Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 135

Xu Chuyan smiled, "Ruan Xi, I really didn't mean to be picky on purpose, but I really don't like this style. After all, this is a matter of my life with Nan Ming. I don't want to have any unpleasant feelings because of a wedding dress." Memories. You asked me to find a designer elsewhere, but in this industry, only we have known each other for the longest time, and I trust you the most." Speaking of which, I reached out to pull Ruan Xi, "Besides, Nan Ming is also the most I believe in the strength of your studio, and specified that you must use the wedding dress designed by your studio. He said that it doesn't matter how much money you have, and that the fat and water don't flow to outsiders. You also hope that I can become the most beautiful bride and that Nan Ming can be happy with me. Live a lifetime, right? I know you will bless us."

  Ruan Xi thought, maybe she should invite a feng shui master from China to France to show her feng shui when she returns home this time, otherwise why would she be so unlucky and bad? ! Met a woman who was even more difficult than Qin Zhiran, and even more shameless!

   "Miss Xu, do we know each other well?"

  Xu Chuyan looked at Ruan Xi in surprise, "Don't we know each other well? After all, we used to belong to Pei Nanming..."

  Ruan Xi didn't expect Xu Chuyan to be so shameless, she is considered a star after all, to say such things with a calm face!

   "Shut up, please get out immediately!"

  A flash of surprise flashed in Xu Chuyan's eyes, then she smiled with the corners of her mouth curled up, and in a blink of an eye she put on a look of forbearance and grievance.

  At this time, two customers came in, and when they saw Xu Chuyan, they immediately greeted them, "Miss Xu, sign for us!"

  Xu Chuyan debuted purely. In the eyes of fans, she should be that kind of glass doll. After signing, Xu Chuyan raised her eyes, with tears in her eyes.

  The two female fans froze for a moment, "Miss Xu, what's wrong?"

  The two fans noticed Ruan Xi's existence, and they were surprised when they saw Ruan Xi, "Oh, lady, did you use Ms. Xu as the model to do the plastic surgery?"

Before Ruan Xi replied, Xu Chuyan said first, "It's nothing, it's just a little bit unsatisfactory." Then she walked up to Ruan Xi and said, "Miss Ruan, I'm just a little dissatisfied with your design, I hope you can make improvements, You don't need to slander my personality like this. I will not withdraw the list. Since I have ordered it from you, I hope you can design it conscientiously. It is the wedding date of Nan Ming and I at the beginning of next month. I hope you still have it. Professional ethics, and will not deliberately delay because of this little unpleasantness."

After hearing Xu Chuyan's words, the two fans were misled, thinking that the service attitude of the design studio led by Ruan Xi was bad, so they began to sneer, "I didn't expect that the attitude here is so bad. I heard from friends that the clothes here are good. I came all the way to see it, but I didn’t expect it to be like this. The character is poor, so what if the design is good.”

  Another echoed, "That's right! Ms. Xu, don't be as knowledgeable as her. There are so many designers, it doesn't have to be this one. It's better to switch to another one if you can't."

  Xu Chuyan smiled and shook her head, "No need, although they don't keep their promises, I can't."

  Ruan Xizai was very angry when he heard it, and was about to explode, but the assistant on the other side was already livid with anger, and stepped forward, "Please don't follow others, even if the customer is God, we have the right to reject the vexatious God!"

   This time, the two female fans stood on the same front as Xu Chuyan, "Why did we make trouble for no reason? It's obviously because of your poor service attitude and service quality!"

  The female assistant frowned and glared, "You have never received the service here, how do you know that our attitude is poor and the quality is poor?!"

   "Are you in a good attitude now?" A male voice suddenly came from outside the door. The female assistant was stunned for a moment, then immediately fell silent, and stood with her head bowed and stopped talking.

  Shang Boyan smiled and apologized to the two female fans, then looked at Xu Chuyan, Xu Chuyan was taken aback, she never expected that Shang Boyan would appear here at this time.

  So he smiled all over his face, and even greeted him a little coquettishly, "Mr. Shang, hello."

   "Hello." Shang Boyan ignored Xu Chuyan and went directly to Ruan Xi.

  Xu Chuyan felt a chill in her heart. If Shang Boyan heard what she said just now, it would be very difficult for her to sign a contract with the Shang Group.

