Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 149

These words made Pei Nanming's eyes sink slightly, he turned his head and asked the waiter to put on new bowls and chopsticks, filled half a bowl of rice by himself, and started to eat without the slightest bit of disgust.

   "Pour me a drink." Pei Nanming ordered her naturally.

  She bit her lip, she really didn't see anything.

  Just as he was about to wave to the waiter, he suddenly raised his head and said, "Just use your cup."

  Ruan Xi was embarrassed, her face turned reddish, "Is this not good?"

Pei Nanming narrowed his eyes and looked at her, "What's wrong? Did we have any contact before? I never disliked it before, but now..." Speaking of this, he suddenly frowned. Now that she is Shang Boyan's wife, they... …

   "I don't care." After finishing the second half of the sentence, he lowered his head and continued to eat.

  Ruan Xi felt a bit in a dilemma, and finally asked the waiter for a new cup, filled it with a drink and handed it to him.

  He didn't continue on this topic, "You don't eat it? Don't you always have a soft spot for Sichuan cuisine?" He himself doesn't like spicy food very much.

"I'm stuffed."

  Pei Nanming glanced at her critically, got up, "Since you're full, let's go."

  Out of the Sichuan restaurant, the lights on the street have already been turned on, and the light green lights illuminate the tall sycamore trees on both sides, which has a special charm.

   Around the campus, students who study by themselves in the evening walk to the teaching building with books in their hands, and students who do not study by themselves in the evening start to go shopping.

  Pei Nanming walked ahead of Ruan Xi, walking neither fast nor slow, while Ruan Xi followed behind him a little timidly, always thinking about finding an excuse to go back to the hotel.

  To be honest, she didn't want to be alone with Pei Nanming at all. One was because she was afraid, and the other was that she felt that she had betrayed her promise to Shang Boyan.

  Passing by the backstreet boutique, Pei Nanming stopped suddenly, looked up at the signboard, and then turned to Ruan Xi, "Go in and have a look?"

  At this age, she really doesn't think there's anything to see in it, but she didn't object to what Pei Nanming said.

  The small boutique is full of exquisite and cheap accessories for girls. Pei Nanming stared at a doll bear for a long time, but when Ruan Xi passed the ring window, she suddenly stopped and stared fixedly at a pair of couple rings inside.

  Gu Chi...

"I heard that there is a bird in New Guinea called the bird of paradise. They are loyal to love. Once they fall in love, they stay together for life. They don't fight or make noise. They just care about and love each other forever. If you lose your partner one day, the other bird will definitely not remarry or remarry, but go on a hunger strike to die... If, one day, I die, will you be like the bird of paradise?"

"Fool, we won't encounter such a thing... because, I will not let you encounter it. If there is a day, I will try my best. If I try my best and still can't do it, then I will only Die before you..."

   "That ring is very beautiful, buy it now, and give it to me as an engagement ring in the future."

   "No, how can my future wife wear such a low-level ring..."

   "I like that, as long as the heart is true, what does it matter if things are worthless?"

   "No, my future wife will be matched with the most valuable diamond ring in the world, because she is my only one"

   "...I'm leaving, you must live a good life, you must be very happy...very happy..."

  She bit her lip, and tears suddenly welled up in her eyes, and the tears that almost welled up in her eyes were tightly shut in her eye sockets with a movement of closing her eyes...

  Gu Chi, I promise you, you will be happy, you will be...

  Pei Nanming came over with a teddy bear to pay the bill, and saw Ruan Xi staring at the ring window with tears in his eyes, his eyes dimmed slightly. He actually saw the ring inside the ring box.

   It's just that she has always hidden the ring box very well, so when he found it, he didn't know that the box was handed over to Ruan Xi by Zhang Tong after Ruan Xi lost her mind...

   At that time, he also thought about throwing it away, but in the end he put it back intact.

   "Let's go" pretending not to see Ruan Xi's abnormality, after paying the bill, he walked out first.

  Ruan Xi followed behind him, wiping away tears quietly, only to realize that the teddy bear he held in his arms turned out to be an old-fashioned baby bear.

   "You, why did you buy this all of a sudden..." Out of curiosity, she asked out of nowhere, but after she asked, she felt that she really had no position, and she couldn't help biting her lips in annoyance.

