Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 156

Ruan Xi was stunned. For a moment, she didn't know how to react. She hadn't guessed that he would say that.

   "Ruan Xi..." He suddenly kissed her, the kiss was crazy and fiery, and completely lost the restraint and rationality of the past. Such Shang Boyan made her feel very strange.

"Bo Yan, let me go first, listen to me..." If I finish my words and you are still willing to spend your life with me, then I am willing to make a further attempt, and I have nothing to repay you for what you have paid emotional stuff too.

  I want to be happy, I don't want to lose Gu Chi, and you again... In this life, I don't want to be manipulated by Pei Nanming anymore, I want to get rid of him, from body to heart, completely...

   It's just that Shang Boyan is a drunk person after all, how can he still listen to her rationally...

   Once the opportunity for two hearts to get closer is missed, it will be difficult to get together, and Shang Boyan and Ruan Xi completely missed it because of this drunkenness.

"Don't say anything, I don't want to hear. I just want to be with you, to be together for real, and to build a bond that keeps us both together. Ruan Xi, promise me and give me a baby." His words Almost a plea of panic.

  He is so determined to ask to have the flesh and blood that belong to the two of them!

  Before, he had never made such a tyrannical and willful request...

   "Bo Yan, think about it, let's discuss this matter in the long run..." She was not ready to accept him, and he had already wanted a child further.

   Moreover, even if she is willing to have a child, her condition is not that she can give birth if she wants to. She has had a miscarriage, and it is God's blessing to give birth to Shang Yang safely...

   Shang Boyan did not listen to her finish, but suppressed her forcefully.

  Thick and hot kisses fell on her body densely, and his clothes were pulled away without skill. This kind of strength and arrogance reminded her of Pei Nanming's irresistibility that night.

  She was terrified, and suddenly pushed him away.

  Shang Boyan was already drunk, but after being pushed by her like this, he fell off the sofa, and his mind became much clearer, but the flame in his heart was also faintly extinguished because of her actions.

   "I'm sorry, I drank too much." He didn't get up, but leaned against the short table behind him, and smiled self-deprecatingly, "I didn't expect you to resist me so deeply..."

  Ruan Xi tidied up her clothes in a panic. Hearing what he said, she immediately looked up at him, "No... no, Boyan, I just..." I want to make something clear to you...

Shang Boyan shook his head and interrupted her, "You needn't say it, I'm too strong. In the past five years, I have noticed your hard work. Sometimes, I watched you work so hard to fall in love with me. Me, I feel both distressed and touched. I always say to myself, wait a little longer, maybe our fate will come, and you may fall in love with me... But I forgot, some Fate can never be waited for. Ruan Xi, I was drunk today, but what I said was not drunk, don't embarrass yourself anymore... and I also need to calm down. "

  He wiped his face with his hands, and said, "I have already taken care of everything in City E. The headquarters will transfer me to Australia for a year. During this year, let's all think about what we want..."

  Ruan Xi listened in a daze, her heart was so shocked that she couldn't react—he was going to Australia, but she and Shang Yang were not included in his itinerary...

It turned out that she was about to be left behind again... She clutched her heart, her fingers tightly grasping the clothes on her chest, her finger bones were cold and white, her heart hurt so bad... It really hurt, but she couldn't say anything to hold her back, I could only bite my lip tightly, without saying a word...

  Shang Boyan got up, still not standing very firmly, but the next moment, he arranged his clothes and walked steadily towards the door.

  If you still can’t spend the rest of your life peacefully in my arms, then, Ruan Xi, I will give you back your freedom, and give you the wings to fly to the person you miss in your heart...

   Shang Boyan left, but Ruan Xi's heart felt hollow and painful as if someone had dug out a piece of it. For five years, she hadn't figured out what role Shang Boyan played in her and Shang Yang's life.

She thought that she was just grateful, so she tried hard to fall in love. At this moment, she really understood that she was so dependent on him. When he said he wanted to leave, she felt heartache unbearably. Feel very panic.

   But after all, she still controlled herself so that she would not catch up. Now I am no longer qualified to keep him. How despicable it is to cling to him like a dodder if you can't give him the love he wants. She would never allow herself to be such a despicable woman again.

  Bo Yan, I will also give you the wings to find happiness... Forgive me for being so selfish and relying on you...

  When she felt her chin itching slightly and stretched out her hand to rub it, she realized that it was tears, tears all over her face...

