Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 151

Unable to sell the house, Xiao Li was unwilling to sit still and work around to earn money. However, Ah Bei's treatment expenses were like a bottomless pit, and the two of them couldn't afford it at all, so Xiao Li took Qin Zhiran's job, and Jiang Yi followed Gu Yinlin ...

  Jiang Yi never told Ruan Xi about this!

"So, Ah Bei...was he already hospitalized when I borrowed your help..." Ruan Xi asked dryly, even though they were only together when they were young, now she can't even remember Ah Bei's appearance, but Hearing this, she was still very uncomfortable.

   I vaguely remember that Ah Bei was a very cute child, a few months younger than her. She always smiles everywhere she goes, always likes to chase after Jiang Yi's butt, but misses her mother at night...

   "Yes." Jiang Yi's voice was exceptionally calm.

Ruan Xi clenched his hands into fists, then let them go suddenly, and smiled self-deprecatingly, "I thought that although I haven't seen you for many years, you at least consider me a friend. After all, you took care of me so much when I was young. But it turned out that it wasn't at all. So what happened, at that time, I wanted to help you so much, so I asked you so much, but you...but you were willing to tell me everything." I would rather go out early and return late by myself, and go to some places to accompany drinks than me to help, Jiang Yi, Jiang Yi... Am I really that unbelievable? That’s right, it’s been so many years since we’ve seen each other, the easiest thing in the world to change is people’s hearts... Friends who haven’t seen each other for a year or two may not have a common language when they meet again, not to mention how old they were at that time. That's more than ten years...

   "Ruan Xi, are you blaming me for not telling you?"

  Ruan Xi didn't speak, it's no wonder, the matter has passed, and Ah Bei has also left...

  Seeing that Ruan Xi was silent, Jiang Yi said again, "You were in a much better situation than us at that time, how could I tell you? Besides, I have heard about what kind of person Pei Nanming is from Gu Yinlin."

Ruan Xi was stunned again, yes, the circle is so small, Gu Yinlin and Pei Nanming are both people in the same circle, they looked down and saw her, Jiang Yi probably knew her well at that time, if Jiang Yi had been following her The words around Gu Yinlin...

   "The matter is over, let's stop talking about it. What are you going to do in the future? Do you keep hiding like this?" There is no way to hide, right? Just like, she is the same as Pei Nanming. Five years later, he still refused to let it go.

   "I came to you, besides avoiding Gu Yinlin and the others, I also have another purpose, which is to ask you to do me a favor."

  Ruan Xi looked up at her, how can she help her? Gu Yinlin's hands are not short either.

   "Please help me get a passport. I believe this is an easy task for your husband."

   "You want to go abroad?!" Ruan Xi was surprised, Jiang Yi left alone like this, who will take care of her abroad? "where do you want to go?"

"England, I've learned something during the past few years by his side." Jiang Yi laughed at herself, but no matter how much she learned, just like Gu Yinlin's childhood sweetheart said, she and Gu Yinlin are still not in the same world people.

  Ruan Xi hesitated for a moment, then nodded.

  She knew that Jiang Yi must have a lot of things, so she didn't say them, but they were all Jiang Yi's desires. She didn't want to say it, so there was a reason for not saying it. Now she wants to go abroad, wants to leave, in fact, it is the same as when she wanted to run away from Pei Nanming, right?

   "Okay, I'll help you. But what are you going to do when you get there?"

  Life is not just playing games. Daily necessities are a very real problem.

"Don't worry, I've made a lot of money by his side these years. If you sell yourself, you always have to get paid, right? I'm not as noble as I thought, because I really know what it means to be poor." , the sarcasm at the corner of her mouth became stronger again.

  Ruan Xi knew that this was the shadow caused by Ah Bei's incident in her heart.

   "Where do you live?" Ruan Xi asked suddenly.

   "A bed and breakfast, what's wrong?"

  Ruan Xi nodded. B&Bs and hotels don't need to register ID cards, but Jiang Yi is much more thoughtful than she thought.

   "I'll sleep with you, okay?" Ruan Xi said.

  Jiang Yi raised her chin and looked at her, "What?"

  Ruan Xi didn't speak.

  Jiang Yi has already guessed it.

  Yesterday, she saw Pei Nanming.

   But Jiang Yi didn't say any more, "Okay, let's go back."

  B&Bs are not as resplendent as hotels. This hotel can only be considered clean, and the location is relatively remote. No wonder Jin Chengfeng couldn't find her.

