Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 125

He smiled wryly, completely out of luck. This baby is very sensible and obedient, but he has learned the trick of obedience and obedience too well, a typical face-to-face angel turning to a devil. I don't know who followed! She didn't remember such a person beside her!

   Just when Ruan Xi was feeling dumbfounded, the phone rang. She picked it up and looked at it. It was the child's father who called.

  She pressed answer, smiled and said, "Have you gotten on the plane yet?"

  There was also a slight deep smile in the voice over there, "Well, I'm about to board the plane, don't forget to bring the little devil to pick me up."

  At the airport, Shang Yang in Ruan Xi's arms was jumping for joy, his head was looking around all the time, wishing to stick his head into the pick-up port.

  Ruan Xi patted his son's little shoulder lightly, "Baby, Daddy will be here soon, why are you in such a hurry?"

  Shang Yang couldn't sit still anymore, and slipped off Ruan Xi's lap, "I want to see Daddy soon, we haven't seen each other for a month, and, besides, I really hate the secretary next to him!"

  Ruan Xi froze for a moment, then smiled, "Silly boy, that's Daddy's right-hand man, don't be rude in front of others."

  Shang Yang pouted and was always unhappy, so he hummed obediently, "I see, Mommy."

  Shang Yang just finished speaking, suddenly his eyes lit up, and he ran towards the airport. Ruan Xi looked up and saw Shang Boyan walking in a neat suit with a smile on his face.

Shang Yang rushed towards Shang Boyan very excitedly, Shang Boyan picked him up with a smile, threw him twice, and said with a smile, "Did you miss me, eh?" Ruan Xi, who was walking towards him, looked over.

  Ruan Xi asked with a smile on her face, "How is it? Is the business going well?"

   "Well, it went very well. The headquarters' approval has been issued, and the establishment of a branch has already begun."

  Shang Yang put his arms around Shang Boyan's neck, and leaned his head on Shang Boyan's broad shoulders, "Daddy, do you miss me and Mommy?"

Shang Boyan looked at Shang Yang, then at Ruan Xi, his eyes soft, "Of course, I think about it every day." He said something in Shang Yang's ear, Shang Yang nodded vigorously, and stretched out his hand to ask Ruan Xi hug.

Ruan Xi was also worried that Shang Boyan would be exhausted from the journey, so he reached out to take Shang Yang. Shang Yang immediately put his arms around Ruan Xi's neck, kissed her ear, and said loudly, "Daddy said, this is what he dragged me to bring to my mother." Mi's meeting ceremony!"

  Ruan Xi was slightly stunned, looking at Shang Boyan, and Qin Boyan was also looking at her, eyes full of tenderness. She moved her eyes a little embarrassed and uneasy, but the roots of her ears were slightly red.

  Shang Boyan stopped her with a smile, "You are so shy at any age. Be careful not to laugh at you!"

  Ruan Xi glared at him angrily, but before he could say anything, another man and a woman came out of the airport pick-up gate, both carrying briefcases.

  The man is also in a suit and leather shoes, very upright, and the woman is wearing a professional suit, looking capable and powerful, especially her figure, which is so graceful that it is outrageous.

   Both men and women greeted Ruan Xi with smiles on their faces, "Mrs. Shang, hello."

  Ruan Xi was still not used to the title Mrs. Shang, so she just nodded with a smile.

  Guaiguaibao in his arms immediately turned into a little devil wearing an angel mask when he saw the woman, and looked at the woman with a smile, "Hug Aunt Lu!"

   Facing Shang Yang, Lu Yi's strong and capable demeanor suddenly softened, handed the briefcase to the male colleague beside him, and stretched out his arms to hug Shang Yang with a smile.

  Shang Yang also had a naive expression on his face, he threw himself into Lu Yi's arms, and rubbed against her two pairs of magnificent powers.

  Lu Yi's face froze slightly, but soon returned to normal, and joked with a smile, "You little villain, are you taking advantage of Auntie?"

  Shang Yang looked up innocently, "Aunt Lu's power is so domineering, ah, I'm sorry, the saliva got on Auntie's clothes." Then he looked apologetic and looked at Lu Yi with twinkling eyes.

The three people next to me were surprised when they heard this, and then they couldn't laugh or cry, quite embarrassed, while Lu Yi blushed, having been in the workplace for many years, and had never been so cramped, she smiled embarrassingly, but her eyes couldn't help it He cast a glance at Shang Boyan.

  But found that Shang Boyan was staring at Ruan Xi's chest. A deep sense of loss suddenly rose in my heart, followed by an uncontrollable sourness.

  Ruan Xi didn't notice Shang Boyan's gaze, and took Shang Yang apologetically, and said to Lu Yi, "Children are ignorant, I'm really sorry."

