Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 160

Seeing Pei Nanming's furrowed brows and disgusted eyes, she sneered, "Why, you dislike it? If you dislike it, just wait for Ruan Xi to be stabbed to death!"

   "I hate it?! Of course I hate it!"

  Pei Nanming grabbed her, "If you want me to fuck you, yes, let me make sure that Ruan Xi is fine now!"

  Qin Zhiran grabbed Pei Nanming's wrist. He was so strong that it really hurt her!

   "Didn't you say she is someone else's wife, then what do you care about?!"

   "If I don't care, why are you blackmailing me, huh?!" Pei Nanming glared, looking extremely ferocious!

Qin Zhiran felt that her arm was about to be crushed, "I have prepared a place, you can see her situation through remote monitoring, but you will not know her exact location! This is my biggest concession! Pei Nanming, Don't push me into a hurry!"

  Hearing this, Pei Nanming's eyes flashed, and he let her go immediately, "Take me there!"

  Qin Zhiran rubbed her arms, and subconsciously gathered up the clothes that were almost torn into pieces, "I want to change clothes first."

  Pei Nanming nodded, and as soon as Qin Zhiran left, the people around sighed, as if they were very sorry for the end of a good show.

  Jiang Yi was originally sitting in the corner, and she noticed the dispute here, but she didn't come to join in the fun.

  She didn't want to mess with Pei Nanming, and was discovered by Gu Yinlin. After Pei Nanming's wedding banquet, she managed to sneak out by taking the opportunity.

  I made an appointment with Ruan Xi that day, and she came here to wait for her passport.

  However, Ruan Xi didn't answer the number she dialed to Ruan Xi. The person who answered told her that Ruan Xi had something to do, and she might not be able to contact her for a while.

  She had no choice but to wait here.

   As a result, Ruan Xi didn't wait, but Pei Nanming.

   She also knew Qin Zhiran who was involved with Pei Nanming, but she had never spoken to her before. After being caught by Gu Yinlin, she came back twice and ran into Qin Zhiran. It's just that Qin Zhiran doesn't know her.

  Pei Nanming glanced in Jiang Yi's direction. He was very impressed with this girl, especially five years ago, when she was at the hospital gate, holding her belly, and Gu Yinlin angrily asked her about the child's situation!

  He raised his lips slightly, and made two calls, one to Pei's communications department, and the other to Gu Yinlin.

  After hanging up the phone, he left the bar without looking back. After sitting in the car, he didn't quite understand why he wanted to tell Gu Yinlin Jiang Yi's whereabouts.

  Maybe it's just because Gu Yinlin and himself feel pity for each other...

  He laughed at himself, when did he become so nosy?

  Ruan Xi didn't know what happened to him, his whole body was limp, and he was stunned for a long time before he remembered that he chased Shang Yang out of the hotel room, but he missed the elevator and had to run down the corridor. As a result, someone behind him suddenly covered his mouth and nose, and then passed out...

  I was kidnapped!

  When she looked around, she saw only old and broken walls on all sides. The walls had peeled off, and she could vaguely see the cement dust falling down inside.

  This should be a very old house, the windows are made of iron, with a lot of rust and spider silk growing on them. The whole house was filled with heavy damp and could smell musty.

   "Yeah, *er woke up!" The door was pushed open suddenly, and two men came in outside, both of them were tall and rough, looking at her with sinister smiles.

  She was frightened and her heart was beating wildly.

  Calm down, be sure to be calm. Ruan Xi kept saying this to herself in her heart, but there was still a lot of cold sweat on her forehead.

   "Hey, buddy, look, this one really looks a lot like Xu Chuyan's slut! However, she is much prettier than that slut, but I don't know who is more flirtatious on ***!"

  The one walking behind, rubbing his hands, stared at Ruan Xi passionately, "That girl Qin Zhiran really didn't lie to me."

"Give me a side to cool off first!" The one walking in front frowned, "I got the man, of course I was the first to go. Qin Zhiran said that she was Pei Nanming's wife at first, but now she is Pei Nanming's wife again." As the wife of the young head of the Shang Group, she has always been very good at sex, otherwise, how could a broken shoe catch the best of men! I can't wait to taste it!"

