Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 162

"What?!" Shi Shang was surprised when he heard Fat Pig's Hand's words, "Isn't this place very safe!"

"You know what! On the surface, Pei Nanming is a serious businessman, but you don't know what's going on behind the scenes. How did the Qin family fall? Besides, the Qin family fell, where is the young master of the Qin family? Has anyone seen the young master of the Qin family? We haven’t seen his methods with our own eyes, but we must have heard about them. The two Gao Zhu beside him, one in the open and the other in the dark, have not escaped their search. We can’t Take it lightly."

  When the fat pig's hand said this, Shi Shang's back was covered with cold sweat.

   During the two years they had been with the Daoists, they had heard that the young master of the Qin family was killed because of drinking and making trouble, but there were rumors behind him that there was another reason for the death of young master Sun.

   When Ruan Xi was exposed to nude photos, it was this young master Sun. At that time, it was well known that Ruan Xi was doted on by Pei Nanming in front of people.

  Those unfounded messages spread secretly after Young Master Sun died, and only Pei Nanming and the two people around him knew the truth of the truth.

   "So, when are we leaving?"

   "Leave after eating."

   "Didn't we make an appointment with Pei Nanming to pay the money and deliver the goods in the eastern suburbs!"

   "You really don't have a brain!" The fat pig was furious, "After we changed the place, we used the public phone to inform him to change the place. I'm worried that they will use the tracker!"

  Shi Shang was said to be covered in cold sweat. He only thought of kidnapping this woman to get a lot of money, but he didn't expect to die! Qin Zhiran assured them that Pei Nanming would not do anything to them, and promised that she would handle all the matters in front of the stage, and Pei Nanming would never be worse than them.

   As a result, because of Ruan Xi's few words, his forehead became hot, and he actually confronted Pei Nanming head-on!

  Damn it!

  But when things got to this point, it was too late to regret, so he simply kept doing nothing, and Shi Shang, who had made up his mind, calmed down.

   "Then let's hurry up!"

  Ruan Xi was so hungry that she almost passed out. She couldn't hear what they said, and her ears kept buzzing, and their words were close to her ears for a while.

   I only roughly understand that they are going to move their positions again.

  At this moment, she missed Shang Yang and Shang Boyan, but Pei Nanming's face kept lingering in her muddled mind.

   She thought, he wanted her to die so much, so hoped to kill her to avenge Ruan Ting, five years had passed, perhaps, his wish was finally coming true.

  He hasn't appeared yet, is he planning to let her fend for herself like this? It's ridiculous that I would ask him for help!

  She began to think wildly, and began to disbelieve her initial feelings. Perhaps, people facing death will become vulnerable and suspicious.

   But, what about Yang Yang? Boyan got angry and left, what about Yangyang? Who will raise him? He is Pei Nanming's son!

  If she dies, will Pei Nanming raise him, but... Pei Nanming is married, Xu Chuyan is such a vicious woman. How could he treat Shang Yang kindly?


   Can't die, can't die here, can't die for Yang Yang!

  Thinking of this, she suddenly opened her eyes wide, looked at the food and whimpered twice.

   "Give this girl something to eat, otherwise, she'll starve to death, and it won't do us any good." The fat pig's hand said to Shi Shang.

  Shi Shang thought about it, so he took a deep-fried dough stick and held it up in front of Ruan Xi. Ruan Xi took two bites, but couldn't swallow it, and looked at the soy milk eagerly.

  Shi Shang was a little impatient, but seeing her pitiful appearance, he didn't make things difficult for her, and took a bag of soybean milk and punctured it for her to drink.

   After eating, Fat Pig Shou and Shi Shang immediately dragged Ruan Xi out of the broken house.

  After leaving the door, Ruan Xi discovered that there is a large reed marsh here. This dilapidated house is far away from the village. It seems to be an abandoned house by a fish farmer.

   "Where are you taking me!"

Ruan Xi struggled twice, and the fat pig's hand immediately turned back and grabbed her hair, "Smelly, be honest! Otherwise, I will make you look good! Also, when you pass by a lively place for a while, don't do any abnormal behavior, or I will stab you with a knife. Kill you!" The fat pig hand stretched out the dagger, pressed it against Ruan Xi's back, and said to Shi Shang, "Untie the rope for her, otherwise it will make people suspicious."

   "Where are we going now?" Shi Shang asked while untying the rope.

  Fat pig hand thought for a while, "The most dangerous place is the safest place, so we will go there!" The two exchanged glances, "They will definitely think that we will split up, hum! This time, we will not!"

  Pei Nanming arrived at the location designated by Fat Pig Hand, and found that there were a lot of unfinished buildings here.

