Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 130

Ruan Xi kissed Shang Yang, "Yangyang, I'm sorry, it's because Mommy didn't think carefully enough to let you..."

Shang Yang kissed Ruan Xi, "Don't worry, Mommy, I'm very smart, so I won't be taken away by liars so easily, and I want to protect Mommy, whoever dares to bully Mommy in the future, I will Beat him up!"

   Both Ruan Xi and Zhang Tong were amused. Tang Wenyi, who had been silent at the side, couldn't help laughing at this moment. He raised his eyes, unwilling to be lonely, "Ruan Xi, long time no see."

Ruan Xi hugged Shang Yang tighter, but still tried to calm down, "Long time no see." Shang Yang could feel that Ruan Xi was nervous, so he wrapped his arms around Ruan Xi's neck, leaned on Ruan Xi's shoulder and said coquettishly , "Mommy, this uncle looks so cunning, he is a bad guy, we ignore him!"

  Tang Wenyi was taken aback for a moment, adjusted his glasses and glanced at Zhang Tong, Zhang Tong was also surprised. Who put his arms around his thigh and called him daddy just now, why did he become a bad guy in a blink of an eye?

  They naturally didn't see how nervous and frightened Ruan Xi was calm on the surface. In Ruan Xi's eyes, Tang Wenyi was almost the same as Pei Nanming's spokesperson. Coupled with the fact that Tang Wenyi had done so many things for Pei Nanming in the past, she naturally couldn't be really calm and unconcerned with Tang Wenyi.

   It's just that she didn't expect that the emotions she thought she was hiding well would be noticed by Yang Yang. Moreover, she also felt her hostility towards Tang Wenyi.

She didn't want Shang Yang to be affected by such *emotions, so she said softly to Shang Yang, "Yang Yang, this is Uncle Tang Wenyi, you can't be rude, you know?" Shang Yang bit his lip, smiled for a moment, and said to Tang Wenyi Said, "Hi Uncle!"

Tang Wenyi smiled, and jokingly said, "Yangyang, just now you hugged my thigh and called Daddy, why did you get separated now?" Naturally, he wanted to try this young man who didn't look too old. How slippery is the ghost spirit.

   "I'm calling Uncle Daddy, will Uncle give me money?" He stretched out his hand to Tang Wenyi and said naively, "Hug, Uncle"

  Ruan Xi was speechless, this kid probably wanted to do something bad.

   "Good boy Yangyang, Uncle is going on a date with Auntie Tong, shall we go home first?"

  Shang Yang nodded honestly, "Okay"

  Ruan Xi looked at Zhang Tong apologetically, "I still have some urgent matters to go back to deal with today, let's have a meal together next time, okay?"

   Zhang Tong naturally knew that Ruan Xi had a heart for Tang Wenyi, so he didn't keep her, and he didn't blame her, "Okay, my number is still the same as before."

  Ruan Xi nodded with a smile, her eyes filled with gratitude.

   Zhang Tong smiled, but felt sore in his heart. Ruan Xi is still afraid. It seems that Pei Nanming's harm to her has really gone deep into her bones... Moreover, she... already has a child with someone else... Shang Shang Boyan's child, right? It's no wonder that Pei Nanming guessed that Shang Boyan took Ruan Xi away, but he couldn't find out Ruan Xi's whereabouts. With Shang Boyan's foundation in foreign countries, it is very easy to completely delete a person's information...

  Five years later, Pei Nanming still can't forget his love for Ruan Xi, and he doesn't know what will happen in the future!

  Looking at the backs of Ruan Xi and Shang Yang, Zhang Tong couldn't help sighing.

  Tang Wenyi pulled out the chair for her and said, "What's wrong?"

   Zhang Tong turned his head and glared at Tang Wenyi, "You scared my friend."

   "Am I so vicious? I think I'm pretty handsome." Tang Wenyi raised his chin narcissistically.

   Zhang Tong pouted, "Even children call you a bad person!"

   "The kid did it on purpose."

  Zhang Tong sighed again, "Shang Yang is really beautiful and smart. If Pei Nanming knows that Ruan Xi is back and that she is married and has a child, what will happen?"

Tang Wenyi also frowned slightly, "According to his temperament, I'm afraid the future is really hard to predict. From his attitude towards Ruan Xi before and his state after Ruan Xi left. He is very persistent. Man, be persistent to the extreme, otherwise, he and Ruan Xi wouldn't be where they are today."

  Until leaving the shopping mall, Ruan Xi's hands were still slightly sweating.

  "Mummy" Shang Yang looked at Ruan Xidao with a smiling face, "Mummy seems to...hate Uncle Tang Wenyi..."

  Ruan Xi pulled out a smile with difficulty. Shang Yang naturally didn't know about her past, so at this time, she didn't know how to explain it to her smart and sensitive son.

   Fortunately, at this time, a black car stopped in front of them, and the window slid down, revealing Chamboyen's face.

