Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 134

Ruan Dongyu was choked by him, and suddenly changed his expression for a moment, viciously and triumphantly, "Craving your body? It's funny, I thought I was narcissistic enough, but I didn't expect you to be more narcissistic. Men and women are born Compatible person, whether it’s flirting or something else, your body is actually not a little bit as good as your fiancée’s, if it’s for playing a physical fighting game, I think your fiancée excites me even more!”

   Gu Chi's expression changed instantly. He didn't love Anya, but he didn't expect Ruan Dongyu to attack Anya!

   "You bastard!" Gu Chi suddenly swung his fist, hitting Ruan Dongyu's chin, and the blood immediately ran down the corner of the cracked mouth, "You didn't even let Anya go! How did she offend you?!"

  Gu Chi's eyes were red with anger, and he grabbed Ruan Dongyu's neckline tightly, his chest heaving continuously.

  Ruan Dongyu rubbed the corner of his mouth calmly, glanced at the blood on the back of his hand leisurely, then raised his eyes to look at Gu Chi, "Anya? Can't tell, you care so much about her, huh?"

Speaking of this, Ruan Dongyu raised his hand, grabbed Gu Chi's wrist, turned around suddenly, pushed Gu Chi against the bathroom wall, and wrapped his arms around his waist, his eyes were cold and frightening, "She sent it by herself." Is there any reason not to eat the food that comes to your door?! Gu Chi, I advise you not to be too self-righteous. Over the years, I have spoiled you so much that I let you push your nose and face like this. I can’t see the situation clearly. I told you last time in the hospital, if you don’t understand current affairs, Ruan Xi, you won’t be able to live a peaceful life!”

   Gu Chi just recovered from his illness and had no strength in his body. At this moment, he looked directly at Ruan Dongyu. The two of them were so close that they could clearly see the bloodshot eyes emerging from each other.

"Do you think you can threaten me for the rest of your life by taking her? Now she has the powerful young master of the Qin Group behind her as the backstage. What can you do with her? And, as I said, I won't be trapped in the world because of her for the rest of my life." here!"

Ruan Dongyu's anger turned again, and he sneered, "Not for her? Well, love will change, so what about family affection? Do you want to disappoint your parents who have loved you since childhood, huh? Do you want them to know that these Over the past few years, what have you done in Yi's and by my side?"

  Gu Chi suddenly became angry, "Get lost!"

  He suddenly pushed Ruan Dongyu away, trembling with anger.

  Ruan Dongyu watched coldly, and said sarcastically, "Don't forget, this is my territory"

  Gu Chi nodded, "Okay, okay, if you don't go, I'll go!"

  Gu Chi turned around and opened the bathroom door, strode out, and walked towards the entrance.

  Ruan Dongyu was finally furious, stepped forward a few steps, grabbed his arm and threw it back, just in time to throw Gu Chi on the leather sofa, "Want to leave, without my nodding, do you think you can go?!"

Dazed by anger, Ruan Dongyu just wanted to vent his anger, so he tried his best to stimulate Gu Chi. He patted the back of the sofa, sat on Gu Chi's waist, and suppressed him, "See, this is me and your fiancée Happy place, still smelling of her French perfume!"

   Gu Chi was furious, but before he could say what he wanted to say, he tilted his head away from the sofa and suddenly vomited blood.

  Ruan Dongyu's eyes widened in panic, and he let go of Gu Chi, "You, what's wrong with you?!"

  Gu Chi frowned in pain, clutching his stomach with both hands, his face pale with pain.

  Ruan Dongyu suddenly got up, and hurriedly dialed a number, "Come here right away, right away!"

  When Ruan Dongyu hung up the phone, Gu Chi had already sat up, leaned on the back of the chair, closed his eyes lightly, and did not move for a long time.

Ruan Dongyu was obviously panicked by the situation where he vomited blood, and the boiling anger just now flew out of the blue sky. He squatted down in front of Gu Chi, held his shoulders, and asked almost cautiously, "How do you feel? The doctor is not Did you say you're okay?"

  Gu Chi slightly opened his eyes and looked at the handsome and pale Ruan Dongyu, wanting to sneer, but he couldn't complete this action, and just turned away expressionlessly.

  After nearly half a year of preparation, the branch of the Shang Group in City E is finally ready. And Shang Boyan also heaved a sigh of relief. The e-city is the root of the Qin family, but now it is the first stop of the Emperor Group, the incarnation of the Qin family, to open the domestic market, so the senior leaders of the entire Emperor Group are very fond of this subsidiary. Pay attention to.

  Shang Boyan has devoted a lot of effort to this company.

  Back home, Ruan Xi was staring at today's Entertainment Daily in a daze. When Shang Boyan closed the door and made a sound, she regained her senses as if in shock. She folded the newspaper and put it under the coffee table.

  He was obviously in a good mood today, and on the way back he specially bought a bouquet of red roses for Ruan Xi. Ruan Xi looked at the red rose in a daze before taking it over, "Thank you."

