Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 147

Seeing this, a dark light flashed in Qin Zhiran's eyes, and she immediately looked away as if nothing had happened. She understood in her heart that she deliberately came to her today wearing gold and silver. Apart from having something to do, she also wanted to avenge the past!

   Sure enough, she is a poisonous woman. Qiu still remembers it back then, thinking that it was a huge mistake to only focus on Ruan Xi and not pay attention to the gorgeous snake in front of her.

   "That would be the best. Now I'm a poor person and I'm very short of money." Qin Zhiran didn't feel ashamed at all because of the current situation.

   This surprised Xu Chuyan, but she knew very well that some people's psychology is very weird, the more calm and indifferent they are, the more deeply they hold hatred in their hearts!

  After her research, Qin Zhiran is actually a typical example of this kind of person!

  Xu Chuyan smiled, not intending to provoke Qin Zhiran too much, "I'm actually here to bring you some news."

  Qin Zhiran looked up at her, "I don't know what good news you can bring me? In the past five years, no old friend has taken the initiative to find me." After speaking, with a cigarette butt dangling from her red lips, she looked rather dispirited.

"I will come to you, of course, because this news is very valuable and shocking to you. Of course, I will come to you, not just to tell you the news. I want a win-win situation, A win-win for both of you and me."

  Qin Zhiran pinched the cigarette and exhaled the last puff of smoke in his lungs, "Tell me, what news can you bring me so that we can win-win?"

"You can take revenge for what happened five years ago, and I can firmly hold onto the man I am now. Of course, it doesn't matter if you don't do it. In fact, I just think that my future husband is too cruel to you, and I want to give you some compensation. "

  When Pei Nanming was mentioned, Qin Zhiran sneered, the sarcasm at the corner of her mouth and the hatred in her eyes could not be concealed no matter what, and Xu Chuyan saw these in her eyes and knew in her heart that this trip would never be in vain.

   "Why do you compensate me instead of Pei Nanming? Who do you think you are?! Xu Chuyan, to put it bluntly, you are just a bitch who came out of a nightclub. Now, are you here to demonstrate to me?!"

Pei Nanming has always been a pain in Qin Zhiran's heart for five years, just because she used a little trick on Ruan Xi to make Ruan Xi addicted to drugs, Pei Nanming actually sent someone, no, personally brought someone to inject her with drugs, so that She still can't get rid of the control of drugs, and has been reduced to the point where she sits on the stage and becomes a lady every day for money! How can this hatred be swallowed? !

  Now, she hates Pei Nanming and everyone around him, and her hatred for Ruan Xi goes deep into her bones!

   She also hates Xu Chuyan who is showing off her power in front of her!

"Miss Qin, please don't get excited. I am not here to demonstrate. I have already said that I want a win-win situation. If I want a win-win situation, it naturally means that we want to cooperate. You are my partner! We stand on the same front Come on." Compared to Qin Zhiran's agitation, Xu Chuyan was calm and calm, with shrewd calculations in her eyes.

  Qin Zhiran calmed down a little bit, and her tone was much calmer, "You came to me suddenly, what exactly do you want to say, don't beat around the bush."

   "Then, let me explain briefly. Ruan Xi came back, and... she also brought back a very beautiful son. You know, Nan Ming was very beautiful when he was young..."

Xu Chuyan deliberately kept her words cryptic, "She is now the wife of the young boss of the Shang Group, and she is living a very happy life." As she spoke, she took out a photo from her bag, which was a photo of Ruan Xi and Shang Yang. , the mother and son smiled brightly, as if putting all the happiness into this photo.

   Xu Chuyan accidentally found this photo from Pei Nanming's study drawer. At that time, she really seemed to have knocked over the acetic acid, and her whole heart was sour. She originally planned to endure it, but seeing Pei Nanming and Ruan Xihua in the old house had an entanglement with Ruan Xihua, she finally couldn't help it!

  She couldn't see Pei Nanming continuing to be entangled with Ruan Xi. At the same time, she couldn't see that Ruan Xi married such a good man, gave birth to such a beautiful son, and lived such a happy life.

   Qin Zhiran, who saw the photo, was obviously also greatly stimulated! The fingernails tightly gripped the palm, and knives almost popped out of the eyes, wishing to shoot the mother and child in the photo into a hornet's nest.

  Seeing Qin Zhiran's expression, Xu Chuyan was relieved, knowing that she didn't need to say anything more, Qin Zhiran would make a decision on her own.