  When Shang Boyan was not around, she dared to be so presumptuous mainly because she was sure that with Ruan Xi's temperament, she would never tell Shang Boyan about this matter.

  Ruan Xi is Shang Boyan's wife, no wife would let her husband know that she was involved in the affair with her ex, right?

   "What's the matter, what's wrong?" Shang Boyan held Ruan Xi's face pityingly without hesitation.

  Ruan Xi shook her head, "No, I'm just a little tired. Don't blame them, I mishandled it." After speaking, she looked at Xu Chuyan.

  Xu Chuyan's eyes flashed an undisguised complacency.

For the reputation of the studio, some sacrifices have to be made, "Miss Xu, I'm really sorry, I caused trouble to you today because of my bad mood. We will work harder on the wedding dress, and we will definitely hand it over to you on your wedding day." You have a style that satisfies you."

  Xu Chuyan accepted it as soon as she saw it, with a big belly, "It's okay, I have something wrong, I'm too picky and stubborn. If I were a designer, I'm afraid I'd be bored too."

  Ruan Xi didn't bother to say anything more, so she just forced a smile.

  As soon as Xu Chuyan and those two fans left, Shang Boyan said to Ruan Xi, "If you don't like it, you can leave it to someone else."

Ruan Xi said, "I've always done this. However, looking at her posture, she won't give up until she sees the wedding dress I designed. If that's the case, let her be happy. Anyway, it's meaningless to make trouble like this. If If she has to think that's the only way to be happy, let her enjoy it."

  Shang Boyan shook his head, "No, there's no need for my Xi'er to torment with an unreasonable lunatic, it's not worth it. Let me handle this matter."

  Ruan Xi looked at Boyan and smiled, "Don't always protect me like this, it will make me weaker and weaker."

  Shang Boyan sighed, helplessly, "Can you stop being so stubborn, sometimes, your stubbornness really makes me want to catch you and beat you hard..."

  Ruan Xi smiled wryly, actually, I don't want to be so stubborn, I also want to lean in your arms and hide forever, such a safe haven makes me feel peaceful and credible. I really want to spend my whole life with you like this, but I can't give you anything. How unfair is this to you?

  You are such an excellent man, you deserve a better woman who loves you more...

   At the opening press conference of the Shang branch, many stars gathered, and at the same time, high-level figures from various business giants were present.

  At the venue, everyone was well-mannered, chatting and laughing happily.

  Ruan Xi took Shang Yang to sit in a relatively remote place. In fact, she was not at all willing to come to this kind of occasion.

  For her, almost all the unpleasant memories and painful experiences came from this or that extravagant banquet.

  So, whenever she feels this kind of atmosphere, she will feel nervous and fearful. However, she never told Shang Boyan about this point. Some dinner parties must be attended by both husband and wife. In the past, in order to avoid Pei Nanming's investigation, Shang Boyan would never put her in public. It was similar to dinner parties. His secretary Lu Yi would always be by his side. For this, Ruan Xi felt guilty for a long time.

   Now, there is nothing to hide, so she volunteered to accompany him at this banquet.

  She could see the joy in Shang Boyan's eyes.

  He actually always hoped that she could be by his side, right? The joy of success always hopes to be shared with the person you love the most.

   "Long time no see, Miss Ruan!" Ruan Xi turned around after hearing the voice, but saw Ruan Dongyu walking towards with a smile.

  Every time Ruan Xi sees Ruan Dongyu, she has an indescribable feeling, which is very disturbing, but full of it.

"haven't seen you for a long time!"

   "Miss Ruan is much prettier."

  Ruan Xi accepted it calmly, "Thank you, I have always been beautiful."

  Ruan Dongyu took a glass of red wine from the waiter who passed by, but didn't drink it, but sat down opposite Ruan Xi, "Really? Maybe, it's just that you have always been so beautiful, but some people have not always been so handsome."

  Ruan Xi's expression changed, she pursed her lips and remained silent.

  Ruan Dongyu turned to look at Shang Yang who was beside her, and Shang Yang was also blinking his eyes to look at Ruan Dongyu, then leaned into Ruan Xi's ear and whispered, "Mum, it's another good breed, why are all the men you know so handsome?"

