Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 137

Sunlight shines quietly on Gu Chi's body through the floor-to-ceiling windows. His jet-black hair glistens faintly in the sunlight, and his complexion is as calm as a sleeping baby, stable and peaceful.

Seeing that Gu Chi hadn't moved, Ruan Dongyu bent down and grabbed Gu Chi's collar and picked him up bitterly, "I was talking to you, but you didn't hear me, did you?! Gu Chi, get up for me, open your eyes! Are you Do you despise me and despise me? Didn’t you say that you hate me? If you don’t open your eyes and wake up, how do you despise me, how do you despise me, how do you hate me?!”

   Roared heart-piercingly, his eyes were red as if stained with blood, but his wrists trembled slightly.

  He didn't turn his eyes straight, didn't breathe, his head tilted slightly, and then hung down decisively, without any signs of life! This realization made Ruan Dongyu's heart a little bit colder.

   Gu Qing and Jin Chengfeng knew that they had come at the wrong time, so they all backed out and left. But Anya's face turned pale from being frightened by Ruan Dongyu, and she immediately got up and staggered away.

   While Ruan Xi leaned on the coffee table, staring at them blankly, her mind was blank and dull.

   "Gu Chi, you are ruthless enough..."

  I always thought that you were really good. I thought that even if you were unwilling, at least you would not play with your own life. Unexpectedly, you actually gambled with your life!

  Ruan Dongyu suddenly let go of him weakly, and he collapsed on the ground like cotton, making a dull sound.

  And Ruan Dongyu fell to the ground, like a puppet that lost its support, and the whole person fell apart.

   "Get out of here... get out of here too! Don't let me see you again! Ruan Xi, let me see you in the future, I will definitely let you die!"

   "I won't go...I want to accompany him...I..."

Ruan Dongyu suddenly got up, turned around and grabbed her neck, "Accompany him? Do you think you deserve it?! If it wasn't for you, how could he have been drinking too much? If it wasn't for you, how could he have stomach cancer? , do you think he will deliberately conceal his illness?! When you broke up decisively and completely, he was willing to stay by my side for you. Ruan Xi, what are you?! Do you think you are worthy?! Get out, you give I'm leaving! He doesn't need you to accompany him!!!"

  Ruan Xi was pushed out by him, and his back hit the aisle wall, his internal organs seemed to be shattered.

  However, she didn't feel any pain, and just rushed to knock on the door desperately, but the door never opened again.

  The news of Gu Chi's death from stomach cancer spread quickly in the media, and his funeral was held in a grand manner, but Ruan Dongyu never showed up at the funeral.

   Zhang Tong and Ruan Xi stood at a distance.

  Watching the heavy coffin being buried, Gu Chi's parents cried in a mess, while Gu Chi's mother passed out directly, and the others silently offered orange blossoms.

  Actually, not many people came to the cemetery, only a dozen or so in total, including Gu Qing.

  Ruan Xi didn't have any position to attend Gu Chi's funeral, so she asked Zhang Tong to accompany her and stood at the farthest place to watch. Regarding Gu Chi's death, Zhang Tong was shocked when she heard the news. She had been abroad for a few years, and after she came back, she never heard how bad Gu Chi's condition was. At best, she was in poor health and was always hospitalized.

  Who would have thought that death would mean death?

   Now thinking of the expression on Gu Chi's face when he asked her to hand over the ring box to Ruan Xi, she still has a deep memory. That kind of pain can only be felt in true love, right? Can't be fake.

  Zhang Tong thought that Ruan Xi would cry, but Ruan Xi just stared there, watching the whole process of the burial. From beginning to end, she didn't say a word or shed a tear.

  She couldn't help worrying that Ruan Xi had a mental disorder after all, and she was afraid that Ruan Xi would relapse if she was stimulated again, "Ruan Xi, if you feel uncomfortable, just cry."

Ruan Xi didn't respond immediately, Zhang Tong almost thought she didn't hear at all, just when Zhang Tong was about to say something to distract Ruan Xi, Ruan Xi suddenly said, "I won't cry, I cry , he will definitely be sad. From now on, I will smile and face every day with a smile. I have failed him in this life, and I dare not say what will happen in the next life, but, Tongtong, if there is a next life, I hope He must not meet me."

  Ruan Xi didn't cry, but Zhang Tong couldn't help but turn red after hearing this.

  She has never witnessed how Ruan Xi and Gu Chi fell in love and separated at the beginning, but knowing such a little bit already made her uncomfortable.

  Thinking of this, I don't know why I suddenly thought of Pei Nanming. After Ruan Xi escaped, when Pei Nanming went to find her, the anxious and worried expression suddenly came to mind. But when she thought of what Pei Nanming did later, she also felt chills.

