treated so well by you, but... But, why am I so uncomfortable? Could it be that I'm really the kind of watery woman who wants to cling to you while kissing Pei Nanming? I... how can I do this? !

She walked out in a daze, and when she passed the tea room, she accidentally found someone in the tea room. She glanced unconsciously, only to see Lu Yi and Shang Boyan were there, Lu Yi hugged Shang Boyan, and the little bird buried her head In his arms, he stood on tiptoe for a moment and clasped Shang Boyan's neck and kissed him!

  Ruan Xi's eyes widened in shock, she took two steps back, turned her face and ran away like the wind.

  It turns out, it turns out...Shang Boyan and Lu Yi and the others...

  Su Nai from the studio asked her to pay attention to Lu Yi when she left her job. She didn't take it very seriously at the time. It turned out that she and her husband...

  She was sad and angry at first, but when she thought of herself and Pei Nanming, she couldn't help laughing at herself. What right did she have to blame Shang Boyan? Isn't he the same as fuck?

  It's just half a catty.

   Originally, she wanted to live a good life with Shang Boyan from now on, leave China, leave Pei Nanming, and never come back, but now...

   Now everything is unnecessary.

  The fate of this reunion should be over by now. She walked down the street in a daze without tears. I just rejoice in my heart—fortunately, fortunately, I still have Yangyang.

  As soon as Ruan Xi left, Shang Boyan immediately pushed Lu Yi away, asking in a cold voice, "Is acting enough?"

  Lu Yi looked at Shang Boyan affectionately, "What are you talking about?"

Shang Boyan sneered, "Why didn't you tell me that Ruan Xi was here? Besides, you deliberately turned off the phone while I was drunk, right? After I woke up, you muted all the calls and deleted all communication records Is it?" So, he didn't know that Ruan Xi was kidnapped, or that she was almost killed.

  She must also very much hope that he will save her, right? But, in the end...he let her down.

"Oh." Lu Yi slapped her head, "I'm so stupid, I'm sorry, Mr. Shang, I was busy preparing for the meeting just now, so I forgot about Mrs. Qin coming to you. But I really don't care about deleting records you mentioned. I know what you're going to say."

  Shang Boyan looked at her coldly, "Did I really forget it, or did I forget it on purpose? No, did I? I know best whether my mobile phone has been touched by anyone..."

  Lu Yi still kept smiling, "President Shang just joked, how could it be? I am not the kind of woman who plays petty tricks. I am already very satisfied to be a woman of President Shang, and I will not expect more."

   After speaking, Lu Yi turned around and left the tea room, but after she came out, the corners of her mouth were raised even higher.

   Shang Boyan did not come out immediately, but turned around and looked downstairs from the window. There are so many people downstairs, crawling like ants, which one is Ruan Xi?

  I'm sorry, Ruan Xi, I once told you that I would take care of you and guard you for the rest of my life, but in the end, I can only accompany you for five short years... I broke my promise, I am sorry for you.

  He took out his mobile phone, looked at the photo of Pei Nanming and Ruan Xi hugging in the old house, and planned to press the delete button, but in the end, he stopped. What's the point of deleting or not?

  I'm not qualified to question you, and I won't ask you any more in the future. You will never forget him, it's because I can't see the truth...

   Now, it's time to wake up.

  Our fate, God has always refused to give it. I don't know if it's God who is cruel and stingy, or I am simply unworthy.

After Shang Boyan came out of the hotel that day, he took a taxi back to the company and slept in the company's president's lounge all morning. After waking up, he started to work. When he finished his work, it was already eleven o'clock. He took the key Planning to go home, but suddenly remembered that Ruan Xi wasn't there at all! Looking at the photo sent by Xu Chuyan in his mobile phone, he was so heartbroken that he went to the Noble Bar, where he drank most of the night. He only remembered that he was drunk, but when he woke up again , it was actually at Lu Yi's house. What's worse, there were still bright red blood spots on Lu Yi's g...

   In a scene like this, he doesn't need to think about it, and he knows what happened, but he has no memory of what he did.