   Ruan Xi's mouth was bitter, yes, the men around her were all handsome scum, but most of them were also bad scum.

   It's the kind that kills people without blinking an eye.

"Your son?"

  Ruan Dongyu always kept a scrutinizing gaze, which made Ruan Xi extremely uneasy.

   "Yeah. Yangyang, say hello to Uncle."

  Shang Yang turned his head and showed a big smile to Ruan Dongyu, showing a row of neat white teeth, "Hello, Uncle!"

  Ruan Dongyu smiled, no one can be stern to a child like Shang Yang, even Ruan Dongyu is no exception.

   "Well, hello." Then she turned to look at Ruan Xi, "Your son is very well-behaved, sensible, and beautiful."

   "Thank you." Before Ruan Xi could speak, Shang Yang spoke first.

  Ruan Dongyu laughed again.

   "It seems that in the past few years, you have indeed lived a very comfortable life. You have freedom, a son, and a husband."

  Of course Ruan Xi could hear the sarcasm in his words, but she could only pretend that she couldn't hear anything, "It's okay."

  Ruan Dongyu said, "Gu Chi lost a lifetime of happiness for you."

  Ruan Xi was about to drink the juice, but when he heard what Ruan Dongyu said, the cup in his hand fell to the ground with a clatter, attracting many eyes.

Juice slipped onto her dress, she was quite embarrassed, but Ruan Dongyu stood up as if nothing had happened, "Although I hate you very much, I don't want you to get close to Gu Chi at all, but...if you can, please take the time to go look at him..."

  Ruan Dongyu walked away after finishing speaking, and chatted happily with other prominent people with his arms around his girlfriend.

  Ruan Xi told Shang Yangdao, "Be good and wait for Mommy here. Mommy is going to change clothes and be back soon, huh?"

  Shang Yang nodded, "Don't worry, Mommy, how can there be liars here, and even if there are, I will never be cheated as I am so smart."

  Ruan Xi thought about it, and then left with confidence.

  In the locker room, Ruan Xi was about to change clothes, when a figure suddenly broke into him, his movements were very flexible.

Ruan Xi was startled, turned around in surprise, and saw a woman throwing a bulging backpack on the ground with her back turned to her, then squatted down and turned the bag upside down, a lot of things poured out of it, and put on makeup Boxes, mirrors, lipsticks, eyebrow pencils... a series of cosmetics, and most importantly, there is a mask, a set of... super revealing clothes!

  This woman is, is this opening conference a masquerade? Even if at this press conference, everyone eats, drinks, communicates, and can speak freely, there is no need to do this, right?

  Ruan Xi became more and more curious. The woman stood up after fiddling for a long time. Finally, she held a box in her hand. When she took a closer look, it turned out to be... a condom!

  The woman turned her face with the object and faced Ruan Xi face to face, but both of them turned pale!

   "Jiang Yi!"

   "Ruan Xi!"

  The two of them were about to say something, when suddenly there was a violent blow to the student from outside.

  Jiang Yi shrank for a while, made a silent gesture to Ruan Xi, opened the closet door decisively, and said to Ruan Xi in a low voice, "Don't say I'm here!"

  Although Ruan Xi can't figure it out, she will definitely help Jiang Yi,

  Close the closet door, tidy up the mess on the ground, and stuff it into the closet. The people outside got impatient and shouted, "Jiang Yi, get out of here! I know you're inside!"

  This voice... Ruan Xi froze.

  Opening the door, it was indeed Gu Yinlin. It was rare to see Gu Yinlin's distraught expression.

  Gu Yinlin was taken aback, he didn't expect Ruan Xi to be here, "Where are you... Jiang Yi?"

  Ruan Xi lied without blushing, "I'm the only one here"

  Gu Yinlin looked inside suspiciously, Ruan Xi teased with a smile, "Mr. Chu, peeping into the women's locker room will be taken as a prank by girls. The current anti-wolf devices are very domineering."

  Gu Yinlin was slightly embarrassed, "I'm sorry. When did you come back?"

   "I've been back for a few months. What's wrong with you and Jiang Yi?"

  Gu Yinlin pursed his lips and remained silent.