  Pei Nanming was uncharacteristically, and replied with a good temper, "There is only one mother bear at home, it is too lonely, so, buy a baby bear and go back to keep it company."

  Ruan Xi was dumbfounded, it's hard to imagine that Pei Nanming would do such a boring thing!

  Before, he never wasted a little time and energy on meaningless people and things. Even those around him, he has no patience to coax them, only when he needs them, he will think of them.

   It's ridiculous that most of the time, he doesn't know the names of those *

  Is his change because of Xu Chuyan?

  Thinking of this, her heart felt sore and swollen, and this kind of emotion made her feel that she was really cheap and hateful, and suddenly she felt a little self-loathing.

   Along the way, she was depressed, and she was not in the mood to look at the scenery or chat, but just followed behind Pei Nanming with her head sullen.

  And when the schoolgirls around saw Pei Nanming, their eyes lit up, just like being surrounded by schoolgirls for five years...

   "That man is so handsome..."

   "Yeah, so temperament..."

   "I like this handsome and deep man the most..."

   "The ideal husband candidate..."

   "Dream *ah..."


   Whispers kept coming, and Pei Nanming naturally heard it, which made him feel ridiculous and boring...

  Ruan Xi was always thinking deeply, and didn't care about everything around him. Pei Nanming naturally noticed that he could smuggle while shopping. This made him feel depressed, so he stopped suddenly.

   With a muffled snort, she reached out and touched her nose, then looked up at Pei Nanming blankly.

  Pei Nanming was condescending, holding a teddy bear in the crook of his right arm, and suddenly pinching her chin with his left hand, his voice was low and magnetic, "Why, have you been seduced?"

   Pushing his hand away belatedly, frowned, "I'm sorry, Mr. Pei, I'm tired, I want to go back and rest, and I have to make a scene for Mr. Pei's wedding ceremony tomorrow."

   After speaking, turn around and leave, draw a clear line, she will never have anything to do with him again.

  Pei Nanming frowned, and his eyes suddenly turned cold, but he didn't get angry, but followed her silently, and followed her back.

  By returning to the hotel entrance, she found that Pei Nanming was still following silently, and immediately turned around cautiously, "Mr. Pei, I'm already here, you don't need to send it off."

  Pei Nanming raised his eyebrows amusedly, "Miss Ruan, you are acting passionate, I didn't see you off, I just went back to the hotel to rest."

  Ruan Xi was embarrassed and stared wide-eyed. This man obviously has a villa here, but he came to live in a hotel? !

   "In that case, good night, Mr. Pei." After speaking, Ruan Xi strode into the elevator.

  Pei Nanming actually followed in like a shadow.

  The elevator space is not small, and it is scary that there are only her and Pei Nanming. Ruan Xi took two steps back guardedly like a wolf.

   Huddled in the corner of the elevator.

  Pei Nanming saw her movements from the polished inner wall of the elevator, the corners of his lips twitched slightly, and he turned around suddenly, with a "snap" of his arms, he firmly propped her against the wall, firmly fixing her between him and the wall.

  The sudden oppressive force, coupled with Pei Nanming's condescending and gloomy expression, immediately made Ruan Xi's expression change, and he asked cautiously, "What do you want to do?"

  Pei Nanming snorted coldly, "What are you doing? I didn't want to do anything, but I wanted to ask you, why are you keeping shrinking? Are you afraid that I will eat you?"

   "I'm used to standing in the corner, what's wrong with that?" Ruan Xi asked back with a guilty conscience, bluffing her neck.

  Actually, there is a shadow of the past in my heart, and it is a lie to say that I am not afraid.

   "So that's how it is." Pei Nanming suddenly reached out and pinched her chin, "I thought that Miss Ruan, who had been wiped out by me long ago, would use me as a wolf again."

   Before Ruan Xi could react, she suddenly lowered her head and kissed her hard.

  Ruan Xi's mind froze for two seconds. After realizing it, she immediately pushed Pei Nanming away, "What on earth do you want to do? Pei Nanming, don't go too far. I'm a woman with a family now! Don't mess around!"

