Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 141

The people in the studio thought that having a conflict in front of the camera would only be detrimental to the reputation of the studio, so they quickly grabbed Su Nai to prevent her from being provoked to lose her temper again.

"Xu Chuyan, don't always give you shame. You said that the service attitude of the people in our studio is poor. Why don't you ask yourself, what have you done?! You want to change the design plan, ok, the people in our design studio , stay up late and work overtime over and over again, change according to your idea without a single complaint, okay, after the change is over, you are not satisfied again, say this is not good, there is no way! Well, let’s continue to change, one week Within a period of time, it has been changed at least five times, and after the modification is completed, it will be delivered to your door! In the end, you are still nitpicking, and this time, you really can’t find any dissatisfaction, so you simply cut a cut on the wedding dress ! You still have the nerve to accuse our design studio of poor quality wedding dresses! You are deliberately targeting us!"

  Su Nai's face flushed with anger, and she kicked in Xu Chuyan's direction, but of course she couldn't kick because everyone was pulling her. Xu Chuyan also knew that everyone would never let Su Nai do it, so she raised her face and waited.

  Su Nai was so angry that if the evil fire in her stomach didn't come out, she would have a toothache and brain fever tonight, so the high heels flew off her feet, and she couldn't be kicked. It would be good to hit her in the face!

  The shoe became a parabola in the air, hitting Xu Chuyan's straight nose. People who rely on their looks for food pay most attention to their looks. Su Nai's shocking kick made the skin on the bridge of her nose broken. Although it was not serious, she was bleeding after all.

  At that time, the people present were dumbfounded. The reporters and photographers who interviewed had never seen this kind of farce, and the recent customers had been crowding around to watch the excitement.

  When everyone saw this scene, they were quite dumbfounded.

  Outsiders are confused and can't figure out who is right and who is wrong, and the parties are talking about their own reasons, which makes them even more confused.

   "You, you!" Xu Chuyan covered her nose with one hand, and pointed at Su Nai with the other, "You are so barbaric! My nose!"

  Although there were tears in his eyes, the hatred in them was like a scorpion wagging its tail. Anyone with eyes felt that Xu Chuyan was about to sting. However, what kind of person is Xu Chuyan? Of course, he will not show his true colors in public. From the beginning to the end, even if his nose was smashed by Su Nai's high heels, he still maintains a weak posture to win the sympathy of others.

  Compared to her, Su Nai, who burst into anger, became an unreasonable shrew...

  The farce ended with Xu Chuyan saying "I want to sue your studio".

  Back home, although Xu Chuyan was angry at the wounds on her nose and arms, but when she turned on the TV and saw the live broadcast, the haze in her heart immediately turned into joy. She really likes the cute and pitiful self on the camera, and she is too grateful to the hot-tempered Su Nai who doesn't know how to bear it. When everyone looks at it, they will only think that the staff in the studio are aggressive and arrogant, with a bad attitude. Who would stand on the side of the studio?

   Prepared dinner in a good mood, and served it again. Many netizens left messages for her to comfort her and let her not affect her mood because of the studio. There are even many netizens and fans fighting for her... Seeing these messages, her mood is even better.

  Ruan Xi, your studio will never get a foothold in e City.

   After covering her mouth and laughing, she looked at the time, and it was past ten o'clock, so she called Pei Nanming and asked when he would be back. Of course she didn't know that Pei Nanming was guarding Shang Yang's side at this time, and she didn't know that Ruan Xi passed out beside him and was resting in the hospital at this time.

  She tentatively told Pei Nanming that she was injured, and wanted to know how Pei Nanming would react, but it was obvious that Pei Nanming didn't care about her as much as she imagined.

  Thinking about the wedding next week, she gritted her teeth. As long as she married Pei Nanming, no woman would be able to get close to Pei Nanming.

   She thought, she wouldn't be like Qin Zhiran, that stupid woman who showed her sharpness and did some stupid things, which made Pei Nanming forcefully break off the engagement!

   On the second day, as soon as Ruan Xi woke up, Shang Yang immediately rushed over, his pretty little eyes were as red as a rabbit. He didn't hold Ruan Xi and cry, but Ruan Xi knew that he really wanted to cry. Seeing him like that, Ruan Xi felt her heart and heart aroused.

  Hold Shang Yang in his arms to comfort, "Yangyang, Mommy is fine, she is just a little tired, just take a rest."

  Shang Yang nodded obediently, "Mommy, I'll call Daddy and call him back, okay?"

