Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 122

Ruan Xi smiled, "I don't dare to expect anything now, I don't ask God or escape from him, I just ask him to get tired of me early... It doesn't matter if I'm crazy or stupid, as long as he gets tired of me, I will be free..."

   Zhang Tong wanted to say something, but Ruan Xi began to doze off again.

  After getting in the car, Ruan Xi began to sleep, and when she arrived at the park in the middle of the street, Ruan Xi was still in a deep sleep, as if unable to wake up from thunder.

  Seeing Gu Chi, Zhang Tong automatically moved away.

  Gu Chi sat next to Ruan Xi, seeing Ruan Xi's thin appearance, his eyes couldn't help but turn red.

   "Ruan Xi..." He murmured in a low voice, holding Ruan Xi's face with trembling hands.

  Her face was already small, but now it's even smaller, with a pointed jaw and a little sticky hand.

  They were the happiest couple. They were lying on the lawn together looking up at the blue sky and white clouds, and felt that the future was bright. They even dreamed of leading their children to laugh happily under the blue sky and white clouds one day...

  However, they broke up in the end...

  She said that she hoped that he would be happy, even with her share... She also said that she likes money and can't rely on anything except money...

  However, neither did she live a very happy life as she wished, nor did she earn a lot of money to make her change her mind as she had duplicity...

"Xie'er, I know that you said some things on purpose to hurt me, and I also know that what happened to Anya that time hurt you, but there are some things that I have to do, because there is always a life between us. In heaven, isn’t it? If we are destined not to get married in this life and grow old together, if, between the two of us, one of us is destined to go to hell, then I would rather that person be me..." I would My life of hell in exchange for your life of smiling bright, flying free...  

  Gu Chi finally smiled and wept, and tremblingly pressed a light kiss on his face, then turned around and got out of the car.

  Ruan Xi woke up in a daze, and the feeling of ants gnawing on the bones came again with a more violent momentum. She only saw a vague and familiar figure disappearing into the flowers and willows in the park little by little. Before she could take a closer look, she was swallowed up by the pain caused by drug addiction...

At the same time, in the room she lived in, when the cleaning maid moved the sofa, he sent out a large pile of cigarette butts under the sofa, and saw a small powder packet, which was also seen by the housekeeper who was helping to clean it up, and suddenly became pale. face, fell to the ground...

  Pei Nanming was in the office, with an evil and vicious smile on the corner of his mouth, and said a word coldly into the phone: "From now on, throw it hard!"

  An hour later, the general meeting of shareholders of the Qin Corporation was held urgently. All major shareholders were pale. Qin Anhua, Qin Ziyuan, and the old man of the Qin family all looked ashen, begging for an emergency plan.

  The stock market fell in an all-round way, and for any large family, it meant a catastrophe!

  At this time, a certain professional manager stood up and said that he could only take loans to buy back to stabilize the stock market, otherwise, Qin could only face the consequences of disappearing from the business world.

  In terms of loans, all banks will only add icing on the cake, and will not send charcoal in the snow. Therefore, the Qin family has been shut down, and the loans from the few well-connected banks are just a drop in the bucket for this disaster...

  Pei Nanming sat in the leather chair looking at the scenery outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, narrowed his eyes slightly, and said to the humanity behind him, "It's time for you to appear on stage..."

  Tang Wenyi raised his eyes and said solemnly, "Yes, after waiting for seven years, I finally waited until today."

  Pei Nanming smiled, "The Qin family is yours. I think your old man will be very, very pleased."

  Tang Wenyi suddenly changed his face and smiled, "I think he will be very pleased. When he kicked my mother out of the Qin family for his own benefit, he certainly never thought that today would happen."

  Pei Nanming looked back at Tang Wenyi, and thought for a while, "It's your father after all, you still..."

Tang Wenyi lowered his eyes, "My hatred is the same as yours. Can you listen to my advice? Besides, he may not know that there is a son like me. If it weren't for my current father, if our mother and son died, so would he." You won't even take a look at it?" He said with a sneer.

  Pei Nanming said no more, Tang Wenyi took the folder and left.

  There is a lot of hatred in the world, just like the deposited silt, how many lotus flowers can really be born in the silt without being stained?

  The seedlings cultivated in the fertile soil of hatred, no matter how strong they are, will only blossom and bear fruit for hatred...

  The Qin family* has changed hands, and the owner is Tang Wenyi, the senior private secretary of the President of the Pei family. This news is like a bomb that exploded in city a, and everyone who was bombed was terrified...

   After leveling the Qin family, Pei Nanming had just breathed a sigh of relief when the housekeeper called, his tone flustered, and after listening to it, he understood one meaning, Ruan Xi was still taking drugs!

  Backing back to the villa, Pei Nanming looked at the cigarette butts that the servant had picked up, his face was livid with pain, he never imagined that Ruan Xi still had powder in his hand! Who gave it to her? These days, there are only a handful of people who can get in touch with Ruan Xi!