  Crying bitterly for Gu Chi, loving himself for Shang Boyan's cleanliness, but seeing him as a devil, resisting and guarding all the time! That's really nice! It's not in vain for him to treat her like that!

  Pei Nanming tightly pinched the plush bear in his hand. What's so good about this woman? Why is she the only one? ! Mother Ruan Ting died because of her. A good family broke up because of her mother and her. Obviously, she was the culprit. She should continue to hate unswervingly, seize every opportunity available, torture her, persecute her, let her She couldn't live but couldn't die, but when she ran away without a sound, he went crazy and searched all over the world.

  I am always worried about whether she is doing well, whether she is eating enough and sleeping well, whether she will be bullied, whether she is still mentally abnormal, whether... have you ever missed him?

  He knew that he must be crazy to become like that...

  In the past five years, there was no news. He really didn't give up and wanted to continue, but when he saw her appearing next to Shang Boyan with her son, he was really angry and heartbroken...

  At this moment, he also had emotions similar to anger, but soon, that anger was replaced by a habitual psychology of wanting to stab her.

"A woman with a family? Huh! But, the son you gave birth to is mine, and you... will still be mine." He grabbed her wrist and pulled it in front of her, "Ruan Xi, I said, you What you owe me will never end!" The nightmare came back!

  Ruan Xi was anxious, angry and terrified, "I have nothing to do with you!"

  The voice trembled sharply, and the elevator door suddenly opened...

  Pei Nanming couldn't help but dragged her out of the elevator.

  Room 838, he swiped the key card, opened the door, and pushed her in.

  She couldn't believe that Pei Nanming's room was opposite her room!

  Pushed by Pei Nanming, Ruan Xi couldn't stand, and fell to the ground. Fortunately, there was a thick wool blanket on the ground, so the fall didn't hurt.

  Pei Nanming leaned on the door with his arms folded and looked at her, "Does it have nothing to do with me? Xi'er, don't say such things. That will only make me want to get involved with you even more."

  Ruan Xi shuddered, biting her lower lip tightly, unable to bear the tears of humiliation.

"Brother Nanming, what exactly do you want? Tell me, okay? If we go on like this, no one will be happy. You are getting married, and I have my own family. No matter how many grievances there are, we should It's a head, isn't it?"

  I am a boneless person, I cannot hate you, please show mercy and let me go...

  She actually wanted to end it!

  Pei Nanming just stared at her quietly, and made no next move.

   But Ruan Xi was full of uneasiness when he saw it, a kind of panic that he didn't even know where to put his hands.

   No matter how calm you are, you can't resist the fear of getting along with each other.

   In this luxurious hotel suite, it's just the two of them.

  The feeling of being swept away by the nightmare really gave her the urge to run away.

  However, Pei Nanming quietly guarded the door with his arms folded.

  It's ending, isn't it? He suddenly raised his lips into a wicked smile, "Do you want to end it? Yes, the son is mine. As for you, whoever you want to be with, I have no problem."

   Ruan Xi's chest was suffocated, and she stared at Pei Nanming. What he said meant to kill her!

   "How can you be so vicious!" Ruan Xi suddenly rushed over, "Let me out, Shang Yang is not your son, don't be so affectionate, I won't have children for you!"

  Pei Nanming was still leaning against the door, unmoved, no matter how she pushed him, he would not move.

   With nothing to do, Ruan Xi grabbed his arm and bit him, really wanting to bite off his flesh.

  It hurts! Pei Nanming frowned, and suddenly grabbed her hair with one hand, supported the back of her head with the other, and kissed her tightly.

  Ruan Xi bit him out of blood, and his mouth was filled with the smell of blood.

  And Pei Nanming didn't care, kissing her while dragging her into the bedroom.

  Ruan Xi felt that the sky was dark, and the lights in the bedroom were not turned on, so the room was dark.

  Bang——with a muffled sound, his body folded on the soft bed, and immediately, Pei Nanming's strong body pressed down.

  Ruan Xi suddenly felt the world turned upside down, his chest was tightly covered.

   Painful, breathing is entangled with the faint smell of men's perfume on Pei Nanming's body. His habits have not changed, even the brand of perfume he uses is still the same one he used before.

