Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 144

She doesn't want to be obsessed with the past anymore, after all, life is still moving forward day by day.

   "Xiaoxi, it's not easy to come back to the old house once. If you stay for two more days, just be with Grandpa Pei, okay? And, I really like Yangyang."

  Ruan Xi froze for a moment, her face turned abnormally pale. Pei Nanming, who has been silent all this time, has been paying attention to her expression.

  At this moment, he was sure that no matter how worried Ruan Xi was about his contact with Shang Yang, she subconsciously rejected even Mr. Pei and Pei Yan. Why?

  The answer is ready to come out.

  But he laughed and chimed in with a good mood, "Yeah, it's actually very lonely for Grandpa to live in the old house alone. Let Yang Yang spend more time with him, and he will feel better."

  Ruan Xi looked at Pei Nanming suddenly, feeling more and more that Pei Nanming seemed to have ulterior motives, but in his eyes, she couldn't see anything.

   "What's the matter, is there any difficulty?"

  Ruan Xi shook her head in a daze, "No, I'm just afraid that Yangyang will be too noisy and disturb Grandpa Pei's life."

   "How could it be?" Mr. Pei laughed heartily, "I've been looking forward to my little great-grandson for a long time, but that bastard Nan Ming just won't let me hug him. Hey, it would be great if Yang Yang was my little great-grandson."

   A word was like thunder, Ruan Xi trembled, his face turned pale, and the corners of his lips trembled.

  Pei Nanming always paid attention to her, and he was in a better mood at this moment, and said, "Xie'er, your complexion is not good, is there something wrong?"

  Ruan Xi subconsciously reached out and covered the side of her face, "It's okay, it's just that I don't have much appetite recently, probably because I can't keep up with my nutrition."

  Hide the fluster in his heart, and force himself to be calm.

  At this time, Xu Chuyan came out after changing clothes, sat down again, and began to talk about her wedding with Pei Nanming. So the topic about Shang Yang took over.

  Ruan Xi breathed a sigh of relief.

After discussing the marriage, and hearing that Ruan Xi wanted to stay in the old house, Xu Chuyan's heart sank, she had an idea, and said with a shy smile, "Grandpa Pei, I also want to live in the old house for two days. I really like it here."

  The old house is very big, with a grape trellis in the front and a garden in the back. It is not surprising that people who have visited it like it, but it is not enough to live here.

  Xu Chuyan has ulterior motives, who doesn't understand?

The old man did not object, "You can live here if you like, but you must be mentally prepared. The residential area of this house is an old house handed down. The houses inside are all cultural relics protected by the state and cannot be demolished at will, so Some of the doors and windows are very old and you might hear some strange noises at night."

   Saying this, Xu Chuyan felt a little creepy, but how could this stop her determination to stay? She never gave Pei Nanming and Ruan Xi a chance to be alone!

  Shang Yang heard that he was going to live here for a while, he was so beautiful, he liked Mr. Pei. Because, since he was a child, he has never met his legendary grandfather, that is, Shang Boyan's father. Therefore, when he sees other people being led by grandparents, he is very envious, always thinking about what kind of grandpa he is, and whether he is also very kind and kind.

   As a result, seeing Mr. Pei, Mr. Pei's childlike innocence glowed in front of the children. He was not only kind, but also had the feeling of finding a playmate, which immediately caught Shang Yang's young heart.

  Compared to Shang Yang's happiness, Ruan Xi is only worried. Shang Yang is easily loved by Mr. Pei and Pei Yan, and he also likes Mr. Pei and Pei Yan very easily. Just wanting to like Pei Nanming, naturally... All these made her seriously uneasy...

  A sense of crisis arises spontaneously...

   She bit her lip, and an idea came to her mind, when Shang Boyan came back, she must ask him to help... She would take Shang Yang out of e-city and never come back.

  After dinner, everyone chatted in the yard for a while, and then went back to their rooms.

   After Ruan Xi put Shang Yang to sleep, she sat on the edge of the bed in a daze. The things in the studio bothered her, and Pei Nanming's wedding also upset her. Planning the wedding ceremony and being responsible for the on-site affairs, the time is already very tight. He can outsource this kind of thing to the wedding company!

  He was making things difficult for her on purpose!

  Thinking about this, I feel so depressed!

  The weather was a bit sweltering, Shang Yang was lying on the bed, her little face flushed with heat, although the old house also installed a vertical air conditioner, but she didn't dare to turn it on, for fear of catching Shang Yang with a cold. After thinking about it, he opened the window.

  Old-fashioned wooden windows, creaking when opened, sharp and long.

  She looked at Shang Yang worriedly for fear of waking him up, but Shang Yang just turned over. He breathed a sigh of relief and was about to open another door, but Pei Nanming suddenly came over with a cigarette in his hand, and said lightly, "Come out, let's talk."

