Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 127

The ridiculous thing is that Pei Nanming himself doesn't even know! How much I love Ruan Xi...

  The banquet was about to begin, and the host on the stage held the microphone in a particularly high spirits, and said, "The young president of the Shang Group, Mr. Shang Boyan, is invited to give a speech!"

  As soon as the voice fell, the scene immediately burst into thunderous applause and joy.

  Hearing this name, Pei Nanming immediately raised his head, a sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth, it really was him!

  The predecessor of the Shang Group is the Qin Group. The Qin Group is different from the five e-city tyrants because the Qin Group's base is in California.

  So, in terms of the principle that strong dragons do not overwhelm top snakes, in e-city, the name of the Qin family that has moved their base is not as famous as their local e-city five tyrants. However, regarding Qin's name and trends, as the five tyrants of the e-city, he still pays close attention to it all the time.

  Shang Boyan always had a smile on his face and a calm demeanor. Compared with five years ago, Pei Nanming felt more mature and calm, and his aura was stronger.

  Prestige but not anger, that's the kind of momentum.

It's been five years, and he still can't think of anyone who is capable enough to get people away under his nose. He suspected that Gu Chi used the power of the Ruan family to do it, but as far as he knew Ruan Dongyu, Ruan Dongyu wouldn't do it. That kind of thing, because Ruan Dongyu's mentality towards Gu Chi is worth pondering. In addition, Ruan Dongyu needs someone like Ruan Xi who can't take care of himself and gets sick all the time to distract him by his side. Therefore, he ruled out Gu Chi.

  As for the Qin family, it is even more impossible for Qin Zhiran Qin Ziyuan, Sun Qianhua and others. The Qin family went bankrupt, and Tang Wenyi accepted it. The Qin family was either busy fighting among themselves, or they were busy taking out loans and repaying their debts. They didn't have the heart to do this kind of thing. It was possible for that eldest lady Qin Zhiran, but Qin Zhiran was also busy with poisoning!

  He thought about it, and the most likely only one left was Shangboyan. It's just that, over the years, he sent people to monitor Shang Boyan's situation, and he never found that he took any woman to public occasions, let alone news of his engagement or marriage.

  Ruan Xi's whereabouts are always a mystery.

  After a brief and concise opening speech, the fashion show entered the main topic. First, there was a carpet catwalk show for the newcomers under the Shang Group. The show was the main clothing of this season designed by Linda, the chief designer of the Shang Group.

  The clothing is fashionable and stylish, and it is different from ordinary fashion, that is, it combines practical features, which makes the eyes of the people present shine.

  Xu Chuyan was even more excited. Her goal has always been the spokesperson of the Shang Group's autumn and winter clothing.

   Being able to get this means that there will be more announcements in the future, and her step into the entertainment industry will go one step further.

  As a layman, Pei Nanming doesn't know much about fashion, but his taste is unmatched by ordinary people. In his eyes, these fashions are also very good. To be able to design such fashions, she must be a woman with a compelling aura.

"It's really strange." Xu Chuyan grabbed Pei Nanming's palm and rubbed it lightly, "I've seen the design draft that Linda published in a fashion magazine before, and I think it's very ordinary. You know, I have no education and only studied three years in a training class." In 2010, it seems to me that the design is very common, it must not be very good, I really don't understand how she has improved to the current level in just two years."

Pei Nanming looked at the models on the stage, thought for a while, and said, "Maybe it's just that her talent was discovered after she came to the Shang family. The Shang family is the cradle of fashion designers and the leader of popular elements. It’s not uncommon to be promoted like this.”

  Xu Chuyan looked at Pei Nanming and smiled, "It's the first time I've heard you praise a company so much."

  Pei Nanming glanced at Xu Chuyan, "I'm just stating the facts."

  Xu Chuyan leaned on Pei Nanming's shoulder, smiling happily. She is the second place among the newcomers, and naturally she has attracted the attention of the media. Naturally, she can't escape the eyes of the photographers with such a coquettish and happy gesture, and immediately attracts many spotlights to rush to take pictures.

  Pei Nanming was a little displeased, but he didn't say anything. Since he decided to marry her, he still has the awareness of sacrifice.

"I don't know if Linda will attend this time." After showing her affection, Xu Chuyan continued, "No one knows what she looks like for such a famous designer. I think this is probably Shang's pretending to be mysterious gone."

  Pei Nanming didn't speak, he didn't know what he was thinking. After a while, he suddenly said to Xu Chuyan, "I'm going to the bathroom."

  Xu Chuyan was very happy with Pei Nanming's words. Of course, she was happy not because of where he was going, but because he was willing to greet her. Even if the greeting was only polite, it at least showed that he still cared about her.

