Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 136

Back then when he chose to accompany Shang Boyan back to e-market, Shang Boyan also told her insincerely that if she didn't want to, she didn't have to follow her back.

  She really thought, thought...she had enough courage and guts to confront Pei Nanming tit for tat, but...once he showed that cold expression, she would be defeated immediately...

Today's Pei Nanming makes her wonder if that gentle man was just her hallucination during the time when she was driven crazy by him five years ago... She raised the corners of her mouth in self-deprecating, women really are cheap... Having been hurt so badly and treated so cruelly, he still...can't forget...forget the true feelings he would only show when she was crazy...

Shang Boyan came out just in time to see Pei Nanming leaving, and subconsciously looked at Ruan Xi, her pale face, mixed with hurt and fearful eyes, made his heart tighten, as if being ruthlessly held by an invisible hand. Squeeze hard.

   Between them, there was indeed a restricted area that he couldn't reach no matter how hard he tried. The frustration made him feel a little tired, but soon he adjusted his expression and walked towards Ruan Xi.

   "What's the matter? Are you tired, and your complexion is so bad."

  Ruan Xi tensed her shoulders, and turned to look at Shang Boyan, like a child who has done something wrong, with a flustered expression and averted eyes, "He and I, there is no..." She explained in a panic.

  Shang Boyan smiled and hugged her shoulders, forgiving her, "I know, you don't need to explain."

  The more tolerant she is, the more Ruan Xi feels ashamed. Many times, she really would rather Shang Boyan get angry and scold her severely, or simply walk away.

  The tolerant Shang Boyan made her feel worse and worse, more and more annoying, even she herself felt that she was the unforgivable one.

   After taking Shang Yang, Shang Boyan walked ahead, but his gaze involuntarily swept in the direction where Pei Nanming left.

  Men are also jealous, but he is jealous that Pei Nanming is not by Ruan Xi's side, but can always occupy Ruan Xi's mind and emotions.

  Pei's office building, Pei Nanming stood in front of the large floor-to-ceiling windows with a coffee in hand, quietly overlooking the scenery outside the window.

  After Tang Wenyi knocked on the door and came in, he sat directly behind him, "What are you going to do about the Shang Group's entry into e-city?"

   Turning around, Pei Nanming raised his eyebrows and smiled, "Hold on for now, we'll talk about it after my wedding date."

  Tang Wenyi looked at Pei Nanming unexpectedly, "Are you really going to marry Xu Chuyan?"

   "Why, can't it?"

   "It's just a surprise. There are so many women around you, and there are countless women who are better than her. Marrying her is a waste of you."

  Pei Nanming took a sip of his coffee, turned around and sat down opposite him, "You really listen to what you say."

   Laughed bitterly, just telling the truth, he always felt that Xu Chuyan was not worthy of Pei Nanming at all, and, from his analysis, Xu Chuyan's thoughts were buried deeper and more ambitious than Qin Zhiran's. Such a woman is actually a poisonous snake with a sweet appearance and an evil heart, and if she fails, she will be bitten back.

  Of course, with Pei Nanming's wrist, there is no need to worry about being bitten by Xu Chuyan, but the people Pei Nanming cares about are different.

   "I've always spoken so pleasantly, and it's not like you don't know it." Tang Wenyi sighed from the bottom of his heart, and stopped worrying about nothing. No one can stop or persuade Pei Nanming to do what he wants to do. He thought he should save his energy and stop doing useless work.

   "I heard that you and Zhang Tong are very close? Does it look interesting?"

"Tch, what's the meaning of me and her..." The last time I met Ruan Xi in the shopping mall, it was just by chance, "No one knows better than me how fierce that guy is." Thinking of the slap five years ago , he still has lingering fears.

"Don't worry, I won't get her idea, so you don't need to try so hard to hide it from me. Now, you are no longer my personal butler, but the person in charge of the Qin family. We are friends and partners. I have known you for so many years, what appetite do you have, I don't understand?"

  Pei Nanming smiled deeply.

  After Tang Wenyi shed his professional disguise, his true nature was revealed, "Come on, please forgive me, young master, I will keep that kind of woman at a distance. If you want to like it, you have to like gentle and pleasant ones, for example, the kind of Ruan Xi..."