Ruan Xi knows that the problems between them are definitely not as shallow as the grievances between her and Pei Nanming. During the days when she was crazy and silly, when Pei Nanming was holding her and leaving the hospital, he saw Jiang Yi clutching her stomach from the obstetrics and gynecology department. The way she came out is still fresh in her memory!

  At that time, Gu Yinlin's anger and resentment were as terrifying as a volcanic eruption. What they went through after that, and why it happened now, she didn't know at all, she only knew that everyone has their own way, and every stumbling block between lovers is a very sad book.

  After tricking Gu Yinlin away, Jiang Yi sneaked out of the cabinet, threw the condom in the trash can casually, then took off the dress on her body, swaggered into that super revealing miniskirt, and began to paint her eyebrows and eyes.

  Ruan Xi still couldn't help asking, "Jiang Yi, what are you..."

After Jiang Yi finished painting her eyebrows, she snapped the makeup box shut, and smiled at Ruan Xi, "Ruan Xi, I haven't seen you for many years, you are much more energetic than before, and you look much happier, but..." Jiang Yi didn't continue , but suddenly changed the subject, "Everyone has their own way, you and I are the same. Over the years, I have done a lot of things and met many people, but since Ah Bei died and left, I found that , the most reliable thing in this world is yourself and money..."

  Ruan Xi was taken aback, "Jiang Yi, why do you think so?"

  Jiang Yi was not surprised by Ruan Xi's reaction at all, "But, that's what I thought. You saw Gu Yinlin rushing after me just now, do you know why he chased me?"

  Ruan Xi shook her head, Jiang Yi said with a smile, "Because I took his money, but refused to give birth to him!"

  Ruan Xi was so shocked that her face turned pale again, but Jiang Yi didn't wait for her to recover, put on a mask, opened the door and left.

   When Ruan Xi reacted and chased him out, there was no one left!

At the press conference, after Ruan Xi left, Shang Yang fiddled with his fingers boredly. He knew that Daddy was very busy, and that Mommy was changing clothes. Boys were not allowed to peek, as they would have needle eyes, so he had to obediently wait in place. .

  No matter how well-behaved and obedient the child was, he was still a child after all, very active. Shang Yang sat obediently for a while, seeing that Mommy hadn't come out yet, and Daddy hadn't come over yet, so he jumped off the stool and wandered around the venue.

  Beautiful women drank red wine and chatted elegantly, and some dragged long dresses and ran to strike up a conversation with some men in suits and leather shoes.

  Shang Yang didn't understand these things, he just wandered among them boredly, and occasionally saw a waiter passing by with a fruit plate, asking for a piece of fruit to eat.
When he saw the buffet table, Shang Yang walked over honestly and carefully picked out his favorite dessert with the plate and put it on the plate.

He is small, just a head higher than the table, and the dessert inside is a little far away. His small arms are short, and he can't reach it when he stands on tiptoe. Laughing, "Thank you, Uncle Pei!"

  Pei Nanming looked around, squatted down, and asked, "Why are you alone?"

   "Because Mommy's clothes are dirty, I need to change them."

  Seeing Shang Yang's pretty and lovely appearance, Pei Nanming couldn't help but smile from the bottom of his heart, "That's it, then what else do you want, uncle will get it for you."

   "No more, enough is enough, Mommy said, don't waste food, take as much as you eat." After speaking, she carried the dinner plate and walked to the empty table opposite.

  Pei Nanming froze for a moment, this really resembles Ruan Xi's style, she has always been a very frugal and meticulous person. Looking at Shang Yang, his jealousy towards Shang Boyan involuntarily climbed to a new level, Ruan Xi should have been his, if Ruan Xi hadn't been taken away by Shang Boyan, then Shang Yang should be his son!

  Thinking of this, there was a flame burning in his heart, which couldn't be extinguished no matter what!

   Just when his emotions could not be resolved, Shang Yang suddenly turned his head and waved to him.

  He used to sit opposite Shang Yang, "What's wrong?"

   "Uncle, I need to pee urgently."

  Pei Nanming chuckled, "Manly man, so many people dare to sit by themselves, why don't they dare to go to the bathroom by themselves?"

  Shang Yang shook his head, "No, I want my uncle to take me there. I don't know Chinese."

  Pei Nanming couldn't help laughing at what he said, nodded and said, "Okay, uncle will take you there."

   "Thank you uncle."