  Maybe, maybe no matter how hard Pei Nanming works, he can't compare to the man who loves Ruan Xi with his life? Besides, Ruan Xi is now married to Shang Boyan.

Zhang Tong suddenly felt comforted again, no matter what, at least there is an excellent Shang Boyan beside Ruan Xi, Shang Boyan will not let Ruan Xi suffer, and the wound in Ruan Xi's heart will surely heal slowly Bar?

  She thought that in the future, Ruan Xi would definitely live happily.

   "Thank you for coming with me."

   After everyone dispersed, Ruan Xi spoke again.

   Zhang Tong shook his head, "Don't be so polite with me."

  Actually, when Shang Boyan told her about Gu Chi, she was not in this city, and she hurried back to accompany Ruan Xi. Shang Boyan worried that being by Ruan Xi's side would put pressure on Ruan Xi, so he repeatedly asked her to take good care of Ruan Xi.

   "You go back first, I want to chat with Gu Chi alone."

   Zhang Tong was stunned, a little worried, but in this situation, she had to give Ruan Xi her private space, so she nodded and waited in the distance.

  Out of the cemetery, a black Audi suddenly drove away. Zhang Tong squinted and saw that the person inside was Pei Nanming.

  How did he come here? Looking after Gu Chi? impossible! Look at Ruan Xi, it's impossible, no one knows that Ruan Xi came here!

  In the car, the air conditioner was turned on so loudly that the driver was trembling a little, but seeing Pei Nanming's bad face, he didn't dare to speak.

  Pei Nanming leaned quietly on the back seat for a long time, and said a little tiredly, "Go directly to Miss Xu."

   "Yes, Mr. Pei."

  Xu Chuyan has always been very excited about the marriage.

She has gone to Ruan Xi's design room several times, but she has never found anyone from Ruan Xi. Later, when she heard that Gu Chi was dead, she realized that Ruan Xi was hit by the death of her first love, but this is not true at all. It hinders her determination to continue to embarrass Ruan Xi.

  When Pei Nanming came, she was about to return the newly delivered wedding dress from the studio. Recently, she has never been tired of tossing the studio members. Even if Ruan Xi is behind it, so what if Shang Boyan is behind it? In her eyes, although Shang Boyan has a very important position in the entire Shang Group, but now he is only in charge of the e-city area. She won the award at the beginning but was recognized in Paris, and the big deal is no longer in the e-city. developed. Besides, she didn't really break up with Ruan Xi, she hit soft fists, the kind that you can only keep in your heart and can't shout out the pain and discomfort.

   "Nan Ming, you came just in time!" Seeing Pei Nanming get off the car, Xu Chuyan immediately put down the box and rushed over, putting her arms around his waist, rubbing against his chest like a cat.

  Pei Nanming asked calmly, "What's wrong?"

   "I just want to go to Ruan Xi's studio to change the wedding dress, you can go with me, okay?"

  Pei Nanming frowned imperceptibly, "Haven't you already changed it three times?"

  Xu Chuyan shook her head, "It has been replaced three times. The first three times were because of dissatisfaction with the design. This time it was because of defective quality. Come and see."

   As he spoke, he pulled Pei Nanming into the room, shook off the wedding dress, and spread out the skirt to show Pei Nanming, "Look, there is a big hole in the hem of this skirt, which was made on purpose."

  Pei Nanming glanced at her. She lowered her head and fiddled with the wedding dress.

   "You can leave this kind of thing to other people, and you don't need to run over and over again."

  Pei Nanming turned around, took off his coat, and pulled his tie.

Xu Chuyan looked at Pei Nanming's back, her face obviously flashed with displeasure, but when Pei Nanming turned around, she became obedient again, "I actually want to be lazy too, but I feel very sorry for bothering Ruan Xi again and again." , If you don’t send the wedding dress in person, it’s really unreasonable.” In fact, he deliberately wanted to provoke Ruan Xi, watch her go crazy, and then pretend to be pitiful, so as to mobilize the power of fans and create public opinion that Ruan Xi is ineffective, right?

  Pei Nanming didn't expose her small thoughts, and didn't bother to pay attention to her.

  As long as she doesn't make too much noise, he is willing to let her go, but this is not indulgence, but deliberate connivance. What is the purpose? He didn't want to think about it himself.

   "I'm very tired today, go by yourself." Pei Nanming sat on the sofa, raised his head slightly, and took a deep breath.

Xu Chuyan pouted her small mouth, stuck it to his leg, and rubbed it against him, "I know you are tired, but... hey, forget it, forget it. I know, you have a lot of business to deal with, how about I help you?" Just rub your shoulders, so you can relax."

I was already a little impatient in my heart, and my mood was very gloomy. After Xu Chuyan made such a fuss, I felt a little bit about to explode, but he didn't explode after all, but his voice suddenly became colder, "No, I I want to be alone for a while."


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