  He is a very stubborn person. Once he gets used to something, it is difficult to change. Ruan Xi knew this since childhood. But since when did you start paying attention to his habits? She didn't know about this either, maybe since she entered Pei's house, she was carefully observing her surroundings, for fear of doing something wrong and being annoying, so she even kept Pei Nanming's various habits in her heart, right?

  Pei Nanming's fanaticism and danger made Ruan Xi both surprised and frightened, struggling desperately, but Pei Nanming didn't have the slightest intention of retreating. The next moment, he couldn't resist pushing her top up, and teased her with nimble and familiar fingers.

   Gasped, Ruan Xi kicked him unwillingly, and at the same time shouted, "Pei Nanming, don't act recklessly!"

  Pei Nanming looked up at her in the dark, "You're messing around? Why, are you going to defend yourself like a jade for that kid surnamed Shang or something?"

After finishing speaking, he grabbed her neck, "If you don't want to be too embarrassed, just be honest with me. I don't want to force you, and I don't want to hurt Yangyang. If you really love him, just listen to me obediently My request is very simple, come to me obediently when I need it. Don’t worry, I won’t let that boy Shangboyan know.”

  Ruan Xi immediately petrified, while Pei Nanming quickly took off her clothes and pressed her down.

  Hot skin, heavy panting, heavy sex in the dark night, and instant lust, but no matter what, they couldn't warm Ruan Xi's extremely cold heart.

  He...does he want her to continue to be that shady underground* after she has a husband and he also has a family? ! If he doesn't agree, will he cause trouble all over the city? !

  How can you be so despicable, how can you treat her like this? ! If his hatred is still there, wouldn't it be better to kill her directly? !

   Tears flooded like a flood that broke a bank, and she wept silently.

  And Pei Nanming also noticed that she was trembling, but he didn't give up. He knew that if he let her go like this, he would never have another chance in his life!

  His stubbornness lies in the consequence of doing so, even if it is her deep-seated hatred, he will never give up.

  Actually, during the vacation before she escaped, that scene also Xu Youxin might seduce him unintentionally, but he felt that maybe, maybe... she still loves him a little bit! It's just that he was really unable to respond in the torment of love and hate. Apart from making the two of them miserable, he really didn't know how to deal with this love cloaked in hatred.

  He hugged her tightly, and stretched forward, she groaned slightly, then he froze for a moment, his movements suddenly became stiff for a moment.

   "You..." He looked at her in surprise, trembling slightly.

  Ruan Xi was so embarrassed that she wanted to just turn into ashes!

Ruan Xi suddenly wrapped her legs around her waist, her arms wrapped around his neck like a spirit snake. She sobbed and sneered, "Are you very satisfied and proud now? Pei Nanming, I'm a bitch , you are right, I am the damn trample!"

  Pei Nanming suddenly covered her mouth, put her on her head, and kissed her, "Stop talking..."

   Such a tight feeling, for five years, she is still waiting for him...but he used to treat her like that...

  He kissed the corners of her eyes over and over again. Although he didn't say anything, the comfort at that time was pampering.

  In the dark night, there seemed to be countless fireworks blooming above the heads of both of them, accompanied by the sweat that was thrown was the pinnacle of physical happiness.

  Ruan Xi completely lost strength and fell on the couch, but her heart was completely desolate.

   Gu Chi said, Ruan Xi, you must be happy...

  Shang Boyan said, don’t cry, our fate hasn’t arrived yet...

  But now, she doesn't know if she still has the ability to continue to find happiness, and she doesn't know if she can still wait for the fate with Shang Boyan...

   This joy with Pei Nanming, even though Pei Nanming forced her, she couldn't escape the reality—a betrayal of body and mind...

  Shang Boyan, is she going to let down this man who has taken care of her for five years again? ...

  Pei Nanming lay behind her, hugged her gently from behind, turned her over, and said softly, "What's the matter, are you still angry?"

  Ruan Xi bit her lip and looked up at him, "You turned me into a slut"

  Pei Nanming frowned slightly, apparently not liking how she described herself.

   "You don't love him."

   "But, I don't love you either..."

