Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 143

Shang Yang put his arms around Xu Chuyan's neck, half twisted his body, pointed to the watermelon on the plate, "Auntie, I want to eat watermelon."

  Xu Chuyan's mouth twitched. Does this kid mean to treat her like an old lady?

   Enduring the dissatisfaction and anger in my heart, I reached out to take a piece for Shang Yang, and handed it to him, "Yangyang, be good, eat by yourself."

  Shang Yang took the opportunity to rely on Xu Chuyan, "No, auntie feed me..."

  Shang Yang's naive look was seen by Mr. Pei and Pei Yan, with smiles on his face, and he felt more and more painful about Shang Yang.

  Ruan Xi was also helpless, Shang Yang was very stubborn today, "Yangyang, come to Mommy, and Mommy will feed you, okay? Let Aunt Xu take a break."

   "No! Aunt Xu is not tired at all. I like Aunt Xu, and Aunt Xu likes me very much, right?" After speaking, she asked Xu Chuyan seriously.

  Xu Chuyan is so angry, how old is this child, he looks like a little devil, she is sure that she can't push him away in front of Mr. Pei and Pei Yan today, right? !

  Pei Nanming sat on one side leisurely, drinking herbal tea while watching Shang Yang play tricks. This child has a prejudice against Xu Chuyan, and the prejudice is quite deep.

  But he inexplicably likes that Shang Yang has a prejudice against Xu Chuyan, and he enjoys it quite a bit.

Xu Chuyan's face froze, and she almost ruined all the Taoism she had practiced for several years. She pulled the corners of her mouth, showing a gentle smile, and said, "Yes, auntie likes Yangyang very much." Then she raised her eyes to look at Ruan Xi , the anger and hatred hidden in his eyes almost gushed out.

   destroyed her studio, she still appeared in Pei's house lingeringly, stealing her limelight! He came back with a little wild species that had nothing to do with the Pei family, but he still got the favor of Mr. Pei and Pei Yan!

  At the beginning, she made the Pei family lose face, and the *relationship with Pei Nanming was full of turmoil. She committed suicide and ran away, but now she can still come back with a shy face!

  Thinking of this, I can't help being angry, but on this occasion, I can't show the slightest displeasure no matter what!

"Miss Ruan is really serious. Since Yang Yang likes me to hug him, let him follow me. Why do you have to let him come back to you? I won't eat him." The tone was gentle and somewhat joking. mean.

   But of course Ruan Xi could hear the sting in these words, and clearly wished to eat Shang Yang.

   "I'm afraid that Shang Yang will keep pestering you and make you feel uncomfortable. Since Miss Xu said so, it's my petty heart."

  Ruan Xi's words were not without ridicule, she was not worried about what Mr. Pei and Pei Yan would think of her.

  Anyway, it's not her who will enter Pei's family as a son-in-law in the future.

  Facing Ruan Xilue's sharp words, Mr. Pei and Pei Yan subconsciously glanced at her.

I haven't seen him for more than five years. Mr. Pei is still very strong and energetic. However, his hair has turned gray a lot after all, and Pei Yan's originally high-spirited face now has traces of wind and frost. Great, visibly thinner.

  What Ruan Xi didn't know was that Pei Yan had been undergoing chemotherapy. The ability to survive the past few years is due to proper maintenance on the one hand, and concern on the other hand.

   No matter how bad the relationship with Pei Nanming is, that is also his son. Pei Nanming is in his thirties, and he has never mentioned marriage. He is old and sick, but he has not yet embraced his grandson. Of course he is not reconciled! Moreover, he is really concerned about Ruan Xi's situation.

   After all, it is the child who left the Pei family. After so many years of raising him, even if the relationship is broken on the surface, the relationship is still there.

   Moreover, that deeply buried matter made him feel guilty after all! He never had the courage to tell Ruan Xi and Pei Nanming the whole story, fearing that Ruan Xi would not be able to accept it, and that Pei Nanming would regret it too late.

  Now, after finally waiting until Pei Nanming said that he was going to get married, he thought, let her rot like this.

  He knows that Ruan Xi's current husband is Shang Boyan, the Qin family who left E City back then, and is now the young master of the Shang Group. Marrying into such a family, having such an excellent husband to take care of Ruan Xi finally settled his worries.

   It's just that he was sorry for Ruan Xi's mother, while Pei Nanming was sorry for her. It wasn't that he didn't want to take care of it at the beginning, but he couldn't take care of it. Pei Nanming's temperament was too stubborn, and he would definitely do what he decided, and he must do it. After all, he was still selfish and chose Pei Nanming instead of Ruan Xi. He couldn't let Pei Nanming's faith collapse, so he had to sacrifice the innocent Ruan Xi.