Ruan Xi shook her head, "No, Yang Yang has to be obedient, Daddy has a very important meeting to hold, don't be distracted, you know?" Shang Boyan attended the headquarters meeting, which lasted for a week, and discussed the important issues of the Shang Group. In terms of development and decision-making, she can't let him be distracted for her own affairs. The current situation is already extremely unfair to Shang Boyan.

  When Ruan Xi said this, Pei Nanming came back early and just walked to the door. These words hurt his ears very much, maybe it was because of a man's possessiveness, or maybe it was just because he hadn't quit his habit yet, he hated her for thinking of other men.

   He clenched his fist involuntarily, then loosened it, put on his clothes and pushed the door open with a lukewarm expression.

  When Shang Yang saw him coming back, he rushed over immediately, "Uncle Pei, you're back!"

  When Ruan Xi saw this scene, his heart tightened. When did Shang Yang become so affectionate with Pei Nanming? Moreover, Yang Yang seems to like Pei Nanming very much.

  Seeing Pei Nanming hugging Shang Yang, smiling gently at Shang Yang, and subconsciously looking away, the worry in his heart became more and more intense.

   "Hey Yangyang, bring breakfast to your mommy, huh?"

  Shang Yang nodded, took the breakfast happily, and handed it to Ruan Xi, "Mummy, it's your favorite steak."

  Ruan Xi heard the words, looked at the food, and then at Pei Nanming, "Thank you Mr. Pei, I'm fine now. I know Mr. Pei is a very busy person, let's go back first."

  Eviction order? Pei Nanming's heart was slightly cold, but he didn't show it. Turn around and sit down on the opposite sofa, "I'm really busy, but I still have some time. Besides, it's not that I don't want to repay you for taking care of you."

  Ruan Xi was surprised, "I have nothing to repay you. If Mr. Pei doesn't dislike it, I can do my best to plan your wedding with Miss Xu. In addition, your dress can also be entrusted to our studio."

  Afraid what I might do to you, so guard me like a wolf, right? Staring at Ruan Xi's eyes, until Ruan Xi's eyes flickered and her lips trembled slightly, she retracted that sharp and oppressive gaze.

"Planning the wedding ceremony is fine. As for the design of the dress..." The corners of his mouth raised and his brows raised, "I think it's better to forget it." When he got a strange expression, he continued, "Your studio is really not flattering to me. I don't think anyone would dare to ask your studio to design dresses now, right?" He said, got up and turned on the TV, and found the news channel , just in time for the morning news.

  The place on the screen is actually their studio!

  From the beginning of the news about the studio, she couldn't take her eyes off her eyes until the end of this news. She was in shock and couldn't recover.

  All the citizens' evaluation of their studio is just one word - rotten! Specifically, the service attitude is bad, the service quality is bad, and the quality of the staff is bad! Adding these three bad things together, the reputation of their studio should have fallen into the abyss!

  On the screen, Su Nai was furious, Xu Chuyan was wronged and cried, and it was clear that Xu Chuyan did it on purpose! Although Su Nai has a strong temper, she has known it for a long time, but if Xu Chuyan did not do something very excessive, she thought, Su Nai would never do such impulsive and reckless things in front of the camera!

  After reading the news, Ruan Xi's mouth curled up in a sneer, "I can't see that when Mr. Pei's fiancée Lihua was raining, she was really pretty and pitiful. Even when I saw it, I couldn't help but feel distressed."

The irony in the words can be heard by anyone who is not lacking in brains, but after hearing this, Pei Nanming, as if nothing happened, raised his legs and leaned on the sofa, "I think so too." After finishing speaking, he said in a good mood cigarette.

Shang Yang, who has been eating obediently, has always been consistent with the principle of adults talking and children not interrupting. He has noticed his mother's prejudice against Pei Nanming since the first time he met Pei Nanming, but he doesn't know why. When Mummy looks at people who are unhappy, he will definitely stand on Mummy's standpoint and become hostile. Sometimes, he will take the initiative to hate someone because of Mummy's standpoint, but he can't do it to Pei Nanming.

   He couldn't make Mommy sad, and he couldn't hate Pei Nanming, so he had to choose to be neutral wisely.

  Seeing Pei Nanming smoking now, he immediately assumed the posture of a little adult, with his hands on his hips, "Smoking is harmful to health, and this is a hospital, Uncle Pei is not allowed to smoke!"

Pei Nanming was stunned for a moment, then smiled, actually listened to Shang Yang's words, and put out the cigarette, "Okay, now you have to be obedient and eat quickly." He looked at the time as he spoke, "Hurry up, or you'll have to go to school soon." be late."


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