Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 145

The low-pitched voice sounded in her ears with a bit of an evil and rascal taste, and every inch of her nerves was teased by him, yelling restlessly and madly.

   "Let go of me!" The cold and angry voice was trembling.

  Pei Nanming raised his eyebrows, how could he speak in such a tone? The next moment, the palm of his hand moved on her Hunyuan, provoking gently, just to stir up his passion. With his old ways, it is natural that he will succeed in no time.

   Hearing the voice overflowing between her teeth, he smiled lowly.

   "It seems that your husband can't satisfy you at all, huh?" Ruan Xi's words hurt Ruan Xi's nerves, and when he broke away from Pei Nanming, he raised his hand and it was a slap in the face. And Pei Nanming had sharp eyes and quick hands, firmly pinching her wrist, "Why, am I wrong? Your body likes me more than you do. I just tease it casually, and it responds unexpectedly. "

   "Pei Nanming, don't go too far! I am Shang Boyan's wife, and it has nothing to do with you!"

   These words made Pei Nanming's heart ache, and the next moment he raised his lips and sneered, "It doesn't matter if you say it or not, as long as I don't like it, you, never want to separate from me!"

   It's extremely cold! As expected, he still didn't want to let it go. It's been five years, why is it that five years have passed, she got married, and he is about to marry a wife, yet he still refuses to let her go? !

   "Don't even think about it, I will no longer be controlled by you, Pei Nanming, I'm not afraid of you!"

  Ruan Xi gritted her teeth, widened her eyes, and suppressed her trembling.

Pei Nanming's dark eyes shone with light, "Aren't you afraid of me? That surprised me. A woman who dares to challenge me will feel more fulfilled after conquering her. My mother is dead, and I have tortured you for so many years. It's almost at the limit. But I just can't see you happy."

  The things he said were actually against his will. He almost instinctively wanted to stab her, and hurting her seemed to have become a habit that couldn't be changed. And the dignity of a man does not allow him to bow his head to her first.

   He wants her! This goal is extremely clear, but why, how, and the consequences of wanting it, he deliberately ignores these.

   "Did you deliberately lure me out just to tell me these things? If so, I have heard it, please let me go."

  Ruan Xi lowered her eyes and calmed down a little.

   "Of course not to say these things." Pei Nanming's fingers ran down her smooth back and stopped at her buttocks.

   She gritted her teeth and endured.

   Want to hug her for a while longer! In the past five years, he has been repeating the same dream, dreaming of their last love, dreaming of her enchanting body rolling under him, dreaming of her sleeping quietly in his arms...

  Seeing that Pei Nanming didn't speak for a long time, as if caught in some memory, she made a sudden struggle, escaped from his arms, straightened her clothes in a panic, and was about to leave.

  Pei Nanming grabbed her wrist, brought her back into his arms, and asked in a deep voice, "Shang Yang...whose child is it?!"

  Ruan Xi softened and almost fainted from fright, "Of course he is my child, you are simply incomprehensible."

  She kicked down hard and stepped on Pei Nanming's feet. Pei Nanming suffered from pain, but he refused to let her go.

  She panicked and anxious, "Let me go!"

  Pei Nanming ignored him and continued, "I'm asking who is Shang Yang's father?! He's actually five and a half years old this year, right? Huh?!"

  Ruan Xi panicked and immediately denied, "What nonsense are you talking about! He's only five years old this year!"

   "But, that's not the record in the hospital in France, huh?"

   "Are you investigating me?!"

  Pei Nanming smiled, that's right, he was investigating her. As early as the first time they met five years later, he had that heart, and he put it into action.

  He is the boss of the Pei Group, there is nothing he wants that he can't get, it's just a matter of time.

   "Conceived my seed, married another man, and let my son call someone else's daddy, huh? I admire and amaze you at what you do."

   "I said, he is not your son, his surname is Shang! He is the son of Shang Boyan!!!"

  Ruan Xi was excited and raised her voice involuntarily.

  Pei Nanming pinched her chin, "Really? Since it is Shang Boyan's seed, why was Shang Boyan helpless when he needed a blood transfusion in an accident?"


   "Should I tell you? Because you are all rh-negative blood, and there is no way to match his blood type! If he was really born by the two of you, one of you can give him blood, right?!"

   "..." Ruan Xi didn't expect him to investigate so thoroughly, and was speechless for a while, unable to say anything.

  Things that I fear every day, still happened! Pei Nanming's hand is so long that it reaches all the way to France!

  He, after all, still knows about Shang Yang's background, or...