   Suffered, stepped on thunder!

   Tang Wenyi thought, probably because he hadn't been a subordinate for too long, and then he got carried away. In front of Pei Nanming, he was unrestrained, and he was really a little arrogant. He shrank his neck, "It's okay, I didn't say anything, and you didn't hear anything."

Unexpectedly, Pei Nanming was not angry. Instead, he folded his arms and agreed, "You're right, a woman like her is indeed very good. I haven't seen you for five years, and she's getting more and more interesting. Besides, she's more courageous." It's..."

   "You don't still want to hit her, do you! It's been five years, do you need to be so obsessed with that hatred that may be wrong at all?"

  Tang Wenyi suddenly raised his voice, causing Pei Nanming to be puzzled, and said for a moment, "You are so nervous about her, which gave me the illusion that you actually like her a little bit."

Rolling his eyes, Tang Wenyi leaned on the sofa, "I like her? Just kidding, even if I like you, I won't like her." Speaking of this, he felt a little bitter in his heart, but still had a cynical smile on his face, "She's already married and has children, so what's the point if you force your way in? Besides, five years ago, you tortured her so much, are you really happy? You finally got out, maybe you want to fall back into it again?" ?”

   "She left me, and I didn't get relief. Since I'm in pain, why should she be happy?" Pei Nanming raised his chin, arrogant and angry.

  Are you jealous?

  Tang Wenyi was powerless and frustrated, but Pei Nanming was still...

  E City may be about to change again.

  Ruan Xi has been hesitant, but finally took out the box that she had locked under the box.

  When Zhang Tong handed the box to her, she was working hard to pretend to be crazy. In fact, as early as the second week of going to the mental rehabilitation center, she had already begun to recover, but she still occasionally lost her mind. Later, Shang Boyan found her secretly and said that he would help her escape, and worked out a series of seamless plans. At that time, she was like a tree with a dead tree, finally keeping hope.

   Whether Zhang Tong knew she was pretending, she didn't know very well, but the expression on Zhang Tong's face when he handed her the box convinced her that Zhang Tong actually knew the truth.

  It's just a tacit understanding.

She clearly remembered that Zhang Tong stuffed the box into her hand at that time, and relayed what Gu Chi said——Xie'er, I know that you said some things on purpose to hurt me, and I also know that about Anya that time Let you get hurt, but there are some things that I have to do, because there must always be one of us living in heaven, isn't it? If, we are destined not to get married in this life, not to grow old together, if, between the two of us, one of us is destined to go to hell, then, I would rather that person be me...

  The expression that Gu Chi might have when he said these words immediately flashed in her mind. She knew that she was too selfish and selfish after all!

  Ruan Dongyu did not reach out to help her escape as Gu Chi expected, but Gu Chi sacrificed everything for this... His lifelong dreams were ruined because of her...

  Ruan Dongyu said at the reception that he hoped she would go to see Gu Chi, but what kind of face would she use to see him?

  She didn't even have the courage to open the box he gave her!

  For five years, she has been hiding the box in the corner, deliberately ignoring it...

  It sucks, right? !

  The palm-sized box lay quietly in the palm of her hand, but she didn't have the strength to open it no matter what.

  Many, many memories that were forgotten due to daily fear, all became clear at this time...

"When we graduate in the future, let's go on a trip together... I heard that there is a bird in New Guinea called the bird of paradise. They are loyal to love. Once they fall in love, they stay together for life. They don't fight or make noise. , just care about each other forever, love each other, and if one day loses its partner, the other bird will never remarry or remarry, but will go on a hunger strike to die... I really envy such a loyal animal.” Many years ago She had said so naively.

   Gu Chi looked at her submissively and smiled, "Okay, I really want to see that bird too."

   "If, one day, I die, will you be like the bird of paradise?"

Gu Chi raised the corner of his mouth and said, "Fool, we won't encounter such a thing... because, I won't let you encounter it. If there is a day, I will do my best. If I do my best, I will still do it." No, then, I will only die earlier than you..."

  Holding the box in her hand, trembling slightly, she still gritted her teeth and opened it. Inside was a pair of rings, very common ones, which can be bought for only a few dollars at a small stall.

  Ruan Xi stared blankly, then suddenly cried...