He took out an envelope and handed it over, "After all, we met once. Here is a check for five million. Don't let yourself live too hard." Behind the hypocritical kindness, there is a vicious mind. A must have tool...

  The current Qin Zhiran never refuses tickets. She has lost her face and dignity a long time ago for the sake of living in the aisle. So, without even thinking about it, I took the envelope.

"Thank you." Qin Zhiran got up, "You came here to tell me that Ruan Xi was doing well, and you gave me money. It's really thoughtful, but what I want to tell you is that I took your money, but I didn't see you. I have to do something for you, if the money is taken back now, there is still time."

Xu Chuyan also stood up, "What are you talking about? As I said, this is for you for free. I just hope you don't live too hard. Also, Sunday is my wedding day with Pei Nanming. If you If you have time, come together, Ruan Xi is also here."

   After Xu Chuyan finished speaking, Xu Chuyan swaggered away. Qin Zhiran looked at the photo in his hand, and suddenly tore the photo into pieces, turned around, and walked into the bar. After a minute, two tall and rough men came out.

  After the two men left, Qin Zhiran came out, leaned against the bar, ordered a glass of red wine, and then smiled evilly.

  Xu Chuyan, do you think I will make it easier for you? What a joke!

A minute ago, she stood in the dark private room and said to the two men who were having a great time with their girls, "I just saw a beautiful and rich girl who wears a limited edition Swiss watch and drives a Lamborghini... "After hearing this, the two men immediately pushed away the high girl and followed them out...

  Since meeting Pei Nanming that night, Ruan Xi has been suffering from insomnia. After only two days, she lost a lot of weight.

  Shang Yang could see that she was always tense and uneasy, so he put his arms around her neck several times and asked her what was wrong, but she could only pat her son's little shoulder and said with a smile that it was all right.

  Of course she couldn't tell Shang Yang that she was actually afraid that Pei Nanming would snatch him away...

  Because she was busy with the wedding ceremony, she could only leave her son in the care of the nanny for two days. When she was about to go out with her luggage, Su Nai called to ask her out.

  In Xindao Café, Ruan Xi sat down opposite Sunai.

   It can be seen that Su Nai has not had a good rest recently, and his complexion is very bad.

   "I know about the studio. Don't take this matter to heart. I will handle it well." Ruan Xi knew that Xu Chuyan was finding fault with this matter, and she really couldn't blame Su Nai.

  Su Nai was stirring the coffee cup, his mind wandering.

   After a while, he turned around and said, "Secretary Lu already knew about this matter, and also reported it to Mr. Shao."

  Ruan Xi was taken aback. She talked to Shang Boyan twice, but she didn't mention it to him for fear of disturbing him. On the phone, he didn't show any signs that he had already learned about it...

"Actually, I asked you to come here, not about the studio, but to tell you my decision." Su Nai's style of doing things has always been the kind of vigorous and decisive, but sometimes, it is easy to get angry, which is just lacking. Be more calm, otherwise, Ruan Xi thinks that Su Nai is more suitable to be a leader than her.

   "Don't be too impulsive, this matter has nothing to do with you." Ruan Xi also guessed what her decision was.

   "It's not impulsive, it's voluntary. I want to go to England."

Ruan Xi frowned. At the beginning, when Su Nai joined the studio, like every member of the studio, he was full of pride. He wanted to start from the e-market, open up the Chinese market, and become a first-class design team in the industry in China... ...However, it's just the beginning now, just encountering a little problem, and she is about to retreat? !

   "Are you going to give up so easily?!" Ruan Xi stood up suddenly, her chest was full of anger, and her chest was about to explode. "The matter about the reputation of the studio has nothing to do with you. Xu Chuyan is actually here for me. If I really want to take responsibility, it should be me. If someone has to leave to solve this matter, then, you should leave The one who is here should also be me!"

  Su Nai was taken aback by Ruan Xi's anger, and the time he worked with Ruan Xi was not too short. This was the first time he saw Ruan Xi, who was always good-tempered, lose his temper.

   Can't help laughing, "I didn't expect that you also have seizures."

  Ruan Xi had a black line on her forehead, no matter what she said, she felt that she came here to make her lose her temper on purpose.

   "Don't change the subject, you can't go!"

The tough attitude made Su Nai laugh. After all, he was older than Ruan Xi. He stood up and patted Ruan Xi's shoulder reassuringly, "It's really my own decision to leave this time. You don't have to keep me, I've made up my mind .Maybe, one day, we will meet again on the design stage and become PK opponents. In fact, I really want to know, which one of us is better."


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