   After all, Lu Yi has been around for so many years. Although he was cramped and caught off guard, he quickly recovered and said, "It's okay, Yang Yang is very cute. If the clothes are dirty, just go back and change them. Madam Shang doesn't have to worry about it."

  When getting into the car, Shang Boyan specially told the male secretary next to him to send Lu Yi back, and then took Ruan Xi and Shang Yang into the car.

  Lu Yi was full of disappointment, but her face was as calm as ever. She lowered her head to look at the saliva marks on the clothes on her chest, and she pursed her lips, showing a hint of sarcasm.

  Xu Chuyan looked at Pei Nanming, only to see Pei Nanming staring in a certain direction in a daze, and followed his gaze, only to see a black extended car just walking away.

  She put her arms around Pei Nanming's waist subconsciously, "Nan Ming, what's wrong?"

Pei Nanming turned to look at her, shook his head and said, "It's nothing, I've identified the wrong person." He laughed at himself from the bottom of his heart, how could it be such a coincidence, he spent five years without finding any clues, but at the airport like this Where did you meet? That woman is probably just similar to Ruan Xi's back, right?

  Xu Chuyan's heart sank, and she hugged Pei Nanming's waist subconsciously, "Nanming, it's been five years. If she really wanted to come back, she would have come back..."

  Pei Nanming didn't answer her words, but said, "Let's go."

  That night, Pei Nanming drank at the bar in the middle of the night before returning to the hotel drunk. As soon as Xu Chuyan opened the door and smelled the smell of alcohol on Pei Nanming's body, she knew that he must be thinking about that woman again, and she felt very uncomfortable. It was obvious that the woman had been gone for five years, but she was still domineeringly occupying all of Pei Nanming's thoughts!

  However, there was nothing she could do.

  In the past five years, Pei Nanming has been very kind to her. Pei Nanming will agree to whatever she wants. That kind of obsession is no less than his obsession with Ruan Xi back then, and even surpasses it. But, no matter how close she is to him, even if she turns upside down and merges into one body every night, she still can't walk into his heart! His heart is like a hard clam shell, watertight, only open for one Ruan Xi!

  Xu Chuyan helped Pei Nanming to walk to the bedroom. Pei Nanming leaned on her with most of his strength, and walked crookedly all the way. Finally, he reached the bedroom, but Pei Nanming tripped and fell on the bed.

  She got up with difficulty, and wanted to go to the bathroom to get a towel to wipe Pei Nanming's face, but Pei Nanming held her down firmly.

Under the light of   *, Pei Nanming squinted his drunken eyes slightly, with a bit of pain and laziness, Xu Chuyan couldn't help but feel distressed by that face.

He kissed her carefully, every kiss was full of sincerity, in the aroma of wine, Xu Chuyan moved emotionally, climbed up Pei Nanming with her legs, and reached out to untie his clothes, although Pei Nanming was drunk, he was not polite, the two of them fell asleep within a few minutes They stripped each other clean.

  He suddenly smiled evilly, "Are you very happy now? You think you'll be richer if you leave me, right?"

  Xu Chuyan was in a daze, her mind cleared up slightly after hearing these words, and her face turned pale. Whenever Pei Nanming speaks in this tone, it means that he will vent his resentment towards Ruan Xi on her. That kind of torture was unbearable for her.

  Ever since Pei Nanming lost control again and tossed her until she couldn't get up for a day, he hasn't been in this state for a long time.

  So realizing that the nightmare was about to recur, Xu Chuyan trembled slightly, "Nan Ming, Nan Ming, wake up and see clearly, I am Xu Chuyan, not Ruan Xi!"

  Pei Nanming ignored her at all, and directly attacked the city and looted the land, making fierce moves.

  The dry friction hurt Xu Chuyan's heart, but she didn't dare to push Pei Nanming away. Loving someone is destined to become very humble. What's more, Xu Chuyan not only fell in love with Pei Nanming, but also his fame and wealth.

*Crazy, Pei Nanming was a little exhausted, before falling asleep, he gently touched Xu Chuyan's face, and said in a low voice, "Xi'er, why did you run away, if you don't run away, maybe I can really..." Really can do it for you You give up your hatred, let you live forever...

  Every time he heard him call out the word Xi'er affectionately and tenderly, Xu Chuyan felt the urge to capture Ruan Xi and chop it into meat sauce! Yes, she was jealous, crazy jealous!

  She, Ruan Xihe De, how can she, who is clearly Pei Nanming's enemy, still make Pei Nanming love him so much! And why occupy Pei Nanming's heart, let Pei Nanming always regard her as Xu Chuyan as a substitute! Why is she, Xu Chuyan, who has been by Pei Nanming's side all these years, yet Pei Nanming misses Ruan Xi more and more? ! Why? !


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