Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 124

All Pei Nanming's attention was on Ruan Xi, so he didn't notice that Xu Chuyan had come. But Ruan Xi saw the familiar *, but it was as if she hadn't seen it, and she didn't react at all.

  Back at the hotel at night, Pei Nanming put the bath water in person, and then pulled Ruan Xi into the bathroom to help him take a bath. Ruan Xi stared at Pei Nanming for a while, then suddenly giggled, making Pei Nanming puzzled.

   Then Ruan Xi stretched out her finger and poked Pei Nanming's bottom. Pei Nanming's face changed, his breathing tightened, he took a step back, and even his voice sank a little, "Xie'er, don't light the fire!"

  Ruan Xi laughed again, and said foolishly, "Tent!"

  Pei Nanming was bitter, "Stop making trouble, take a shower and sleep!"

  Ruan Xi turned around and said "Oh", and took off her clothes on her own.

  Pei Nanming stood behind her and took a deep breath. He still couldn't resist the heat in his lower abdomen. He wanted to help her wash. He was afraid that he couldn't bear it and would hurt her, so he turned around and planned to go out.

   As soon as she turned around, Ruan Xi thumped and fell into the bathtub, her face covered with drops of water.

  She looked at Pei Nanming tearfully, "It hurts!"

Pei Nanming looked at her with a headache, but what hurt more was the downside. This was simply *. He coughed in embarrassment, "You little fairy, it's really worrying." After finishing speaking, he took the bath towel and handed it to her , "Wash yourself."

  Ruan Xi still looked at him tearfully, "It really hurts, woo..."

  Pei Nanming only saw a small bruise on her elbow, but she burst into tears from this small injury, and she looked pitifully like a puppy. It was really... Forget it, only Ruan Xi would be like this now.

   He reluctantly rolled up his sleeves, turned on the shower and sprayed water on her body. But Ruan Xi was dishonest, her small hands flicked the bubbles in the water for a while, and then reached out to poke Pei Nanming's Adam's apple. Pei Nanming got water all over her body, and pretended to be angry, "If you are not honest again, I will kill you Drown in water, huh?"

  Ruan Xi shivered, looked at him pitifully, and became much more honest.

  Pei Nanming was quite satisfied with the intimidation effect, and took a comb to comb her hair. Her hair is not too much, it is very black and smooth, and she doesn't like to lose her hair. He especially likes the feel of her hair, so when he combs her hair, he always feels like he can't put it down. Ruan Xi's body was soaked in the bathtub and hidden under the bubbles, which made Pei Nanming heave a sigh of relief, otherwise he felt that he would probably die of suffocation, and his second child would even yell so loudly that he could not live in peace.

   Just when he was feeling rejoicing, Ruan Xi suddenly stretched out his hands to wrap his arms around his neck, and then pulled hard, Pei Nanming was unfortunately dragged into the tub by her.

   I was soaked through.

In the luxury hotel they stayed in, the bathtubs were shared by two people and the space was too large. Therefore, after Pei Nanming was successfully plotted against by Ruan Xi, Ruan Xi immediately backed away, laughing hard, and kept pouring foam on Pei Nanming. throw.

Pei Nanming was so angry that his face turned blue, he grabbed Ruan Xi, and said in a low voice, "You little goblin, could it be that you can't take it anymore if you haven't tormented you for a long time? Hmm?" His voice was full of danger .

  Ruan Xi froze for a moment, and saw his Adam's apple kept rolling.

  Pei Nanming pulled Ruan Xi up, causing Ruan Xi to leak out, her whole body was wet, and the foam slid down her skin.

  Perseverance ran out, Pei Nanming couldn't bear it anymore, he took off the clothes on his body, threw them on the ground, directly hugged Ruan Xi tightly in his arms, and kissed passionately.

  Ruan Xi was dumbfounded at first, completely unresponsive, but then trembled little by little under Pei Nanming's touch, and a blush appeared on her face.

   "Be good, baby." Pei Nanming coaxed Ruan Xi impatiently. When Ruan Xi was resisted by his high spirits, she was still so frightened that she instinctively flinched, but Pei Nanming's patience had reached its limit.