   "That ring is very beautiful, buy it now, and give it to me as an engagement ring in the future."

   "No, how can my future wife wear such a low-level ring..."

   "I like that, as long as the heart is true, what does it matter if things are worthless?"

   "No, my future wife will be matched with the most valuable diamond ring in the world, because she is my only one"


  Ruan Xi didn't expect that Gu Chi, who insisted not to buy street stalls at the beginning, bought this pair of rings back, and stayed by his side all the time.

   The patterns on the pair of rings are already very old, apparently they have been rubbed countless times...

  When he arrived at Jiangnan Villa, Ruan Dongyu was already waiting outside.

   "He will be very happy if you can come."

  Ruan Dongyu was always full of energy, with a perpetual smile on his face, but now he was a little tired.

  Ruan Xi glanced at Ruan Dongyu, walked inside without saying anything.

   "If you have time, go see him too..."

  This "he" and the two of them are tacit. Ruan Xi straightened her back after hearing this, "I don't have a father, and I have nothing to do with him, so... there is no reason to look at him."

   No reason? Yes, indeed not, because of the distorted and indifferent relationship between my parents, I hated them hard, so Ruan Xi, who has been wandering outside, was adopted in orphanages, and was bullied, could say so calmly In this case, it is already commendable, right? But...he just hates her like this, obviously she is an illegitimate child, obviously abandoned, a vile child born of a mother, why can she face everything so calmly and calmly, why can she not harbor any resentment at all? ! He hates everything that is kind, tolerant, and sunny! It made him feel dirty and dark.

   Just like the feeling that Gu Chi gave him, it made him jealous, and he couldn't help wanting to persecute him!

  No Ruan Dongyu didn't tell Gu Chi that Ruan Xi would come, so when Ruan Xi stood at the door, Gu Chi was stunned. It was the first time they met after five years of separation.

  Gu Chi's complexion is slightly pale, and he has lost a lot of weight. Originally, as long as he stood in front of him, he could feel the warmth he brought, but now, Ruan Xi saw the vicissitudes and indifference in his eyes.

  The originally bright eyes were tortured by the cruel reality. Her eyes were slightly red, but Ruan Xi couldn't say the first word no matter what.

  The entire room was enveloped in an alienated silence.

  Ruan Dongyu stood behind Ruan Xi, and smiled sarcastically when he saw this, "Yeah, shouldn't you be very excited to meet *? Why didn't you talk?"

   Obviously mean and jealous, even Ruan Dongyu himself noticed it, but he didn't care. I've been with Gu Chi for five years, but if everyone doesn't say anything, who doesn't understand?

  Ruan Hetian brought him home many times because of this, and tried hard and soft to make him leave Gu Chi, but he couldn't hear it in one ear. Ruan Hetian had no choice but to go to Gu Chi directly. Gu Chi only asked him to take care of his son. Everything was controlled by his son! At the beginning, it was his son Ruan Dongyu who dragged him into hell abruptly, how can he be expected to let Ruan Dongyu go now? !

   "If you have nothing to do, please go out for a stroll. You also know that we are old *, and you will only hinder us when you are here."

   Obviously it is my territory, Ruan Dongyu! Ruan Dongyu was so angry that he almost exploded, but he found the person, and it would be too embarrassing to lose his temper over such a trivial matter.

  So he snorted coldly, and actually picked up his coat and left.

  Suddenly met, Ruan Xi couldn't say a single word that she originally wanted to say, and after Gu Chi brought her a drink, he just sat quietly opposite her.

   There will be a day when they are relatively speechless, who would have thought of it?

   "How are you doing?" It was Gu Chi who spoke first, and when he spoke, he was still smiling, trying to be as tolerant and warm as before.

  With just one glance, Ruan Xi could see the exhaustion and powerlessness in his eyes.

   "I'm doing fine." How about you? She didn't even have the courage to ask back. In fact, everything was in front of her eyes, so why was there any need to ask?

  Looking at Ruan Xi's worried and hesitant expression, Gu Chi pretended to be relaxed and smiled, "I'm fine too, look at me, I'm fine now, don't be sad."

   It’s okay if you don’t talk, but the more you talk, the more uncomfortable Ruan Xi feels.