  Before he finished speaking, Pei Nanming suddenly turned over and held her down, as if threatening, "Say it again?"

  Ruan Xi turned his eyes away, not daring to look at the dark flame in his burning eyes, "You hate me, I know."

  Pei Nanming's face darkened, "I hate you..." However, I couldn't stop my love for you... If it was pure hatred, it would be so simple.

   After hearing what he said, Ruan Xi felt a pain in his heart, he still blamed her for all the faults that had nothing to do with her.

  He made a gesture to push him away, but he lowered his head, suddenly caught the monster on her chest, and bit her in revenge.

  The stinging pain stimulated her body with a soft electric current, and she couldn't help moaning.

  Pei Nanming raised his head, "Don't mention this in front of me in the future, especially at times like this"

  Ruan Xi's eyes were slightly blurred, and the moist luster made Pei Nanming's heart unbearable, and the fire that was just extinguished in his stomach actually revived...

The next day, when Ruan Xi woke up, Pei Nanming just buttoned up his cuffs. Seeing that she had woken up, he looked back at her and said with a smile, "Last night, I had a great time. It seems that after five years of abstinence, you are also very good. I will arrange more feasts like this."

   After speaking, he turned and went out.

  Ruan Xi was stunned for a while before realizing it, and suddenly became angry, and threw a pillow, but it only hit the bedroom door.

  After Pei Nanming walked out of the hotel, he immediately made a call.

  It took a while to answer over there. As soon as the phone was connected, Pei Nanming immediately said, "How's the investigation going?"

The other side was silent for a while before answering, "There are clues, but after many years, most of the residents have been demolished, and the old houses have been refurbished into high-rise buildings. I'm afraid it's not easy to find. The resident said that there is an old lady who is still alive and in good health. She has been neighbors with Qin Xiner for several years, and Qin Xiner often entrusts the child to the old woman to take care of her. If you find her, you should be able to ask a lot of things. Come……"

   "Well, then you continue to check, once there is any new news, let me know immediately."


  Hung up the line, but before putting down the phone, another call came in. After checking the caller ID, he answered it immediately.

   "Mr. Pei, the matter here has been found out. Miss Ruan went to Giverny, a small town near Paris five years ago..."

  Pei Nanming listened to this report for about 20 minutes, and finally gave a soft "hmm". From the beginning to the end, he didn't show any emotion...

  Perhaps because of Pei Nanming's strength, Ruan Xi's life became extremely tormented. When setting up the scene, not only did her back hurt, but she also felt overwhelmed.

  Tang Wenyi helped the whole process, but the shrewdness in his eyes made Ruan Xi feel that he was too much like a shady mouse, and always had a feeling of despair.

   When the scene came to an end, Tang Wenyi bought two bottles of drinks, handed one to Ruan Xi, and then he drank half of the bottle by himself.

   This is definitely the first time Ruan Xi has seen Tang Wenyi so unrestrained, so he was a little surprised, "You have never drank like this before."

  Tang Wenyi didn't realize what she meant for a while, and after thinking about it, he smiled, "Before I became his personal executive, I was always so bold, but I am even more bold than this."

   "You are very professional." Tang Wenyi understood the sarcasm of the words, she was mocking him for helping the evildoers back then.

   "If you stood in my position and saw how entangled he was, maybe you would make the same decision as me." After Tang Wenyi finished speaking, he raised his head and drank his drink again.

  Ruan Xi sneered, "Even if he is entangled to death, I will not help him do that kind of thing like you."

   After speaking, Ruan Xi turned around to do other things.

Tang Wenyi looked at her back and said, "You can say that now only because you don't know how deeply he loves you. Only those who work with him know best about him and his style of doing things. It’s been the longest time, and of course no one knows better than me. So, when he is vacillating and even suffering because of you, I simply suspect that he has changed.”

  Ruan Xi paused for a moment, then suddenly turned around and smiled after hearing what he said, "This cannot be the reason for him to persecute me."

   After speaking, turn around and continue walking.

"Whether you have him in your heart, you know better than anyone else. Moreover, I don't believe you are not aware of his feelings for you. Since you are willing to have children for him, it means that you actually care about him in your heart." During the five years when you left suddenly, do you know what kind of life he lived?" Tang Wenyi asked Ruan Xi, holding the drink bottle tightly, with a rare hint of anger in his voice.