  Ruan Xi was taken aback by him, and after a moment of silence, he lowered his voice and said, "We have nothing to talk about."

  Pei Nanming took a deep breath of the cigarette, and then spit it out at her, "Really, you want me to talk here?"

   After finishing speaking, he glanced at Shang Yang, "If you're not afraid of her knowing, I don't mind being here."

  Ruan Xi gritted his teeth angrily at these words, but he had no choice but to obey his wishes, come out of the room, and carefully close the door.

  Pei Nanming walked in front and she followed silently. His silence made her feel extremely depressed, her heart was beating wildly, she looked around, like a thief, and was seen by others.

  Pei Nanming never looked back, but seemed to have guessed her posture, and snorted coldly, "You should be seen, but you can't hide from it. You shouldn't be seen, so naturally no one will know."

  Ruan Xi straightened her back immediately, "What exactly do you want to say?"

  Pei Nanming still walked forward, walked all the way to the back garden, sat down on a relatively flat stone on the edge of a small rockery, and said, "Do it." He said and sent Pai a place beside him.

  Ruan Xi stood still.

  Pei Nanming sneered, "Afraid that I will eat you or something? As early as eighteen years old, I ate all your bones. What are you afraid of?"

Anger suddenly rose from the bottom of her heart, but there was a kind of embarrassment of being stung. She tried her best to suppress her emotions and asked in a calm tone, "Please speak quickly if you have something to say, Yangyang is still sleeping. If you wake up, you can't find me If it comes to me, I will be afraid."

Seeing that she had no intention of sitting down, Pei Nanming suddenly stretched out his hand to grab him, and pulled her to his side. Taking advantage of his unpreparedness, he pressed her tightly into his arms. His long-lost body was full of her body, still exuding the unique fragrance of her body——really It is a nostalgic and addictive taste!

  Ruan Xi was taken aback by his unexpected move, and just about to scream, Pei Nanming grabbed her hair with one hand, forcing her to raise her head, lower her head, and kiss her tender lips* fiercely.


Struggling, but hearing Pei Nanming snort, the thing against her skin became even firmer, he finally let go of her lips, lowered his voice, and whispered hoarsely in her ear, "Don't move, or the fire will start, Do so at your own peril."

  Ruan Xi seemed to have been tapped on his acupuncture points, and he really didn't dare to act rashly again.

  Pei Nanming was still pulling her hair, but with the other hand he hugged her slender waist tightly, "Sure enough, after eating so many women, you are the one who makes me feel the most delicious and unforgettable."

   These words are like a bolt from the blue. Does he mean that he is going to entangle her again and make her uneasy? ! Don't panic, don't mess up!

  Her body was already trembling.

  Pei Nanming seemed to be smiling, the fiery spirit was still high, but he didn't take any further action.

"Why did you ask me out?" Ruan Xi was half hugged and half hugged by him, nestled in his arms, feeling uneasy and tormented, but there was another kind of desire growing deep in her heart. She knew that it was a woman's instinct manageable...cravings.

  But... But what she hated was that this desire didn't come from when she was with Shang Boyan!

  Pei Nanming suddenly remembered *sucking* her earlobe, and sucking* gently.


  The low-pitched voice rang out in her ears with the taste of an evil rascal, and every inch of her nerves was stirred by him, yelling restlessly and madly.

   "Let go of me!" The cold and angry voice was trembling.

  Pei Nanming raised his eyebrows, how could he speak in such a tone? The next moment, the palm of his hand moved on her Hunyuan, provoking gently, just to stir up his passion. With his old ways, it is natural that he will succeed in no time.

   Hearing the voice overflowing between her teeth, he smiled lowly.

   "It seems that your husband can't satisfy you at all, huh?" Ruan Xi's words hurt Ruan Xi's nerves, and when he broke away from Pei Nanming, he raised his hand and it was a slap in the face. And Pei Nanming had sharp eyes and quick hands, firmly pinching her wrist, "Why, am I wrong? Your body likes me more than you do. I just tease it casually, and it responds unexpectedly. "

   "Pei Nanming, don't go too far! I am Shang Boyan's wife, and it has nothing to do with you!"

   These words made Pei Nanming's heart ache, and the next moment he raised his lips and sneered, "It doesn't matter if you say it or not, as long as I don't like it, you, never want to separate from me!"

   It's extremely cold! As expected, he still didn't want to let it go. It's been five years, why is it that five years have passed, she got married, and he is about to marry a wife, yet he still refuses to let her go? !

   "Don't even think about it, I will no longer be controlled by you, Pei Nanming, I'm not afraid of you!"

  Ruan Xi gritted her teeth, widened her eyes, and suppressed her trembling.


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