  Suddenly stood up and said, "Please, leave him, Gu Chi, don't suffer any more grievances for me. Please!"

   After finishing speaking, Ruan Xi's own tears flowed down first.

   Gu Chi was startled, and looked up at Ruan Xi dully, then got up and shook his head, "This is my own choice, you don't have to worry about blaming yourself. I have never regretted it."

"But, I regret it, I regret it! Gu Chi, I really regret it. I shouldn't have let you go. If I hadn't forced you away at that time, or if I hadn't asked Zhang Tong to beg you with the bracelet Help, now you won't be in such pain!" It's all my fault! However, no matter what I say or do now, it is all so hypocritical and fake!

  For five years, I lived a comfortable life, but you used your own pain to build my happiness in purgatory!

  Watching Ruan Xi cry heart-piercingly, Gu Chi could no longer remain indifferent. After all, he walked over and gently hugged her. His thin body only had a handful of bones left. He had never been so skinny.

"Don't cry, I said it, this is my own choice, I will never regret it, and, Xier, as long as you are happy. If time goes back and I make a choice, I will still do the same thing But, Xi'er, in the future, no matter what setbacks and grievances you experience, I will never stand up for you again, you know?" Gu Chi patted her on the back lightly, and said slowly, "What I did for you five years ago was the first and last time. I don't regret it, but I also have regrets. Unfortunately, I went to hell, but I didn't help you."

Ruan Xi cried out of breath, nodded and shook her head, "Don't say that, you have sacrificed so much, I am the one who is despicable, and I am also the one who is ungrateful. You have done so much, but I can do nothing for you Do it! I am born with a bad spirit, meeting me must be the greatest misfortune in your life. Gu Chi, leave Ruan Dongyu, he is a devil! You really don't need to..."

Gu Chi didn't know what he said in her ear, Ruan Xi suddenly froze, and couldn't cry anymore, only tears kept streaming down the corners of her eyes, "You lied, you lied! You are comforting me , let me feel less guilty, right?" The fingers tightened, "Gu Chi, how could you..."

  Gu Chi still hugged her gently, "Nothing is impossible in this world. There is no need for me to make up such a lie just to comfort you, people will change."

   "Oh my god, what have I done..." Ruan Xi covered her face with trembling hands, "I'm the one who's guilty... If it wasn't for me..."

   "Even without you, Ruan Dongyu would do whatever it takes to drag me into the water. If it wasn't for you, maybe it would be Mrs. Gu, or my parents. In a sense, you are the one who protected the people around me..."

Ruan Xi was about to say something, but unexpectedly the door was suddenly pushed open. Anya stood at the door, and was shocked to see the situation inside. After seeing clearly that the person in Gu Chi's arms was actually Ruan Xi, her face immediately sank, and she walked up in two or three steps. Before him, he pulled Ruan Xi over forcefully, and slapped him with a flick of his hand.

  Ruan Xi is no longer the girl who can only endure after being bullied. Seeing Anya's angry face, she knows that she will not do anything good.

So, when Anya raised her hand, Ruan Xi's slap was thrown out first, "Anya, right, don't think that I am still the same as I was five years ago. I failed to slap you in the face back then, I will replace you now!" Voice It fell with the sound of slaps.

  Half of Anya's face was numb from the beating, she looked at Ruan Xi in surprise, then covered her face, and threw herself into Gu Chi's arms aggrieved, "A Chi, look, she hit me!"

"I hit you lightly. As for the reason, you know the reason." Ruan Xicai cried, but her eyes were still red. Seeing that Gu Chi didn't mean to push Anya away, he wanted to get what he got from Shang Boyan about Anya and Ruan Dongyu. I told him the matter, but what Gu Chi said just now echoed in my ears - I seem to like him a little...

   Swallowing the words back on his lips, he just looked at Gu Chi with sad and self-blame eyes.

  Gu Chi was not at all surprised that she would have such gaze, but just smiled indifferently.

   "Go back first, I'm fine, in the don't have to worry about me, and you don't have to visit me again."

  Ruan Xi's face turned pale, she didn't understand why Gu Chi wanted to break up so thoroughly, but after thinking about it, she couldn't add more guilt. Is there anything wrong with him being completely broken? You are the one who is the most shameless to meet him, right? Although Anya betrayed him, at least she wouldn't hurt him completely, but what about herself? What qualifications do you have to teach Anya a lesson?

