Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 157

Many people gathered around the roadside, and someone hurriedly said, "Call an ambulance, someone is injured!"

  Seeing that the situation was not good, the owner of the car immediately turned the front of the car and wanted to run away, but everyone surrounded the car in a tight way.

Shang Yang was completely dumbfounded. After a long time, he felt that the person on his body was carefully removed. However, he still felt that his whole body was very heavy and he couldn't move at all. Moreover, the sticky things on his body became cold. Clinging tightly to the body, from the skin to the bone...

   "Child, do you feel uncomfortable?" It was the nurse accompanying him in the ambulance, asking him in a gentle and concerned voice.

  Shang Yang shook his head, he didn't know where he felt uncomfortable, or maybe, he didn't feel uncomfortable anywhere.

Turning to look to the side, the person who rushed to save her at a critical moment was covered in blood, and the orange overalls on her body had been dyed red, but she still turned her head with difficulty, glanced at him, and found that he was also Blinking to look at himself, he fainted in relief.


   "The injured have lost too much blood and need an emergency blood transfusion!" In the emergency room, the doctor said succinctly.

The kind-hearted people who followed along the road donated blood one after another. In their opinion, there are not many such kind people in the society. They may not have the courage to rush to save people like this sanitation worker in a critical moment. Things are obligatory.

   It's been a long time since I saw so many kind-hearted doctors, so I couldn't help but heaved a sigh of relief and smiled quite touched.

   "How is that child?" the doctor asked the nurse beside him.

   "The child is fine, just a slight bruise, but since he was rescued, he doesn't like to talk very much. For the sake of his family, he didn't say a word, probably because he was frightened."

   "Well, take good care of him, and ask him when his condition is better. The child is still young, and he will definitely be frightened by the danger of such a life-and-death reversal. When I finish dealing with this, I will go and see the child."

   "Okay, Dr. Jiang."

  Shang Yang was leaning on the snow-white hospital bed, still wearing a small hospital gown, he kept hugging his legs and didn't speak.

  When he was in France, whenever he was sick or something, Daddy must be the first to come, but this time, he used the only coin in his pocket to secretly call Daddy's cell phone, but the cell phone was turned off.

  He suddenly felt abandoned.

  As soon as Dr. Jiang entered the door, he saw Shang Yang, like an abandoned puppy, curled up on his head, completely silent like a child of this age.

  The whole ward was very quiet. If I hadn't opened the door to see it, I would have thought that there was no one inside.

  Dr. Jiang tried to walk as lightly as possible, and sat next to the patient, "Son, what's the matter, is there something uncomfortable?"

  Shang Yang came back to his senses, raised his eyes to look at him, and pointed to his small chest, "It's not comfortable here."

  Such an answer surprised Dr. Jiang.

  He has seen Shang Yang's X-ray, and there is no injury to the muscles, bones and internal organs. According to the theory, it is impossible for the internal organs to be damaged.

  But Shang Yang said that he felt uncomfortable.

   Seemingly seeing Dr. Jiang's doubts, Shang Yang added, "It's a bad mood, don't mind uncle. All children who are abandoned by their fathers will become in a bad mood."

  When Dr. Jiang heard this, he was even more astonished. It turned out that I was not scared by the car accident, but because of family problems. This beautiful child is so lovable and well-behaved, which cruel man is willing to abandon him? Is this kid lying? However, the grievance and sadness on Shang Yang's little face did not seem to be pretended at all.

   "Good boy, be good, tell uncle your parents' contact information, and uncle will call them, okay?"

  Shang Yang shook his head, "Daddy's phone can't be reached, Mommy..." Suddenly thinking that he ran out so willfully, Mommy must be worried and sad! "I'm going back to find Mommy!"

  Shang Yang shrunk his * as he spoke, and ran away.

Dr. Jiang stopped him helplessly, "Hey, you can't go out yet, how about..." Dr. Jiang squatted down, was at eye level with him, and said patiently, "I'll lend you my phone, you can call here Give it to your mommy, let her pick you up, okay? If you just throw it like this, she should be worried again, huh?"

  Shang Yang tilted his head and thought for a while, and felt that what Dr. Jiang said was indeed very reasonable. If he ran out like that in the morning, Mommy must have been in a panic.

  He nodded while complaining about his waywardness.

  Seeing that he agreed, Dr. Jiang smiled slightly, knowing that the child is very sensible, and this time he ran out by himself, it must be because of something happened at home.

  He took out his mobile phone to Shang Yang, "Dial yourself, or should I help you?"

