Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 148

When Su Nai talked about this, Ruan Xi naturally couldn't keep him anymore, and sighed in frustration.

Su Nai turned to leave, but suddenly stopped, looked back at her, and said inexplicably, "Pay more attention to Secretary Lu. The more loving, broad-minded and tolerant a man is, the easier it is for his beloved Women ignore it. Such a man is usually very lonely and lonely... and it is easy for those who covet him to take advantage of it..."

   After saying that, Su Nai left without looking back.

  Ruan Xi stayed there, this is a well-intentioned reminder...

  Bo Yan...has he been ignored by me? My heart suddenly felt very uncomfortable, and I felt extremely tormented. She worked really hard...

   Slumped on the seat, her powerless tears fell into the bitter coffee, she felt that she was really useless...

  Lu Yi, that woman who went in and out with Shang Boyan... She looked at Shang Boyan's eyes, and she also... noticed... It was admiration, greed and strong possessiveness...

  After arriving in Tustana, she found that the playground was more lively than before. This scenic area is much more prosperous than before.

  University town plus a scenic area, the surrounding supporting facilities are complete, the scenery is good, the air is good, everything is enough to attract tourists from all walks of life...

  Before arriving here, she called Tang Wenyi first, so Tang Wenyi had been waiting for her here, and when she saw that she was carrying a small suitcase, he reached out to take it.

   "Miss Ruan came just in time. I just asked someone to tidy up the room."

  Ruan Xi immediately smiled and said, "Don't bother, I have already booked the hotel in advance."

  Tang Wenyi's eyes flickered slightly, and he sighed in his heart. Five years later, what remained unchanged was his easy-going temper on the surface, but his strong temper in reality. However, it doesn't matter if you stay in a hotel, I'm afraid that if you enter the gate of the villa area, what you will bring to her will only be a steady stream of old nightmares...

  He really doesn't understand what Pei Nanming wants to do, he knows that Ruan Xi only has unpleasant memories of this place...

   It's not that he refuses to help Pei Nanming anymore, but he thinks that instead of torturing himself and Ruan Xi, Pei Nanming should just let go and let the two of them start again...

  However, he is also very clear that Pei Nanming is stubborn and persistent in his bones, so, really, there is no way...

After sending Ruan Xi to the hotel, Tang Wenyi looked at the time, "It's six o'clock now, so there's definitely nothing I can do, go eat something first, and get a good night's rest later, tomorrow will be very busy." Xiang Ruanxi, "There's a new Sichuan restaurant here, and it's delicious. I'm treating you. Let's eat together."

   Originally, Ruan Xi wanted to refuse, but she really had a grudge against Tang Wenyi, but thinking that after all, he and Zhang Tong might get together in the future, she reluctantly nodded for Zhang Tong's sake.

  He also saw her reluctance, but didn't mind.

  On the dinner table, there are sesame oil chicken, boiled beef, steamed pork ribs, pickled fish, mapo tofu and fish-flavored eggplant. The dishes look very appetizing. When I was in France, I couldn’t eat authentic Sichuan dishes. After returning to China, considering that Shang Boyan is not very spicy, she has never cooked spicy dishes.

  So, today is really a break for her.

  Looking at Ruan Xi's bright eyes, Tang Wenyi smiled, "Your appearance makes me think that you haven't filled your stomach for a long time."

Ruan Xi served two bowls of rice, and handed one to Tang Wenyi. Tang Wenyi had always been a housekeeper before, and he was indeed an expert in housekeeping. Although he has become the vice president of several major companies and has power in several cities, But the previous professionalism is still there.

   After taking the job, he smiled gracefully, opened the drink and poured two glasses, one for Ruan Xi and one for himself. Ruan Xi found that he placed the cups neatly, with the patterns facing the same direction, and even the disposable chopsticks were placed at a precise angle.

  How tiring it is to be with such a man, she couldn't help but feel worried about the carefree Zhang Tong.

  Tang Wenyi didn't know what she was thinking, "Why, staring at the cup, you won't be hungry?"

  Ruan Xi was embarrassed and moved her chopsticks.

  Tang Wenyi doesn't have much appetite. In fact, he invited her to dinner because of ulterior motives.

   "Your son is very cute." Tang Wenyi said.

  Ruan Xi paused for a moment with his chopsticks, and continued to pick, "Thank you, I think so too." In a flat tone.

   "And, he's pretty."

Ruan Xi put the vegetables in the bowl, mixed them with the rice, picked them up again, chewed and swallowed, and took a sip of the drink before saying, "Well, everyone said so. I am very happy to hear you praise him so much. ,Thanks."