  There are a lot of stones piled up in a mess on the ground, and there are some old steel and wood.

   After thinking about it slightly, he still decided to call them, but no one answered the phone.

  He couldn't help becoming irritable, and kicked the black box hard!

damn it! How dare he arrest Ruan Xi and threaten him!

   But no matter how anxious he was, he still had to wait until the fat pig hand contacted him. He swore that he would never taste this passive taste again!

After half an hour, the mobile phone finally remembered, he answered it immediately, and only heard the other party say, "Take the money, go straight ahead, when you reach the thirteenth row, turn left, pass five units, and go to the thirteenth floor Come!"

  Pei Nanming immediately said, "Okay, I want to hear her voice!"

  He had to make sure that Ruan Xi was brought by them.

  The other party seemed to be silent for a while before saying, "There are so many demands, if you talk nonsense, I will immediately push her down and fall to her death!"

   Then, he vaguely heard Ruan Xi screaming from the phone.

   In other words, Ruan Xi is indeed there, but she is far away from the caller!

  At the same moment, Jiang Ren sat in the car, pressed Enter, and said, "Okay, it's in the fourteenth row of the messy building in Yiyun County, the eastern suburb of City S!"

   Tang Wenyi was also greatly relieved! Immediately dialed out the phone, told the exact location, and then looked at Jiang Ren, "Let's go and see Nan Ming!"

  Jiang Ren nodded, put down the computer and followed.

  Pei Nanming was standing on the 13th floor, opposite Fat Pig's Hand. Fat Pig's hand shook his phone at Pei Nanming, "Open the box!"

  Pei Nanming obeyed, turned to the direction where he could see clearly, "It's all here, now I want to see her people!"

   The fat pig's hand smiled, and pointed at it!

  Pei Nanming looked in the direction he was pointing at, his expression changed drastically, and he said sternly, "Don't you want to live anymore?! How dare you treat her like that!"

  Ruan Xi was pushed to the edge of the window by Shi Shang, with half of her body hanging outside, as long as Shi Shang gently pushed and let go, Ruan Xi would be finished immediately!

"Now you're talking to us like that, we're going to get mad!" Fat Pig hand picked up the other phone and started counting, "One, two, kick the box over, otherwise, when I count to three, I'll The partner will push her down immediately! The sixteenth floor, not the sixth floor."

  Pei Nanming made a decisive decision and immediately kicked the box over.

"Let us leave safely. Before we leave, no one is allowed to stop us. Otherwise, my partner's way will stab the **** in the back of the neck!" The fat pig hand has never seen so much cash, he put the box When I closed it, my hands were shaking with excitement.

  Pei Nanming nodded in agreement, okay, before you leave, no one will stop you!

   After speaking, he pushed away two steps, "You take the money and go, I will give you my car! After you get in the car, you must let her go! Otherwise, you know the consequences!"

   "Of course, we don't want to fight to the death with you." He glanced behind him, "I knew you wouldn't come alone!"

  Pei Nanming had already guessed that Tang Wenyi and Jiang Ren must be following behind, so he couldn't help but feel warm and sighed at the same time. He would have liked to have settled the matter himself.

  It’s good for them to be on the side to assist, but I didn’t expect to come to the scene.

   "Get out of the way!"

  When Shi Shang and Fat Pigman went downstairs, they found that there were about a dozen people who had come, and several of them were people who had been in karaoke bars.

"How dare you break your promise! Bringing two people is not enough, so many people are here!" The fat pig hand was anxious, and personally took a knife to hold Ruan Xi hostage, which made him feel safe. However, in this short period of time, they felt that The pain in the hand is unbearable! Turning his head to look, he saw blood flow!

  By the time the dagger fell to the ground, the people nearby had already swarmed up, knocked them down, and tied them into a rice dumpling!

  Tang Wenyi blew on the muzzle of the silent gun, his golden eyes flashed coldly, but he himself was laughing, "Just like you, you are still playing kidnapping! How funny!"

Pei Nanming held Ruan Xi tightly in his arms. Although he was confident that he could save her safely, he was still worried. If Shi Shang didn't catch her just now and made her fall from the sixteenth floor, then... …So……

  He didn't even dare to think about it!

   "These two, as well as Qin Zhiran, will be handled by you. After three days, I will see the results, and I must be satisfied!"

  Tang Wenyi snapped his fingers, still maintaining a gentle posture, "Don't worry, what I'm best at, besides being a personal butler, is handling such things."

  Ruan Xi wandered on the edge of life and death several times, but now that Pei Nanming held her tightly in his arms, she finally felt safe and at ease.


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