  Shang Yang thought for a while, "Dial for me." After talking about Ruan Xi's mobile phone number, he immediately sat aside dejectedly.

  Dr. Jiang took a look at him, knowing that the child knew he was wrong, and felt a little pity in his heart.

  The phone was dialed, and it was connected, but no one answered it. I dialed three times in a row, and it was the same.

  Although Shang Yang was sitting on the side, his small eyes kept staring at him eagerly, with an expression of hoping that Mommy would answer the phone quickly. Seeing him like that, Dr. Jiang couldn't bear to tell him that no one answered the phone.

  Seeing him repeatedly pressing the button many times, Shang Yang understood, "Is it because Mommy doesn't answer the phone?"

   "Maybe your mommy came out too impatient to find you and forgot to bring her mobile phone. How about this, do you know anyone else? As long as you can contact your acquaintances."

  Acquaintance? Shang Yang flattened his mouth, where are there any acquaintances here?

   Moreover, he returned to China with Daddy and Mommy. In these years, there was almost no one else around Mommy except Daddy.

  By the way, Mrs. Pei and Grandpa Pei seem to know Mommy very well, and they are staying with them. So, is Uncle Pei also an acquaintance?

   "Then Uncle Pei, oh, his name is Pei Nanming, but I don't know his mobile phone number" Shang Yang rubbed the corner of his clothes in frustration, if only he had memorized a few more numbers back then.

  When Dr. Jiang heard this, he looked at Shang Yang in surprise, "Who are you talking about? Pei Nanming? Is it Pei Nanming who held the wedding yesterday?"

  Shang Yang's small eyes lit up immediately, and he nodded fiercely, "Uncle, do you know him too?"

  Dr. Jiang smiled, "Of course I do."

  He used to be Pei Nanming's personal doctor, and because of Pei Nanming's invitation, he came to this newly established hospital as the vice president. How could he not know him? !

   "That's great." Shang Yang laughed immediately, "Then, uncle, please call Uncle Pei." Although he hated Pei Nanming's wife, Xu Chuyan, he still couldn't hate Pei Nanming. Moreover, in the underground parking lot that day, Pei Nanming's aggressive aura scared him into Shang Boyan's arms, and he had long since forgotten about it.

  In the dean's office, Pei Nanming sat on the sofa opposite the desk, completely ignoring Dr. Jiang's probing eyes.

   "I've heard that she's back a long time ago, but I haven't had the chance to meet her. I didn't expect her son to be the first one I saw. Fate is really amazing."

  When Dr. Jiang spoke, he was smiling.

  He, like Tang Wenyi, has been by Pei Nanming's side for a long time. Everyone is familiar with each other, and they are not restrained in talking or something.

   "It's really amazing." If Shang Yang didn't happen to meet Jiang Ren on duty, then would this child have to stay alone in the hospital? !

  Ruan Xi, what the hell is this woman doing? She doesn't answer the phone!

  Thinking of this, I felt sullen and frowned.

Jiang Ren didn't notice his expression, and continued, "I said, I think this child still has a good impression of you, so don't go too far. No matter how hard you can forget your feelings, you have already started your own family. Let's restrain ourselves." These words were definitely well intentioned, and Pei Nanming knew it, but he felt uncomfortable when he heard it, so he didn't respond.

   Moreover, they start their own families? I sneered all my life in my heart, so what if we each start a family?

  What he wants has always been in his hands, and everything is no exception, including marriage, love and women.

   Seeing that he didn't respond, Jiang Ren knew that he was impatient, so he stopped continuing the topic and asked instead, "How is the matter with Tang Wenyi going?"

  Pei Nanming raised his eyebrows, "It's going well, but I don't know what that kid Ruan Dongyu is doing recently. Since Gu Chi died, he hasn't moved much."

Speaking of this, he frowned slightly, "I don't believe he will just give up like this. His hatred for Qin Xin'er is absolutely no less than mine. Moreover, he has always wanted to fight back against Pei Shi, so he won't get depressed easily. I guess, This is very likely to be a deliberate trick he used. There will be actions soon, let's wait and see. By the way, don't stay in the hospital all the time in the near future. Tang Wenyi has something to do and can't get away. Take time to accompany me Go to the Xinzhou Orphanage."

  Jiang Ren suddenly looked up at Pei Nanming, "Are you still investigating the past?"

Pei Nanming nodded, "Well, there seems to be another clue to the matter. My dad has been in poor health recently, and I don't want to piss him off. Besides, even if I asked him, he never said it. Since he didn't say it, then, I'll check it myself."

   "Have you ever asked Ruan Xi about her mother?"


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