  Ruan Xi felt saved.

  Shang Yang quickly climbed into the car, and Shang Boyan came down to help Ruan Xi put everything into the trunk, and said, "Are you feeling uncomfortable somewhere? I think your complexion is not very good."

  Ruan Xi shook her head, "I'm fine." Then she smiled with difficulty.

  Shang Boyan straightened out her slightly messy hair with distress, "Don't hide it from me. If you feel uncomfortable, don't come out to do these things again. I will let Lu Yi find a servant to take care of these housework."

   "No need, anyway, I have a lot of free time, and these things won't be a burden at all."

  Shang Boyan looked at her with pity, "I just don't want you to be too tired, you see, you have managed to grow some flesh."

   Ruan hoped for Shang Boyan, and suddenly felt the urge to cry. In front of him, she felt that she always became very fragile.

   "Don't be so moved that you cry, if you cry, I've sinned again." Shang Boyan scratched her nose, "Let's go back."

  Ruan Xi nodded vigorously, at this moment, she felt very at ease.

  President Pei's office, Secretary Shang Yunjie handed a large kraft paper envelope to Pei Nanming.

  Pei Nanming glanced up from the document, and said to Shang Yunjie, "Well, there is nothing else, you can go out first."

   Shang Yunjie withdrew, just in time to meet Xu Chuyan coming over on high heels.

  Now Xu Chuyan is very proud of the spring breeze, and is more high-profile than Qin Zhiran back then. She is always on Pei's territory and always puts her eyes on the top of her head. This made many Pei employees curl their lips in private.

  Actually, when Xu Chuyan came to Pei's office area for the first time, everyone could tell that she had a good face...

  At the beginning, everyone read the ups and downs between Pei Nanming and Ruan Xi in the newspapers. Some employees who never liked to read newspapers also became very interested in reading newspapers because of their big boss. Regardless of the big or small newspapers, as long as it is related to Pei Nanming, these employees are very interested!

   "Ms. Xu, hello." The secretary greeted politely.

  Xu Chuyan raised her face and snorted from her nostrils.

  Shang Yunjie still kept smiling, waiting for Xu Chuyan to leave first.

  Xu Chuyan walked towards Pei Nanming's office unceremoniously. Shang Yunjie couldn't help rubbing her nose disregarding her image. The scent of the perfume is too strong, every time Xu Chuyan comes, the whole big office area will have a faint fragrance for a while!

  Some male employees couldn't help sneezing.

  When she arrived at Pei Nanming's door, Xu Chuyan changed her appearance again, becoming gentle and sweet. She knocked on the door first, and only when Pei Nanming agreed, she entered gracefully.

   Seeing Xu Chuyan, Pei Nanming looked down at the document again.

   "Why are you here?"

  Xu Chuyan smiled and said, "I just finished filming a commercial, and it's still early, so I'll come over to see you."

  Pei Nanming signed the lower corner of the document, closed the document, and then looked at her and said, "Why don't you go back and rest, shouldn't you be very tired after shooting commercials all day?"

Xu Chuyan acted like a baby and sat on his lap, but Pei Nanming didn't refuse, "I miss you, shall we go to the movies tonight? I heard that "Fast and Furious 7" is very good. Although it has been out for a long time, I still don't like it. I haven't seen it."

  Pei Nanming froze for a moment. Xu Chuyan said that she hadn't watched it, but he had watched the first few episodes thousands of times. At that time, I watched it with Ruan Xi, Ruan Xi fell asleep before watching it, and he was not in the mood to watch that kind of thing, but after Ruan Xi left, he booked the movie theater alone, staring at the movie screen alone , until the screen goes blank.

  The feeling of being alone makes him feel so sad that he wants to smash the movie theater...

   "You want to see it?"

   "Yes." Xu Chuyan knew that Pei Nanming might agree as soon as she heard Pei Nanming's question.

   "Okay, then. I'll have someone prepare movie tickets."

  Xu Chuyan was so excited, she hugged Pei Nanming's neck and kissed, "I'll go back and prepare dinner first, I'll wait for you."

  Xu Chuyan left, Pei Nanming leaned on the chair and rubbed his temples, his eyes glanced at the kraft paper bag, and then he remembered. Opening the paper bag and taking out the contents, the veins on his forehead suddenly jumped.

  The photo is a photo of a woman, with her belly outstretched, walking on the street, surrounded by dense phoenix trees, smiling happily and gently.

He flipped through the photos at the back, all of which belonged to this woman. Many of the photos were of her alone, but in the last few photos, she was accompanied by a man, with a gentle expression and a smile on his mouth, and another one of a woman sitting, The posture of the man squatting and putting his ear on the woman's stomach to listen to the movement of the baby in the woman's stomach.

   In the back is a photo of a woman holding a baby and a man standing by her side. Since then, basically every photo is a photo of two adults plus a baby!

   Ruan Xi and Shang Boyan! They actually...


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