  Pei Nanming's gaze was as cold as two ice blades, wanting to cut people apart. The housekeeper and servants stood aside, not even daring to take a breath.

  In the park in the middle of the street, Ruan Xi suddenly had a drug addiction, and he was so uncomfortable that he slammed his head against the car window crazily. Zhang Tong was terrified. She couldn't stop Ruan Xi, so she had to call Pei Nanming. Pei Nanming was angry and wanted to talk to Zhang Tong. Her call came. He answered the phone, but before he could speak, Zhang Tong over there Hitomi's anxious voice and Ruan Xi's voice asking for cigarettes came over.

   Zhang Tong was so anxious that his voice was trembling. In this way, Pei Nanming didn't have the mood to get angry, so without saying a word, he immediately asked the driver to drive to the place Zhang Tong said.

   "What's going on?!" As soon as the car stopped, Pei Nanming hurried over.

  Ruan Xi scratched both herself and Zhang Tong bleeding out, and now Zhang Tong was pressing Ruan Xi, but she still couldn't stop Ruan Xi from biting and arresting people like crazy.

  As soon as Pei Nanming came, Ruan Xi immediately seemed to be stimulated, and pushed Zhang Tong away fiercely. While shaking all over, he kicked and beat Pei Nanming.

  Pei Nanming could see her resentment towards him from her attitude! In fact, her hatred is completely justified. If it weren't for him, Ruan Xi would definitely not be what she is now.

   Zhang Tong wanted to come up to help, but was pushed away by Pei Nanming, "Don't worry about it!"

   Zhang Tong was taken aback for a moment, and looked at Pei Nanming puzzled and injured, "What do you mean?"

Pei Nanming sneered, "I should ask you that. I thought you were her best friend, so you would do your best to take care of her, but you let her smoke and take drugs! I, Pei Nanming, have never seen anyone in my life. Only You alone really made me lose my sight. I really admire your acting skills and scheming of Ms. Zhang!"

   Zhang Tong was so angry that his face turned red and then pale, and said angrily, "You'd better speak clearly, you can eat indiscriminately, but you can't talk indiscriminately!"

Pei Nanming hugged Ruan Xi tightly to keep her from moving, and sneered at Zhang Tong, "Miss Zhang knows what I'm talking about. Don't pretend to be hypocritical anymore, it will only make people feel sick. Ruan Xi is like this now, I can't talk nonsense with you, please don't appear in front of me and Ruan Xi in the future, otherwise, I will definitely not be polite!"

  Zhang Tong was both shocked and angry. She didn't understand the situation at all, so she was wronged indiscriminately by Pei Nanming, and her heart exploded.

  Pei Nanming stuffed Ruan Xi into the car, and asked the casual driver to find a rope, and tied Ruan Xi like a rice dumpling.

Pei Nanming originally wanted to take Ruan Xi home, but the driver looked at Ruan Xi's appearance, then looked at Pei Nanming's face, and said kindly, "Mr. Pei, Miss Ruan's current state, I'm afraid it won't help if she goes back, so she should be sent to a drug rehabilitation center! "

  As soon as Pei Nanming heard the name of the drug rehabilitation center, he was startled, and subconsciously hugged Ruan Xi tightly, his body trembling slightly.

  Ruan Xi stared at Pei Nanming with disheveled hair and scratches on her body that she made herself. She struggled, and only one message was revealed in her eyes - she wanted drugs!

  Pei Nanming hugged Ruan Xi's shoulder tightly, his heart hurt like countless needles, drug rehabilitation center, where is the drug rehabilitation center!

  He hated Ruan Xi and wished for her to be in pain, but now he would rather have her die quickly than go to a drug rehabilitation center!

   "Mr. Pei..." The driver has been waiting for Pei Nanming to make a decision.

  Pei Nanming only buried his head in Ruan Xi's shoulder, and refused to let go no matter how hard she struggled.

The driver also looked sad, but still kindly persuaded, "Miss Ruan Xi is like this, I can't be soft-hearted anymore. If she still can't completely quit drugs, then she really can't do without drugs anymore. By that time, It's too late."

  Pei Nanming clasped Ruan Xi's shoulder tightly, and it took him a long time to raise his head, "Let's go, go to the drug rehabilitation center!"

   During the detoxification period, Ruan Xi's mental state was also extremely bad. For the drug rehabilitation center, a mentally ill drug addict is really difficult to deal with, because she has no self-control ability at all, and when she becomes addicted to drugs, she will go crazy and scratch and hurt others. There is no other way than violent bondage.

  Pei Nanming came to see her every day, but every time he could only go in when she was exhausted. He said that she wanted her to go crazy and that her life would be worse than death, and he really did. What should be happy, but he hopes that the person lying in the drug rehabilitation center is not Ruan Xi, but himself!


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