   "Okay" If this is your wish, I am willing.

  Ruan Xi sniffed and smiled back, then turned and left.

  Gu Chi looked at the back of her leaving, but his eyes became extremely nostalgic, Xi'er, you must live happily.

  An Ya saw that Gu Chi was going to let Ruan Xi go so easily, so, wouldn't the slap she received was for nothing? So he stomped his feet and acted coquettishly, "Amin, how could you let her go so easily, she slapped me!"

Gu Chi looked down at her, his eyes were calm, and there was no extra emotion, "If you feel that this slap has made you wronged, then you can go after her and fight back, as long as you are not afraid of Pei Nanming or Shang Boyan making trouble for you if."

Hearing the words Pei Nanming, Anya's complexion changed. Back then, she and Qin Zhiran worked hand in hand, which caused Ruan Xi a lot of harm. Fortunately, Qin Zhiran didn't drag her into getting Ruan Xi to take drugs. Otherwise, the current her , I'm afraid it will become the same as the current Qin Zhiran, who is neither human nor ghost, running around all day long for white fans, and even haunts certain trading places!

   Seeing that Anya immediately became honest when she heard Pei Nanming's name, Gu Chi couldn't help but sneered. People really have to be vicious and ruthless so as not to be bullied. It's just that, in this life, there is no chance to be a person of great good and evil.

   "You go too, Ruan Dongyu is not here."

  An Ya was stunned for a moment, then smiled obsequiously, put her arms around Gu Chi's arm and said coquettishly, "Ah Chi, what are you talking about? I didn't come here to find him. I came to see you."

come see me? It's been more than a week since I was discharged from the hospital. I don't see you coming. Is it raining red today?

  He sneered in his heart, but he didn't bother to care about these things. Anyway, he didn't care about Anya and Ruan Dongyu at all.

"Then, I want to thank you. Now that I've finished reading, I'm fine, you can go away with peace of mind." The cold voice made Anya very dissatisfied. If it wasn't for looking at Ruan Dongyu and approaching Ruan Dongyu, do you think I came back to see you? ? ! He felt aggrieved in his heart, but his little face was still smiling like a flower.

   "However, people still don't trust you. How about I make you lunch and let's eat together, okay?"

   After finishing speaking, he put down his bag and walked into the kitchen on his own initiative with half a pig's face on his face.

  Gu Chi didn't say any more, knowing that her purpose was to wait for Ruan Dongyu to come back. He would naturally not get hurt for those who didn't care. Now he is so indifferent that he directly treats those insignificant people as air.

  Turning around and walking to the window, looking at Ruan Xi's back, as if feeling something, Ruan Xi suddenly stopped and looked back to the window. Gu Chi smiled and waved to her, making a gesture of goodbye.

At this moment, Ruan Xi suddenly felt unspeakably uncomfortable, and a feeling of uneasiness enveloped her heart. She suddenly ran back, and for unknown reasons, an abnormal sense of fear enveloped her, as if if this time If I don't go to see him, I won't have another chance in the future!

  The high-heeled shoes were stepping on the floor tiles, and several ladies walking leisurely in the villa area stared at her strangely, but she didn't notice it.

Anya, who was cooking in the kitchen on the first floor, stretched her head out when she heard footsteps, and seeing that Ruan Xi had gone and returned, she immediately came out to stop her, "You trampled people, what's going on? What are you doing back here?!"

   Anya speaks in a posture, as if she is the hostess here, with such an insolent aura that it makes people want to smoke when they see it.

Ruan Xi was in a hurry to see Gu Chi, and didn't care about her at all. She stopped her, and Ruan Xi made a detour, but Anya was a woman who put her nose on her face and didn't want her face. with.

   Finally couldn't bear it anymore, Ruan Xifa glared at her fiercely, "Get out of the way!"

"Yoyo, do you think this is your home? There are wild animals that are born and no one raises them. Do you really have a home? You are born with a lowly embryo, and even your fiancé is raped. Now the child knows how to make soy sauce and cheats on her husband." Come here *ex-boyfriend, it’s really..." Before finishing speaking, Ruan Xi suddenly slapped her both positively and negatively, "I'll tell you my face, why don't you reflect on what you and Ruan Dongyu have done! Get out of here!" Before Anya could react, she pushed Anya away and hurried upstairs.

   slammed open the door, and immediately turned pale with fright and ran to Gu Chi's side, trembling, "Gu Chi, what's wrong with you? What's wrong with you?!"

