Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 155

After leaving the bar that day, how could Qin Zhiran know that she was bullied by two men? ! ! ! Her mind was buzzing, and in a flash, everything became clear!

  That's right, that day, she deliberately showed off in front of Qin Zhiran, and she secretly instigated Qin Zhiran to harm Ruan Xi, but she forgot that she herself was the object of Qin Zhiran's hatred to the core! Her current position is exactly the position Qin Zhiran had dreamed of since she was a child.

  How can someone like Qin Zhiran allow others to easily get what he can't get? !

  As soon as Xu Chuyan left that day, Qin Zhiran immediately found two men to chase after Xu Chuyan, robbing sex and wealth at the same time. If Xu Chuyan hadn't been complacently admiring the dilapidated scenery of the slum neighborhood outside the bar, hadn't been overjoyed by Qin Zhiran's current desolation, but had just gotten into the car and left, then the scene of her being taken turns by two men in the photo would not be will happen!

   It wasn't until today, when Qin Zhiran sent the photo to her, that she realized that those two people were instigated by Qin Zhiran!

   Just when she was angry and frightened, resentful and worried, someone came in to use the bathroom suddenly, and she hurriedly stuffed the photo into an envelope, carrying it behind her back like a thief.

   But it was the cleaning lady who came in.

   After coming out of the bathroom, she realized that the wedding banquet was almost over!

  Pei Nanming is still not there, thinking that the photo in her hand must not be found by Pei Nanming, she hurriedly called Pei Nanming and told him that she was not feeling well, so she went back first.

  Pei Nanming didn't ask any questions, and agreed directly. Although this made Xu Chuyan feel disappointed, she was greatly relieved, and hurried back to the locker room to change clothes and leave early.

  It is of course very impolite for the bride to leave the venue first, but this is Pei Nanming's wedding after all, and no one dares to show it.

  Even the old rivals in the mall, the old men of the Ruan family, Ruan Hetian and Ruan Dongyu, didn't have any complaints.

  As soon as Pei Nanming left the wedding banquet, he immediately took the elevator directly to the underground parking lot, and waited in the underground parking lot.

   As a result, not long after, Ruan Xi and Shang Boyan led Shang Yang over to pick up the car.

Seeing that Pei Nanming was actually there, Ruan Xi stopped and stopped moving forward. Shang Boyan hugged Shang Yang. The father and son were talking happily, but they didn't see Pei Nanming. Xi looked over, and saw Pei Nanming quietly leaning against the front of the car, raising his eyebrows at them...

  Shang Boyan frowned indiscriminately. He really admired and hated Pei Nanming's ability to stalk Pei Nanming and linger on!

   "The groom doesn't accompany the bride, why is his car so clean? If you do this, the bride will be very sad and lonely."

Pei Nanming stood up straight, "Of course there is a reason for me to come here without the bride. There were too many guests just now, and I couldn't handle it. I thought I would invite Mr. Shang to have a good time after the banquet, but it turned out Seeing that Mr. Shang seemed to be leaving, he had to rush over and wait. And..." At this point, Pei Nanming deliberately paused, his eyes swept over Shang Yang, then Ruan Xi, and finally stared at Shang Boyan provocatively , "I really want to know more about my son who popped up out of nowhere."

  Hearing Pei Nanming's words, Ruan Xi's legs went limp and he almost fell, but he still made use of the excuse!

Hearing the first half of Pei Nanming's sentence, Shang Boyan was quite surprised. He thought that Pei Nanming came here to pester Ruan Xi, but after hearing the second half of the sentence, Shang Boyan's surprise directly turned into cold anger in his heart , this man is purely here to find fault! He wanted to know about Shang Yang, and his words clearly meant to get to the bottom of it.

  Shang Boyan's attitude cooled instantly, and the temperament around him became icy. It was the first time that Ruan Xi saw this sunny and gentle man showing such a side.

"There's a lot of time to be happy together, but it's just this time. It's a pity to spend such a good time with a big man like me. And, I think, if I agree, Ms. Xu will definitely hate me to death. As for what my son did at the wedding scene just now, I am really sorry, Tong Yan Wuji, he is just a child, I think Mr. Pei will definitely not be with such a little boy Children are serious."

Looking at Shang Boyan's cold face, Pei Nanming actually smiled, then glanced at Ruan Xi's face again, and said, "Why is my wife so stingy? Besides, I won't let her stay at home alone. I will Let her come together. As for things like being serious with children, I will naturally not do it, but if I don't do it, it doesn't mean that others won't do it, right? So, I'm here to invite Mr. Shang to have a good time In addition, there are things I want to discuss with Mr. Shang and Mrs. Shang." He deliberately stressed the title of "Mrs. Shang", and then saw Ruan Xi's face paler and paler with satisfaction.