  In the end, his balance is still on Pei Nanming's side.

  Ruan Xi raised the corners of his mouth behind Tang Wenyi's back. In fact, he knew who this man was leaning towards a long time ago, and he didn't feel anything at the moment.

  She turned around slowly, the angrier she was, the calmer her expression became, "Ask me if I know what kind of life he has lived in the past five years?"

She took two steps back, walked up to Tang Wenyi, and slowly raised her eyes, "So, you have witnessed with your own eyes what kind of life I have lived by his side these years, right?" After speaking, she opened the cuffs of her long-sleeved shirt , showing half of her wrist, "You shouldn't forget this scar, right? You have such a good memory, such an excellent man. And..." She pointed at her own brain, "Here, I will go crazy when I am around him Will be stupid, will collapse... Excuse me, what kind of life am I living?" The corners of his eyes raised slightly, "You ask me, do you know what kind of life he lived in the past five years..." It seemed like a big joke, "It's as if I've lived a good life in the past five years. When I was sleeping on the street and couldn't eat enough, what was he doing? Eating, drinking, and sleeping with women? Of course, maybe, he would go crazy. Looking for me, but what is the purpose of looking for me? Because in his heart, I killed Ruan Ting, and he hasn't had enough revenge, because I, who is played by him day and night, ran away. He couldn't stand it, and he must catch me Go back and torture yourself!..."

  Tang Wenyi tightly clutched the drink bottle, looked into Ruan Xi's red eyes, and couldn't utter a rebuttal when it came to his lips.

  How did Pei Nanming torment Ruan Xi? He's not an amnesiac, of course he remembers But, behind those tortures, how good is Pei Nanming's life?

  He said that he didn't want them to take another detour, and wanted to clarify some things for Pei Nanming, but... But did he do it right or wrong?

   In the final analysis, it is all between the two of them. No matter how anxious others are, they will only help more and more, right?

  He knew that Pei Nanming and Ruan Xi were together yesterday, and thought that after one night, at least there would be some change, but he was obviously wrong. Ruan Xi seems to have a more grudge against Pei Nanming.

   When he recovered, Ruan Xi had already walked away.

  He sighed helplessly, thinking, maybe Pei Nanming was really too stubborn and had to hang himself on a tree.

  e City International Airport, Shang Boyan strode ahead, Lu Yi held his head high, dressed in professional women's attire, and followed behind with a smile on his face.

  Because the Shang family spans three major industries, it is highly valued as soon as it enters the e-city. And Shang Boyan is in charge of entertainment, so the reporters of those entertainment newspapers are naturally staring at him openly and secretly.

  As soon as he came out of the security checkpoint, he was immediately surrounded by reporters. This time was very different from his first visit to e City. It seems that the role of the press conference has completely turned him into a public figure who is more worthy of attention than a star!

  The week-long meeting, he reduced it to four days, and after finishing only his part of the report, he rushed back.

  When an accident happened in the studio, he couldn't get away, so he could only reduce the meeting time as much as possible.

  He didn't inform Ruan Xi, on the one hand, he wanted to surprise her, and on the other hand, he wanted to deal with the work in the studio first. However, he still habitually looked around in the crowd, really hoping that she would also surprise him by appearing suddenly.

  As soon as he realized his own psychology, he couldn't help laughing. Just as silly as a child.

   Leaving aside the reporter, got on the special car that came to pick up the airport, and immediately contacted another secretary. After listening to the secretary's report and explaining some things, he hung up the phone.

  Lu Yi was sitting in the co-pilot, watching Shang Boyan silently through the rearview mirror, and found that his complexion was not very good after the phone call, so he couldn't help asking, "What happened?"

   Shang Boyan shook his head, turned his head and looked out the window thoughtfully.

  The matter in the studio was caused by Xu Chuyan. This Lu Yi had already reported it to him, and Lu Yi also told him very hesitantly that Pei Nanming and Ruan Xi had met.

  However, he always believed in Ruan Xi, so even if he cared a little bit, he wouldn't really mind.