   "Anyway, we are also brothers who have been born and died for so many years. In this way, let's have a discussion. How about you going up together?!"

  As soon as these words came out, Ruan Xi's face immediately turned pale.

   "Don't mess around!" Ruan Xi stared at them, "Since you know that I am Pei Nanming's woman and now Shang Boyan's wife, then you should know the consequences of bullying me!"

  Although these two mostly hang out at the bottom of the class, they all know those well-known people in the Tao, including Pei Nanming.

  Pei Nanming's way of doing things is very strange. He almost never comes forward to participate in any affairs on the Tao, but people on the Tao always back away when they see him.

  So, his name is very famous in both black and white.

"Don't think that if you move them out, we will be afraid. The mountains are high and the emperor is far away, and they are very hidden. No matter how powerful they are, what can they do? Moreover, as far as I know, your husband has been shutting down until now. I'm afraid he still doesn't know you've been kidnapped by now?!"

   "What is your purpose?!" Ruan Xi barely sat up from the dilapidated bed, supporting herself tightly with her hands.

"Us? Isn't our purpose obvious? Of course it's for women and money! Now that women have women, we just send money. But we have no patience. After waiting for so long, there is still no movement over there. In order to avoid People and money are empty, of course we have to get people up first!"

  The man walking in front approached while talking, and the fat pig grabbed Ruan Xi with his hand and pressed it against the bed.

   "Wait!" Ruan Xi screamed anxiously.


  The two men frowned impatiently, but they both knew that she couldn't run away at all, so they were very interested to see what tricks she played.

   "You're after money and women?" Knowing what they want makes it easier to deal with them.

  Ruan Xi's heart calmed down a little.

   "Otherwise, what do you think we are planning?"

"Of course I thought you were taking orders from Qin Zhiran!" Just now, when she heard two people calling Qin Zhiran "Jianhuo" and getting involved with Xu Chuyan, she knew that the relationship between these four people was definitely not simple, and these two people looked desperate As an apprentice, it is impossible to completely obey Qin Zhiran, so she wanted to try her luck.

"Cut!" The two men showed contemptuous expressions at the same time, "We will listen to her, what a joke! We will cooperate with her, of course because of the money, but also because of the benefits! "

   As he said that, the man squeezed Ruan Xi's chest hard. Ruan Xi's face turned pale, and she was so disgusted that she almost vomited, but she hadn't eaten for a day, so where else could she vomit? !

   "Stop! Since you are all for money..." Ruan Xi stared at the two men seriously, "I have a way to get you more money."

  The two men looked at each other, looked at her suspiciously, and laughed for a moment, "What are you capable of getting us more money? Besides, why should we trust you?!"

   "You make a price, and then lend me my mobile phone, and I will ask someone to redeem me! This is more credible than your blackmail!"

   "Give you your cell phone? How do we know if you're going to call the police? You bitch, don't treat us like asses!"

Ruan Xihou made a mistake and shouted, "I don't want to be played to death by you, how dare I lie to you! Besides, didn't you just say that this kind of mountain is high and the emperor is far away, even if I call the police, the police can't do anything Come here immediately. I'm not stupid, and I don't want to be torn apart by you, how could I do something that a stupid ass would do!"

  Seeing that they were shaken, she made persistent efforts while the iron was hot, "Qin Zhiran asked you to kidnap me, right, how much did they promise to give you?! I can give her double!"

  Golden light suddenly appeared in the eyes of the two of them!

"If you don't believe me, I can turn on the speakerphone. You can hear what I say and what the other party answers. You should make a decision quickly!" He said and looked towards the south corner of the room, "There It seems that Qin Zhiran asked you to do the surveillance, right? She doesn't trust you so much, do you think she will really give you the promised money?"

  The two of them suddenly remembered that Qin Zhiran was addicted to drugs, and just like them, he wanted money before his life, and their hearts were even more shaken.

   "Okay, you'd better not play tricks, otherwise, we will stab you to death immediately!"

   "Don't worry, I will definitely not play any tricks!"

  Getting the guarantee, the man behind handed over his mobile phone, Ruan Xi took it, and wanted to call Shang Boyan's number, but they said that Shang Boyan had been shutting down. There is only one chance, and she has to take care of Yangyang and live, so she can't take any risks, so she called Pei Nanming.


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