Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 154

Shang Yang was smart, but she didn't understand what Xu Chuyan meant by what Xu Chuyan said. All she knew was that Xu Chuyan made Mummy tremble with anger, and she was very upset, so she wanted to vent her anger on Mummy.

  So he suddenly broke away from Ruan Xi's hand and got into the crowd.

   Both Ruan Xi and Shang Boyan were taken aback, they didn't expect Shang Yang to run around suddenly and willfully.

  By the time they chased after him, Shang Yang had already taken advantage of his small stature and disappeared.

  Ruan Xi was already in a bad mood, but being disturbed by Shang Yang made her even more anxious and angry.

  Shang Boyan was worried about Shang Yang, but he was equally worried about Ruan Xi, "You wait here for me, and I'll go to Yang Yang. Also, I'll take care of the work in the studio, so don't think about it anymore."

  Ruan Xi suppressed her emotions and nodded, but her heart was full of anger.

  Looking at the two people on the stage, she felt very tired and just wanted to be out of sight and out of mind.

   Just as he was planning to find a place to rest, he saw Shang Yang get a large bouquet of roses from somewhere and climb onto the stage.

  Xu Chuyan and Pei Nanming were obviously as surprised as she was.

  Shang Yang raised his pretty face, gave flowers to Xu Chuyan, and said, "Happy wedding, Aunt Xu!"

  When he saw Shang Yang and Xu Chuyan, he felt uncomfortable all over. He bent over to take the rose with a stiff face, and smiled, "Thank you baby, it's so cute." After speaking, he formally scratched Shang Yang's little nose.

  Shang Yang immediately hit the snake with his arms around Xu Chuyan and shouted, "Hug, Mommy!"

  With these words, the audience exploded, and Xu Chuyan even dropped the rose in her hand!

  Any woman would not hope that on the most important day of her life, there would be a son who inexplicably called herself "Mommy", would she? !

  For Xu Chuyan, this is even more fatal. She is a celebrity, and the person she is going to marry is the diamond king, Laowu Pei Nanming. Such a combination will attract attention from all walks of life. On such an important day as the wedding ceremony, Shang Yang suddenly climbed up on the stage to call his mommy, what kind of uproar would this cause? !

  The reporter will look up Xu Chuyan's past, pay attention to the real identity of Shang Yang, and look up Pei Nanming's *love history...

  On the stage, Xu Chuyan froze, Pei Nanming glanced at the audience and smiled happily, but Ruan Xi was completely dumbfounded, Shang Boyan frowned...

  No one thought that Shang Yang would suddenly come out like this...

  At the wedding ceremony, Ruan Xi didn't know what Xu Chuyan and Pei Nanming said. She didn't even know how they moved to the hotel for dinner. The whole person looked bewildered.

  She was afraid, afraid that the reporter would get to the bottom of it, and also afraid that Pei Nanming would take advantage of this and do more excessive things. She is already a betrayer, and she doesn't want Shang Boyan and Shang Yang to be hurt by anything...

   After attending Pei Nanming's wedding, Ruan Xi felt more tired than fighting a tug-of-war.

  At this moment, she just wants to get out of here quickly.

  However, Pei Nanming's eyes always followed her. Wherever she went, his eyes followed!

   Xu Chuyan was obviously by his side, and today was his wedding ceremony!

   This shadowy gaze made her feel like she was entangled in a snake and couldn't get rid of it.

   "Yangyang, go out with Mommy to find Daddy, okay?"

Shang Yang nodded, and he also knew that it was too much to call Xu Chuyan's mommy, because mommy didn't feel happy at all, but her face was pale from fright, and even Daddy's complexion was not very good Well... I knew it would become like this, so I didn't do anything.


   Pei Nanming watched Ruan Xi lead Shang Yang out of the hotel, narrowed his eyes slightly, and said to Xu Chuyan, who was in high spirits, "You take care of everyone first, I'll go to the bathroom and I'll be back."

  Xu Chuyan's eyes flashed, and she immediately knew Pei Nanming's intentions. However, she smiled without any discomfort, and replied very understandingly, "Go."

  The hand that was placed under the table was clenched into a fist, and the palm was pinched so painfully.

  At this moment, her cell phone rang suddenly, and when she answered the call, it was Qin Zhiran who called...

  In the hotel bathroom, Qin Zhiran was leaning on the sink with her arms folded, a cigarette dangling from her mouth, squinting her eyes at Xu Chuyan in a red cheongsam. The feeling in my heart is really the same as being stabbed in the heart with a needle one by one!

  The person wearing this dress should belong to her!

