Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 146

But, who is Mr. Pei? With a military rank in his body, before stepping down, no one would dare to say no to him with that aura! Xu Chuyan dared to think so arrogantly at this moment, but it was because both Pei Nanming and Ruan Xi came back. The point is, Ruan Xi also brought back her lovely son! He is so amiable because of his old age. Otherwise, let alone an outsider who is about to become Pei Nanming's wife, even if she really becomes Pei Nanming's wife, she has to stand and talk obediently!

  Once a person gets old, his temper tends to become milder, and Mr. Pei is no exception. He just unconditionally supports his grandson's decision.

  Xu Chuyan's dissatisfaction, how could it escape his eyes? He saw it, but he didn't even bother to care about it.

  Xu Chuyan forced a "hmm" as an answer. Everyone felt her displeasure, but no one cared.

  She has been completely ignored, and sadly, she doesn't know it.

  Ruan Xi's face turned pale when she heard "Tostana". If she could, she really didn't want to go to that place again.

Her unfortunate times played a big role there. If she had to find some happier memories, then it was probably where she met Chamboyen—the sunshine at the beginning, and, there, spending time there. After that, I escaped a warmer day with Pei Nanming.

  Now, Pei Nanming actually wants to divide the wedding ceremony into two venues, one in the church and the other in the Tostana playground! What the hell is he trying to do? !

Pei Nanming glanced at Ruan Xi's face unintentionally, and said with a smile, "Xi'er, I will trouble you about my wedding ceremony. There are two venues, and the time is tight. I don't want you to be too tired. The church side , you don’t have to worry about it, I will hand it over to the planning company, Tostana, please. If you need anything, you can call me directly, my number has not changed, you know. You can find Shang Yunjie or Tang Wenyi." After speaking, he stopped Xu Chuyan's waist and bid farewell to Mr. Pei and Pei Yan and left.

   Staring at Pei Nanming's tall and straight back, Ruan Xi was really angry, angry, shocked and frightened.

  If possible, she really wants to take Shang Yang and leave now.

  After getting into the car, Xu Chuyan's unhappiness didn't ease at all. She doesn't want to see Ruan Xi's face at all now, but she looks exactly like Ruan Xi herself! At first, for the sake of money, I thought it was okay to be a stand-in. Later, when I became more ambitious and greedy, I wanted to keep Pei Nanming. Later, I wanted to get Pei Nanming's affection and become his legitimate wife.

   Now, except for feelings, almost everything is moving in the direction she expected, but she wants to get more things!

  She wanted Ruan Xi to get far away, that Pei Nanming would no longer have Ruan Xi's needle in her heart, and that everyone in the Pei family would be indifferent to Ruan Xi.

  I think Ruan Xi is living in a very embarrassing situation!

   Wanting to be Pei Nanming's only one, all the Yingyingyanyans around him will get out!


  These ideas are crazy, but Pei Nanming has the capital to make women so crazy.

   "What are you thinking?" Pei Nanming said suddenly, startling Xu Chuyan.

  Of course she didn't dare to reveal her thoughts in front of Pei Nanming, she smiled knowingly, "I was thinking, our wedding will be grand!"

  Pei Nanming raised his eyebrows, "Of course."

  Xu Chuyan was silent for a while, and summoned up the courage to ask, "Why are we going to 'Tostana' for the second half of the wedding?"

   I knew she had been struggling with this.

   "Didn't you always like it there? I liked it too, so I chose it. What, do you have a better place?"

  Hearing what Pei Nanming said, Xu Chuyan immediately felt happy again. Maybe, she doesn't have the slightest bit of status in his heart, right?

  Of course she didn't know that Ruan Xi had been under house arrest by Pei Nanming for a long time.

  Pei Nanming chose the second half of the wedding there, and asked Ruan Xi to arrange it. Of course, he had ulterior motives.

  After returning to the villa, Pei Nanming did not stay, but was called away by a phone call.

  Xu Chuyan was sitting on the sofa by herself, flipping through her mobile phone photo album, and finally stopped on a photo, her eyes were spitting fire!

  That photo was of Pei Nanming and Ruan Xi secretly taken by her. At that time, Pei Nanming was holding Ruan Xi, and the intimate gesture of the two of them was like a sharp thorn, piercing directly into her heart!

   Staring at the photo for a long time, she suddenly smiled. The photo is a thorn in her eyes, but it will also be a thorn in the eyes of another person, right? After the wedding is over, she must give Ruan Xi a big gift!