  He will not be irresponsible for what he has done, so when Lu Yi looked at him timidly, he turned around and got down on the bed, asking while getting dressed, "What do you want?"


  I hope you can keep me by your side, as long as I watch you, I don’t need anything. "

   What kind of person is Lu Yi?

  She has been with him for six or seven years, but he found that his understanding of her is limited to her serious and responsible work, and her outstanding work performance. Besides, he didn't pay attention to her private life at all. Because I don't care, I don't pay attention, so I don't understand.

  When he found out, she had already wrapped her body around him.

   This is the first time in his many years that a woman has been calculating like this. He is angry, but he can't completely shirk his responsibility because of anger. In his opinion, playing with women is the most shameful act. What he wants is a couple for life.

  Ruan Xi, now that you have seen it, it is time to say something, right? It's good to separate like this, she will never feel guilty again, and she won't feel sorry for herself because of her years of help.

  He looked at the sky with a wry smile, and then took a sip of his coffee. For the first time, he felt that the coffee was really bitter.

  Abandoned warehouse, surrounded by some discarded wood.

  It has been two days since Qin Zhiran was thrown here, but except for the people who brought her food and water, no one else showed up, and no one did anything to her. She spent two days in fear, and now, she is going crazy, because she has no idea what Pei Nanming will do to her.

   Such an environment always reminded her of the scene of being put on a wheel five years ago.

  Life would be better than death, she wished she could hit her head to death, but her hands and feet were tied, so she couldn't move at all.

  By the third morning, someone finally came in.

   There were about seven or eight people in total, and her two companions were the ones who walked ahead!

  They are all missing an arm, one left and one right!

  In this season, they suffered such a serious injury, but they simply sutured and bandaged the wound for Fat Pig Hand and Li Jiu, without disinfecting it or seeking a doctor.

  The two people were shaking when they walked, and the inflammation caused a high fever. The two people didn't know where to go.

   Arriving in the warehouse, Fat Pig Hand and Shi Shang were kicked down, and then punched and kicked.

   After a while, his face was completely changed, with bruises all over his body, but no blood. They played pretty skillfully.

  Qin Zhiran was frightened and stupid, "Girl, haven't you been calling for fans? Now, fans are here!"

  A big buck tooth took out a needle tube, and the liquid medicine inside was ice blue. Qin Zhiran didn't know what it was, so she shook her head in fright, "No, I don't want it!"

   "How can I not? After injecting this thing, it can make people feel more euphoric than powder. What are you waiting for, hold her down! I will have your entertainment later!"

  At this time, another person came in outside the warehouse, well-dressed, smiling, but with a very strong demeanor.

"Qin Zhiran, let's settle all the old and new accounts this time. You ordered your brother to take nude photos, and then you made her addicted to drugs, and now you dare to kidnap her. Hmph, originally, I wanted to leave you a dick Fate, now, you challenge my limit again and again, it's no fault of me."

   After speaking, he winked at the person, and immediately injected the ice blue potion into Qin Zhiran's vein.

  Pei Nanming smiled, "I'm here to see you for the last time because of my past affection, why don't you, just enjoy this special feast!"

Qin Zhiran was so frightened that she screamed and begged for mercy, "Nan Ming, Nan Ming, please let me go, I know I was wrong, I know I was wrong! I will never dare again, never dare again !"

Pei Nanming didn't turn his head back, and said, "Five years ago, didn't you beg me the same way? As a result, you almost killed Ruan Xi five years later. Won't make the same mistake again!"

   After finishing speaking, he left the warehouse.

   Immediately there were heart-piercing cries and curses from inside!

   "Pei Nanming, you devil, you will die badly, you will suffer retribution—! Ah——! No, no, you all go away, go away!"

  The arrogant voice was quickly drowned in devilish laughter.

  Pei Nanming raised the corner of his mouth coldly, Qin Zhiran, farewell...

  Three days later, e-city news reported that a fire broke out in an abandoned warehouse in the suburbs of the city. After the fire was extinguished, two men and a woman were found dead in the warehouse. Their faces were burnt and their identities could not be identified...


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