   "Why did you come here?!" Xu Chuyan was very surprised that Qin Zhiran appeared here! When she went to her, she didn't want Qin Zhiran to come to her wedding to make trouble, but Qin Zhiran didn't bother Ruan Xi, but instead got mixed up in the hotel where the guests were being entertained. Just to see her and Pei Nanming's wedding is as simple as that!

   "Yo yo, Xu Chuyan and my former fiancé are married, why don't you allow me to come over and ask for a wedding drink? And, Miss Xu, why are you so nervous? I won't eat you."

  Qin Zhiran flicked the dust from the cigarette butt with her pointed index finger, and smiled with the corner of her mouth twitching.

  Xu Chuyan sighed secretly. Of course, she wasn't afraid that Qin Zhiran would come to disrupt the wedding. If Qin Zhiran just wanted to disrupt the wedding, then it would be too late now. What she was really worried about was that Qin Zhiran would show Pei Nanming the photos she took.

  In that case, Pei Nanming will never let himself go easily!

"Of course I can. I'd love to invite you, Miss Sun, but I'm worried that Nan Ming won't welcome you. Besides..." Xu Chuyan smiled shyly, "It's not that you don't know that he has always had a bad temper. Great. I'm worried that he will think that you will do something bad to me because of Ruan Xi's lessons learned. I don't want something to happen to you just because I went to talk to you..."

Qin Zhiran suddenly stubbed out the cigarette butt, and laughed, "Really? Would he be so worried? That's really great. Congratulations on finding Mr. Ruyi. I'm here, and there's no other purpose. Fiancee, why should I give him some gifts on such a happy day like his wedding, don't you think? I thought about it, since you are all married, it is actually the same whether you give him a gift or not, so, I Just give it to you directly, when the time comes, you can hand it over to him..."

   After finishing speaking, Qin Zhiran took out a big envelope from the bag, which was bulging and filled with a lot of things, and it was quite heavy.

After stuffing it into Xu Chuyan's hands, Qin Zhiran fiddled with her wavy hair and smiled mischievously, "I think he will definitely like the wedding gift I gave her very much." After talking around Xu Chuyan and passing by her, He even patted her on the shoulder specially, "Of course, I think you will be as excited as him."

  Xu Chuyan felt a chill on her back, and the cowhide envelope in her hand seemed to be wrapped around her like a poisonous snake.

  The ominous premonition made her tremble all over. She hadn't read the contents yet, but she seemed to already know the contents!

   "Qin Zhiran, what the hell are you playing?" She bit her lip and looked around, but there was no one in the bathroom, so she opened the envelope and took a look.

   Of course she wouldn't be so stupid as to hand the envelope to Pei Nanming!

  The contents of the envelope were exposed a little bit, and it turned out to be a stack of photos!

The photos show some scenes, noble bars, celebrity nightclubs, Shang's super clubs... Of course, she is no stranger to these places. Back then, Qin Zhiran was still Pei Nanming's fiancée, and Ruan Xi was still Pei Nanming's prison, and she had wandered in these places many times. Because of the pressure of money, she had to choose to sell herself to a higher price.

   And she traveled all these places just to get a better price.

  Later, she fell in love with Pei Nanming, but Pei Nanming had no other interest in her except her face, and what about her? She was also happy to be raised by such a handsome and rich top-quality man, but she finally learned how to compare by his side, and she was also disappointed because she couldn't wait for him...

  So, these places are full of her footprints...

  Pei Nanming may or may not know, but he never cared...

   Seeing these photos, Xu Chuyan not only didn't worry, but put her heart at ease. What can these photos tell you? !

  She turned back more and more calmly. When she turned a quarter of the way, she finally appeared on the photo. She shook her hand and almost dropped the photo.

   In the photo, there is an unclear figure from her back. She is hugging a man from a nightclub, when it is hot...

  Qin Zhiran actually got this kind of photo! Judging from the date on the photo, it was six years ago... At that time, she learned how to be extravagant! Is immersed in the extravagant life of a rich woman and cannot extricate myself!

  The more she scrolled back, the more photos of this kind of scene became. Only then did she realize that Qin Zhiran had sent someone to check on her long ago!

  This time she went to find Qin Zhiran, didn't she bring the plague god to Ruan Xi, instead she caused a commotion by herself? !

  She shook her hands and continued to turn back, and there was a thick pile of photos behind, but the more she turned back, the clearer the picture! When it came to the last few photos, it was actually the time for her to go to the poor neighborhood to find Qin Zhiran!

   And, to top it off, two men in the photo caught up to her, shoved her into the sports car, and raised the window.

  Her eyes widened and her face was pale!


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