  Shang Yang slipped out of the chair and followed Pei Nanming.

  Pei Nanming asked, "You said you don't know Chinese, so you know other languages?" This was originally a joke for Shang Yang, but Shang Yang replied seriously, "Of course, I know English and French."

  Pei Nanming showed surprise and admiration, "I can't tell, you are young, you know a lot."

  Shang Yang patted his chest proudly, his little tail raised to the sky, "That is, as my daddy and mommy's precious son, how could he not!"

  Pei Nanming is speechless, who is not Daddy Mommy's precious son? ...

  After reaching the bathroom, Shang Yang immediately went in, while Pei Nanming waited outside. He himself was surprised by his behavior. He actually went to coax a child and even took him to the bathroom with him!

  If it was in the past, when he saw a child tiptoeing for food, he would definitely ignore it directly. If there was a child who asked him to take him to the bathroom, he would probably call the waiter directly to solve it.

  This time, it actually happened like this, and it was quite fun!

  The most important thing is that this child was born by his woman and another man!

After Ruan Xi came out of the locker room, she returned to the venue but did not see Shang Yang's shadow. She couldn't help feeling anxious, but at this moment, the press conference started, and all the guests, reporters and photographers returned to their respective positions Waiting for Shang Boyan to come out and speak.

  Xu Chuyan was sitting in a relatively front seat, and she was focusing on the press conference at this time, so she didn't notice Ruan Xi.

  Ruan Xi saw Xu Chuyan at a glance, but couldn't find Shang Yang, she didn't have the slightest thought to pay attention to other things.

Afraid of disturbing Shang Boyan's work, she didn't look for him immediately, but carefully searched around by herself. There were so many people present and the venue was so big, it was quite difficult to find him. Everyone gathered After sitting down at the front, you can clearly see the people in front of you from the back. However, there are many media photographers behind you blocking your view, so it is not easy to squeeze in.

  When she was thinking about where Shang Yang might go, she saw Pei Nanming pulling Shang Yang towards the bathroom.

  With just one glance, Ruan Xi felt the hairs all over her body explode, and immediately ran over, hugged Shang Yang in her arms, and looked at Pei Nanming warily, as if Pei Nanming was a bandit who would steal her most precious things.

Pei Nanming was also very surprised by Ruan Xi's reaction. He froze for a moment, then sneered at the corner of his mouth, and said in a low voice, "Miss Ruan, what's the matter, you're so flustered, there are hungry wolves chasing you behind you Or are you afraid that I will abduct your son?"

  He found that Ruan Xi looked at him clearly as if he was looking at a human trafficker, and his protection of Shang Yang was more like an old hen's feathers standing up, desperately protecting the chick.

Ruan Xi knew that her reaction was too intense, but she couldn't control herself, so she paused for a long time before she adjusted her emotions, and said, "Mr. Pei, thank you very much for helping me take care of Yangyang, but in the future, I hope you Don't hang around in front of my son. Children can easily learn to be bad, and I don't want Mr. Pei to have any *influence on him."

  Pei Nanming was originally angry when he heard it, but he suppressed his anger and laughed to tease Shang Yang, "Yangyang, do you think Uncle Pei taught you to do bad things?"

The little devil Shang Yang put his arms around Ruan Xi's neck and explained to Pei Nanming honestly at this moment, "Mum, Uncle Pei took me to the bathroom. I can't find the bathroom. He didn't do anything bad to me, nor did he It will have an *impact on me."

Ruan Xi did not respond to Shang Yang's explanation, but stared at Pei Nanming, and said word by word, "Please Mr. Pei stay away from my son in the future." He gritted his teeth and added, "I think, my husband You must have the same thoughts as me!"

  Pei Nanming's face turned black with anger from her last sentence, Ruan Xi hurried away with Shang Yang in his arms before he broke out completely.

"Mr. Pei, why are you standing here? There is a seat reserved for you by Youyi in the front row." It was Lu Yi who came up to speak. Just now, Pei Nanming and Ruan Xi were talking here. She could see clearly from a distance, until they After finishing speaking, she appeared directly.

   "Thank you, Ms. Lu, for being so thoughtful."

  Lu Yi smiled, "Where is it, this is what it should be, after all, is it for a win-win situation?" The corner of her mouth raised up, picking out a deep taste.

