Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 128

Shang Boyan left early at ten o'clock and bought a birthday present for Shang Yang on the way back. When Shang Yang saw Shang Boyan coming back, he rushed over happily.

   kissed Shang Boyan several times.

   Shang Boyan picked him up, "Son, did you miss me today?"

   "Well, yes! I thought Daddy forgot that today is my birthday, and Mommy said Daddy has something important to do today, so he won't let me call."

  Shang Yang took the initiative and sued Ruan Xi first.

  Ruan Xi couldn't laugh or cry, but Shang Boyan looked at Ruan Xi and said for a while, "Since he misses me, let him call, don't worry about disturbing me. Although business is important, you are more important."

   Ruan Xi bit her lip after hearing this, was she moved? She was moved, but at the same time as she was moved, there was another pressure on her heart. She was afraid that she would not be able to respond to his affection.

  In this life, she was like a gambler who was in debt, first Gu Chi, and then the man in front of her.

   What she owed to Gu Chi, she would never have the chance to repay in her life, but what she owed to the person in front of her was unable to repay.

   "Well, I know." Ruan Xi smiled, but it was bitter.

   Shang Boyan looked at her expression and felt bitter in his heart. He could see that she was trying so hard to be a good wife and mother, and she was trying so hard to fall in love with him, but emotional matters were really out of control.

  The so-called loving someone is not necessarily because of how special and excellent this person is, but because he is the right person. How about Pei Nanming? He was an excellent man, but he was the worst man to her. However, such a deep injury still couldn't make her forget him.

He didn't know if it was because she fell in love with Pei Nanming in the rainy season when she first saw Pei Nanming, or if she was deeply involved in the countless days and nights that followed, or it was just because Pei Nanming revealed to her during the period when she was pretending to be crazy So much sincerity, that's why she couldn't completely resent?

He could also see Pei Nanming's thoughts on Ruan Xi. If he didn't really care, Pei Nanming would not attack the Qin family in advance, would not force Qin Zhi to be infected, and would not be steadfast in the five years since Ruan Xi disappeared. looking for.

  If it wasn't because Pei Nanming had hurt Ruan Xi too deeply, then he might not even have a chance to fight today.

  Perhaps, he should thank Pei Nanming. If it wasn't for Pei Nanming, Ruan Xi would not have fled in embarrassment. Without that escape, there would be no meeting between him and Ruan Xi.

   There will be no days like now.

  He walked to Ruan Xi with a gentle smile, and straightened the hair around her ear, "The little guy must be hungry, let's eat."

  At this moment, Ruan Xi suddenly felt very at ease and satisfied. With such a man by his side, even if Pei Nanming really makes a comeback, there is no need to be afraid, right?

   However, what she never expected was that she really underestimated Pei Nanming's determination and stubbornness.

  e City, Ruan Dongyu folded his arms and leaned against the door of the ward without saying a word. Gu Chi lay on the bed and looked at the sky outside.

  The sky is still the same blue, the grass is still the same green, the only difference is himself.

  Ruan Dongyu didn't speak, and he himself didn't want to speak. The two of them deliberately remained silent and confronted each other.

  Finally, Ruan Dongyu sighed and sat down beside him, "You still hate me, don't you?"

  Gu Chi remained expressionless, still looking out the window.

   "I know you hate me, but even if you hate me, I still can't let you go. I must get what I want and keep it. No one can stop it."

Gu Chi suddenly sneered, his originally bright and gentle gaze became cold and indifferent after five years of time, and even had a strong hint of coldness, "We must keep it? Sometimes, people are not so powerful, and people who want to keep it I will definitely be able to keep the things I have." After speaking, he pulled off the quilt, turned over and lay down with his back to Ruan Dongyu, and never looked at him again.

  Ruan Dongyujun's face sank slightly, and he said for a moment, "I've already kept it, haven't I? At least, you're by my side now."

  Gu Chi simply closed his eyes and fell asleep.

  Ruan Dongyu saw that he didn't respond, and his voice darkened slightly, "I'm not here to argue with you, but to bring you news that may be good or bad."

   Gu Chi was still unshakable, lying wrapped in a quilt.

  Looking at Gu Chi's thin lines through the quilt, a trace of pain appeared in Ruan Dongyu's eyes, "Ruan Xi may be back."

   The body under the quilt suddenly froze, but there was no movement.

