Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 123

He gently stroked the messy hair on Ruan Xi's forehead, wet sweat dripped down her face, how long has it been since she came in? She was completely disfigured by it, her eyes were completely sunken, and at a glance, only her high cheekbones could be seen.

  He finally couldn't help crying while hugging Ruan Xi.

  Mr. Pei said that he will unconditionally support whatever he does, as long as he will not regret it in the future. At that time, he was full of determination and swore vigorously that he would never regret it. But now he had to bow his head to his own heart, he regretted it! I have long regretted it! But he just can't stop!

   Now, is it too late for anything? !

  That day, Pei Nanming stayed with Ruan Xi until midnight before leaving sadly, during which Ruan Xi didn't wake up even once.

  Ruan Xi went through a month and a half of purgatory, spending every day in the torment of drug addiction attacks, and fell asleep groggyly until she was exhausted.

   It’s like this every day, being chained to a *, with iron doors and bars, unable to see the sun or the stars.

  When she walked out of the drug rehabilitation center, she was already completely pale like a ghost! And can't even talk at all, the kind of autistic-prone drug addicts will have.

This day Zhang Tong also came, seeing Ruan Xi's appearance, rushed over to hug Ruan Xi and cried bitterly, even though it was found out that the drugs Ruan Xi was taking were those given by Qin Zhiran back then, but Zhang Tong couldn't forgive himself, She felt that if she took care of Ruan Xi more attentively and carefully, Ruan Xi might not be what she is now!

  Ruan Xi's sluggish appearance broke Zhang Tong's heart from crying, but Ruan Xi was like an unconscious piece of wood, letting Zhang Tong hold her, completely unresponsive.

In the past one and a half months, Pei Nanming has also been haggard a lot. In terms of official business, the business war with the Ruan family has begun. Although he has successfully dragged Gu Yinlin back to the Gu family, the Ruan family is the majority shareholder of the Gu family after all. It should not be underestimated. Although Gu Yinlin was involved in it, the power formed by the Ruan family and most of the Gu family's financial resources should not be underestimated. Therefore, now is a critical period. The collapse of the Ruan family will lead to the collapse of the Pei family and the loss of the Chu family. The three Yi families suffered three losses, and among the five tyrants in City A, only the Jin family sat firmly on the fish platform and reaped the benefits of the fishermen. In terms of personal matters, Pei's father's condition worsened, and Ruan Xi was sent to a drug rehabilitation center for drug rehabilitation. He couldn't do without Pei Nanming everywhere, and he ran around a few times.

   "Send her to a mental rehabilitation center for recuperation." Zhang Tong looked at the tired Pei Nanming. She knew that Pei Nanming would go to the drug rehabilitation center to see Ruan Xi every day, and also knew that his feelings for Ruan Xi were actually much deeper than he imagined.

  In the past, she thought Pei Nanming was hateful, but later she felt that Pei Nanming was pitiful, but now she felt that Pei Nanming was actually a very affectionate man, but he was blinded by hatred, but he didn't know how to express the love in his heart.

  He loves Ruan Xi, this is Zhang Tong's intuition as a woman!

  Pei Nanming glanced at her, but didn't respond.

Zhang Tong continued, "At this point, she has become what she is now, and if you take her back, it will only irritate her. She is really crazy, stupid, and demented. Does your heart feel better? ? No. I only see that you suffer more than her."

Pei Nanming lit a cigarette, leaned on the back of the chair, and slowly exhaled. The smoke wafted around in the car. Zhang Tong couldn't bear the smell of the smoke and coughed twice, but Ruan Xi stared at the smoke, his eyes widened. Don't blink.

  It is said that drug addicts, even if they have successfully detoxified, will still involuntarily think of the feeling when they see the utensils used for taking drugs, and thus develop a desire for drugs.

  Seeing Ruan Xi staring at the smoke, Zhang Tong quickly patted Pei Nanming. Pei Nanming turned around in confusion. Zhang Tong carefully pointed at Ruan Xi.

  Pei Nanming knew how to put out the cigarette immediately, and opened the window to ventilate.

   After the smoke cleared, Ruan Xi fell asleep leaning on Zhang Tong's shoulder. Pei Nanming sighed, and said to the driver, "Go to the mental rehabilitation center..."

  Pei Nanming came to see Ruan Xi every day as usual, Ruan Xi just looked at him blankly, Ruan Xi didn't respond to what he said to her.

   It's just that when he reaches out to touch her face, she always dodges suddenly as if frightened.

   This made Pei Nanming's heart ache to the extreme, but he couldn't change anything.

   "Ruan Xi, I'm going to Australia, I don't know when I can see you again." Zhang Tong held Ruan Xi's hand, his face full of reluctance and worry.

  Ruan Xi's gaze flickered slightly, and fell on Zhang Tong's face.

