Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 150

Ruan Xi sighed, "Since we haven't seen each other for so long, let me treat you to something." According to Ruan Xi's knowledge, in Pei Nanming's commercial battlefield, only the Jin family was not defeated The fire is burning. I don't know if this is considered lucky.

  Jin Chengfeng never refused anyone who came, like a fox who took advantage of it, he smiled so hard that his eyes narrowed.

   "Speaking of which, you must not have appeared here so early just to attend Pei Nanming's wedding, right?"

  Jin Chengfeng bit the straw of his drink and waited for the food to be served.

   "We haven't had much contact, right? Why does it feel like you know me so well?"

  Ruan Xi rolled her eyes, do I need to know more about this? After all, he was also the young master of the Jin family, and he was especially favored by Mr. Hua. Naturally, such a busy person would not come here to wander around when he had nothing to do.

   "Let me guess, is it for your job again?"

  Jin Chengfeng took two sips of his drink, "Yes, and no."

   What kind of answer is this.

   "If you say yes, it's related to my family's job, if you say no... I came here because of my family's job again, eh... why am I so miserable, and I specialize in doing this kind of drudgery."

  The woman in his family's job bowl is Gu Yinlin's woman... So that means...

   "Jiang Yi is here? Isn't she?"

  Jin Chengfeng raised his eyes to look at her, "Who knows, that damned girl is a ghost. I followed the car, but I didn't see her."

   "What is she doing here?"

   "How do I know, I have to ask her about this. But if I guess, it's probably because she thinks the variety of men here is very good. After all, many famous schools are here."

   What kind of logical relationship is this? It has nothing to do with whether Jiang Yi comes here or not if the men are very good. Besides, if there are many varieties in a famous school, it is good, maybe?

  Ruan Xi couldn't help frowning when she thought of seeing Jiang Yi in the locker room last time, "She and Gu Yinlin... seem to have a relationship..."

  Jin Chengfeng raised his eyebrows, "You have been with Jiang Yi before, so you naturally understand her temperament. You said that a girl like her is with a man who is very different in all aspects, what will happen?"

  Ruan Xi was stunned for a moment, Jiang Yi has been an independent and strong girl since she was a child, otherwise she would not have escaped from the orphanage at a young age and lived in a slum for more than ten years.

  As for Gu Yinlin, although she hasn't been with Gu Yinlin for a long time, she can see that he is also a strong man, but Gu Yinlin's strength is not exposed.

   "However, Jiang Yi is not an unreasonable person. Since she chose to leave, there must be other reasons."

   "I can't explain a sentence, it's a tricky thing anyway."

  Jin Chengfeng sighed.

   "Gu Yinlin didn't come in person?"

   "Of course not, he is probably entangled by his cute childhood sweetheart now, and he is out of his wits."

Sure enough, Ruan Xi curled her lips, "You can't blame Jiang Yi for this, is he going to step on two boats?" I couldn't help but worry about Jiang Yi, Jiang Yi is different from her, she can bear many things, but Jiang Yi Can't bear it.

Jin Chengfeng raised his eyes and looked at Ruan Xi, "You also know that a person of Gu Yinlin's like Pei Nanming, how many women have he had by his side, can you count them? A man must know how to play tricks. No matter how capable A man who is a good man must also adapt to the environment. A person who knows how to grasp what he wants to fight for in various environments is truly powerful. Your husband Shang Boyan, you* Pei Nanming, they are all such people, and Gu Yinlin , in the position of the head of the Chu family, with Gu Qing watching over him, it is impossible for him to set up any enemy that may cause harm to him, and his childhood sweetheart is."

After finishing speaking, Jin Chengfeng breathed out and waved his hands, "Forget it, forget it, you don't understand what I'm telling you, you women, apart from love and love, you see your men like thieves, so tight , nothing."

  Ruan Xi blushed, although most of his words were correct, but what husband* really made her want to tear this overly handsome man in front of her.

  After the meal, Jin Chengfeng fell on his own, and Ruan Xi walked back to the hotel by himself, since they were not far away anyway, so walking by himself should be regarded as a walk.

  While passing the school, it was just in time for the students to study by themselves in the evening, and many people were streaming on the street. Looking at the pure and happy faces of the students, she was a little dazed.

   Just sat down on the lounge chair next to him.

   In the past, when she was doing self-study in the evening in high school, she was the happiest. During that section of the road, Gu Chi was always by her side. Even if she didn't say anything, she felt very happy in her heart.