  Pei Nanming also laughed, there was a little bit of light in his dark eyes, which was actually responding to Lu Yi's deep meaning.

   The two stood behind everyone, chatted for a while with arms folded, and then dispersed.

  Pei Nanming returned to his seat, and Xu Chuyan leaned on his shoulder, not letting go of any chance to show affection with Pei Nanming, and even sticking to Pei Nanming regardless of the occasion and atmosphere.

  Pei Nanming was naturally aware of this, but for this, he just indulged him without any sign of impatience.

  Xu Chuyan also hit the snake with the stick, becoming more and more bold.

Shang Boyan's release report came to an end, and when it was time for reporters to ask questions, a reporter immediately stood up and asked, "Mr. Shang, the Shang Group entered e-city. Apart from looking at the clothing market in e-city, they want to use e-city as a platform to enter the market." Besides the Chinese market, are there other reasons?"

  Another reporter immediately got up to chime in, "Yes, Young Master Shang, I heard that your wife was originally from E City. I don't know, is this related to your wife?"

  Ruan Xi didn't focus on the reporter's questioning stage at first, but when he heard the reporter getting more and more involved in the topic, he couldn't help turning pale.

  If, if her past is revealed, then...then it will definitely have a huge negative impact on Shang Boyan...

Standing on the stage, Shang Boyan was still calm and dignified, with a faint, reassuring smile on his face. He glanced in the direction of Ruan Xi and said, "What did you two say?" Wrong, we use e-city as a platform not only because of the huge potential market in e-city, but also because my wife is from e-city, and I want to see the place where she raised her, and what kind of treasure land can raise her She is such a gentle and virtuous woman. I am very grateful to e City for raising such a woman, and I am very glad that God allowed me to meet her in my lifetime..."

   Shang Boyan's confession won warm applause. At the same time, it also overturned Ruan Xi's wobbly heart, and also pierced the jar full of acetic acid in Pei Nanming's heart!

  After the press conference, the outside was already brightly lit. Outside the revolving door, Ruan Xi hugged the sleeping Shang Yang and waited quietly for Shang Boyan to come out.

  The surrounding skyscrapers make people very small, and the endless traffic on the street and the colorful neon lights are even more confusing.

  At this moment, Ruan Xi actually felt a little scared and a little dazed. Such a night made her feel like she had suddenly returned to five years ago.

  In the past, she was also confused and uneasy on such a brightly lit night, she subconsciously hugged Shang Yang tightly, and her heart calmed down a little bit. Today, five years later, she still has Shang Yang...

  Hearing the sound of footsteps, she immediately turned around, "Bo Yan..." Looking up, she saw Pei Nanming standing still in front of her.

  She took a small step back almost instinctively, her eyes became a little fragile, and she dodged.

  Pei Nanming looked at her, and then at the child in her arms. Realizing that Pei Nanming was staring at Shang Yang, she immediately put on a defensive posture, almost returning him with fierce eyes, which was completely opposite to when he looked at her just now.

   Such a reaction is to guard against me as a robber. Why is she so nervous every time I see her son? Are you afraid that I will hurt him?

  Thinking of this, Pei Nanming's heart was pierced by a cold and sharp pain. She became firm and brave for the child in her arms, and she could no longer see the obedience and forbearance before. Can maternal love make a woman so brave? However, the child that made her brave was hers, not his! This realization made Pei Nanming's heart ache to the extreme, almost uncontrollably wanting to snatch Shang Yang from her arms and strangle him to death!

  Suddenly realizing his morbid state of mind like a demon, he himself was horrified. Is this... Is it anger and resentment, or is it rooted in the unwillingness in his heart? Or, just jealous, jealous of that man, so I want to...

  Take a deep breath and let your thoughts calm down, "Why, am I a devil? Make you so defensive?"

"To me, you are more terrifying than the devil." Ruan Xi had a pale face, feeling that her legs were about to tremble involuntarily, "But, for the sake of Shang Yang, even if you are a devil, I will face it. I will no longer It was Ruan Xi who was at your mercy five years ago. The grievances between you and the Ruan family have nothing to do with me. From the moment we separated, we have already settled. I don’t owe you anything, so please stay away from our mother and child. If you deliberately approach Yangyang again, or hurt him, I will definitely fight you desperately !"