  Leaving the venue, Pei Nanming did not go to the bathroom, but went to the smoking area to light a cigarette, frowning and fiddling with the phone in his hand.

   After hesitating for a long time, he finally dialed out. After two beeps, he answered on time, "Hello, Black Hawk Private Detective Team."

  Pei Nanming hung up the phone for about five minutes, turned and left, just in time to see Shang Boyan coming in this direction.

   Enemies have a narrow road, and meet each other on a narrow road.

  Shang Boyan didn't seem surprised by Pei Nanming's appearance at all, "Mr. Pei, long time no see."

  Pei Nanming responded with a smile, "Long time no see, Young Master Qin has become more energetic and high-spirited."

   "Thank you, thank you, isn't President Pei the same? Ms. Xu is a very good model. It is really not easy to win the top three in the Shang's newcomer group."

  Pei Nanming smiled coldly, "Is Young Master Qin boasting that the Shang Group is a gathering of talents, or is she praising her for her outstanding ability?"

   Chamboyen is unfazed by the irony in his words, "It's both."

   "Young Master Qin is really confident."

   "This is natural, otherwise, you can let Mr. Pei pay attention to me for so many years?"

Pei Nanming's eyes became sharp, "I hope Young Master Qin will always be so proud. People can hide, but they can't hide forever, right?" These words were purely probing, but Pei Nanming spoke in a very firm tone, as if he It has long been determined that Shang Boyan took Ruan Xi away privately.

  Shang Boyan responded calmly, "I'm sorry, I really don't understand what Mr. Pei is talking about. I still have important things to deal with, so I can't accompany you. If I don't take good care of it, please bear with me!"

   After Shang Boyan finished speaking, he brushed past Pei Nanming.

  The faces of the two people are full of smiles. Anyone who sees them will think that they are having a good conversation, but only they know each other best. The moment they rub shoulders, they can feel the powerful aura emanating from each other!

   Challenge each other!

  At the entrance of the supermarket, Ruan Xi checked the time. It was 8:15 in the evening, which was still early, so she carried Shang Yang to the mall to buy some milk and fresh vegetables.

   "Mummy, can you call Daddy, let's have dinner together tonight."

  Ruan Xi smiled and patted Shang Yang's head, "Daddy has something important to do and can't come back today."

  Shang Yang shook his head in disappointment, "But, today is my birthday, will Daddy forget it?"

  Ruan Xi squatted down, "Daddy will never forget, he really has something important to do today, and he called just now, asking Mommy to give you a gift for him."

  Shang Yang still pouted, "But, I want Daddy to give it to me personally, and Mommy also wants to give me a gift."

Ruan Xi picked up Shang Yang, "Yangyang is a sensible child, you can't be willful, you know? Yangyang's birthday is very important, but daddy's business is also very important. Yangyang has to learn to be considerate of his daddy, he is very hard yes, huh?"

  Shang Yang sighed heavily, but his face was still full of unhappiness.

Ruan Xi was helpless, she thought for a while and said, "How about, Mommy will take you to buy your favorite picture book, and then bring you the ordered cake. After we go back, we will wait for Daddy to come back for his birthday together, okay?" ?”

  Shang Yang became happy now, and when he was happy, he showed cuteness to the people around him, so another group of women said to Ruan Xi, your baby is so cute...

  When I went to the cake shop to get the cake, there was a red Ferrari in the cake shop. Ruan Xi had never been interested in cars, so she didn't pay attention.

  When she took the cake and was about to leave, the staring eyes made her startled for a fraction of a second, then she turned around as if nothing had happened, and led Shang Yang away.

  Xu Chuyan was also taken aback, but seeing Ruan Xi walking away as if nothing had happened, she began to wonder if she had misjudged the person. In order to confirm the identity of the other party, she deliberately raised her voice and shouted, "Ruan Xi!"

  Ruan Xi didn't respond at all, and didn't even mean to pause, but just led Shang Yang out of the cake shop.

  When getting in the car, Shang Yang looked up at Ruan Xi, "Mum, your hands are sweating a lot. That aunt seems to know you, she has been looking at you."

  Ruan Xi smiled, "Mummy is tired after walking for so long. That aunt must have admitted the wrong person."

  Shang Yang nodded, "That's right, she called Ruan Xi, Mommy, your name is Xiaoxi."

  Ruan Xi raised the corners of his mouth wearily, and put aside the subject, "Yangyang fasten your seat belt obediently, huh?"

  Shang Yang nodded.

  Back home, Ruan Xi felt exhausted. Although she felt that Xu Chuyan would definitely not tell Pei Nanming about her, the uneasiness in her heart grew a little bit stronger.


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