Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 132

When Ruan Xi arrived at the wvvkr design studio, it was exactly nine o'clock in the morning. Shang Yang raised his head and asked her, "Mommy, you want to draw beautiful clothes again?"

  Ruan Xi looked at him amusedly, "Well, this time, Mommy will design children's clothes for Yang Yang, okay?"

  Shang Yang's eyes lit up, and he put his arms around Ruan Xi's neck and kissed, "I want to have a handsome and cool style, and I also want to walk around the stage like those big sisters who walk the catwalk!"

   "Little devil, you are so pushy at such a young age, huh?"

"Mommy, I'm very low-key. I want to be on stage because I want people all over the world to see the children's clothing that Mommy designed for me, and let people all over the world know that Mommy loves me very much! "

  Ruan Xi smiled, "The mouth is so sweet, huh?"

  Shang Yang blushed without panting, "Only in this way can I cheat Mommy into a beautiful daughter-in-law!"

   Well, Ruan Xi admitted, she was defeated, she really didn't know who this baby learned from, his mouth is so slippery!

   After entering the wvvk designer, several recruited designers and assistants have already started to work. Seeing her coming with a child, they all stood up to say hello.

Two of the blond assistants came to China from France following her. They thought that by staying with Ruan Xi, they could get a greater promotion. Moreover, the major shareholder behind the wvvk design studio is actually the young owner of the Shang Group. Boyan, you can get in touch with the latest elements in wvvk.

Of course, what they like most is the future development of wvvk, wvvk is extremely low-key, but insiders know that the works of wvvk studio have passed the review of Shang's design department, and the main focus of the next season will be them Design works!

  This is undeniable strength!

   "Yangyang, come, give me a hug..." the blond beauty said in broken Chinese.

  Shang Yang was very familiar with them, so he unceremoniously threw himself into the arms of the big beauty to wipe his saliva.

  Looking at Shang Yang's seductive and mimily expression, another beautiful woman smiled, "Yang Yang's expression..." After holding back his thoughts for a long time, he remembered a newly learned word, "wretched"

Shang Yang’s Chinese is very good. Don’t look at his first visit to China, but Ruan Xi communicates with Shang Yang in Chinese. Therefore, the word Shang Yang understands its meaning, so he said with a stern face, "Obviously Auntie, you are eating my tofu!"

  The people in the studio are overwhelming...

  When the atmosphere was relaxed and active, a man and a woman came in outside. Ruan Xi didn't pay attention at first, but Shang Yang took her hand and tugged it a few times, and she saw it when she turned her head, and her expression froze immediately.

   Then it returned to normal.

  Xu Chuyan stepped on high heels and was focusing on the samples of women's clothing made on the display rack. The first row was women's clothing, the second row was men's clothing, and the innermost was a wedding dress. Each piece is ingenious and eye-catching.

Xu Chuyan hadn't noticed that Ruan Xi was sitting in the office area inside the glass partition, she turned her head to Pei Nanming and said, "Nanming, I didn't expect that there is such an excellent design studio in e City, and the clothes they design are so outstanding! How do you know that? I've never heard of this studio before!"

  Xu Chuyan's eyes were full of amazement and joy.

Pei Nanming smiled, looked at the office area, and then turned back as if nothing had happened, "It's normal if you haven't heard of it. This studio has only been established for a week, and I just happened to pass by, so I came to have a look. I think it’s good, so I’ll bring you over to have a look.”

  Xu Chuyan took Nan Ming's arm, tiptoed and kissed him on the side of his cheek.

  Over there, Shang Yang suddenly covered his eyes with his hands, but spread his little fingers apart, looked through the gaps between his fingers, and murmured, "I'm so shameless..."

  The specially hired salesman has already gone to greet Pei Nanming, and the designers are also busy making final arrangements on the draft paper.

  Only Ruan Xi froze in place, unable to recover for a long time.

   "Mum, don't you know them?"

  Ruan Xi just woke up like a dream, and said, "Mummy doesn't know them well, they are just...your daddy's friends."

   "Oh!" Shang Yang nodded.

  Ruan Xi said again, "Yangyang, you play by yourself, Mommy has some work to do, so I'll pick you up in a while, okay?"

  Shang Yang nodded, "Well, okay, Mommy, don't worry."

  Ruan Xi forced a smile, she just needed time and space to calm down.

  Outside, Xu Chuyan couldn't put it down to the designer's wedding dress. At this time, the salesman said, "This is a new model we launched. It hasn't been released yet. This is the only one. If you like it, Miss, you can buy it out for exclusive use."

