Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 129

Shang Yang looked at the man and didn't answer, just biting the straw in the juice cup.

  The man sees that other people are small ghosts, little brats, and his eyes are full of defense, so he shifts his strategy, "Where is your father and mother, why did you leave you here alone?"

   As the man said, he glanced at the shopping cart next to Shang Yang. It was filled with common daily necessities, but each one was of high quality, and the price was definitely at the forefront. Nothing inside is discounted. People who are not from a wealthy family will not spend like this at all.

  The man looked at the clothes on Shang Yang's body again. The children's clothes had no brand and were made to order with fine workmanship!

   "Uncle is so strange, is it strange for me to stay here by myself?"

  The man froze for a moment, this kid speaks very straight and bluntly!

   "I'm not worried about you, you see how unsafe you are by yourself at such a young age."

   "But my uncle and I don't know each other. It's so strange why my uncle is worried about me. Mommy said, don't talk to strangers, so I won't talk to you, uncle."

  The man saw that the child was not easy to deceive, so he got up and pushed the shopping cart beside Shang Yang.

  Shang Yang immediately shrank from the stool, "Uncle, the thing is mine, you can't push it away, or I will call someone."

   Men are already familiar with being liars, so they are not afraid of being threatened by a child, so they hug Shang Yang into the shopping cart.

  Shang Yang was startled and shouted, "Help, this uncle is a villain and wants to kidnap me!"

  People around were attracted. The man frowned, but he didn't panic. He put his arms around Shang Yang and said to everyone, "This is my son. I divorced her mother, and he lived with her, so he is hostile to me."

   The big guy looked at Shang Yang, then at the man, and whispered timidly, "No matter how you look at it, you don't look like father and son!"

  The man took his chance and continued to push the cart out.

  Shang Yang quit, and really started to wipe his nose and tears, and he was really scared.

   "My mommy is in the bathroom, this is not my daddy's place, please don't believe him, he is a bad guy and a liar!"

  The people present were captured by Shang Yang's angry and pitiful appearance, and they came to stop him one after another. The man raised his eyebrows, "This is my son, my family affairs, where is it your turn for outsiders to intervene?!"

  Everyone was stunned again.

  Shang Yang was also stunned, how could there be such a shameless and shameless liar in this world, who lied to children so openly? No, snatch the child? !

  Shang Yang stopped crying, and in a blink of an eye, he saw a man and a woman coming into the coffee shop. He didn't know the man, but the woman had a chance encounter.

So he pulled out the shopping cart without hesitation, ran over, hugged the woman's thigh and called Mommy, then turned around and hugged the man's thigh, blinking tears, and shouted, "Daddy hug me!" Hug, that bad uncle is going to take me away! Woohoo!" Shang Yang's small body threw himself into the man's arms, and it was a grievance to cry.

  The man was dumbfounded, and calmly, when everyone was paying attention to Shang Yang and the couple, he decisively slipped away from the other side door of the coffee shop.

  By the time everyone reacted, the man had already run away and disappeared.

  Suddenly a beautiful baby who mistakenly recognized his parents appeared, Tang Wenyi and Zhang Tong were both taken aback.

   Then they looked at each other, seeing that the crisis was over, Shang Yang still relied on Tang Wenyi and refused to come down, for fear that another liar would come again later.

Later, Tang Wenyi asked Shang Yang why he was not afraid that he was also abducting children. Shang Yang blinked and said, "You have already abducted the big beauty, and the big beauty will give birth to you in the future, so you don't need to abduct children anymore." ah.

  His innocent appearance and serious tone made Tang Wenyi and Zhang Tong completely overwhelmed.

   "Whose child are you, that you mistakenly recognize your parents?" Zhang Tong liked Shang Yang very much when she saw it, and she has always had little resistance to things that look good. Not to mention the cute and weird kid in front of me.

   "This...was it just a matter of adapting to the situation just now? If I didn't hug you and call my parents, I could only hug that bad uncle and call for help."

   Zhang Tong and Tang Wenyi were speechless. It turned out that they really played the role of life-saving straw.

   "Why are you here by yourself? There are so many people here, what if you are cheated or lost, how can your parents be so careless?" Zhang Tong began to chatter.

  Tang Wenyi looked at Zhang Tong amusedly, and found that sometimes she was always carefree. This obviously had nothing to do with her, but she was so enthusiastic about worrying for others.

  I think back then, because of Ruan Xi's matter, she even splashed water on his face!

  She is simply a fierce, loyal and kind little shrew!

"Mommy went to the bathroom, and I'll be back soon. I'm the one who wants to stay here and watch things. Mommy is a woman, and I'm a man. How can I go to the women's bathroom with Mommy? I'll be beaten as a *! "

  Shang Yang said in a serious manner, keeping his eyes on the direction of the bathroom.

