Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 126

As soon as Shang Boyan came back, Shang Yang was overjoyed, holding the toys that Ruan Xixin bought for him, placing them all over the room, and kept grabbing Shang Boyan to play with him.

  Although Shang Boyan was very tired, he was overjoyed when he saw Shang Yang, a little devil who turned into a little devil with fangs and claws in an instant.

  When Shang Yang was fiddling with the locomotive of a small train, Shang Boyan suddenly leaned into Shang Yang's ear and said, "Yangyang, why did you deliberately rub your saliva on Aunt Lu today?"

  Shang Yang didn't raise his head, and while playing with the small locomotive, he said, "Because she is Mommy's rival in love, I have to protect Mommy and our home."

  Shang Boyan was taken aback for a moment, then neither cried nor laughed. This baby is only five years old, but she is so spooky, what can she do in the future?

  At this time, Ruan Xi came out of the kitchen, "Stop playing, wash your hands and eat."

  Shang Yang immediately put down the locomotive and moved closer to Shang Boyan, saying mysteriously, "Daddy, I saw Mommy eating a pot of soup."

   Chamboy was puzzled, "So what?"

  Shang Yang smirked, "Very nice!"

  Shang Boyan snorted, "Yangyang, such a small thought is not healthy, huh?"

"It's not unhealthy, I'm precocious." After speaking, he shrugged his shoulders as a matter of course, "Daddy, you and Mommy should be lucky, thinking that I am so handsome, there must be many girls who want to lie to me, I think Precocious means that I am young and mature, so that I will not be deceived."

  Shang Boyan touched Shang Yang's head, "Okay, this is my good son, remember, you can only lie to girls in the future, you can't be fooled by girls, huh?"

   Seeing that they never came out, Ruan Xi came over to urge him again, just in time to hear Shang Boyan educating his son, but when he heard the content of the education, he couldn't help turning black, "How do you teach the child?"

  Shang Boyan shrugged, "Didn't I let my son gain more experience, lest he will be cheated like me in the future, and his heart will be broken."

  Although the tone was joking, Ruan Xi knew he meant something. He could only look at Shang Boyan regretfully.

   What Shang Boyan couldn't bear the most was her gaze, which made him feel helpless.

  At the dinner table, Shang Yang chattered endlessly, wishing to report everything that happened around him in the past month to Shang Boyan.

  Shang Boyan* looked at Shang Yang enviously, pretending to listen carefully.

  Ruan Xi looked at the father and son while eating, and was enveloped in a peaceful and warm feeling. She really thinks it's good, good.

  After dinner, Shang Yang obediently went back to the room, and added a special sentence, "I will sleep by myself tonight."

  Ruan Xi stared wide-eyed, full of surprise, and Shang Boyan snickered behind him.

   "This brat is really getting more and more..."

  Ruan Xi turned around, before he finished speaking, Shang Boyan suddenly came over and hugged her, his handsome silhouette showed a blurred halo under the light.

  She was a little dizzy and a little at a loss.

   "He is really my darling and understands my heart best."

  Ruan Xi blushed and struggled slightly, "Bo Yan, I..."

   "I know, you can't forget him" He lowered his head and kissed her lips gently, tossing and turning.

  Ruan Xi was sluggish, not knowing how to respond at all. Distraught, she clenched her hands tightly, feeling extremely helpless.

  Bo Yan suddenly left her lips and teeth, picked her up horizontally, and went straight to the bedroom.

   "Bo Yan!" When Shang Boyan kissed her chest, Ruan Xi suddenly pushed him away and sat up, shrinking back, "I'm sorry, please... please give me a little more time."

   Shang Boyan was like being poured with cold water. He looked at her for a while and smiled, "I'm sorry, I was too impatient. I clearly promised you that I would never force you."

Ruan Xi shook her head in a panic, "No, I didn't mean that, I, I'm just not ready yet. I know I'm selfish, but please give me a little more time, I will, I will work very hard I love you!"

  Shang Boyan sighed, held her in his arms, and smoothed her hair gently, "Fool, you don't have to blame yourself, no matter how long, I will wait."

  Ruan Xi couldn't help crying in his arms, "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, I'm so useless! You are such a good person, but I..."

  Shang Boyan patted her on the back, "Fool, don't cry, it doesn't look good when you cry. There are many good people in this world, but you don't have to fall in love with him because he is good.