  Ruan Dongyu clenched his fists tightly, the veins on the back of his hands were exposed, he really couldn't forget Ruan Xi! What did he pay for him in the past five years? ! Perhaps it is simply wrong to force a person with the right orientation to go astray? However, he wants to control him, just like a child stubbornly wanting a toy, with some morbid persistence, Ruan Dongyu is the kind of person who gets it no matter the cost because he likes it, so he made a deal with Gu Qing five years ago, Gu Qing exchanged Gu Chi for Pei's support.

  In this deal, he and Gu Qing each get what they need.

  The transaction was naturally a success. In order to compete with Pei Nanming, Gu Chi really joined the Pei family, and in order to get his help from Ruan Dongyu, Gu Chi did indeed give him everything he wanted.

  He would rather watch Gu Chi die by his hands than watch him fly freely in another world. This is his morbid obsession!

   "Why, aren't you interested in this news?" Ruan Dongyu couldn't hold back in the face of his indifference and resistance. He became angry first, pulled the quilt, and grabbed him.

Gu Chi didn't resist, instead he smiled, "Do you really hope that I'm interested? Then, let me tell you the truth, I'm very interested. This news makes me feel refreshed. I'll feel better tomorrow. I really want to see you." In the past five years, there has not been a moment that I have not missed her. I wonder if she is doing well, and if she is still an idiot who doesn't understand anything, but since she can come back, it must be great. This news makes me I feel that if I die now, I will die in peace!"

  Ruan Dongyu's complexion was as bad as if it had been coated with black charcoal, and the hand that was holding Gu Chi's collar tightened again, "You're looking for death!"

   Angry to the extreme, Ruan Dongyu didn't care whether he was sick or not, and punched him, "Do you believe it or not? I will make you regret what you said today!"

  Gu Chi's face turned pale, his lips trembled and he didn't say a word for a long time.

  What kind of person is Ruan Dongyu? After five years of getting along, he really understands it too well! He is simply a stubborn devil to the extreme.

   "Ruan Dongyu, what do you think you can use to restrain me now, I only love myself now."

   "You really have to go that far?!" Ruan Dongyu grabbed Gu Chi's collar and gritted his teeth.

  Gu Chi closed his eyes, his mouth full of contempt.

Ruan Dongyu was so cold and hated, he looked down at Gu Chi condescendingly, "In this case, then, just wait for me to bring you good news. The Ruan family can still stand under Pei Nanming's attack, isn't it? Occasionally, you must know that if the Ruan family is as vulnerable as the Qin family, then it is not the Ruan family. Back then I dared to promise you to help you get Ruan Xi away, and I dare to tell you today that I can still take the current Ruan Xi is cornered!"

  Gu Chi's heart skipped a beat, but on the surface he was very calm, "Then, let's talk about it after you've cornered her."

  Ruan Dongyu slammed the door and left, Gu Chi clutched his stomach and curled up in pain...

  e City, in the rest area of a department store, Shang Yang held pure water and posed in a cool pose, "Mommy, how are you? Are you handsome?!"

Ruan Xi broke into a cold sweat. Shang Yang actually took her sun hat and put it on her head to make a joke. To be honest, after Shang Yang put on a lady sun hat, she was really pretty like a girl, with good skin, bright eyes, and eyelashes. If it weren't for the strong three-dimensional sense of the facial features, no matter how you look at it, Shang Yang looks like a girl.

  She remembers a picture of a man when he was a child, and he was as beautiful as a girl...

   "Handsome, so handsome. Our Yangyang is the most handsome."

  Shang Yang proudly raised his chin to discharge.

  Ruan Xi put the trolley away, looked in the direction of the bathroom, and was speechless. China lacks everything, except people, and it takes a long time to queue up to go to the bathroom.

   "Yangyang is waiting for Mommy here, okay?"

  Shang Yang also glanced at the bathroom, then nodded, patted his chest, "Mommy, don't worry, I'll wait here. Make sure you look after everything."

   "Yangyang is so good, don't run around, huh?"

  Shang Yang smiled and Mimi nodded.

  There is a coffee shop in the rest area of a large department store, so Ruan Xi deliberately put Shang Yang in a quiet coffee shop, and ordered him another glass of juice before going to the bathroom.

  Shang Yang was biting his straw alone, wearing a sun hat and looking around boredly, his small eyes blinking.

  When a man in sunglasses passed by the transparent window, he sized up Shang Yang, then entered the coffee shop, and deliberately sat down in front of Shang Yang.

  Shang Yang looked at the man wonderingly, and the man also looked at him. After a while, the man spoke first.

   "Baby, what's your name?"


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