  The design studio not only designs, but also displays the designer's works. With the consent of the designer, they sell them to the outside world. Customers can choose to buy out the style at one time, or buy the priority right to use it.

  Of course, the designers all understand that once the works here are exposed to the outside world, plagiarism and piracy cannot be avoided, which is a big risk.

   As a result, usage fees tend to be high.

  Xu Chuyan said, "Who is your chief designer here?"

  The salesman was stunned for a moment, "Our chief designer is only responsible for guiding, not taking orders."

  Xu Chuyan was slightly displeased, thinking that no matter how good the design here is, it’s just a little-known little place, just a designer, so what’s the point?

  Pei Nanming sneered in his heart, knowing that the chief designer here is too qualified to show off.

  At the beginning, he made a phone call and asked people to investigate many things he wanted to know. Therefore, except for a few information that was really difficult to investigate, he got everything he should get.

   "Oh, then, can we meet her, just talk about my request, and then hope that she can guide your designer to design a wedding dress that makes me more satisfied. Money is not a problem."

The salesman looked at Xu Chuyan's posture, and was a little speechless. The salesman had also seen Xu Chuyan's commercials, but he was not a fan of Xu Chuyan, so seeing Xu Chuyan's face that was almost similar to Ruan Xi's, it was especially special. You're being polite, but Xu Chuyan doesn't seem like an easy master to get along with.

  She was in a difficult situation for a while.

Ruan Xi just came back. Seeing this scene, she frowned slightly. Although she was afraid of Pei Nanming, as the person in charge of the studio, she would not run away if she dared to bear it. So she opened the door and walked out, ignoring Xu Chuyan and Pei Nanming, and I asked the salesman directly, saying, "What happened?"

  The salesman said, "Sister Xi, this lady wants to find the chief designer of our studio, but..."

  Ruan Xi smiled, "You go back first, leave this to me. These two... are my don't have to worry."

  The salesman was stunned for a moment again, why did he feel that they were not like friends.

   But she backed away immediately.

  Xu Chuyan was very surprised when she saw Ruan Xi. She never thought that the person in charge of this studio was actually Ruan Xi!

I was annoyed for a moment, but the next moment I suddenly smiled brightly, "It turned out to be Ruan Xi, it would be great if it was you. Nan Ming and I came to pick out the wedding dress, but none of the samples were suitable, Nan Ming said None of them can bring out my beauty, so I want to redesign one..."

Ruan Xi saw Xu Chuyan's showing off and complacency, although she felt a little uncomfortable when she heard the news that they were going to get married, but she didn't care, she just said, "Miss Xu, I'm really sorry, our designers have been very nervous recently. I'm busy, I'm afraid I don't have time to take orders from outside. If Ms. Xu and Mr. Pei don't like the samples, then the two of you can hire another designer to design."

  Seeing Ruan Xi like this, Pei Nanming raised his mouth slightly, feeling inexplicably happy.

"Ruan Xi, I really like the clothes here. I think as long as we tell our requirements, no one can do better than yours." She and Pei Nanming designed the wedding dress!

  Ruan Xi has seen sloppy and shameless people, such as Qin Zhiran before, but he has never seen someone who is so friendly and skillful in playing shameless!

  Pei Nanming didn't speak the whole time, just like he did at the engagement banquet with Qin Zhiran back then, as a bystander, watching the two women fight back and forth.

  In the past, it was a game mentality, let it develop naturally, but now I don’t know why, I am looking forward to it, expecting Ruan Xi to get angry, expecting Ruan Xi to lose her mind!

   "Thank you, Ms. Xu, for loving our wvvk design studio so much, but although the customer is God, we have to do what we can, right?"

  Xu Chuyan was a little aggrieved, and looked at Ruan Xi with embarrassment, "Ruan Xi, do we have to be so estranged? Anyway, we once... met each other once, right? I haven't done anything to hurt you, have I?"

  Ruan Xi bit her lip, too lazy to entangle with Xu Chuyan, and turned to look at Pei Nanming who was watching the play with her arms crossed, "Mr. Pei, please persuade your fiancée, at least this is a studio, and she has the right to choose whether to serve or not."

  Ruan Xi's voice was cold and indifferent, and the sarcasm at the corner of his mouth made Pei Nanming feel as if he had been stung by a wasp.

  He suddenly smiled, and said, "Xie'er, at least we've had a good time. Counting carefully, it's been so many years, hasn't it?"

Ruan Xi's face turned pale, and she subconsciously looked at Shang Yang who was having fun behind the glass wall, seeing that Shang Yang didn't pay attention to this place, she said, "Mr. Pei, I don't want to mention the past, please also Respect yourself."


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