Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 133

Ruan Xi's face turned pale, and she subconsciously looked at Shang Yang who was having fun behind the glass wall, seeing that Shang Yang didn't pay attention to this place, she said, "Mr. Pei, I don't want to mention the past, please also Respect yourself."

Pei Nanming saw that she had completely left the relationship behind, and smiled even brighter, "Xi'er, it doesn't matter if we don't mention our relationship, but anyway, the Pei family has raised you for so many years, grandpa and you Uncle Pei, you should go back See if you don't? Even if you raise a white-eyed wolf, at least the white-eyed wolf knows in his heart that things can't go too far. If you violate your conscience, you will be punished."

  Xu Chuyan was very unhappy, and her face became ugly. What did Pei Nanming mean by asking her to go to Pei's house to see Mr. Pei and Father Pei? For so many years, he never took her back to Pei's house, let alone met Mr. Pei and Father Pei!

   "I will go and see them, please leave now, we really don't have the spare capacity to take your orders, we are too busy now."

  Pei Nanming smiled, "It's okay, we can wait."

  Xu Chuyan glanced at Pei Nanming and nodded, "Yes, Ruan Xi, please, okay? I really trust your studio!"

   "Then let's talk about it after we've been busy for a while. I hope you can wait."

  Before Xu Chuyan spoke, Pei Nanming put his arms around Xu Chuyan's shoulder and said, "No matter how long, we will wait. I believe that the wedding dress designed by Xier will definitely make my bride more beautiful and attractive."

  Ruan Xi couldn't even put on a smile, and said directly, "Welcome to come again next time."

  Exit order!

Pei Nanming said with deep meaning, "We will definitely come." When passing by Ruan Xi, he paused slightly, and said in a voice that only Ruan Xi could hear clearly, "Do you think that's all the past? Don't think about it !"

  Ran Xi's face turned pale suddenly, and he took a step back in shock.

  Pei Nanming had already left with Xu Chuyan in his arms!

  Back to the office area, Ruan Xi collapsed into the chair exhaustedly, as if she had fought a protracted battle, her palms and back were sweaty, and her heart seemed to be blocked by a big rock, which made her uncomfortable no matter what.

   "Mommy, what's wrong with you, you look so ugly!"

  Shang Yang ran over, grabbed her hand and asked.

  Ruan Xi suddenly picked up Shang Yang and hugged her tightly, "Yangyang don't talk, let mom hug her, okay?"

  Shang Yang hummed, stretched out his little hand to hug Ruan Xi back.

  Feeling Shang Yang's petite and warm body, Ruan Xi felt very at ease in her heart. No matter what time, Shang Yang is still there, she is not alone! As long as she thinks of Shang Yang, she feels that she is full of courage, and as long as she thinks of Shang Boyan, she feels that she must be full of courage.

  Pei Nanming? Nothing special! Now that you have completely separated from him, you must never be caught back!

  She cheers herself up, firm and unquestionable!

  An Ya nestled in Ruan Dongyu's arms, her face was flushed, but her eyes were filled with anxiety of desire and dissatisfaction.

  Ruan Dongyu looked coldly at the slutty woman who was sitting on his waist, watching her eagerly rubbing against his crotch, touching him up and down, eagerly teasing and teasing him, trying to arouse his sexual interest.

   Overwhelmed woman! If she wasn't Gu Chi's fiancee, he wouldn't even bother to look at her. He despises this kind of woman the most. As long as you see a better one, immediately get rid of the existing, flirtatious woman! How could she be worthy of Gu Chi? !

  Although he feels wronged for Gu Chi, he never refuses the food delivered to his door. Since this woman wants to post it upside down, he won't eat it for nothing. Moreover, he wants to cut off Gu Chi's escape route. Ruan Xi is certainly the enemy, but the other women around Gu Chi are no exception.

  Since it is necessary to cut off Gu Chi's peach blossoms, it is natural to cut them thoroughly, even if Gu Chi doesn't love at all, and the fiancée who is only engaged for the sake of family relationship is the same!

  An Ya couldn't bear it anymore, she stretched out her hand and pulled away Ruan Dongyu's pants chain, and sat down. As a normal man, even if he is not interested in women, he will never stop lifting at this time. Therefore, as soon as Anya sat down, she raised her head contentedly and moaned.

  Ruan Dongyu sneered, suddenly grabbed her waist, and started to move.

  The leather chair began to creak and sway under the weight of two people, while Anya's eyes were full of brilliance. Extreme pleasure mixed with dizziness invaded her, making her cheeks more rosy, and a layer of sweat appeared on her forehead.

   "Dong Yu... Dong Yu, I love you..." Anya put her arms around Ruan Dongyu's neck, fascinated by his rhythm.