Gu Chi held on to the edge of the window and vomited blood gulpingly. Even though he covered his mouth with his hands tightly, the viscous blood-red liquid still trickled down from between his fingers, and his whole body became fragile like a thin sheet of paper floating in the air, and collapsed. .

Ruan Xi panicked and screamed, "Doctor! I'll find a doctor right away, Gu Chi, don't scare me, hold on! The doctor will come right away! Come right away!" She maintained her little composure, trembling He went to take out the mobile phone in the bag with both hands, but at this time, the zipper that usually opened with a single pull could not be opened no matter what.

  Gu Chi looked at her panicked and pale face, he was both relieved and sad, the relief was because he found that she still cared about him in her heart, and the sadness was because she couldn't bear her to be so flustered and scared.

  In his whole life, he never thought that one day he would scare her like this...

He stretched out his hand with difficulty and pressed the back of her hand, "Don't look for it, it's useless." Leaning weakly against the floor-to-ceiling window, he patted the seat beside him with a smile, "If, if you are really worried about me, sit with me Just a moment. Sometimes I even dream of the days when we sat side by side on the playground and counted the stars..."

  Ruan Xi was already in a state of confusion, so she still took out her cell phone without listening to it.

Seeing that she wouldn't listen, Gu Chi encouraged himself to support himself, and this time he held her in his arms and hugged her tightly, "I told you, it's useless. Stomach cancer is in the late stage, it's the last days... "

  A thunderbolt from the blue sky, Ruan Xi stiffened suddenly, and burst into tears, "How come, you lied to me, you lied to me, right?!"

"I also hope that I lied to you. People say that it is better to die than to live, but there is another saying that the King of Hades makes people die in the third watch. Who will stay until the fifth watch? You are by my side at the last time , I really feel very happy and satisfied.”

   "How did this happen, how did this happen? What about Ruan Dongyu? Doesn't Ruan Dongyu see you in a doctor? Does he know? How could he let you be so sick!"

Gu Chi shook his head lightly, "I didn't want him to know. With his ability, it's not easy to hide it from him, but I've been around for so many years, and I still have one or two confidantes." Smiling lightly "If I live forever, then I will still be held in his hands. He never said love, but I know he loves me... There is no right or wrong, no nobility or humbleness in front of love, I have no right Stop him from loving me, but, likewise, he shouldn't stop me from loving someone else, let alone..."

Ruan Xi listened in a daze, only tears were still streaming down, Gu Chi wiped her tears distressedly, "Don't cry, people are going to die sooner or later in their whole life, besides, I've had this disease for a long time, It's just the difference between dying sooner and later. I'm so calm, why are you sad? You don't want my last memory of you to be your crying face, do you?"


   "Nothing to worry about..."

  Before he finished speaking, he began to vomit blood again.

   "Have you been holding on all the time, pretending that nothing happened!" She roared almost angrily, shaking him.

  Gu Chi was already so uncomfortable that he was about to pass out, but being swayed by her like this made his eyes darken.

   "You... shake it any longer, I... will... die now" Ruan Xi stopped her hand suddenly, but Gu Chi fell on her shoulder,

"Finally dying in your arms, I am really happy... I never dreamed of it... I feel like God treats me... Actually, I am not thin... I am leaving, you must live a good life, you must be very happy... …very happy……"

   "Gu Chi...!"

  Downstairs, Anya wanted to go up when she heard Ruan Xi's first scream, but she was afraid that Gu Chi would question her and Ruan Dongyu. But this time, Ruan Xi became quiet after yelling, and couldn't help but go upstairs to look curiously.

Pushing open the door and looking through the gap, I saw Ruan Xi patted Gu Chi with her arms around her, and couldn't see the specific situation clearly through a set of sofas, so after thinking about it, she pushed the door open and went in. As a result, she saw the beach on the ground. The blood stains were dumbfounded...

