Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 140

Although Zhang Tong has always had a prejudice against Pei Nanming because of Ruan Xi's matter, she is not the kind of willful and mean person. It's hard to like it."

   These words sounded somewhat thorny in Pei Nanming's ears, but he didn't care, as if he didn't notice anything unusual, "It's true."

   "Ruan Xi is in the ward, go and see her."

   Zhang Tong didn't say any more, and pushed the door open.

  Although he really wanted to be with Ruan Xi, he could probably guess how Ruan Xi would react when he woke up and saw him.

  Looking at Shang Yang, he thought for a while, then picked him up, opened a room in a hotel near the hospital, and personally watched over him to sleep.

  He was worried that the hospital would not let Shang Yang have a good rest, and Shang Yang had to go to class tomorrow.

  After putting down Shang Yang and covering him with a quilt, the phone rang. After checking the caller ID, he got up and went to the balcony.

"Nan Ming, why haven't you come back? The food I prepared is cold, have you gone to the company again? Are you busy? How about I go to the company to find you, okay?" As soon as the connection was made, Xu Chuyan said A coquettish voice came over.

   "No, I won't go to your place today."

   He said in a deep voice.

   There was a silence, as if waiting for him to explain, but he said nothing.

   After about a minute, Xu Chuyan suddenly said, "I see, but I cook the best dish, which is your favorite cabbage."

  Pei Nanming said, "Let's do it next time, the future will last forever, this time is not bad."

   There was another silence, and for a moment, Xu Chuyan said again, "If I told you that I was injured, would you hurry back?"

  Pei Nanming tapped on the glass of the window lightly, looking at the night outside the window, "How did you get hurt? I don't believe it. Okay, stop making trouble, go to bed early."

  Xu Chuyan hung up the phone in dismay, but Pei Nanming looked at the phone and smiled.

Chinese cabbage? Does he like cabbage? He didn't know, but in the past five years, what he ate the most was really cabbage, and he ate it in different ways, but he never tasted the kind of delicacy that Ruan Xi made five years ago.

  Xu Chuyan only knows that he has a morbid love for cabbage, but she doesn't know why he loves cabbage so much...

   "The cabbage you cook is not even one-thousandth of hers..." Putting away his phone, he sat on the balcony and smoked.

  The fireworks are on and off, just like his erratic thoughts at the moment...

  Xu Chuyan came to Ruan Xi's studio again, but she still couldn't find Ruan Xi, which made Xu Chuyan feel very upset, and her face naturally turned foul.

The people in the studio have long disliked her. If she hadn't kept saying that she and Ruan Xi were old acquaintances, they would have kicked her out mercilessly. How could she be so bossy and picky? ?

   But Xu Chuyan is aggressive, determined to make things difficult for Ruan Xi, and even the members of the studio also made things difficult for her.

   "Miss Xu." Seeing her, the waiter turned blue involuntarily, but he still had to smile forcefully.

  Xu Chuyan squinted at the waiter, walked directly to the office area of the design studio, opened the door and went in, "Is Ruan Xi there?"

  People in the office area all looked back, and when they saw her, they acted as if they hadn't seen them. They turned around and continued to work on their work, directly treating her as an invisible person.

Xu Chuyan couldn't help but raised her voice, "Is Ruan Xi here? I have something to do with her. She said that she would give me a satisfactory design, but it has been so long. Seeing that my wedding is about to be held, your design It still doesn't satisfy me! Most importantly, this last time, there are quality problems!"

It's okay if she didn't say the last sentence, but once she said the last sentence, the assistant designer who followed Ruan Xi from France couldn't help it, and said in broken Chinese with very inaccurate pronunciation, "Miss Xu, you didn't bite the stage Fan! That look is obviously Ni Ziji and Kai's! Don't bite anyone!!!"

Xu Chuyan reflected for a long time before she understood what she meant, and sneered, "If you can't even speak Chinese well, you can be an assistant. I think this studio is nothing more than that. Also, you said I cut the wedding dress myself Now, where is the evidence? Slandering good people, who is a good person here, if you are really dedicated, you can deliberately make things difficult for me, and you haven’t given me a satisfactory design for so long, obviously you are deliberately making things difficult for me! I think it’s your boss Jealous of me marrying Pei Nanming!"

  Bitting back like this made everyone in the studio blow up their lungs!