  However, before that, she planned to meet another woman who, like her, hated Ruan Xi to the bone. No, that woman would only hate Ruan Xi more than she did. She wants to bring this woman a big news...

  Thinking of these, her mood suddenly became very comfortable.

  s City, a dilapidated bar, the lights are dim, and there is a strong smell of tobacco and alcohol inside, and the air is so dirty that it is unbearable.

   But a lot of people are dancing themselves wildly here, from old men in their 40s and 50s to teenage hotties.

  In the corner of the bar, a woman was sitting, wearing a black shiny miniskirt, with her slender legs exposed, red high-heeled sandals, and toenails dyed black.

  Several men sat next to her and touched her from time to time, and she giggled coquettishly and said, "Hey buddy, if you touch her, you'll be paid."

   "Give me money? Okay, give me as much as you want." He rubbed against the woman, and began to lay hands on her.

  The woman was smoking a cigarette, her eyes slightly squinted, "The prices are different for different locations."

  The men next to her immediately came to their senses and stretched out their hands to touch her.

  A trace of impatience flashed in the woman's eyes, but she still endured it, because she needed money, a lot of money.

The pig's hand rubbed her body, and she stretched out her hand to ask the men for money. The men obviously felt disappointed, with a bit of viciousness, "Damn, when the matter is finished, give it together!" Grab the woman and walk around the corner.

   After about half an hour, the woman came back again, and several men followed her, tightening their belts in satisfaction.

  When the men were about to leave, the woman suddenly stopped them and stretched out her hand in front of them, "You haven't paid the service fee you promised."

   Several men immediately turned their faces, "***, stinky*, I feel comfortable, and you are also happy, we are mutually beneficial, why should I ask me to give money?!"

  Eat up and wiped off and wanted to leave, which made the woman look down, "Want to leave without wiping your butt after eating? Pooh! If you don't pay, don't even think about leaving!"

Several men looked at each other, the leading man shook his fat face, stretched out his hand to pinch the woman's pointed chin, and snorted coldly, "Stinky bitch! Do you think you are still the little beauty when you first came? Look in the mirror and see what kind of virtue you have!" After speaking, he took out two hundred yuan from his trouser pocket and threw it to her, "You are worth this price now! Don't pester us anymore, otherwise, I will beat you to the ground!"

   After the man finished speaking, he walked away with several others clapping his hands.

  The woman bent down to pick up the banknotes, flicked them up, sat back on the sofa, and continued to smoke with her legs crossed.

  Xu Chuyan stood aside and watched for a long time, her jaw almost dropped. Time and money can indeed make a person extremely *!

  She crossed her arms and walked in front of the woman, thinking, Feng Shui turns, and the woman in front of her is no longer the Qin Zhiran who showed off to herself at the banquet with a famous Swiss watch!

  Recalling Qin Zhiran's contempt and humiliation for her when she attended the banquet for the first time a few years ago, and looking at Qin Zhiran's current appearance, the dark feeling in her heart made her feel that it was the ultimate enjoyment.

  However, she didn't show it, because she still needed Qin Zhiran to be her "alliance". She said it was an ally, but she just used Qin Zhiran.

  Sit down next to Qin Zhiran. Like Qin Zhiran, she crossed her legs, took out a cigarette, and took two puffs slowly. The sunglasses on his face did not take off.

  Qin Zhiran turned her head to look at Xu Chuyan, and turned a blind eye to looking for a new target.

  Xu Chuyan spoke first, "Miss Qin, long time no see."

  Qin Zhiran seemed to be listening but not hearing, as if there was no such person around him at all.

  Xu Chuyan was not angry either, and quietly puffed out smoke rings, "I found out that you are here after inquiring through various relationships. To be honest, your current situation makes me feel very distressed."

Qin Zhiran raised her lips, and finally looked at Xu Chuyan, "Did you come to see my jokes? If so, this appearance should make you happy for a long time, right? I've finished watching it now, please, stay away from me. Don't keep me from working. Right now, every minute of mine counts."

Xu Chuyan leaned on the back of the sofa, "I know that Miss Qin is an inch of time and an inch of gold, so please chat with me, and I will pay for it." As she said, she flicked the ash gracefully with her finger holding the cigarette, and the above Huge gems, shining brightly under the lights.

  Qin Zhiran narrowed her eyes slightly, and looked along her hand, she saw that she was wearing a Swiss watch on her wrist, surrounded by diamonds, and made of pure platinum, every inch of it was golden and charming.


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