Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 153

The wedding team walked towards the playground all the way, and the onlookers on both sides also lined up the street.

  The playground has been decorated in a joyous manner. There are many tables, chairs and candies inside, and it is an open-air flowing water seat. There are stage speakers in the north.

  Although the scene was arranged by Ruan Xi, and she also had some opinions on the planning, she never expected that the finalized plan would be so vulgar!

  The planner told her at the time that this was the opinion of the bride, saying that this is the custom in the bride's hometown.

  So, Ruan Xi had nothing to say. Since Xu Chuyan wanted to do this, of course she couldn't refute it. After all, Xu Chuyan and Pei Nanming were the ones who got married, and Pei Nanming didn't make a statement, so of course she wouldn't make such a move.

  The wedding car arrived at the playground, the bride and groom got out of the car, Ruan Xi held Shang Yang's hand, unconsciously getting a little stronger, Shang Yang yelled for pain several times, but Ruan Xi didn't hear it.

  Shang Boyan is naturally not interested in Pei Nanming's wedding at all, and puts all his attention on Ruan Xi, but the more he pays attention to Ruan Xi's actions, the more heartbroken he feels.

  Ruan Xi's soul is lost, and she has betrayed everything she tried her best to hide.

  Although he already knew that Ruan Xi had Pei Nanming's place in his heart, he always believed that one day he could replace him, but at this moment, he couldn't help but doubt himself.

  Ruan Xi came back to her senses, it was because Gu Yinlin also came with her arms around Jiang Yi, Jiang Yi's complexion was worse than what she saw before, she was obviously not happy at all, but she saw Jiang Yi smiling.

  She didn't know what was going on between Gu Yinlin and Jiang Yi, but judging from the state last night, Gu Yinlin would not let Jiang Yi go easily.

Jiang Yi stood beside her and looked at her child. Jiang Yi had heard of it before, but had never seen it. Now that she saw her, she stared blankly at Shang Yang for a long time before murmuring, "This child It's really beautiful and cute."

   After Jiang Yi finished speaking, Gu Yinlin suddenly whispered something into Jiang Yi's ear. She noticed that Jiang Yi's face turned pale, and even her body trembled slightly.

  Ruan Xi swallowed her saliva, and suddenly remembered herself and Pei Nanming...

  Shang Boyan suddenly put his arms around Ruan Xi's shoulders, and said against Ruan Xi's ear, "Ruan Xi, give me a baby too."

  Ruan Xi was taken aback, Shang Boyan had already kissed her sideways, Shang Yang stood aside, stretched out his index finger to scratch her face, and muttered in a low voice, "So shameless, Daddy is so shameless."

  Ruan Xi also blushed, after all, she was not so open to the public.

   Just when Ruan Xi was shy, Pei Nanming and Xu Chuyan had already arrived.

  Xu Chuyan held Pei Nanming's arms in her arms, with a bright smile on her face. Seeing her like that, she seemed so happy that there were only her and Pei Nanming left in the world.

  That kind of affectionate eyes, is it hard for a man not to be moved?

   "It's a good match. I like Xu Chuyan's mv the most. I heard that she won the second place in the newcomer selection contest of the Shang Group."

"Yeah, yeah, I like her very much too. It's very difficult to get into the finals of the Shang Group, let alone get a ranking! I knew she was the most powerful, and she is my idol. I love her." Kill her!"

   The two college girls behind Ruan Xi also came to watch the fun, but obviously, they are loyal fans of Xu Chuyan.

  Ruan Xi couldn't help but look sideways, the two girls immediately gave a wow, and one of them said, "Oh, are you also Xu Chuyan's fan? You actually got plastic surgery to look like her!"

  Ruan Xi couldn't laugh or cry after hearing this.

  Shang Boyan put his arm around her and patted her on the shoulder, telling her not to take it to heart, Ruan hoped that Shang Boyan smiled and signaled him not to worry, she would naturally not mind because of this.

  The eye contact between the two people undoubtedly fell into the groom's eyes, and the groom's eyes immediately turned cold, stabbing Ruan Xi like a sword.

  Perhaps because she has endured too many warnings like this, Ruan Xi raised her eyes almost nervously, and met Pei Nanming's cold and dangerous eyes.

  Suddenly, Ruan Xi froze, Pei Nanming's warning seemed to still echo in his ears, his voice was deep, hoarse and full of lust.

   Regarding Ruan Xi's stiffness, the first thing she felt was Shang Boyan, who was hugging her. Following Ruan Xi's gaze, she saw Pei Nanming's lips slightly raised, provocative and evil.

  Although one arm is around Ruan Xi, the other hand has already clenched a fist involuntarily. If it wasn't because it was at the wedding scene, if it wasn't because there are so many people around now, he would definitely pounce on him and beat Pei Nanming hard!