  A young master like that, he might just stare at the hotel, right?

  But none of them expected that when they returned to the B&B and hotel, there would already be someone waiting there!

  The hotel where Jiang Yi lives is on the second floor of a private house, with about a dozen rooms facing each other.

  If it wasn't for the diligent cleaning, Ruan Xi believed that there would be no way to breathe inside.

The two of them turned around the corner of the stairs, and saw someone leaning against the wall with their arms folded in front of them, with their head slightly lowered and their hair a bit long. The man was tall and thin, and he was well dressed. , there is a super stylish suffocating beauty.

  The man was not standing in the aisle, but more like standing on a radiant stage.

  Seeing that person, Ruan Xi's heart skipped a beat, and she subconsciously looked at Jiang Yi.

  Jiang Yi's face was completely pale, without further ado, she grabbed Ruan Xi and turned around and ran downstairs.

  Out of the B&B, there is a small alley with a dead end in the back and a main street in front, but there are two people standing at the entrance of the alley.

  The posture is similar to that of the person in the aisle, but the size is not covered.

   "It's not easy waiting for you!" Gu Yinlin's voice came from behind.

  Ruan Xi, an outsider, felt inexplicably shivering.

  Jiang Yi held Ruan Xi's hand tightly, and Ruan Xi felt that Jiang Yi's hand was already sweating.

  The next moment, Jiang Yi suddenly let go of Ruan Xi, walked towards Gu Yinlin with a smile, "Why are you here, I just came out to relax and meet old friends."

  Gu Yinlin stared at Jiang Yi for a while, then looked at Ruan Xi, and greeted with a smile, "Miss Ruan, I haven't seen you for five years, and you're pretty again."

   It's really hard to believe that Gu Yinlin who is smiling now is the man who just looked at Jiang Yi with a sullen face.

  Suddenly I thought of Pei Nanming. Are all men born experts at changing faces?

   "Long time no see." Ruan Xi kept smiling, but had no intention of leaving.

  Yes, she was worried about Jiang Yi.

  Gu Yinlin has turned his gaze back and looked at Jiang Yi, "You come out to relax? That's good, I'm afraid you'll be bored, but you run away when you see me, it really makes me feel very sad."

Jiang Yi was still smiling, and stretched her arms around Gu Yinlin's waist, "I was just joking with you, how could I run away." After finishing speaking, she turned her head and said to Ruan Xi, "You go back first. My man is here, so I have to take good care of him today he."

  Ruan Xi felt chills on her back when she heard this, and stood there for two seconds, knowing that this is a matter between the two of them, and they can only solve it by themselves. It is useless for her to stand out of the pit here.

  So nodded, "Let's meet again next time." After speaking, he turned and left.

  Ruan Xi was always worried about Jiang Yi's situation when she returned to the hotel, but as a helpless bystander, she really couldn't do anything.

   After getting out of the elevator, she suddenly raised her head and glanced at Pei Nanming's room. Fortunately, the door of his room was closed tightly, and it seemed that he was not there. That's right, tomorrow is the wedding day, and now, he must be busy with a lot of things, thinking of this, he can't help but breathe a sigh of relief. He took the key to open the door, and after washing up, he threw himself on the bed, opened the big characters, but his heart was in a mess. Her life has become a mess again, and the chief culprit who disturbed her life is still Pei Nanming!

  Thinking of this, she couldn't help gritting her teeth, turned over and panicked, took it out and saw that it was a mobile phone, and then realized that she hadn't brought her mobile phone with her since yesterday, and she didn't realize it.

  Turning on the screen, Ruan Xi was dumbfounded. Fifteen missed calls were all from Shang Boyan. Checking the inbox, there were five text messages in it.

   Number one, I'm back, wife.

  Article 2, I'm in the company, have you slept yet? Tired of setting up the scene?

  Third, the e-city in the morning is very beautiful, especially looking down from the window, the sky has just turned white, which makes people feel full of hope.

   Article 4, I’m home, and I’m going to take Yangyang to help you.

  Article 5, where are you, I called you fifteen times, but you didn't answer any of them...

  Ruan Xi suddenly trembled and covered her mouth, her eyes filled with tears, she wanted to call Shang Boyan back, but no matter how hard she tried, she didn't have the courage to press his number.

  At this moment, she only feels that she is really dirty... She has no right to stay by his side at all...

   Just when she was holding the phone and was in the *corner, the phone rang again, she shook as if she was being burned, looking at the flashing name on the phone screen, she actually wanted to run away.


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