  Shang Boyan smiled, "In return, let me give you a good hug."

  Ruan Xi was embarrassed, blushing and said, "Yangyang is here, it's not good for him to see."

  At this time, Shang Yang suddenly jumped out covering his eyes, "Although Mommy can be hugged by Daddy, I can't see anything."

  Ruan Xi bit her lower lip, and cast a reproachful glance at Shang Boyan, whose expression was so cute that Shang Boyan wished to grab her immediately and love her dearly.

  Shang Boyan made a gesture to hug him, Ruan Xi hurriedly pushed him away, "Be careful of the impact." Then he turned to Qin Zheng and said, "It's not suitable for children, baby, go wash your hands and eat."

  Shang Yang made a grimace and walked away. Shang Boyan and Shen Ruanxi didn't pay attention, and suddenly picked her up by the waist and turned around.

  Ruan Xi exclaimed, then quickly lowered her voice, "Put me down quickly."

  Shang Boyan put her on the sofa*, "Honey, do you feel very moved?"

  Ruan Xi looked at the rose, raised her chin, "If everyone who sends me a rose has to be touched, then, don't I have to be moved every day?"

  Shang Boyan deliberately pretended to be jealous, pinched Ruan Xi's face and rubbed it, "Quickly, who gave you roses again?"

  Ruan Xi lowered her head, stretched out her fingers and pretended to count seriously, finally raised her head, and shrugged helplessly, "Oh, there is no way, there are too many people to count, and I can't even remember the names of so many people, what should I do?"

  Shang Boyan took two steps back, folded his arms and smirked, "Then, I'll remind you tonight, huh?"

  Of course Ruan Xi understood the suggestive words, but she didn't respond, but deliberately changed the subject, "Go wash your hands and eat, it won't taste good in a while."

   Shang Boyan's eyes darkened, and he could only turn around and wash his hands.

  Ruan Xi breathed a sigh of relief, and turned to go to the kitchen to serve the food, but she was a little absent-minded. When she was holding the bowls and chopsticks, her fingers slipped, and the bowl fell to the ground with a clatter, smashing into pieces!

  Ruan Xi was startled, and her complexion became very bad. The cracking sound seemed to hit the tip of her heart, making her feel a kind of bewilderment and fear that could not be dispelled.

  Shang Boyan hurried over when he heard the voice, and asked with concern, "What's wrong? Are you hurt?"

  Ruan Xi looked at Shang Boyan guiltily, and shook his head, "No, no. I slipped my hand and accidentally dropped the bowl. I'm sorry..."

  Shang Boyan was relieved, stroked her long hair and said, "Fool, there is nothing to be sorry about. The bowl fell, just buy another one."

  Ruan Xi felt a pain in her chest, and wanted to say something but couldn't.

  He would rather this man scold her for being useless, call her rough, and can't do anything well, so that she can feel better in her heart, but he doesn't say anything!

  After dinner, Shang Boyan said to Ruan Xi, "Go to bed first, I'll watch the evening news later."

Ruan Xi actually wanted to watch it with him, but he said so, so she had no choice but to go back to the room, but after lying down, she couldn't fall asleep at all, turned back and forth on the bed, her eyes were full of the tiredness of Shang Boyan's speech Lonely look.

  Shang Boyan was sitting in the living room, although the TV was turned on, but his voice was lowered. Although he was staring at the screen, he actually didn't see anything.

  He could see Ruan Xi's hard work, but even after trying so hard, could she still not accept him?

He got up, went to the balcony to light a cigarette, and sat on a chair. There was a newspaper under the transparent glass round table. He never liked to read the entertainment page, but today he accidentally opened it. He saw the headline at a glance: Pure actress Xu Chuyan's secret Boyfriend exposed!

   Below is a group photo of Pei Nanming and Xu Chuyan. The subtitle says that Xu Chuyan claims to marry Pei Nanming at the beginning of next month.

  Shang Boyan smiled wryly, no wonder Ruan Xi was so out of shape today.

  What a contradictory woman, she is so afraid of him, but she still loves him in her heart, but this love is covered up by too much unbearable past, maybe even she didn't realize it...

  Gently closed the newspaper, but made up his mind in his heart—Pei Nanming, as long as Ruan Xi doesn't make a choice, I will never give in!

  Because of a wedding dress, Xu Chuyan has almost become a frequent visitor to Qing Rong's design studio, going there two or three times a week.

  The designer took out the sample pictures, but she was always picky and picky. After making adjustments according to her requirements, she overturned them again and again, thinking that this is not good, that is not good!

  Although her attitude has always been very tactful and polite, every time she came and went, the entire design room was full of anger, knowing that she was deliberately finding fault!

  Ruan Xi also endured Xu Chuyan's provocation of hiding the needle in his cotton. She couldn't bear it anymore, so she simply said to Xu Chuyan, "Miss Xu, our studio really can't meet your request. Please hire another expert."


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