  In his eyes, Pei Nanming is a scumbag!

  Xu Chuyan noticed the various expressions between Pei Nanming, Shang Boyan and Ruan Xi, suddenly raised her eyebrows and hooked the corners of her mouth, and tiptoed to kiss Pei Nanming's lips.

   This much-anticipated pair of newcomers immediately elicited frenzied screams as soon as they kissed.

  Pei Nanming naturally put his arms around Xu Chuyan's small waist and kissed back, until Xu Chuyan was out of breath before letting go of her. Xu Chuyan was distracted, her heart was rippling, she raised her head, and met Pei Nanming's eyes, only to find that Pei Nanming's eyes were so cold that people could freeze to death. The cold anger in those eyes was something she had never seen before.

  So, her blushing face was slightly pale.

  Pei Nanming, however, had already laughed. He led him onto the stage in a gentle and elegant manner, and said a concise wedding vow in front of the microphone in a personable manner, and began to accept interviews with reporters in turn.

  The reporters asked hot and bold questions, and Pei Nanming answered them directly.

   When Xu Chuyan was interviewed, Xu Chuyan's heart was beating wildly because of Pei Nanming's previous Bing'er eyes, for fear of saying the wrong thing.

  However, the reporters present were still venomous.

   "Miss Xu, I heard that your wedding dress was designed after many twists and turns. The wedding dress design is a newly opened design studio, and the director of the designer is still an old friend of yours?"

Xu Chuyan originally wanted to stink Ruan Xi, the uglier the better, now that someone mentions this, it should be in line with her wishes, but when she is not in front of Pei Nanming and Shang Boyan, she naturally dares to jump hard, but in front of them She didn't dare to be arrogant, especially now that both of them were present, and they both raised their eyes and stared at her quietly.

She grinned, "You are very well informed, yes, you are right. I was not satisfied with the previous design proposals, so I asked for a new design, and they all agreed. My friend is a very good Man, it's just that the attitude of her design staff is not very good. However, this matter has been resolved. My friend also apologized to me privately, so I don't plan to pursue it. In fact, their design solutions are still very good. of."

   After Ruan Xi heard this, it was difficult not to get angry, but at this time, she still wanted to beat her up! Moreover, when he said these words, his face was completely blushing and his heart was not beating, and he didn't mean to feel guilty at all!

  Ruan Xi was trembling with anger, but Shang Boyan patted her on the shoulder and said softly, "Don't worry, keep watching, the best show is coming."

   Ruan Xi was puzzled by these words for a moment, and stared at Shang Boyan in a daze, but Shang Boyan didn't say any more, just pouted to signal her to continue watching.

  The reporter said again, "So, I heard that the wedding dresses they designed still have quality problems. May I ask Ms. Xu, is that so?"

"Hmm." Xu Chuyan didn't say much this time, she glanced at Pei Nanming, and she saw that Pei Nanming's face remained unchanged, and there was no emotion in his eyes, which made her feel uneasy, after all, the matter of slandering Ruan Xi's studio , It is impossible to escape Pei Nanming's eyes, but she is also curious that Pei Nanming has remained silent all the time, and has never asked about this matter.

  This conniving attitude is also the reason why Xu Chuyan dared to be so arrogant all the time.

"Actually, it is not accurate to say that it is a quality problem, because the gap on the wedding dress was actually drawn with scissors or a small knife. I think it was probably made by some designer or staff accidentally. I It was also because I was too nervous about my wedding, and I was afraid that there would be something wrong with the wedding dress. As a result, when I saw such a big hole in the wedding dress, I was so angry that I didn't think much about it and made a slip of the tongue, saying that there was a problem with the quality of the wedding dress. Regarding this , I am very sorry. This matter, let’s stop here. I don’t want to embarrass my friends, and I don’t want any designer to affect the future because of this matter.” She smiled and changed the subject decisively, “Everyone I am really happy to be able to come to my wedding, this time, it was organized according to the customs of my hometown. I am really happy that my husband can agree to hold this wedding according to the customs of my hometown." Finished Turning around, he put his arms around Pei Nanming's neck, and kissed him with a smile.

  Xu Chuyan's singing was very popular. On the surface, it was obviously a problem with the design studio, but she apologized first, which can be said to have earned enough face.

  How could Ruan Xi not understand what she meant? Before, she really didn't expect Xu Chuyan to put so much thought into her tricks and words.

   I haven't seen her for five years, but she has really improved a lot.

  Shang Yang was smart, but she didn't understand what Xu Chuyan meant by what Xu Chuyan said. All she knew was that Xu Chuyan made Mummy tremble with anger, and she was very upset, so she wanted to vent her anger on Mummy.

  So he suddenly broke away from Ruan Xi's hand and got into the crowd.


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