Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 161

She thought it was an adventure to call Shang Boyan who was turned off, but she forgot that calling Pei Nanming was not an adventure? Pei Nanming is married, and she is also a married woman. She instinctively chose to call Pei Nanming. What was she relying on for this behavior? Why do you think Pei Nanming will lend a helping hand? !

   She didn't even dare to think about these things.

   beep beep...

  After three beeps, the other side answered, "Hello."

  Pei Nanming's voice was deep and magnetic. She just wanted to cry when she heard it. What she wanted to say, she couldn't say a word now.

  It wasn't until the two people around her urged her that she hurriedly said, "I need a large sum of cash now..."

  As soon as she opened her mouth, Pei Nanming immediately said, "Ruan Xi, where are you and how are you doing now?!"

  Ruan Xi hadn't spoken yet, the phone was snatched by the man next to her, "If you want her to be safe, prepare 50 million cash immediately and wait for me to call you again!"

   After finishing speaking, the man hung up the phone immediately, and slapped Ruan Xi across the face. Ruan Xi dodged, but because of his slow movement, he was slapped in the face.

"Stinky, I was almost killed by you! But it's not bad now, why didn't I think of asking for your number!" Qin Zhiran kept saying that kidnapping Ruan Xi could get a lot of cash, and they wouldn't be able to earn it in a few lifetimes, but She didn't tell them the numbers of Pei Nanming and Shang Boyan, it was Qin Zhiran who was directing them all the time.

  If it wasn't because there was no way to contact Pei Nanming and Shang Boyan directly, how could they be ordered around by Qin Zhiran? !

   Now, everything is settled.

  After two people get nervous, they are in a good mood. It is much better to pay for one less person than one more.

After Pei Nanming hung up the phone, he turned the car sharply, ran through three red lights in a row, and when he arrived at the West Street Community, he suddenly dragged Qin Zhiran out of the car and threw him to the two men who had been waiting there earlier, "This lady can't wait any longer, you guys Find someone to take good care of her, and make her happy!"

  Qin Zhiran didn't realize what happened at all. Pei Nanming suddenly turned around and even ran a red light, which made her pale with shock. She was completely stupid at the moment.

   "Pei Nanming, what do you mean!" She was pinned down by those two men, "You don't want Ruan Xi to live, do you?!"

Pei Nanming sneered, "What skills do you have now? Just use it. Let me tell you, the person who called me just now is your accomplice. You can't even subdue them, so you want to play kidnapping. I really don't know what your brain is doing! Stupid!" Qin Zhiran's eyes were full of disbelief, "Impossible!" She never gave them Pei Nanming's number, and a person with Pei Nanming's status would never be found out!

   "Someone must have lied to you! My accomplices don't have your number at all! They can't contact you!" Qin Zhiran kicked and beat wildly, trying to break free from the two men who grabbed her.

   "You think Ruan Xi is an idiot who can't do anything?" Pei Nanming despised her, turned around and left.

  Qin Zhiran panicked, opened her mouth and shouted, "Help!"

   As soon as the words came out, he was knocked out and stuffed into an off-road vehicle...

  Pei's Skyscraper, President's Office.

   "When they call next time, we can track the signal." Jiang Ren implanted the tracker into Pei Nanming's mobile phone and adjusted his notebook before he said with relief.

   "Great." Tang Wenyi also heaved a sigh of relief, and was about to get up to make coffee.

  Pei Nanming's phone vibrated suddenly, and the three of them looked at each other in dismay. It was really time.

   Answering the phone, it was indeed a call from there.

   "Don't call the police, don't play any tricks, otherwise, we will tear up the ticket immediately!" There was a sentence at the beginning.

   "Okay, I will never call the police. If you have any requirements, please tell me."

  Pei Nanming walked to the French window and asked.

   "Tomorrow, bring cash and come to the eastern suburbs of City S, and I will give you new instructions. Remember, you are only allowed to come alone!"

   Hang up after speaking!

  Pei Nanming immediately said, "Wait!"

   "What kind of trick do you want to play?!" The other side was extra cautious, and now we can compare the knife to the woman's neck.

   "I didn't want to play tricks." Pei Nanming's heart tightened, and his breath became slightly rough. "I just want to make sure that she has not been abused by you. I want to listen to her talk, just make sure she is still alive and has not suffered any wronged!"

  Pei Nanming said while looking back at Jiang Ren, Jiang Ren's hands were dancing on the keyboard, because when he was in college, he majored in medicine, and his hobby was information technology, so he chose IT, and both of them were excellent.