  That old thing, until today, he still chooses to keep silent, intending to bury everything like that and bring it into the coffin.

  Qin Xiner...I'm sorry for you...

  Receiving the guilty and apologetic look in Pei Yan's eyes again, Ruan Xi became extremely uncomfortable, and she didn't need to apologize.

  She was willing to come back only because... because the people and things here were all deeply cared about and relied on by her. Back then, I always wanted to leave Pei's house one day and never come back again, but I didn't realize until after I really left that everything I thought I didn't care about was actually deeply burned into my heart.

  People say that if you live under the fence, you can't feel the warmth of home at all. However, it is precisely because she has lived in Pei's family for many years that she misses the most difficult days after going abroad.

  She admitted that she had missed Mr. Pei, Miss Pei Yan... even missed... cheered up, and laughed at herself slightly, people are really cheap!

   After a silence of 0.01 seconds, Shang Yang suddenly said, "Auntie, feed me..."

  Xu Chuyan put a small piece of watermelon on a stick and put it near Shang Yang's mouth with a smile on his face. Shang Yang bit it, and the watermelon juice dripped down his small mouth.

Xu Chuyan, who had no experience in taking care of children, hurriedly wiped Shang Yang's mouth with a napkin. Shang Yang ate three pieces in a row, and the last piece seemed to be in a hurry. After spraying Xu Chuyan's face, the last piece of melon flesh fell down Xu Chuyan's forehead, and a watermelon seed stuck to the tip of Xu Chuyan's nose.

Shang Yang really choked. Seeing Xu Chuyan's distressed appearance, he was a little dumbfounded. He calmed down and quickly stretched out his little hand to wipe Xu Chuyan's face. , almost gritted his teeth, "No need, I will do it myself!"

  Gathering Ruan Xi with cold eyes, he got up and said to Mr. Pei and Pei Yan, "Grandpa Pei and Uncle, I'm really sorry, I'll go to the bathroom first." After speaking, he got up and left.

  On the way to the bathroom, I was so annoyed that I had no place to vent, and I scolded the eighteen generations of Shangyang's ancestors all over the bottom of my heart.

   "I'm sorry, Aunt Xu, I didn't mean it." Shang Yang stood where he was, poking his little finger, looking helpless.

  Old man Pei couldn't bear it anymore, he hugged Shang Yang and said, "Yangyang, it's okay. Come on, what do you want to eat, grandpa will get it for you."

  Shang Yang took advantage of the situation and lay in the arms of Mr. Pei, with his mouth flattened, "I won't eat."

  Ruan Xi felt a little angry, she didn't know whether Shang Yang did it on purpose or really choked, but she didn't like Shang Yang playing tricks at a young age.

   Lifting her eyes, she found that Pei Nanming was looking at herself thoughtfully. The look in her eyes made her feel extremely uncomfortable and even a little angry.

  Are you doubting me and deliberately instructing Shang Yang to play tricks on Xu Chuyan? Sneer, it seems that I think too despicably. Moreover, how could my anger towards Xu Chuyan be appeased by just relying on this little trick?

  If it was her own business, she wouldn't mind so much, but what Xu Chuyan did ruined the future of the entire studio members, especially Su Nai.

  Once the image is damaged, it will be very difficult to achieve success in the designer profession in the future. After all, the professional circle is only so big.

  Pei Yan looked at Shang Yang carefully, with a slight flicker of eyes, and subconsciously exchanged a glance with the old man. With just one glance, the two of them reached a consensus. However, no one mentioned it.

  Pei Yan turned to look at Ruan Xi, and asked, "Xiao Xi, how have you been all these years?" There was a bit of emotion and distress in his tone.

  Ruan Xi's heart was slightly sour, but her expression was calm, and she smiled slightly, "Don't worry, Uncle Pei, I'm doing fine. Boyan is also very kind to me. I'm very happy now."

  Pei Yan nodded, "Xiao Xi, it was Uncle Pei who was sorry for you. He made such a choice back then, and he ignored you for so long."

Ruan Xi still smiled, "Don't be sorry, Uncle Pei, that's the most correct choice. Public opinion is really scary. The Pei family can't ruin their reputation because of me. Besides, I was really ignorant at that time, and I didn't do it right. Things to do."

   Anyway, I have already been sacrificed once, and I don't care about taking it again. Although everything was coerced by Pei Nanming, in the end, Pei Nanming was their own son and grandson. They are willing to let her live in Pei's family. It is not easy to raise her so much. What kind of family will give away money for no reason to support an orphan who has nothing to do with their own family?

  She should be grateful. As for Ruan Ting's abnormal attitude, as well as the complex emotions in the eyes of Mr. Pei and Pei Yan, let's ignore them, the past is over.


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