   Still in a flat tone.

  Tang Wenyi couldn't help admiring Ruan Xi's calmness, remembering that when we met in the big shopping mall, she was so panicked that people were surprised.

   "I've seen photos of Nan Ming when he was a child, and I think he really looks like him when he was a child, it's a replica."

  Ruan Xi just stretched out his chopsticks to pick up the boiled beef. Hearing what he said, he missed it and dropped it back to the plate.

  Tang Wenyi's eyes flashed, and he smiled and teased, "I won't fight with you, I'm a very elegant and gentlemanly person..." It's such an exasperating tone again!

Ruan Xi raised her eyes, put her eyes on the knife, then looked away, continued to squeeze the flesh, and said at the same time, "There are many people who look similar in this world. Aren't Xu Chuyan and I a clear example? But, I have no blood relationship with her. In fact, when I took Yang Yang back to the old house, Grandpa Pei said so, you are not the first."

  Ruan Xi was very calm, but he became wary of Tang Wenyi in his heart. He wanted to kill him for breaking the law, otherwise, he really wanted to kill him.

   Thought he was really out of kindness, and treated her to a free dinner, it's a grand banquet!

  The soldiers came to cover her up, and she, Ruan Xi, was already calmed down by Pei Nanming.

   "Oh, I don't mean anything else, I'm just telling the truth. Xiao Xier, since you returned to China, I feel that you have a deep prejudice against me."

  Ruan Xi was so angry that he almost slapped his chopsticks with his tone! Can you stop playing tricks all the time? Ten minutes ago, he was serious and polite, pretending to be a gentleman, but now... he is simply a rascal! The tone is rogue, the expression is rogue, the words are rogue, everything is rogue!

   Unfortunately, for Tang Wenyi who spoke like this, no matter how angry she was, she couldn't vent it.

   Apart from the fact that Tang Wenyi helped Pei Nanming and caused her misery, in fact, Tang Wenyi is a good person, which she couldn't deny.

  Excellent appearance, excellent ability, and when it is relatively normal, his speech and behavior are also excellent... The only thing that is not good about this kind of man is that his face changes like the sky, so that you don't know that kind of emotion is his real mood.

   This is exactly the opposite of Pei Nanming. Pei Nanming is so silent that you don't know what he is thinking.

  Looked up and smirked, "It's not my prejudice, it's my opinion. Mr. Tang Wenyi, in fact, if possible, I really don't want to see you very much. After all, no one would be happy to meet a man who says he is a lunatic."

   These words made Tang Wenyi's smile froze, she really still held grudges.

   "Look, I'm treating you to dinner, am I here to make amends?"

  Ruan Xi glanced at the dishes on the table, "You should have explained your intention earlier, if I want to know, I definitely won't eat it."

   These words are very kind, but the meaning conveyed in the words is not kind at all.

   Tang Wenyi heard it, she didn't forgive at all!

   Smiling wryly, he also started eating with chopsticks.

   "Actually, did you know that after you left, Nan Ming went crazy..."

  Ruan Xi suddenly said, "I don't want to hear anything from him. If you want to fill my stomach, please change the subject."

   I didn't expect Ruan Xi to be so decisive. On second thought, yes, she was hurt like that after all, and now that she has her own family, no matter who the child belongs to, it is impossible for her to divorce and come back to Pei Nanming, right? Moreover, I don't know what Pei Nanming is thinking, but he wants to marry Xu Chuyan as his wife...

  Maybe I really have troubles...

   "Okay, let's not talk about this..." Tang Wenyi was talking, when he saw Ruan Xi looking behind him, his face changed a little.

  Tang Wenyi had already seen who the person was through the reflection on the wall opposite the Sichuan restaurant, so he smiled and stood up, "Miss Ruan, I suddenly remembered that I have an appointment. I can't accompany you, I'm really sorry!"

  Ruan Xi bit her lip, only then did she realize that Tang Wenyi's real purpose for asking her out was this!

  Pei Nanming sat down in front of her, looked at her quietly for a while, and said with a low smile, "Why, do you lose your appetite when you see me?"

   He really hit the mark. Seeing her, no matter how good her appetite was, at this moment, all of it was gone.

   "Why did you come here suddenly?"

  Pei Nanming looked up at her, with a strange and frightening look in his eyes, "If I say I'm here to see you, do you believe it?"

  One of the chopsticks in Ruan Xi's hand suddenly dropped, and he looked flustered for a while, "Are you still refusing to let me go?" Putting down the chopstick in his hand, Ruan Xi pulled the corner of his mouth, feeling bitter in his mouth.


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