   Zhang Tong laughed again, and reached out to touch Shang Yang's head, but Shang Yang dodged it, "Don't touch the head, the child whose head is touched will not grow tall!"

Tang Wenyi burst out laughing, and suddenly remembered that when he accompanied Pei Nanming to see Mr. Pei at Mo's old house in e city, Mr. Pei and Pei Nanming chatted about family affairs, recalling that when Pei Nanming was a child, he said that when he was a child, Pei Nanming also hated others touching his head. Let's talk!

   Zhang Tong was completely convinced, and smiled and waved his hands, "Okay, okay, I won't touch your head anymore. What's your name?"


   "Oh, Yangyang, how old are you?"


  Zhang Tong and Tang Wenyi glanced at each other, and it was written in their eyes, at such a young age, you already know what is **...

  At this time, Ruan Xi happened to be back. Her stomach was not feeling well, and she had a bit of a stomachache, so the delay was longer. As soon as the solution was finished, she hurried back. She was also afraid that a child in Shangyang would be unsafe. After all, society was not as beautiful as imagined.

  Shang Yang saw Ruan Xi coming from a long distance, and immediately stood on the chair and waved, "Mommy, Mommy!" The intimacy seemed like he had never seen it in a few lifetimes.

  Tang Wenyi and Zhang Tong were stunned when they saw Ruan Xi, but Ruan Xi's expression changed completely when she saw them. She didn't even know what posture to use to face her old friend.

  If it was Zhang Tong herself, she would definitely rush to hug her, but Zhang Tong and Tang Wenyi were together.

  In these years, she has not been in touch with Zhang Tong, not because she deliberately distanced herself, nor because she didn't care about this friend. The closest friend in her life is Zhang Tong. But who would have thought that Zhang Tong would actually get together with Tang Wenyi? When Shang Boyan told her the news two months ago, she was shocked and at the same time gave up the idea of contacting Zhang Tong.

  Although she hated Tang Wenyi, it was undeniable that Tang Wenyi was a very good man. Although he often went to sensual occasions, he almost never messed with women. If Zhang Tong followed Tang Wenyi, he would have a good life, right? When she first heard that Zhang Tong was arranged by Shang Boyan to go to Australia because of her relationship, she really felt guilty and worried...

  Zhang Tong suddenly walked over and hugged Ruan Xi tightly in his arms, "Ruan Xi, I didn't expect you to be so ruthless. You haven't contacted me once for five years!"

  Ruan Xi was stunned, and hugged Zhang Tong for a while, "I'm sorry,'s my fault, I'm too cowardly, too scared..."

  Both Zhang Tong and Ruan Xi blushed, hugging each other and weeping silently.

Tang Wenyi didn't open his mouth, but just looked Ruan Xi up and down. Ruan Xi was much plump compared to five years ago, and his whole body exuded vitality. Know thousands of times.

   In the past five years, after leaving Pei Nanming, she has lived a very good life. She has obtained the freedom she wanted and the life she has always yearned for... Thinking of this, he looked at Shang Yang, and even had a child...

  At this moment, he suddenly remembered the days when Pei Nanming was drinking heavily, and suddenly felt that Ruan Xi was an eyesore now. However, he buried all these emotions in his heart. Rationally, he knew that Pei Nanming had hurt Ruan Xi time and time again, but emotionally, he still felt sad for Pei Nanming's decadent days. In fact, that period of time was the critical juncture of the business war between the Pei family and the Pei family. If Ruan Xi hadn't fled suddenly during that time, disturbing Pei Nanming's mind and making Pei Nanming decadent, how could it be that the Pei family and the Pei family are facing each other now? scene? !

   Missed the best opportunity to deal with the Pei family, and it will be even more difficult to bring down a powerful family like the Pei family in the future...

   "How about it, have you been doing well in the past five years?"

   Zhang Tong wiped away tears and asked.

   Ruan Xi nodded, "It's good, it's never been so good."

  Shang Yang looked at Ruan Xi and Zhang Tong dumbfounded, his two beautiful eyes never left Ruan Xi and Zhang Tong for a moment. When they calmed down, the little devil said, "So Mommy knows Auntie..."

  Ruan Xi picked up Shang Yang and said, "This is Aunt Tongtong." Then he said to Zhang Tong, "This is my son Shang Yang."

   "What a cute child..." Zhang Tong recounted what happened just now, and Ruan Xi hugged Shang Yang tightly in shock, not in the mood to laugh at Shang Yang's cleverness in responding to danger at all.

Knowing that Ruan Xi was terrified, Zhang Tong said, "Don't worry, a smart kid like Shang Yang won't be bullied by liars so easily. However, it's best to keep him with you in the future, the kid is too young after all. "


   In other words, Bai Cai liked Tang Wenyi very much, and promised her not to abuse the plague. bless you~~


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