Another designer with a fiery temper has been patient with Xu Chuyan for a long time. If it wasn't for her colleagues before, she would have rushed up to fight. Today, she finally couldn't bear it anymore, rushed up and grabbed Xu Chuyan's neckline, "Don't you fucking No shame, our studio is not specially opened for you! What do you mean by making trouble for no reason?!"

   This designer used to be an orphan, the kind who fights all day long. Later, she met the master who brought her into the door, and then she changed a little bit, embarked on the road of design, and made a name for herself on this road.

   It's been a long time since she showed her true nature.

  To be like this today is really driven to the extreme by this woman Xu Chuyan.

  Xu Chuyan was dumbfounded all of a sudden, she didn't expect that there were such people among the designers who always swallowed their anger.

However, she is the kind who is confident. First of all, with Pei Nanming as her backer, she is not afraid of anything. Thirdly, she feels that she is a working person. No matter what, these studio members have to take into account the reputation of the studio and dare not take it seriously. Get rough on her. Therefore, in the face of the hot designer's actions, instead of shrinking, she added fuel to the fire, "What's the matter, do you want to hit someone?" Xu Chuyan reached out and grabbed the designer's wrist, and sneered, "I tell you Oh, you're right, I'm here to find fault, how about it? Can you cut me off? Design studio? Pooh, these things here are not even comparable to the waste drafts designed by Shang's lowest designer !"

  The designer got angry and pushed hard. Xu Chuyan couldn't stand still. She took two steps back and bumped into the hanger where the design samples were hanging.

  The designer was still puzzled, and wanted to go up and kick her, but the other staff hurried up to pull her, and tried to persuade her, "Su Nai, don't be as knowledgeable as this kind of unreasonable person!"

  Xu Chuyan quit, and got up with a livid face, wanting to bite Su Nai to death, but when she saw a customer coming in, she changed into a tear-spattering look, very pitiful.

  The various things she has experienced in the entertainment industry in the past few years, as well as the swollen sex around Pei Nanming, have transformed her into a rogue and very face-changing woman.

  The feeling of embarrassment and shame in the nightclub at the beginning has long since disappeared through the polishing of time and passion. Now she feels that as long as the goal can be achieved, no matter what, it is fine!

  Now, her purpose is very simple, which is to ruin this studio with Ruan Xi as its backbone!

   And her goal was finally achieved today, because not only customers came today, but also reporters and photographers who came here to interview the studio.

   As soon as the result came, I encountered such a situation!

  This type of live broadcast interview immediately brought a huge negative effect to the studio.

   What Xu Chuyan is best at is facing the camera. It can be said that in front of the camera is her world.

While wiping tears, he cried sadly, "I heard from fans that although this studio is newly opened, the clothes it designs are really good, and the staff's service attitude and after-sales service are excellent. It is one-on-one, so I came over to take a look, and I was really happy when I came to take a look, because the leader of this studio is an old friend I know... I think, if this is the case, then I will let them design my wedding dress..." Speaking of this, there was another low sob, "Besides, it's more reassuring to leave it to old friends, but I didn't expect The strange thing is that the attitude of the members of this studio is so bad, I just asked for a little adjustment because I was not satisfied with the design plan, and they actually attacked me verbally and personally because of the impatience of the boss..." said The sleeve was lifted up in front of the camera, and there was indeed a blood-red mark on it, which was scratched on the hanger.

The staff in the studio heard her talking nonsense, all of them were livid with anger. At first, they always thought that Xu Chuyan and Ruan Xi looked alike, and they had a good impression. Later, she found faults again and again, and they couldn't help feeling disgusted in their hearts. But now, she is simply contemptuous and angry towards Xu Chuyan!

  In this world, there is such a despicable and shameless woman, who is really willing to give up anything!

  Su Nai didn't want to argue with a shameless third-tier star like Xu Chuyan anymore, because she felt that it would embarrass herself to argue with her. But, who would have imagined that Xu Chuyan wanted to put her face on the nose and slander their studio and staff endlessly.

  This kind of woman! Su Nai couldn't sit still immediately, she got up and wanted to grab Xu Chuyan and beat her up again, Xu Chuyan stepped back like a frightened bird, and shouted, "Look, she's going to attack me again. The staff in this studio are really nice brutal!"


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