  Shang Yang was lying in Shang Boyan's arms, peeking at Pei Nanming, and then interrupted in a low voice, "Mummy said, it's a bad habit not to return home at night. So, Uncle Pei, you can't bring Daddy down."

  Pei Nanming glanced at Shang Yang, feeling a bit panicked in his heart. After all, Shang Yang was his son, and now he was lying in someone else's arms, calling him Daddy on the left and Daddy on the right.

   "Uncle Pei is going to have a serious talk with your father, huh?"

  Pei Nanming raised his eyebrows, Shang Yang suddenly plunged his head into Shang Boyan's arms, and stopped talking.

  He felt that Pei Nanming was angry, and the angry appearance was really scary. Chamboy was never angry, at least never with him, and was always kind to him. When he was young, he sometimes felt that his father's attitude towards his son was really different from that of other partners' fathers. His father was really too gentle and cautious towards him.

  Ruan Xi suddenly hugged Shang Yang from Shang Boyan's arms, and said to them, "Go and talk if you have anything to do. I'll go back to the hotel first, and at worst I'll go back tomorrow."

  Ruan Xi doesn't want to stay with Pei Nanming at all.

   Seeing that she was leaving, Pei Nanming suddenly said coldly, "Why, why don't you come and listen, if you miss it, you might regret it."

   "I have nothing to do with the matter between you men." Ruan Xi raised her eyes to look directly at Pei Nanming, but her eyes told him: Don't forget your previous promise.

  Pei Nanming's eyes darkened slightly, but he didn't force himself anymore.

  Ruan Xi turned to look at Shang Boyan, and said softly, "Come back earlier, and also, drink less alcohol, drinking too much is not good for your health."

  Shang Boyan replied with a smile, "Don't worry my wife, take your son back and go to bed early." After speaking, he put his arms around Ruan Xi and kissed her on the forehead.

  Pei Nanming's face was dark, but he couldn't help sneering in his heart - let's see how long you can last.

  She, Ruan Xi, could tell other men that drinking too much harms her body and drinking less, but she never cared about him! It used to be, but now, even more so!

The fun between Shang Boyan and Pei Nanming lasted*, and after Ruan Xi woke up with Shang Yang, Shang Boyan came back. Hearing the movement, Ruan Xi glanced at the time, it was already half past three in the morning .

   This was the first time that Shang Boyan came home so late when he was by her side.

   Got up to look at Shang Boyan, but smelled a strong smell of alcohol.

   She frowned involuntarily. When she came back, she clearly told him to drink less, and he agreed, but now he was so drunk that the room was full of alcohol when he entered the room.

   "Why did you drink so much wine?" Ruan Xi went to help Shang Boyan, Shang Boyan's center of gravity was unstable, and he was a little wobbly when walking. He had never drank so much alcohol, let alone lost his temper to this extent. At least in the few years they were together, he never drank to excess.

"It's okay, I just suddenly wanted to drink, so I drank more." Shang Boyan threw himself on the sofa in the living room, stretched out his hands to support his forehead, his eyes closed slightly, and his brows frowned. Obviously, he drank too much The taste is not comfortable.

"I'll get you a towel to wipe your face." After Ruan Xi finished speaking, she turned around and wanted to leave. The next moment, Shang Boyan shot like lightning and accurately grabbed Ruan Xi's wrist. In Shang Boyan's arms, he was embraced by Shang Boyan.

   This collision was not weak at all, and he let out a heavy muffled grunt.

  Ruan Xi struggled, "How is it, did you hurt?"

Shang Boyan hugged her tightly, and the misty drunken eyes revealed some pain that she had never seen before, "The real pain is not the body, but here..." He let go of one hand and pointed to his chest .

  Ruan Xi was startled, and his face turned pale. What did Pei Nanming say to him? !

  It was also at this moment that she suddenly realized that she was so despicable and shameful, she had done such a dirty thing, she had betrayed Shang Boyan's sincerity and warmth, and yet... she was still very afraid that Shang Boyan would know!

  She trembled her lips, stared blankly at the place Shang Boyan pointed at, and couldn't say anything! That's right, what are you talking about? No matter what you say, it's all sophistry, it's all deceit, it's all harm to Shang Boyan!

  I am actually such a despicable woman!

   Having sex with Pei Nanming, but still wanting to cling to such an outstanding man as Shang Boyan!

"I'm sorry... Boyan, I'm sorry, I'm mean and shameless, it's me..." Shang Boyan suddenly hugged her tightly, turned over and pressed her down, "Ruan Xi, don't tell me you're sorry, I don't want to hear it. Give me a baby, okay? Let's live a good life together..."


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