  He couldn't resist the lust she brought, and he had been abstinent for a long time, so even though he had deliberately suppressed it this time, he was still eager. The moment he went straight to the topic, Ruan Xi still cried out in pain.

  Pei Nanming immediately comforted her, and then kissed her lips.

  Ruan Xi whimpered in pain, and Pei Nanming was also uncomfortable. Although it wasn't the first time, Ruan Xi really... really made him a little bit uneasy.

Once a man reaches this point, it is impossible to stop. Pei Nanming is right to feel sorry for the current Ruan Xi, but he is a man of vigorous blood, and he has been abstinent for a long time. This is like starving for a long time The wild beast has already bitten the delicious prey in its mouth, can you let the beast kindly release the prey at this time?

Therefore, Pei Nanming became ruthless and did it, and he did it very well. At the beginning, Ruan Xi grabbed him in fear, but he just held Ruan Xi's wrist and pressed it against the side of the bathtub, and said in a hoarse voice, "Little fairy , This is the fire you lit yourself, you have to be responsible for putting it out!"

   Then she started to move. At the beginning, Ruan Xi cried, but later it became another voice that she was unfamiliar with. Later, she was limp and completely powerless, entangled Pei Nanming like a dodder.

  Pei Nanming likes the feeling of being entangled by her.

  This*, he almost exhausted his whole life of madness, and inadvertently opened the other side of Ruan Xi that he wanted to see the most.

  The next day, the two of them slept until after nine o'clock*. When they went out to play, Ruan Xi felt uncomfortable no matter how they walked, and then she pretended not to leave, insisting that Pei Nanming carry it.

  Pei Nanming also knew that he went too far last night, so he had to bear the consequences, and he really walked to the ferry with Ruan Xi on his back.

  He was going to take her to see the sea view, and when he carried her on his back, he really felt that what he was carrying was his whole world, and he had never been so full and satisfied.

  At that moment, he really wanted to last forever... However, he was wrong. He wanted to last forever, but she, Ruan Xi, didn't want to spend her life with him!

  Sixteen days have passed since this holiday, and these sixteen days have become his happiest days, and these sixteen days have become the time he least wants to think of in his life.

  He never thought that Ruan Xi would act so thoroughly and deceive him so well!

  All the happiness is just an illusion she gave him! Her revenge is always more vicious than his. Over the years, it was her who he hurt. She counterattacked, but it hit the softest part of his heart.

   In the final analysis, he felt that he was the one who made a fool of himself, and that's why he lost so completely!

After a week of vacation, he sent Ruan Xi back to the rehabilitation center. He thought that Ruan Xi would gradually get better. As long as she got better, he would give up his hatred, ask her to forgive, treat her well, and give her a happy and warm home. However, news came from the rehabilitation center the next day that Ruan Xi escaped! He spent countless manpower on this escape, but he couldn't find it anymore!


  Five years later, location, France.

   A city of love.

   "Mommy, when is Daddy coming back?" A woman in casual clothes led a beautiful boy down the street, attracting the attention of many people.

   And that boy always smiled and winked at everyone who looked at him when everyone was looking at him. The consequences can be imagined, and a group of people screamed!

  The boy's mother squatted down with a headache, "Good boy, Dad will be back from California soon, then we will pick him up together, okay?"

  The boy showed two white teeth, smiled and nodded, "Okay, Mommy, I love you!"

   "Well, be good, Mommy loves you too! By the way, baby, a good boy can't just fire at others, you know?"

The boy nodded obediently, but turned his face away, and successfully elicited a scream from an old German aunt. The old aunt pulled the boy's mother and said, "This child is so cute, oh, my god, This is simply a gift from God!

  The boy's mommy smiled awkwardly...

  When he got home, the boy was very obedient and brought tea and water to Mommy.

   "Mommy, have some tea."

Ruan Xi looked at her precious son, reached out and tapped his nose, and sighed helplessly, "What should I do, you are so young, you are so playful, how many hearts will be crushed in the future." The boy argued, "Mommy, I just It was so popular and I promise it will make every girl's heart happy."

  Ruan Xi stared blankly, which means that he will find many, many girlfriends in the future, and play around with each one?


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