  However, this time Ruan Xi went to Tostana...

   Of course he remembered that place. Before he accepted Shang’s entertainment industry, he went there to see it, and it was there that he met Ruan Xi...

  After dealing with some urgent business, it was already the early morning of the next day. I checked my phone, and there was no phone number or text message from Ruan Xi.

  After washing up, I bought something to go home early, and Shang Yang happened to be taken by the nanny for dinner.

  When Shang Yang saw him coming back, he rushed over immediately, "Daddy!"

  Shang Boyan smiled, picked up Shang Yang and kissed him, "Did you miss me?"


  Shang Yang put his arms around Shang Boyan's neck, smiling until his two pretty little eyes narrowed.

   "Where's Mommy?" He asked knowingly, but he didn't want Shang Yang to know that he came back yesterday, and he couldn't explain why.

  Maybe it was just because he was worried that Shang Yang would tell Ruan Xi that he didn't want her to feel guilty about it. When he heard that she had gone to Tustana yesterday, he was angry, just because that place had her most embarrassing memories, and he didn't want her to be hurt.

  "Mummy said, I have something important to do and I have to go out for two days, so let me obediently listen to my aunt at home." This aunt naturally refers to the nanny.

   "So, shall we go find Mommy together?"

  Shang Boyan kissed Shang Yang indulgently again.

  Shang Yang's small eyes immediately brightened, "Okay. I heard that Mommy went to Uncle Pei's wedding."

  Shang Boyan touched Shang Yang's head, "When did you hear about it?"

   "I heard about it when I went back to Mrs. Mo's house." Shang Yang blinked.

  Shang Boyan was startled for a moment, then smiled, he should go back, after all, after raising her for so many years, men don't like ungrateful women.

   "That Xu Chuyan is really annoying. She bumped into Mommy on purpose and made things difficult."

  This time Shang Boyan looked somewhat gloomy, and it was Xu Chuyan again.

   "However, I have already made her look good, and sprayed her face with saliva."

  Shang Boyan clapped his hands, "You little devil."

  Shang Yang pouted, "Daddy, I only deal with bad guys and monsters. In front of good people, I am a kind angel."

  Shang Boy extended the black line, he really didn't seem to have seen Shang Yang's angel much.

  In order to arrange the scene well, Ruan Xi was so busy that she was as tired as a donkey. It's hard to arrange everything almost, and it's already dark.

  For Pei Nanming's wedding ceremony, the entire playground was booked out, so there were no tourists in the playground in the past two days, only the staff of the prospective wedding ceremony were busy.

   Such mobilization of teachers and people naturally caused quite a stir, especially since Xu Chuyan is a well-known star, and Pei Nanming is one of the few outstanding people in e-city.

  So, the reporter also came.

  Many reporters can enter the venue after showing their work permits. Ruan Xi didn't expect this. Pei Nanming is not a high-profile person. She thought that the wedding would be as low-key as possible. But after thinking about it, I felt that I was a fool. The wedding was scheduled at the amusement park. Did you want to keep a low profile?

   After tidying up the scene, Ruan Xi rubbed her neck and prepared to go back to the hotel, but when she remembered that Pei Nanming lived across from her, she immediately hesitated, considering whether to change to another hotel.

   "Long time no see." Suddenly someone patted her behind her, Ruan Xi turned her head in surprise, and saw that she was actually Jin Chengfeng.

   "How could you..."

  Jin Chengfeng curled his lips, "Why didn't I come? I haven't seen you for five years, and you are really prettier than before." As he spoke, he looked her up and down like a searchlight.

   "Thanks, I think so too."

   "Why aren't you humble?!" Jin Chengfeng took a step away, "You were not like this before."

  Ruan Xi frowned, "Am I not humble now?"

  Jin Chengfeng pinched his chin, "Of course not."

Ruan Xi sighed, "Since we haven't seen each other for so long, let me treat you to something." According to Ruan Xi's knowledge, in Pei Nanming's commercial battlefield, only the Jin family was not defeated The fire is burning. I don't know if this is considered lucky.

  Jin Chengfeng never refused anyone who came, like a fox who took advantage of it, he smiled so hard that his eyes narrowed.

   "Say back“


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