  Ruan Dongyu breathed heavily, but his eyes were indifferent and sarcastic, love? He doesn't need a woman's love! For him, the love affair between a man and a woman is just to use each other, just like the relationship between his father Ruan Hetian and his mother, they obviously have countless sexes outside, but when they come home, they still take off each other's clothes and make sex with each other.

   Since he was a child, under the influence of their distorted relationship, he has become extremely suspicious of love between men and women, and even very disgusted!

  He suddenly became ruthless, slammed her, picked her up and threw her on the sofa next to her, and stabbed her hard, hypocritical woman! On the surface, she cared for Gu Chi, but secretly loved him, and said she loved him. This kind of woman deserves to be raped!

He sprinted mercilessly, without any tenderness, it was a living rape. Anya was immersed in lust at first, but his sudden extraordinarily rough made her unbearable, and said intermittently, "Dong Yu, I... don't feel well! "

  Ruan Dongyu smiled cruelly, "Uncomfortable? I have no obligation to serve you, right? Hmm? As long as I feel comfortable. Isn't this kind of stimulation what you want?"

   Anya bit her lip and had to endure it. The love affair lasted for a long time, and Anya didn't feel any sexual happiness at all. When she came out, she even walked in an unusual posture.

   After taking a bath, Ruan Dongyu stood at the window in his nightgown with arms folded and watched coldly, with contempt and disdain in his eyes.

  If he was Gu Chi, if his orientation was normal, if he knew that his fiancée did such a thing behind his back, what would happen? He thought that he probably wouldn't explode, but turning around would definitely make her dare not have sex again in her life!

  He raised his hand and looked at his watch. At 10:30 in the morning, it was time to pick up Gu Chi and leave the hospital.

  Gu Chi's chin is so thin that his chin is pointed, making his eyes even bigger, and he even looks a bit soft. Ruan Dongyu always looked at Gu Chi through the rearview mirror from time to time, but Gu Chi kept turning his head to look out the window, looking thoughtful.

  Ruan Dongyu hates Gu Chi the most, because whenever Gu Chi is like this, he feels that he is completely excluded by Gu Chi.

  Can't help but want to stimulate him, "Finally out of the hospital, do you want to meet your old *? I heard that she opened a fashion design studio in e-city, and her designs are well received."

  Gu Chi turned his head and looked at Ruan Dongyu, very calmly, "I have nothing to do with her, I don't care what happens to her."

  Ruan Dongyu raised his eyebrows, expressing doubts, "Is it true? Don't care? Do you have to lie to me? Back then, for her, you entered the Pei family, and even dared to sign the prostitution agreement. How long has it been since you don't care?"

   "People change, and so do their minds. I didn't regret it at all when I was willing to go to hell because of her. However, I don't find it surprising that my mind has changed today. People can't stay where they are forever."

   "Hey, you got sick and became philosophical, but can I think that your change is because of me?"

  In the past, when Ruan Dongyu said this, Gu Chi would definitely counterattack with harsh words, but today Gu Chi just said indifferently, "If I were a woman, maybe I would, but unfortunately I am not."

   Gu Chi's words made Ruan Dongyu very angry. All the way with a gloomy face, he didn't relax until he stopped.

  Backing to the residence, Ruan Dongyu opened the closet, found Gu Chi's clothes, and threw them over, "Go take a shower! Don't bring back the smell of disinfectant from the hospital!"

  Ruan Dongyu hates the smell of the hospital the most, and this Gu Chi knows it very well. In the past few years, he has been tossing back and forth, and has been sick countless times. Every time Ruan Dongyu enters the hospital, he has a stinky face. It's hard for him to be so disgusted, but he can still insist on running to the hospital.

   Gu Chi took off his clothes and went straight to the bathroom.

  Ruan Dongyu thought of something again, and suddenly said, "Wait!"

  Gu Chi turned his head and looked at Ruan Dongyu with some perplexity and impatience. Ruan Dongyu didn't seem to notice it at all. He went into the bathroom first, put the water in, tried the water temperature, and adjusted it a few times before straightening up in satisfaction.

   "All right."

  Gu Chi looked at half of the pool of warm water, then at Ruan Dongyu.

  Ruan Dongyu crossed his arms, seeing that Gu Chi hadn't moved, he raised his eyebrows to express his doubts.

  Gu Chi also raised his eyebrows, "What do you mean by being here? Watching me take a naked bath? Or do you want to fuck me here?"

  Ruan Dongyu suddenly darkened his face, clenched his fists, and fought with Bao Heitan, "In your heart, I treat you well just because I am greedy for your body?!"

  Gu Chi raised his eyebrows indifferently, "Otherwise? What are you talking about?"


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