   Right, if you love everyone who is very good, how many people do you have to love? I think it's just that our fate hasn't arrived yet. "

  I think maybe one day, you will fall in love with me... Of course, that day may never come.

That night Ruan Xi cried hoarsely in his arms, she hated herself, hated herself for having such a nice, gentle and excellent man by her side, yet she couldn't forget the past, the man who pushed her into desperation again and again !

  Xu Chuyan has been enjoying herself recently, smiling everywhere she goes. Because when she came to France this time, not only was Pei Nanming personally accompanying her, but she also managed to squeeze into the second place in the list of newcomers of the Shang Group in terms of career.

  This means that she will have a good harvest in both love and career. If Pei Nanming didn't call out that name after being drunk that night, her trip to Paris will be more complete.

Standing in the dressing room of the fashion show, she quietly looked at herself in the mirror. She never even dreamed that she would make it this far, no longer a country girl, no longer being laughed at by the people around her, even though today Most of her career achievements are due to Pei Nanming's relationship, so she can go smoothly, but her own efforts are also indispensable.

  She raised the corners of her mouth confidently, whether it is Pei Nanming or career fame and fortune, she must firmly hold it in her hands!

  At this moment, she is high-spirited and full of ambitions for the future!

  Because this fashion show is a private banquet hosted by the Shang Group, many celebrities come here especially for the fame, and the socialites are even more dazzling with jewels and jewels.

  She is very clear that many people are here for the young master of the Shang Group. In the fashion industry, the Shang Group is as outstanding as the Mo Group in terms of high-tech!

  Personally, she is also very curious about what kind of person the young master of the Shang Group is. According to rumors, the previous president of the Shang Group had no children, but a young master suddenly appeared five years ago, and he carried out drastic reforms to the Shang Group as soon as he took over. That's why the Shang Group has what it is today. This more brilliant performance has opened its branches all over the world.

  Even in city a, there was news that the Shang Group was about to settle in.

  After putting on her makeup, she came out of the dressing room and saw several men in suits greeting Pei Nanming. And a blonde beauty walked towards Pei Nanming with a glass of red wine.

  The men were very knowledgeable, and left with a smile. The blonde beauty had a first-class figure, and she was like a wild cat by Pei Nanming's side.

  On such occasions, Pei Nanming has always been gentle and elegant. So the blonde beauty rubbed against him, and he smiled at the beauty very politely, "Cheers!"

  The beauty smiled happily and sent out an invitation directly. It was Xu Chuyan who came to Pei Nanming with a smile and took his arm, "Miss, I'm really sorry, this is my husband."

  The blond beauty looked at Xu Chuyan, then at Pei Nanming, puffed out her chest provocatively, and left gracefully.

  Pei Nanming took a sip from his wine glass, looked at Qin Zhiran, "You pinched my peach blossoms, huh?"

   It was rare for Xu Chuyan to see Pei Nanming willing to joke with her. Her heart moved, and she said coquettishly, "Aren't I just a very good peach blossom? You can pick it."

  Pei Nanming took another sip of wine, but turned to look away.

  Xu Chuyan's heart sank, and a cold pain arose.

  The next moment, Pei Nanming whispered, "Let's get married!"

  Xu Chuyan was taken aback for a moment, and looked at Pei Nanming in disbelief. He... What did he just say? !

  She never expected that Pei Nanming would propose to her so soon. After all, in the past five years, she has seen Pei Nanming staring at Ruan Xi's photos in a daze too many times!

  Pei Nanming didn't wait for Xu Chuyan to say anything else, and said, "We'll go to register this time when we return to China. I will prepare a grand wedding ceremony for you."

  Xu Chuyan was elated, and immediately put her arms around Pei Nanming's neck and kissed him on tiptoe.

  Pei Nanming had no expression on his face, but his brows were slightly frowned.

  When some words are spoken, it is like a heavy burden. It has been five years, he thought, with some love and hate, it is time to try to let go.

  Xu Chuyan, although she followed her with impure motives and great ambitions, at least she really put her heart on him. Moreover, there was not so much unexplainable hatred between them.

So be it! He resigned himself to his fate, even if Ruan Xi really appeared, so what? She still only hates him for fear that he will run away from him, but what about him? Will he lock her up like before, or grab her and tell her how much he misses her, misses her, hates her so much in the past five years? !


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