   "Ah...!" Anya screamed and took two steps back. She only knew that Gu Chi was ill, but she never paid attention to what kind of illness Gu Chi had.

  So, I suddenly saw Gu Chi lying in Ruan Xi's arms, his face was drained of blood, and he was completely dumbfounded, "You... you... Ruan Xi, what are you doing?! What happened to him?!"

   Anya suddenly yelled like a madman.

  Ruan Xi raised her eyes slowly, looked at Anya, raised her index finger, and said softly, "Shhh—he's asleep, don't make noise!" She raised her eyebrows and said.

  An Ya shook her hands, " lunatic! Let him go!" Suddenly she rushed over and grabbed Ruan Xi's wrist, "What have you done, why did he suddenly become like this! How did he..."

  Looking up, eyes red with anger, Ruan Xi reached out and grabbed Anya fiercely, "I told you to shut up! Don't disturb him, he is tired and going to rest, can't you hear me?!"

The sudden outburst made Anya shiver with fright, she trembled her lips for a long time and couldn't speak, "You, you crazy, you are all crazy!" He took out his mobile phone and called Ruan Dongyu tremblingly, "I'll tell Dongyu right away. Yu, let her see how shameless you couple are!"

Ruan Xi finally couldn't bear it any longer, and carefully placed Gu Chi, who was completely lifeless, against the floor-to-ceiling window, got up, without saying a word, grabbed Anya and beat her violently, Anya was caught off guard, and Ruan Xi scratched her body several times, and also In a hurry, all the vixen's essence was exposed, he threw away the phone, and went to pull Ruan Xi's hair.

  When the two of them were having a hard time fighting, Ruan Dongyu came back, and Gu Qing and Jin Chengfeng were with him.

Seeing the two women pinching each other, everyone was stunned for a moment. Gu Qing and Jin Chengfeng looked at each other, and finally turned their eyes to Gu Chi who was leaning against the French window. Gu Qing's expression changed, and Jin Chengfeng was also very surprised. , He came here originally to take advantage of Gu Qing's win over him to come over to see Gu Chi's situation, and to have an explanation to Gu Yinlin, but unexpectedly, Gu Chi was leaning against the glass window without moving, his eyes were slightly closed, and the corners of his mouth seemed to be With a slight smile, and... no chest heaving in sight...

  Since entering the door, Ruan Dongyu has been standing there without responding.

   Seeing Ruan Dongyu coming back, Anya rushed towards Ruan Dongyu as if she had seen a savior. That gesture really had the taste of a swallow returning to the forest.

"Dong Yu, you're back. This bitch, I don't know what she did to Gu Chi. Gu Chi vomited a lot of blood..." Before he finished speaking, Ruan Dongyu suddenly pushed Anya away, and Anya couldn't stand still. He fell down and sat on the ground, his forehead hit the coffee table, and there was a sudden sharp pain, and when he reached out to touch it, it was greasy, and his hands were covered with bright red blood.

"Ah——! My head is bleeding, a lot of blood!" Anya screamed, crying in fright, "My face, my face..." What she was more worried about was that she was still disfigured. It is said that if the appearance is broken, everything will be over.

  No one paid attention to her, Ruan Dongyu didn't even look at Ruan Xi, just pushed her away and walked towards Gu Chi.

  Ruan Xi fell to the ground weakly, her eyes lost focus, and she made a fuss, but some facts could no longer be avoided.

  Big drops of tears welled up from the bottom of my eyes, so painful and sad, obviously such a lively person, but in the blink of an eye...

  Those vows, those past, and those longing for the future, all became extraordinarily ridiculous at this moment.

  Human life is so fragile, what can be grasped?

  Her crying and laughing expression made both Gu Qing and Jin Chengfeng feel sad.

  Ruan Dongyu has always been quiet and even indifferent. After standing still in front of Gu Chi, he suddenly kicked Gu Chi hard on the thigh, "Gu Chi, fuck you, get up for me and play dead, right?!"

  Everyone present was shocked, including Ruan Xi. Who would have thought that Ruan Dongyu would have such a reaction? !

  Sunlight shines quietly on Gu Chi's body through the floor-to-ceiling windows. His jet-black hair flashes a faint halo in the sunlight, and his complexion is as calm as a sleeping baby, stable and peaceful.


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