  That kind of simple and happy time is really nostalgic, but now, so many years have passed in a blink of an eye, all that is left is people and everything is not sad.

  Gu Chi, you want me to be happy, but I really can't find the direction of happiness.

  Just as she was working hard to love Shang Boyan and manage her current family, Pei Nanming stepped in with the strongest posture.

  Now, she doesn't know how to face Shang Boyan, she is like a **** young woman, shameless and obscene.

  It made her feel downright dirty and hateful.

   After such a daze, she didn't know how long she had been sitting there. All the students had left, and there were only a few sparse people left on the street.

  At this time, suddenly there was a person sitting next to her. She was taken aback, and turned her head to look over guardedly, but she was a little dumbfounded.

   "Jiang Yi, you..."

   "I really had nowhere to run, and I knew that Pei Nanming asked you to come here to set up the wedding scene, so I followed suit. However, Jin Chengfeng kept an eye on you. I never had a chance to find you."

  Jiang Yi held a cigarette between her fingers, and never looked at Ruan Xi, but at the flowers and plants in front of her.

  Ruan Xi found that she was still wearing the very trendy clothes, but that kind of clothes made her look very coquettish. Even Ruan Xi couldn't imagine that before Ruan Xi came to the slums, she was a wild tomboy with a hedgehog head, beggar pants and a washed and whitish T-shirt.

  Ruan Xi finally understood that Jin Chengfeng came to her by chance, and the co-author was simply monitoring her, probably because he guessed that Jiang Yi might come to her.

  However, she didn't expect Jiang Yi to appear. Last time, Jiang Yi left hastily and decisively.

   "Is there any problem between you and Gu Yinlin?" Ruan Xi asked very bluntly this time.

  Jiang Yi glanced at her and smiled, "It's always been a problem. He and I are not from the same world."

Ruan Xi was stunned after hearing this, and suddenly looked at Jiang Yi seriously, Jiang Yi's complexion was not good, very pale, and now Jiang Yi looked very thin, not at all like when she met before momentum.

  Now Jiang Yi feels like a very tired traveler who really wants to find a place to rest, she really can't walk anymore.

  When did the mighty Jiang Yi become like this? And, and...

   "Are you belittling yourself?" You actually said that you and Gu Yinlin are not from the same world.

"Am I wrong? I have no parents, no upbringing, no knowledge, no background, basically nothing but bad habits and a bad temper. But he is different, a pianist, after a senior career, Gu President Shi... a man surrounded by a halo."

   It's not self-deprecating, but simply inferiority and avoidance.

   "Jiang Yi, when did you become so unconfident. You used to be..." Ruan Xi smiled bitterly and felt powerless at the same time.

What Jiang Yi said are all cruel facts. In real life, it is full of sectarian opinions. Even if two people who love each other can ignore it, their mouths grow on other people, and they talk about how you don’t match each other day after day. After a long time, you will also have doubts, right?

"Before? I used to be too naive and ignorant. If I didn't run out with Ah Bei, maybe he would have been adopted by a good family, just like you. Then he wouldn't delay his illness and die like that. Xiaoli will not meet me and Abei, and will not be dragged down by us, and do things that should not be done."

   Speaking of this, Jiang Yi finally turned her head to look at Ruan Xi, "You must not know, the night you were photographed..."

   Speaking of this, Ruan Xi suddenly bit her lip and lowered her head in embarrassment.

"The Xiaoli who connected with you and took you to the hotel in the end is the Xiaoli I mentioned. He is the best friend of Abei and me. Without him, we would be beggars sleeping on the street. But in the end we dragged him down and hurt him. about you."

  Ruan Xi was confused.

  Jiang Yi knew she couldn't understand, so she told everything. It turned out that when Ruan Xi used Qin Zhiran's power to escape from Pei Nanming five years ago, the person who was in charge of connecting with Ruan Xi was the one who had been taking care of Jiang Yi and Ah Bei.

   Ah Bei was sick and had been hiding it from Jiang Yi and Xiaoli. When it was found out later, he had to undergo chemotherapy, and chemotherapy was tantamount to overwhelming Jiang Yi's economic situation. They are just children from the slums, with nothing but Xiaoli owns a house left by her parents when her parents divorced in a high-end residential area.

  Xiaoli wanted to sell the house to A Bei for medical treatment, but Jiang Yi refused, and promised to raise medical expenses by herself. It was also at that time that Jiang Yi met Gu Yinlin.


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