  She lay in the corner of the sofa and stayed there until dawn. When Shang Yang came out rubbing her eyes, she came back to her senses and tidied herself hastily, for fear that Shang Yang would see the clue.

  But Shang Yang is too smart and sensitive, "Mum, what's wrong with you, where's Daddy?" Looking around, he couldn't find Shang Boyan, which made Shang Yang very puzzled.

  Thinking of Shang Boyan, Ruan Xi felt sore again, forced a smile and said, "Daddy has something urgent to deal with, so he left overnight. Yangyang and Mommy will take the bus back together, okay?"

  This time Shang Yang seemed to sense something was wrong, and he was very persistent, "No, I'm going to wait for Daddy to come back, let's go together."

  Ruan Xi bit her lip, her heart was already in a mess, her mood was also very bad, all her patience suddenly ran out, "You child, why are you so disobedient, I told you, your father is in a hurry and left first!"

Shang Yang was taken aback, Ruan Xi had never spoken to him in such a tone before, the next moment, he yelled aggrievedly, "I don't believe it, don't talk nonsense, Daddy never leaves first, you lie .”

  Ruan Xi tightly clenched her fists, fearing that her emotions would collapse in front of the child, "When did I ever lie to you? Yangyang, are you obedient?"

   "Not good, not good, this time I must go back with Daddy, woo woo..." The child in Shangyang got angry, sat on the ground and began to cry.

  He didn't know why he was so persistent in waiting to go with Shangboyen this time. In short, he felt very, very uneasy.

  I feel that if I don’t get together with Daddy this time, I won’t have a chance in the future.

   Being cried and made by Shang Yang, Ruan Xi finally broke down emotionally, "Don't cry anymore, your daddy is gone, he will never come back, he is gone, do you understand!!!"

   "I don't believe it, I don't believe it, Daddy won't leave us alone, woohoo..." Shang Yang's beautiful eyes turned into rabbit eyes, and big tears flowed from the corners of the eyes to his chin.

  Finally, he suddenly got up, opened the door and ran, "I'm going to find Daddy, I'm going to ask him personally!"

  Ruan Xi was still sad, she didn't expect Shang Yang to run out suddenly, she didn't care about anything, so she hurried out.

  However, when Shang Yang ran to the elevator entrance, the elevator door just opened, and when Ruan Xi chased him, the elevator had already closed.

  Ruan Xi was exhausted physically and mentally. Now that Shang Yang was tossing so much, she felt her temples throbbing and her head hurt like it was about to explode. However, she could not take care of herself at all, she just wanted to chase Shang Yang back as soon as possible, she was afraid that Shang Yang would make any mistakes.

  He is only five years old, no matter what, he is just a child, where can he find Shang Boyan?

  She hurriedly pressed the elevator on the other side, but the elevator was still seven or eight floors away, so she simply gave up the elevator and took the stairs directly.

  There were always few people in the stairway, and it was very quiet. In the whole stairway, the only sound was the rattle of her shoes hitting the steps.

   Anxious, she didn't notice at all that someone was following behind her.

She didn't know how many floors she ran, she was so tired that she was sweating profusely, and she was struggling to breathe. The moment her pace slowed down, someone grabbed her wrist. She turned her head in horror, and then looked back. The veil immediately covered her mouth and nose, and a strange smell went straight to her lungs along with her breath, and then her head became dizzy, and she passed out the next moment.

  As soon as Shang Yang came out of the hotel, he bumped into a direction and walked randomly, crying and wiping tears while walking.

  Finally, when he reached the edge of a small bridge, he stopped suddenly and looked around, not knowing where he had come from.

At the head of the bridge are some sycamore trees. The water under the bridge is very clear. You can hear the sound of rushing water when passing by. There are groups of boys and girls sitting on the pier, some with books, some with nothing. Just chat with each other.

  He probably understands that he has come to the school, and he is no stranger to the school, so he is not worried that he will be taken away by bad guys or cheated.

   Wiping away his tears, he cheered himself up, "I must find Daddy and ask him if he wants me and Mommy anymore. Hmph, Daddy is definitely not such a person."

  As if angry, although he stopped crying, he still pouted his lips and strode forward.

  When he passed the sidewalk, he was still rubbing his eyes and didn't notice the car approaching at all.



  With a loud noise, Shang Yang felt the world turned upside down, and there was something sticky and warm on his body.


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