At the beginning, she thought about having an abortion, but at that time, her spirit was still very fragile, and she was almost completely dependent on the child in her stomach. She felt that she had nothing left, only Yang Yang belonged to her, yes No one can take it away.

  She regards the child in her belly as her only hope, and it is the child who supports her step by step and survives the most difficult time.

  At that time, the child grew up day by day, and she lived a very hard life. She had to run around for a living every day. Shang Boyan often helped her, but she wanted to be self-reliant and support herself and her children.

  However, living alone in a foreign country is very difficult and difficult, and I almost had a miscarriage several times because of nutrition.

  Shang Boyan felt distressed when he saw it, and repeatedly advised her not to embarrass herself for the sake of her children.

  Finally, she accepted Shang Boyan's wishes, and under his arrangement, she joined Shang's to work and began to study fashion design...

   Later, due to various considerations and Shang Boyan's good intentions, she finally married Shang Boyan in a low-key manner...

   "There's nothing to say, right? Ruan Xi, you stole my offspring and dared to marry another man, you're really emboldened."

"What do you want?!"

  Ruan Xi raised her head suddenly, and bravely met his dark eyes.

   "How? What do you say?"

  Pei Nanming smiled coldly, hooking her chin with his fingers.

   "Don't go too far! Pei Nanming, I don't owe you, the child was born by me, it's mine, and it has nothing to do with you!"

  Ruan Xi was trembling with anger from Pei Nanming. This demon is not human at all, and he has no reason to talk to him. He even investigated her and Shang Yang behind his back!

  He actually started to doubt Shang Yang's identity a long time ago, right? No wonder he always tried every means to get close to Shang Yang, and he had to let her come back to meet Mr. Pei and Pei Yan. He had already planned it out, and he just waited for this opportunity to come to her to confirm it!

   "Hmph, this is not up to you, right? But don't worry, as long as you are good and obedient, I will never tell anyone, including Yangyang."

   Being threatened again, every time, he was able to grab her by seven inches quickly and accurately!

  He knew that she was afraid that Shang Yang would get hurt if he knew it, and that she was afraid that if Shang Yang's life experience was made public, it would bring great trouble to Shang Boyan. After all, Shang Boyan is a man of honor, married a wife but gave birth to someone else's offspring, what kind of cuckold is this.

  Although Shang Boyan knew the truth a long time ago, he didn't care that Shang Yang was not his own son, but he always treated him like his own child! But it was precisely because of this that she was even more unwilling to let a man as good as Shang Boyan bear those gossips!

  Ruan Xi bit her lip, trembling, said for a while, "You are so despicable!"

   After speaking, he turned and ran away.

  Pei Nanming puts his hands in his pockets, is he mean? Maybe, but how can not being mean catch you again? Ruan Xi, there is no perfect man, and I am not!

  Xu Chuyan stood in the shadow of the flowers, putting away her phone, with hatred in her eyes. If she hadn't found that Pei Nanming was not in the room when she went to find Pei Nanming, she probably wouldn't have found that they were still entangled now, right?

  Ruan Xi, you are really shameless, since you are so unkind, don't blame me for being unrighteous!

  The next day, Pei Nanming took Xu Chuyan away. When he left, Pei Nanming looked at Ruan Xi with some meaning in his eyes, and Ruan Xi turned his gaze away expressionlessly.

   It was Shang Yang who relied on Pei Nanming and asked him to promise to take him to the playground on Sunday, which happened to be the wedding between Xu Chuyan and him.

  Ruan Xi hurriedly hugged Shang Yangdao, "Yangyang, be good, don't pester Uncle Pei, eh? He's going to marry Aunt Xu, so he can't accompany you. Be good and talk about it later, eh?"

  Shang Yang lay in Ruan Xi's arms in disappointment, and let out a muffled "hmm".

  Grandpa Pei smiled and said, "Yangyang, will Grandpa Pei take you?"

Shang Yang was about to nod his head when Pei Nanming suddenly said, "It's okay, Yang Yang can also come to the wedding ceremony, and we can hold a special wedding event at the 'Tostana' playground on that day." After speaking, he turned away Looking at Xu Chuyan, "What do you think?"

  Xu Chuyan's lungs are about to explode right now! Ever since Mr. Pei said that he would take Shang Yang to the amusement park, she was full of annoyance! She was going to marry his grandson, and if he didn't come to the wedding, he actually wanted to take this little bastard to the amusement park? ! Is her granddaughter-in-law so unwelcoming? !


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