   For signal tracking and so on, it is natural to have it at your fingertips.

  Tang Wenyi was also looking at the screen next to Jiang Ren, and told Pei Nanming with his lips that he was still a little bit short and asked him to delay.

   "So that's it!" Hearing that, he seemed relieved, and the next moment, Ruan Xi's scream came from the phone.


  Pei Nanming turned pale with fright at Ruan Xi's call, and said angrily, "What are you doing?!"

  The person over there smiled strangely, "Of course I want her to scream louder, so that I can tell you that she is still alive and doing well! Now I am sure she is fine, remember to come to the place I said on time at nine o'clock tomorrow!"

   Before Pei Nanming could speak again this time, the other party had already hung up.

   "How is it?" He walked quickly to Jiang Ren and asked nervously.

  Jiang Ren almost smashed the computer!

"It's just a little bit! The exact location can be determined after another three seconds of delay, but this time it's not too bad, at least the range has been reduced to a very small one." He opened the map and pointed to the outside of the east city of S City, Draw a circle on it, "It's in this area."

  Pei Nanming's eyes sharpened, causing both Jiang Ren and Tang Wenyi to feel chills, "I'll go there in person tomorrow." After speaking, he said to Tang Wenyi, "Please cancel all recent appointments."

  Tang Wenyi was taken aback for a moment, then nodded.

  The date Pei Nanming was talking about was of course not a date with his underground*s, but a date with someone from Madagascar.

  This appointment is very important, it is directly related to the development of their underground business there.

  In fact, there is a reason why the Pei family can develop to the point where it is today, and can wipe out the Qin family overnight, and even the combination of the Pei family and the Gu family cannot compete.

   But this reason can only be understood but cannot be explained in words.

   "Is this okay?" Jiang Ren suddenly raised his head, frowning slightly, "The people over there come all the way. If we neglect, our business will suffer a lot."

   "I can't take care of that much anymore!"

   "Alright then." Neither Tang Wenyi nor Jiang Ren could do anything.

   They are too clear about Ruan Xi's position in Pei Nanming's heart.

   I haven't seen you for five years, but nothing has changed.

   Said it was hatred, but in fact, hatred has long since become an excuse for not letting go.

   On the second day, Pei Nanming went to City S alone early in the morning, at the location designated by the other party. Tang Wenyi originally wanted to come with him, but Pei Nanming refused and asked him to be a backup.

  Tang Wenyi sometimes felt that Pei Nanming was completely changed when he met Ruan Xi, and he lost all reason. If he's here waiting to be a backup, then what's the use of his brothers raising him? Just to eat and get dark?

  Tang Wenyi looked at the sky speechlessly, and when Pei Nanming left, he immediately called to make arrangements.

   "I think those two people seem to be veterans, and they won't let them go so easily." Tang Wenyi frowned, and said to Jiang Ren who was still setting up the tracker.

   "You are really smart and confused for a while. Do you think Boss Mo's money is so easy to get?"

  Tang Wenyi was taken aback, and suddenly slapped himself on the forehead, "Yeah, you see, I'm really confused, he insisted not to let us go, isn't it just to let us take the opportunity to find someone!"

  The two of them left Pei's office building when Tang Wenyi's phone rang suddenly. When he heard the ringtone, Tang Wenyi couldn't stop smiling.

   "Yo yo, we've only known each other for a long time and we've become like glue. I remember someone said that they want to be single nobles for the rest of their lives." Jiang Ren teased with a smile.

  Tang Wenyi raised his eyebrows, "Why, you are envious, aren't you?!"

"Well, I don't have a tendency to be masochistic. There's nothing to be envious of the feelings poured out of this glass of water. I advise you to answer the phone quickly. I don't think Zhang Tong is easy to provoke, at least, better than Ruan Xi wants to be more difficult to serve, so be careful."

   "Go, go! You have nothing to do and join in the fun."

  After answering the call, Tang Wenyi immediately concentrated on racing towards City S, but they took a completely different route from Pei Nanming.

   "I have already notified the brothers in S City. They know your two people. It is said that they hang out with Qin Zhiran in Kara. With their help, it won't be too difficult."

"I hope so."

  Jiang Ren nodded, still typing on the keyboard.

  s City, in a dilapidated room.

  Ruan Xi was trapped on a broken stool, her mouth was tightly gagged.

  The two men who guarded her were sitting on the side eating breakfast.

  Soy milk fritters.

  She didn't think this kind of food was delicious before, but now, she really wants to eat it. They haven't given her any food since they captured her.

   "Eat quickly, after we finish eating, we will change places!"


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