  Zhang Tong hugged Ruan Xi, "You must get better, next time I come back, you must be well, and you must be very happy!"

   Zhang Tong spoke firmly, then got up and left without looking back. On the second day, Zhang Tong left on an early flight, and it was actually Shang Boyan who came to see him off.

   "Are you sure you can rescue her?" Zhang Tong was very worried, Gu Chi couldn't do it with the strength of the Ruan family.

   "Believe me, I will take her away from Pei Nanming and heal her. I will take her to see you then."

   Shang Boyan smiled, and there was a calming power in this smile. Zhang Tong felt relieved. When Shang Boyan found her, she was quite surprised, and she didn't even believe what Shang Boyan said. Zhang Tong didn't believe it until Shang Boyan told the story of his acquaintance with Ruan Xi, and at the same time confessed his love for Ruan Xi.

Zhang Tong had no plans to go abroad, but Shang Boyan said that if Ruan Xi suddenly disappeared from Pei Nanming's sight, Pei Nanming would definitely blame the people who were close to Ruan Xi, and Zhang Tong would be the first among them. Therefore, I went abroad for Zhang Tong and made proper arrangements in Australia.

   Zhang Tong left first, and then Ruan Xi disappeared. Naturally, Pei Nanming couldn't blame Zhang Tong.

  After a month of recuperation in the mental rehabilitation center, Ruan Xi's mental condition has improved slightly. She can laugh when she sees people, and she can also do some simple communication. Sometimes she also laughs at Pei Nanming and can say a few simple words.

  This made Pei Nanming overjoyed, and specially prepared a half-month vacation to take Ruan Xi out to relax.

  In the evening, the sea breeze was cool, and many seaside residents ran to the beach for activities. There is a prefab room by the sea, the left-hand door is the bar, and the right-hand door is the coffee shop. You can see the sea view by the window, and many people walk on the beach with their children. Pei Nanming and Ruan Xi are sitting in the window of the coffee shop with a good view, and they can have a panoramic view of everything outside.

  Ruan Xi is like a child, with her hands lying on the window glass, looking outside with novelty, her expression is simple and full of yearning.

  Pei Nanming sat beside her, put his arms around her waist, and asked softly, "Do you want to go?"

  Ruan Xi immediately turned her face away, nodded hard, "I think!"

   "Okay, drink your coffee obediently, and I'll take you there, okay?"

   "Huh!" Ruan Xi's happiness was all written on her face, but Pei Nanming was so sad that he closed his eyes and kissed her gently on the forehead, "Xie'er is so good."

  Ruan Xi took a big sip of coffee, then looked at Pei Nanming and yelled dissatisfiedly, "Bitter, don't drink it, I won't drink it!"

  Pei Nanming immediately called the waiter and asked the waiter to prepare juice and bring it up. He knew she liked lemon juice, so he asked the waiter to squeeze fresh lemon juice for her. Got a nice tip for this waiter.

  Seeing the lemon juice, Ruan Xi's eyes lit up immediately, biting the straw and smirking at Pei Nanming. The satisfaction in that smile made Pei Nanming think that they could get along so simply and happily forever...

  On the beach, there are many small castles piled up by children. Ruan Xi squats next to a group of children with eyes full of novelty, watching them use their wild imagination, and sometimes she also works with them. When the sea breeze blows over, her hair always rubs against her face and makes her face itchy, but she is having fun, and grabs her hair regardless of her hands full of sand. Pei Nanming is on the side, angry and helpless.

Xu Chuyan knew that Pei Nanming was here for vacation, so she deliberately prepared such a coincidence. When she saw Pei Nanming rubbing the sand on Ruan Xi's face with pity and tenderness from a distance, the jealousy in her heart was as chaotic as fire. run away.

  After thinking about it for a long time, she still decided to back away. She didn't expect that Pei Nanming would not bring another woman on vacation, but Ruan Xi, who was completely stupid.

  If it was another woman, she would definitely come up to fight for it. If it was Ruan Xi, she would directly suppress the jealousy to dismiss the idea. This means that she admits defeat, but that she knows when to advance and when to retreat.

   Now Ruan Xi is stupid, but she is still Pei Nanming's favorite baby. If she runs up to disturb her at this time, Pei Nanming will only hate her even more. Since the last time she answered his phone without authorization and delayed Ruan Xi's affairs, he hasn't been to her once.

   Fortunately, Pei Nanming did not abandon her because of this. As long as she is still by her side, she is confident that she will have a chance to turn around, thanks to this face similar to Ruan Xi.

  She touched her face, and suddenly smiled happily, then turned and left. A fool, no matter how patient a man is, he will get bored one day. After all, no man would spend his whole life guarding a fool, let alone a man like Pei Nanming who is both internal and external? !


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