  The night becomes colorful and distorted under the illumination of neon lights. Obviously everything is already very familiar, but at this moment, in Pei Nanming's eyes, it has become strange, just like the woman in front of him who has been separated for five years.

  Ruan Xi's every word made him believe that she would do what she said. Can time and affection really transform a person to such an extent? She was no longer a desperately struggling butterfly held in her hands.

  The shock in his heart did not show on his face at all, his expression was still calm, his dark eyes were like a quiet ancient well, without waves, he listened to her quietly.

  His reaction made Ruan Xi feel like a lunatic talking to himself. The person opposite, apart from exuding a strong coercion, had no intention of listening to her at all.

   This feeling made Ruan Xi terrified, and only she knew that when facing Pei Nanming, she still felt scared and wanted to run away. She thought that five years later, standing in front of her, even if she would be affected by the shadow of the past, at least she would not feel trembling. It turns out that she overestimated herself and underestimated Pei Nanming's powerful aura.

  Pei Nanming sneered, approached suddenly, reached out and pinched her chin, "Desperate with me?"

  Ruan Xi was shocked, because Shang Yang had already fallen asleep, and she didn't want the child to know the relationship between Pei Nanming and her.

"Don't go too far!" Ruan Xi turned her face away in embarrassment, but Pei Nanming suddenly increased her strength, "Why do you fight me hard? If I want to do something, do you think you can stop it? Don't tell Me, just rely on the man in your new life. Even if he is indeed capable and can protect you for a while, can he protect you forever? As long as it is what I want to do, no one can stop it! Ruan Xi, don’t I thought I couldn’t do anything to you if I found a man as a backer!" Speaking of this, he smiled maliciously, and turned his eyes to the sleeping Shang Yang, "This child is really beautiful and cute. I like it very much..."

   Biting chill! Ruan Xi stared at him angrily, lowered her voice and asked, "What on earth are you trying to do! Pei Nanming, we have nothing to do with each other anymore!"

"Nothing to do with it? I'm afraid it's not up to you, right?" He curled his lips coldly, "I hope you can design my fiancée's dress as soon as possible. Next Monday, I will take her to your design studio to try on it." Wear it, don't let me down, huh?"

Watching Pei Nanming walk away, Ruan Xi's strong composure finally cracked. He hugged Shang Yang tightly, but his body trembled uncontrollably. He took two steps back and leaned against the marble pillar at the door, barely avoiding falling. .

   Pain and fear, like a snake crawling out from the bottom of her heart wrapped her up one by one, and cold sweat flowed down her back, soaking her dress.

   She still can't escape the fate of being entangled with him, and she is still so unclear. Could it be that she can't get rid of him in this lifetime? Even if she is married and has other people's children by her side, he will still blindly persecute her, causing her to fall into pain and unable to extricate herself!

  Pei Nanming, he is a devil!

"Mommy, what's wrong with you?" Shang Yang opened his eyes at some point. There was still a bit of drowsiness in his beautiful little eyes. asked in a soft voice.

  Struggling to straighten her back, she tried her best to smile, "Mummy is just a little tired, isn't Yangyang very sleepy, go on to sleep, Mommy is here..."

  Shang Yang's black eyes stared at Ruan Xi, and Ruan Xi's heart suddenly jumped for a while, these black eyes...

"Mummy, you're crying... Are you tired and crying?" Wiping Ruan Xi's tears with her small hands, Ruan Xi didn't want Shang Yang to see her fragility, so she hugged him tightly and put her chin on his little On the shoulder, the right cheek was pressed against her left cheek and said, "Yangyang lend my shoulder to Mommy to lean on, so Mommy won't be tired..." She sniffed, but the tears couldn't stop flowing down her cheeks. The corners of the eyes dripped down.

   Sure enough, is she still too cowardly?

  She has really, really worked hard, why, why Pei Nanming just refuses to let her go, just keeps haunting her, insisting on pestering her? !

  At the beginning when she chose to accompany Shang Boyan back to e-city, Shang Boyan also told her insincerely that if she didn't want to, she didn't have to follow her back.

  She really thought, thought...she had enough courage and guts to confront Pei Nanming tit for tat, but...once he showed that cold expression, she would be defeated immediately...


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